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Blackadders WIP Warlord Titan

Dec 7, 2010
Holographic Tactical Display

since I deemed this the overall Command Titan with a surfeit of nonessential personnel what better than to have a 3D display table in the center of the bridge.


I was beside myself in what to put in the huge area behind the flight station when I got this idea. It was either this or throw a grange dance.


I plan to use fiber optics of various colours to represent warring factions with Luteus Vexant and company in the center of the Holo-dome.


Whether this works or not will be an interesting experiment but so far all the components seem viable and better still fit nicely into the space available............


Now I just have to figure out how to light it.............
Dec 7, 2010
Below is the primary reason this model probably never will be done.

Ever since I glued the "bra" on the asymmetry of the lower edge has bothered me. Probably no one would ever notice that the left lozenge shaped vent is a millimeter more visible than the one on the right side. I have to pare down the "bra" to conform to the left side starting with the surface armour.

Freud was right; Blackadder is certifiable.



Dec 7, 2010
This is what I like, multiple ideas on fixes:

''Symmetry is boring mate. I've worked on several war machines and I can tell you none of them were symmetrical.
If it's really bothering you, you could cover it up with something? A large spotlight maybe or some sort of radar/auspex equipment?"

Fix #1, Let it go, the Universe is F'd up anyway and basically asymmetrical or try the current regime's fix for everything ignore, obfuscate and dazzle 'm with footwork i.e. tap dancing...........

"Hmmm, thats not good. The real sad part is that its such a big thing to rebuild (as i guess the problem cant be fixed by just regluing).
Hope you find the mental strength to go on with this Project anyhow."
Fix #2, Scrap the whole project and take up knitting, something you are more temperamentally qualified to attempt...........

"Everyone knows the left one hangs a little bit lower than the right one!!!"

Fix #3, Back to asymmetry and a bit of innuendo and an appeal to my obligation to complete this project...........

And my fix, shave off the offending excess. simple and direct.


Of course fixing this revealed further inconsistencies and so the dementia continues....................
Dec 7, 2010
Reaver/Warlord Head comparison

A couple of pages back on this or another forum someone questioned whether the Warlord cockpit/head was big enough.

Well I happen to have a Reaver head on hand for comparison at the moment and it seems the Warlord head is sufficiently large.....



......much as the Blackadder's.

Yes I have a Reaver in my pocket. I'm experimenting on the feasibility of forming Lucius armour.
Dec 7, 2010
On The Whole Not Very Satisfying

Well the Warlord is primed and ready for painting and I was curious as to what it would look like on a battle board setting. I have to admit I am not overwhelmed by the view.

Granted the shading and highlighting will enhance the image and a few grunts and tanks for scale will help. Also a better camera angle should display it in a more intimidating stance but considering all the effort; meh...........



The above images show it in a straight on view and the image below showed the head looking down.


BTW the board is 4 ft by 4 ft/ 1.25 meters by 1.25 meters

More images to follow................
Dec 7, 2010
Some More images Side and Rear

This is the first time on an actual playing field and I have no army to put the size in perspective. In these images I wanted to see what someone playing the game would perceive instead of dramatic low angle shots and birds eye views.

Anyway this first image demonstrates the flexibility of the legs and gives some idea of how the head can be repositioned.......


This next shows the Turbolasers in elevated position:

Showing the knees in the locked position; something I now can do as well............

Finally legs only slightly splayed because of the craters:
Dec 7, 2010
Sorry to have been so long in responding but it's been a busy month for me getting the kids off to college and visiting my mum in Florida.

I also have been trying to design a Lucius retro-fit for a Mars Reaver which has monopolized a lot of my building time.

But I haven't forgotten this thread and am now acknowledging the above posted request. Unfortunately I have no Russes at hand and my son has none in presentable form and what he does have is 1500 KM away but I hope Baneblades and a Warhound will suffice plus there is a little guy in the foreground for a man sized comparison.


The four models in the first image are the result of about 5 years of scratch building starting with the converted Armourcast Baneblade in the front right. This was my first attempt at working with styrene upgrading the model to conform to the Forge World style Baneblade You can still see the Armourcast treads which I left the same because at the time I deemed to too difficult to manufacture treads and bogie wheels.

