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a Superhero themed roleplay anyone interested

Count Vashra

Lord of Shadows
But worst type of friends. You've probably noticed I like that kind of person though. Niklaus and Johann come to mind. Although they're not really on the group's side...

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
You're not wrong!

Sigmund was more than likely going to try and stab Johann at some point after all ;) (I miss that RP)

But anyway we're getting off-topic!


True Blood
the World is Earth just slightly more advanced Tech-wise Meta-humans (people with super-powers) have been around since WWII when Hitler created his Übermensch and superpowers don't all come from the same source there's
I don't know how much you've thought this through, but how is our little team going to be united? I'm guessing we were originally independent heroes who banded together, rather than being friends before we got our powers, but what is it draws us together? Is there some sort of crisis that requires all of us? Has the government offered us funding to work together? Are we a corporate-sponsored team?

Could we GET corporate sponsorship? 'Cause some of my concepts could be pretty mercenary, and I like the idea of having corporate sponsorship...

More than anything, I'm wondering if we're working within or outside the law. If we're outside it, I'd have to rethink one of my concepts (joined the team in lieu of a jail sentence for reckless endangerment). It'd also raise questions about where we get all our wonderful toys and costumes from. Also, do we have secret identities? I know they're a staple of superhero works, but they do have some problems when you think about them (it's really easy for criminals to find them out, and when they do the police won't know to protect our families 'cause they're not allowed to investigate)


Dark Lord of Eternal Sorrow
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I think I'd like to join this? I haven't been in an online RP in quite some time, and I'm sure I'll be a little rusty at it. But superheroes are too awesome to resist. xD

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Completely up to you Ghouly.

Some people like to keep everything self-contained and others like to keep interest checks and Sign-Ups separate.
Should just warn you, if you're trying to contact the mods to get a title change, be prepared for a long wait. Neither Sweeney nor Archi have been on this year, and I know from IRL friendship that Harland's very busy right now, and has probably forgotten he moderates this place.


Dark Lord of Eternal Sorrow
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Can't you change the title of your own thread? I think you can just click the "thread tools" button next to a thread you've created and change the title straight-up.