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    Warhammer 8th - Don't hate me

    I agree with all the above especially changing the wraith to a banshee, much better choice in my opinion. Also I'd consider splitting the zombies into 2 units of 20 won't take long for them to be 2 units of 40 ;) But a pretty solid list all in all
  2. owain_b

    Magic Weapons question.

    I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure the 8th Ed rule book does state in the magic weapon section somewhere that a magical weapon can be counted as any hand weapon, so you could have Axe of Battle etc. I think it just cant be used as a special weapon like a halberd or great weapon etc. So I...
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    Countdown from 20,000

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    Just me and you in here today. Quiet one today lol

    Just me and you in here today. Quiet one today lol
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    Quick question about Challenges.

    I believe it says that you put the models in the challenge in base to base contact if possible, so I think you'd have to move the character from the 2nd rank into the 1st rank displacing another model.
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    Hi! New Here.

    @Elara Hi there and welcome to the forum :) What is the other vampire related game you speak of?
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    lone character free pivot count as moving?

    Thanks guys, that's been really helpful. You would think if a cannon can turn and fire a lone character with a handgun could to but them's the rules :) Cheers
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    lone character free pivot count as moving?

    Hi Alabaster, thanks for the reply. If you could find those pages that would be great, I just couldnt find them anywhere. Knowing the BRB they are probably in a completey unrelated section ;) Interesting what you say about swift reform, I didnt realise you could fire move or fire weapons. I...
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    lone character free pivot count as moving?

    As the title say, can a character pivot on the spot and still fire a move or fire weapon? Or does it count as moving? Had a skaven player with warplock engineer with a warplock musket, and I'm pretty sure it shouldn't fire if it has pivoted in the movement phase, but I couldn't find it in the...
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    Mantic Soul Reader Cavalry

    http://i.imgur.com/v2TYMPe.jpg http://i.imgur.com/TDYS8oO.jpg http://i.imgur.com/nmot6Nn.jpg http://i.imgur.com/qFq2LuZ.jpg Hi, hopefully this has worked :)
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    Mantic Soul Reader Cavalry

    Hi, sorry I have tried uploading some pictures but it keeps saying they are too big
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    Mantic Soul Reader Cavalry

    Hi @VonRaetia , I have some of the older soul reaver knights. I think they were a vampire lord with 4 soul reaver knights, not the newer one on the mantic website now though. I think they look pretty good really, and make good blood knights, they are a little on the small side, but once you...
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    Countdown from 20,000

  14. owain_b

    Countdown from 20,000

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    Very new fantasy player

    I think for 5 points it would be silly not to take it. Thats 1 skeleton and I know which I'd rather have. I think flaming attackes are pretty common (well they are where I play). As Alabaster says Tzeentch, lore of fire spell give unit flaming attacks, Empire warrior priest can give unit flaming...