The left foreground tank is a total scratch build except for some GW bitz and cast Baneblade treads and bogies. This was my second scratch build and my second favorite tank model.

Lucie the Warhound is my pride and joy and required almost two years to build. She is a total scratchbuild except for the two skulls on the cheeks and the rubber conduits on the neck. Also there are banners on the knee joints and when I remount it there will be a battle banner hanging from the waist.

Lucie is beginning to show a bit of wear and will need some refurbishing soon. She needs more lead weight in the rear to counterbalance the guns and the knee joints need new wooden dowels so she can maintain the poses. Right now she is standing on her own but in what I call her "Cute Puppy" pose.

I have yet to replace the Velcro attachment material with magnets; I hope to be doing that this coming Winter.

Of course the Warlord needs no introduction, I still haven't decided on a colour scheme for 'Luteus Vexant' but he will definitely not have a yellow head even if I choose 'War Griffins as the Chapter colours.


This next photo show comparison between the Warhound and the Thunderhawk although they will probably not be used in the same game. Note Lucie's Battle Banner on the ground............... that needs to be reattached with chain links, glue does hold well .

More images to follow......................
Dec 7, 2010
In the following image a view of the top detail of the smaller models. I am particularly proud of the Baneblade's 'Demolisher' cannon which was built of dozens of separate parts and at that time taxed my scratch building abilities to the limit.


Another thing that I was pleased with was the hand made nuts on the front bumpers. I look back at that effort and have to laugh at myself having learned so much since then.

Next we have a low angle view of the Warlord and I notice I still haven't mounted the search lights and flying greave panels. which I had plans to have working lights the wiring can be seen already installed. The white object near the left foot of the Warlord is the catwalk that fits under the carapace


So many things to do still on this model and I have to redesign the Holo- Command deck display.

I hope to have more time this winter.

Here we have a better view of Lucie with her head turned in a quizzical pose demonstrating the flexibility of the neck joint which I hope to duplicate on the Reaver project with a more sophisticated mechanism.


More to come..............

The Archivist

Archivist of the word The
True Blood
Jan 17, 2012

Every time I return to this thread, Blackadder, you show me how awesome your work is. Keep it up!
Dec 7, 2010
Yeah but I've gotta stop resting on my laurels and do some building.............

The Reaver project is taking up too much time.


A nice low angle view of the breast detail of 'Luteus' showing yet another area that needs to be finished; the underside of the waist block


I have to get my a** in gear and get busy on these models :D

I also have to make trunnion end caps for the laser cannons.

Another view of the relative size of a Warhound (50 feet or 15 meters tall) compared to a Warlord Titan which I scale at (165 feet, 50 meters) and this model is relatively small compared to many other Warlords I've seen on the Internet.


Next a birds eye view of the Warlord unfortunately out of focus.

Dec 7, 2010
Could this be used as a Princep?

Once again I am forced to demonstrate my ignorance;

I have in my possession a figure hardwired into the fabric of a Reaver

Could this be a Princep or failing that would it serve as a Princep in a Warlord?

If so, THEN all things come to he who waits!

Dec 7, 2010
While I am at it painting the Tyranids I think it might be a good time to paint as well Luteus Vexant. I have found an interesting tutorial on painting and weathering machinery:


but where he is painting a few square inches of model I shall be painting several square feet perhaps a square yard.

I also think he went a bit overboard at the end of the clip but that may have been all that beer thinner.

Anyway despite all protestations I have settled on the Dave Smith Camo for my colour scheme but to distinguish mine from his I shall designate my unit as 007. How many Warlord titans are in a company?

Also I found an interesting photoshop of a Titan assembly plant you may enjoy.

I might manipulate Luteus into the scene.
Dec 7, 2010
Time For a Change:

On thing that has always bothered me about the Weapons of the Warlord is the mount stanchion.

While perfectly adequate to support the weight and moment of the arm it always looked a bit undersized for such a large weapon.



This modification will remedy the anomaly.


After a search I have found the big brother of the 1/2 inch conduit sleeve I used on the initial arm; a one inch conduit adjustable connector that seems more in keeping with the size requirements the Warlord scale requires.


