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Recent content by John Rainbow

  1. John Rainbow

    Help with Swedish High Elf List

    Yeah the difference in comp goes into a VP bonus (100 VP per comp point). The frostheart is pretty survivable due to the innate magic res on top of the ward. That was one of the reasons I went with it over the dragon. I am however rethinking the list and maybe adding another combat unit as you...
  2. John Rainbow

    Help with Swedish High Elf List

    Alith is cheap in terms of comp whereas anything else (other than kit) would change the comp score of the list. Effectively he's another RBT for 8 comp points.
  3. John Rainbow

    Help with Swedish High Elf List

    I have a 2500 Swedish comp event coming up and have no real ideas about what is viable so I am looking for some advice. So far this is a list I like: Annointed on Frostheart + Giant Blade, Ench. Shield & OTS Archmage(4)[High] + dispel scroll, 4++, Khaine's Ring Alith Anar BSB + Reaver Bow...
  4. John Rainbow

    pit of shades vs ridden monster

    I agree with Tobiothan although I don't think the rules in the ridden monster section are very clear. Blutsauger, you are picking out sections that say treat it as a single model but there are also references to the unit being composed of two models. I don't think you can make this arguement...
  5. John Rainbow

    Some questions about banner of swiftness

    I agree with Najo here. You start in the unit therefore you get the benefit as your characteristic at the start of the phase is still +1'd.
  6. John Rainbow

    Duration of hand of dust?

    I should add that I think the intent is that it lasts for a single turn.
  7. John Rainbow

    The Eternal Court of the Carmine Rose

    Looking good! It might be the camera but the wings appear to be lacking some depth though.
  8. John Rainbow

    Duration of hand of dust?

    From what I can see this is still up in the air - I've found a few other threads asking the same thing with no answers as yet.
  9. John Rainbow

    Star dragon

    Not unless the monster is also a character. The only way you can end up fighting a monster only is if you challenge, then kill the rider and the mount remains in the challenge assuming it passes LD, etc. Yeah it is a very good list, especially against VC who don't have the ability to shoot it...
  10. John Rainbow

    Good undead pirates?

    I second the idea of getting some handgunner bits and flagellants or whatever and mix'n'match.
  11. John Rainbow

    Rebasing Mantic Zombies

    This. You can cut around the feet so that they have small 'pegs' left attached to them, then drill holes in your other base and slip them in with some glue.
  12. John Rainbow

    The WAAAGHing Dead.

    Trolls with little teeny wings sounds fun. Maybe add some spilling guts and such too.
  13. John Rainbow

    Star dragon

    As a Star Dragon player your best bet is to challenge and beat it on combat res. A blender lord can potentially kill it over an extended period or do a number on the rider if you have OTS. As you say, if you let the frost heart in too you are in big trouble. Just beware that BotWD makes the...
  14. John Rainbow

    The WAAAGHing Dead.

    Hah. This is cool. You should check out titanforge minis and the Drakskull line (I think its called?) as they are all undead orcs & gobbos.