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Count Vashra

Lord of Shadows
True Blood
Sep 29, 2013
New Zealand
Niklaus smiled. Now they would be going somewhere. Himself to the Pinnacle, of course. 'I shall now take my leave and go to wait by the carriages,' he said, standing and leaving the hall, shortly after Elanor. He was also pleased to get away from the irritating Helena, someone who had rapidly changed from being amusing and funny to being downright infuriating.
He guessed Elanor had been acting melodramatically when talking about being lost with Kavok's protection, and was hardly impressed by her obvious show of affection. He had made it a rule not to be more than a partner to anybody, ever since...the events of his siring.
It was not Niklaus' concern, however. They were not even going to the same place. He wanted to shadow-merge, but was unsure he could in this place. Certainly he had been unable to half a century ago. It was unimportant, as well. He could walk as easily as any of the others. He exited the hall.
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