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GW Alternatives

Apr 21, 2018
Some small info for everyone - Avatars of War just released a new foot vampire model. Quality of the model is up to debate, but at least it's interesting to see a vampire with such an un-heroic weapon as a halberd xD You can find it HERE.

It just arrived in my mailbox, and it is not really up to GW's quality in any way, it's really quite clunky and the cape looks kinda weird. But apart from that, it does contain a few bitz and probably is pretty easy to convert (or maybe this is just wishful thinking, as I'm planning on making a pirate out of him :) ), his head and left hand are easily convertable anyway.

AoW makes miniatures which are a lot better than this one though... i mean... that cape... it just kinda looks wrong to me


Master Necromancer
True Blood
Aug 15, 2007
Side note but the Zombicide Black Plague board game have cool alternate zombies and Necromancers. Their expansions also include suitable dire wolves, ghouls, chainrasp and a rather amazing zombie dragon. I'm going to be using them as proxies while I make my death horde again.