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Cold Undead

Thanks guys. No ice effects on these guys in the works. Probably just stick to the basing I have going. I think I'll eventually do a winter Wood Elf army with ice, but who knows?

Borgnine, the blood is done by basing stuff in Mephiston Red, then washing in a 1:1 mix of Carroburg Crimson and Nuln Oil, then hitting that with a coat of Blood for the Blood God, which is maybe the greatest technical paint ever.

Also, my Bretonnians are scattered all over the internet haha, but here's some albums:



I have a couple more things completed as well, like Louen, a lance of KotR and a lance of Errants that I'm really close to finishing. I can post that stuff later when I photograph it if you'd like.
Another small update. It occured to me that I had never posted my Corpse Cart. It's been finished for months, but I was taking some pictures of my Bretonnians, so I made sure to get a few shots of the cart. Here it is:




Also, he's not technically Undead, I guess, but he is ethereal! My newly completed Green Knight:




Hope you guys enjoy.


Cheerful Cranium
Woh, the eyes on shield and horse looks freaky! Really nice effect! Always loved the model, nice to see him one more time and in such a fitting look! Your CC is also nice, the blue flames are on top fitting with your cold theme!


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I really like the strong blue shade on the Corpse Cart, the whole piece is pretty striking :) And that Green Knight is brilliant of course, with those glowing eyes - as people already said here. Great, great job there! :)
I hate how boring the stock model looks and especially the old skeleton horses, so I looked for ways to convert it. I got the idea for this finished product from google image search results, and I think it might have been pictures from someone on here, so all credit for this idea goes to whoever that may have been (thanks). It was pretty fun to make and paint, hope you enjoy.
Hey, nice looking work all around. I saw your black coach come up on a google image search as well. It lead me to some other sites but then I came across it while browsing here for the first time in a while. I think I take credit for making this black coach conversion first. I posted it here a while ago. https://www.vampirecounts.net/threa...rtarch-of-night-conversion.26540/#post-400844 Almost 3 years ago! :o I think yours is only the second other one I have seen though. I still haven't painted mine. :( I have instead been playing a lot of Bolt Action since but recently found my VC itch again. Nice Green Knight too. I also have Brets.
Finally some updates. I've been super busy for months, and when I did have any time to paint, it was a lot of Frostgrave terrain and warband members, as well as some Bretonnians for a bit, but I did recently get around to finishing some VC goals. Namely, my skeletons (finally).




And this picture sucks, but you can see part of the reason why this took so long. All of their bases fit together to look like they're walking through murky pools in a cold, swampy moor or something.

As for other projects, I painted a necromancer (he's from the Bloodrage board game). All my bat swarms are custom built raven flocks instead of the god-awful GW swarm models, so it made sense.


This next vampire conversion was copied nearly piece for piece from an awesome chaos sorcerer conversion I saw on Reddit. Had to have one of my own.


And the piece du resistance: a mounted Wight King BSB with freehand banner:


The banners are freehand. The skull one looks pretty wonky in this picture, and still is in real life, but not as washed out. Looks better off camera. Regardless, this was a fun conversion and paint job.

Hope you guys like it.
Thanks man. I had the Harry the Hammer base bits laying around and didn't know what to do with them, so I just started tinkering and that was the result. Pretty psyched about it.


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Seems like more and more people are coming back after long pauses, yay! Good to see you back, with so many goodies!

Skeletons turned out super cool, very nice job on that base composition, that must have been tough to do! That stark blue and white with only a bit of rusty details look terrific.
Necromancer is a very interesting choice and looks very nice, although the furry part of the cloak could use some shade/highlights/definition.
The vampire conversion is also very nice - and he even looks really good in that bright blue - a color I don't imagine vampires in very often ;) Colour transitions could be a bit smoother, but I guess that's not as visible in person as on those close-up images :thumbsup:
And the banner of course - that just frickin' amazing! It could be a painting by itself - a great idea with the basing and outstanding work on those freehands.
Haha, I have been kicking around that same conversion, or a similar one. I am thinking about using some blue stuff to crank out some random bits so that I can make an army of Vampire lords... I am thinking of arming 10 or so of them with the lances from VLoZD kits, and shields (still kicking around which shields, I am liking some Cold Ones) when I cam across the Chaos Sorcerer conversion. Thought it was a great idea, and yours looks wonderful!


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True Blood
The work that you put into your bases is excellent. I love that haunted moor effect and that feel of mist enveloping the undead as they advance.
@SkinAndBones Hats off to you for finishing those 50 skeletons - they can be quite a chore. They look great. And that wight king conversion is really something else, lovely idea well executed and great detailing on the banner.