Note the new sleeve has more than four times the mass of the previous arm and I think will be more in keeping with the mount one would assume proper for a Lucius Titan.

In the following days I shall be replacing the original sleeve with what I hope will improve the look of the shoulder mount.
Dec 7, 2010
Adeptus Mechanicus Altar:

I suddenly have an urge to work on the interior of the Warlord.

Last night I had an inspiration how to arrange the Tech-priest altar in the command deck area so we'll start with a refresher regarding the interior compartments of Luteus Vexant.

Access to the interior if you're taller than 28 MM is through the rear access panel which is held in place with 4 screws.


Removing the screws gains access to the Command deck and Cockpit.


Below that is the Reactor room/Engineering.


The Command deck has two levels, the upper Observation Gallery and directly above the Blast Doors will be the Adeptus Mechanicus Altar where the Tech-Priest performs his rituals:


Now all I need is a good facsimile of an AD Altar........
Dec 7, 2010
Altar Alterations:

A question for those more knowledgeable than I about 40K Iconology

I'm pretty sure the A.D. emblem is correct but the Vampire caped skulls, what are they and are they correct on a Tech Priest Altar?


Hell I'm just going to post all the pictures good and bad and you can sort them out......


I'm finally putting some detail into the interior. It was much too stark and empty before.


The Tech-Priest is just there temporary for scale.


I need to work in the College Technical "T" on the wall under the arch and the Sardonic Skull on the other side.
Dec 7, 2010
More Icons:

lotsa conduit cables ducting to come but I needed reinforcement regarding use of proper icons. I won't make the mistake of the CoD backwards Adeptus Mechincus skull again.

For your edification two symbols for the side corridors under the Gothic arches:

Dec 7, 2010
Study in Blue Light:

Accomplished a bit of work this morning on the interior, railings and buttresses but the big plus to the work is the LED Blue /White lighting.

With all the work I put into the College Titanica and the Adeptus Mechanicus skull icon they can barely be seen in the corridor on either side of the Altar nave.

I should have included a figure for scale.

The right side:


Next the Command deck fixtures.............
Dec 7, 2010
Command Deck Front Bulkhead Redux:

I was never satisfied with the future tech look of the front bulkhead that was not in keeping with the battle weary slapdash Gothic interior of the 40K universe.

The main hull in my estimation is five decks high starting with the Void Generator housings not shown in the included images due to the fact that they must be removed for visual access of the lower decks.

Deck four is the upper Observation gallery and the Adeptus Mechanicus Altar recently updated now with 28 MM scale figure.

Deck three which I call the Command deck even though I have been advised that Titans do not require large spaces as they have a minimal crew.


I rationalize Luteus Vexant is a tactical command vehicle that has a Command group of officers.


Below that is the Fusion Reactor, I have no idea what a functioning Fusion Reactor would look like but I imagine it would glow with Cherenkov radiation represented by to central component on deck five.

To either side of the Reactor deck is the triangular shaped cooling grids and coolant recovery system that recirculates the reactor's sodium transfer medium.
Dec 7, 2010
Together Again, Again:

This time with the upper torso reassembled. I haven't seen this this complete until today when it's been completely assembled (aside from a few glitches such as the new beefier gun stanchions interfere with the catwalks and the interior of the main guns barrels need to be painted. I started highlighting basic shiny armour with metallic gold and copper dry pigments but only on the interior. The effect needs a little refining before pictures.


The exterior needs some lighter silvery highlights and quite a few splashes of colour I know but right now I am overly pleased with the effect so far.


These low angle shots really show the majesty of this titan much more so than straight on and high level images especially without pieces that demonstrate the scale of the beast.


I have to install locking washers on the axles because the upper torso has become so heavy the bolts loosen just standing static and Luteus almost took a header off the telly console and I caught it just in time before it crashed to the floor.


Note in the view above the engineering upper gallery faceted rectangular view ports, I may highlight those with copper bands so the glue seams don't show.


Finally what every grunt longs for; that a Warlord has passed him by and he can still lives to tell about it.

In all not a bad week's effort...........I may celebrate tonight with a Martini.