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GW Alternatives


I tend to go with gamezone or reaper, they both have a wealth of really good vampires and undead pieces, especially the zombie wolves.


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You know, maybe if they had someone smart in charge of public relations and etc for games workshop, they would collaborate with these companies and make some ridiculously awesome minis.


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There's another thread devoted to them, but adding for reference: Mantic Games make a range of 25mm Undead at between a third and half the price of GW equivalents. Range currently expanding. One to watch.

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While surfing the worldwide web mainly because I can't be bothered to do my essay, I came across this website for a conversion service for all of us out there who aren't much kop at creating and converting our own unique individual characters or units.
A lot of the stuff they are showing on the site seems very impressive and although I haven't got them to do any modelling for me I thought this is a site that can't just be lost to the endless pages of google sites


If anyone does ever use this site in the future please post pics of the sort of things they do
Christophe :vampire3:

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How come I've never seen this thread before? It's the sort of thing I've been looking for for ages... xD

All very helpful, now I can comb my way through all the sites to find the ultimate Vampire miniature...
Avatars of War don't seem to be on here. Which they should be. They make very pretty characters. Sadly only two undead characters (a vampiress and a necromancer), but they're very nice ones and they have lovely dark elves and other things. And if you're thinking of getting into dwarfs, they're about to make quite a large range of them (currently, only plastic slayers are available).

Website here http://www.avatars-of-war.com/eng/web/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3&Itemid=143
Can't believe Foundry Miniatures hasn't been listed here yet!!!

General Undead:


Some absolutely luvverly Vamps (well they are listed as Elves but they look very Vampish to me!):


They also have some other races in the Fantasy section.... but they ain't so nice as these!!


Grave Guard

they make zombie goblins, zombie trolls, all kinds of vampire orcs and necromancer goblins etc very neat and funny xD


Grave Guard

brand new company and miniature range will have several vampire and undead factions!

if you have suggestions or ideas stop by our Facebook page and let us know!

Don and admins feel free to put this somewhere better if you think its in the wrong place we can use all the fellow undead players we can get to come our way!

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Anyone know specifically where I can get hold of a very feral looking vampire. Not strigoi feral, just brutal looking, the kind of vampire that prefers to tear his goes heart out with his bare hands. Not his sword.


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@Karak Norn Clansman I've managed a decent number of undead dwarves from various places. The Cursed Company guy, Stonehaven Miniatures, an old Citadel zombie dwarf for Mordheim, Mantic's new board game is coming with some undead dwarves, and Meiko has a cool zombie Slayer with mohawk and all. Elfball has some cool halfling zombies as well.

Are you KNC from warseer? Your Chaos Dwarves are dope.


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Some small info for everyone - Avatars of War just released a new foot vampire model. Quality of the model is up to debate, but at least it's interesting to see a vampire with such an un-heroic weapon as a halberd xD You can find it HERE.