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Entry Thread. Turning the World to Darkness: Ancient Evil


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Jun 15, 2013
Great entries guys!

@Theerteen Awesome! I hope you didn't have to buy him off ebay, those things are crazy expensive now! That stone turned out sweet!
@Shadespyre Also amazing, this guy has a great feel to him, ominous and oldschool! I also like how you covered your bases when it came to the competition topic ;)
@Unas the slayer That's promising! If he wasn't in finecast I would probably have to oppose the evil part, Settra is obviously just stern, but well-mentioned, a true leader that Nehekhara needs! ;)

EDIT: Also forgot to actually post the entry! I finally got to edit my ghosts with axes, they are the best thing that I can post for this topic right now.

Wraiths of Siekerno:


They are an unhonorable caste of warriors that were cursed in the long bygone eons to serve a powerful Liche. They cared for their village and families when alive, but now they gave in to the need for slaughter that fills their damaged souls. Nobody knows how old they really are, but the state of their weapons suggest that their servitude is nothing short of ancient.
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Aug 20, 2012
Nice entries guys. That Witch King is a cool idea for the topic, and the wraiths do fit it also very well!
@Borgnine I was lucky to have a friend who left the hobby selling me his whole Khemri stuff along with some old metal Nurgle demons (including a great unclean one, 2nd version) for a very good price some years ago. Lots of oop minis (which weren't handled with a lot of love...) and things that really tickled my collecting senses ;)


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Dec 10, 2013
The Vargs are progressing slowly, I definitely won’t be making the deadline with these guys unfortunately.


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Sep 23, 2009

I'm only a year & change late. :tongue:

But yeah, here's the project I was thinking about way back when I picked this topic. Maybe there will be another contest with a theme I can justify this guy for in the next year or two. Maybe I'll even have a better picture-taking setup by then.