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Mad 'At's Gaming Lists (things I own or intend to own)

Mad 'At

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True Blood
Apr 2, 2011

Just played a game with a slightly modified version of that Nosferatu Dragon list. Check out the report here.

I was pretty happy with the list, especially the dragon who was very fun to use despite the tragedy he faced. I do have some changes in mind though for the list. First and foremost is to increase the unit of Winged Reapers to 4 models. That would actually give me a solid unit, which I really felt I lacked. I am also very unsure about the Spectral Hunters. I know they had a bad match up, but given my experience with Wraith I don't really see their use. Might just trade them in for something else, possibly downgrade them to a unit of 5 Wraiths and add a unit of 5 Barrow Knight for scoring.

Also very unconvinced about the Courtier. I definitely want an extra Evocation of Souls, for when you really need that spell to go though it is also good to have an extra, but other than that his magic felt completely wasted. A Necromancer would probably do the same but cheaper. Having a BSB is nice of course, but not really necessary for this list.

@Leithel If I do want a Altar of Death I'll probably end up converting something myself. Being the zombie enthusiast that I am it will probably involve a horde of zombies carrying it rather than ghosts. Kind of like a Cadaver Wagon extreme I guess.