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Master Necromancer
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Feb 25, 2008
[split] Introducing Carpe Noctem's Admin and Moderator Team

Mikael.K aka Mikael To War! Moderator from 30th May 2011 to 11th June 2013
Position: To War! Moderator
Eskilstuna, Sweden

I was approached by Bishop, asking me if I was interested in the great job of beeing a moderator. I said, sure! Why not. As a moderator of the To War! section I will share my knowledge of the game, vampire counts and many other armies. I will be lurking around the army list/teachings of abhorash forums, making sure rules are followed and make this great forum prosper even more so!

My name is Mikael and I live in Eskilstuna, Sweden. I have a Bachelor of Science degree from college, behavioural science with main focus on social welfare. I have been working as an assistant to persons with autism but today I function as a co-ordinator focussing mainly on documentation and supporting the teams working with these persons.

As for the hobby side of things I’ve been into warhammer since 5th edition (something like 14 years ago). At first I started with 40k and blood bowl but found the fantasy side more appealing. Currently I play vampire counts (I´ve recently finished painting the army), skaven and dark elves. I enjoy competitive gaming so I know what works and what doesn’t. You can come to me if you need advice regarding army lists, tactics and rules. Glad to be of assistance!

Feel free to PM me if you want to know more or have any other questions, about the game, vampire counts or any other army for that matter. I’ve played most of them!

Best Regards



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May 15, 2008

Position: To War! Moderator
Location: Northeastern United States

Function: I will be assisting the other mods in the To War! section in order to help make this forum the best it can be.

Personal: Call me "Sen" if you like. I've been playing WH Fantasy since October of '03 (I believe) with the Vampire Counts army. I've also owned all 3 elf armies, Tomb Kings, Beastmen, Slaanesh DoC and the now defunct Storm of Chaos lists known as The Army of Sylvania (a von Carstein alternative with different rules) and the Cult of Slaanesh (Dark Elves mixed with DoC and Warriors of Chaos).
I own almost every book with the exception of 3 but I'll look into fixing that soon (they get pricy after a while, you know?).
I've taken part in a number of tournaments and other WH related events using different rules and restrictions. I have won a few tournies in my day and placed well in others.
I like helping people out however I can so if you've got a question or two, I'll do my utmost to assist you.
When it comes to painting, I think I am "decent." I'm not awesome and nowadays I've got much more going on so I don't take the time I used to with details.
I'm on my third vampire army now so there's something to be said about the lords of the night I suppose.
See you on the forums!

The Archivist

Archivist of the word The
True Blood
The Archivist aka Archi

Position: Chronicles of Death Mod
Location: -shire: born in Lancashire, grew up in Cheshire, schooled in Hampshire and lives in Buckinghamshire

As a mod of Chronicles of Death, I aim to read the stories, keep an eye on the role-plays and keep the lore debates civil. I’m also happy to give tips on anything to do with playing/writing/GMing/debating/roleplaying/e.t.c.

I'm a nice guy who loves a good story. I have my share of quirks and eccentricities, but don’t we all? I’ve finished secondary education and am looking to apply to university soon.
I got into the forum at the behest of Harland to edit his stories (EPIC and subsequent stories: go and look at his signature), and quickly became enamoured with the roleplaying. Despite the fact that my game-wise involvement with warhammer is limited to Dwarves, Orcs and Goblins, Tau and the Imperial Guard, an extensive use of several online wikis and a decent amount of specific knowledge in appropriate areas more than covers for any lack of known lore.

Archi out.

Corien Sumatris

Vampire Count
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Jul 3, 2013
Rockford Il
Corien Sumatris

Position: To War! Moderator - To War! Moderator from 12 Nov 2013 to 17th June 2014
Location: Rockford, Illinois

Function: I'm planning on lending all of the knowledge that I've gained since joining this forum to everyone I can. The To War! pages include a super friendly bunch of people, and now great co-workers and teachers (That's you Sen, Sunny, and Johnny), and I will do everything in my power to keep it amazing!

Personal: I've been into playing the vamps for a little over 2 years now, and before then I was all about the Dwarfs. Then 8th ed came out and it was time for a change!I'm married, no kids, own a house, have about $25,000 of warhammer in said house! This hobby is my pride and joy and I love everything about it! This is the first forum I have ever joined and ya'll have me hooked. I love this place and I'm happy to do what ever I have to to make CN everything it can be!

Thanks Ya'll,
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The Dread King

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Jan 28, 2012
The Dread King (also known as TDK, Dread, Dready, and even Morty)

Position: Chronicles of Death Mod
Location: London, UK

As a CoD mod, I try to shed light on any ambiguities of lore when questions are asked about them, review the literary works of the users inclined to post them here on CN, and help out with roleplays (by participating in them and - hopefully - running some of my own in the future). I also try to ensure that the roleplay list in the Theatre de Vampyre list is kept up to date, and am happy to help out with any problems someone might have in the Chronicles of Death section, barring finding a secure offshore tax haven.

I have been playing warhammer for about 4 years now. I once tried out 40K, but it has always been WHFB for me. You'll find me looking for obscure details of old lore that have not quite been invalidated yet and trying to fit them into the bigger picture of the warhammer world. I found this forum by searching for a Nagash-themed army list - and I have gradually shifted my attention from the undoubtedly magnificent army list for Nagash that we have here to all things role-play, writing and lore. I like PC games, as well as playing (and of course, listening to) music, but am best known on here for my aggravating roleplay characters (first and foremost, Morturion), and hope to see you around the forums. There's plenty of space in the CoD for fresh blood! :vampire3:

Mad 'At

Dumb enough to work
Staff member
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Apr 2, 2011
Mad 'At (or just Mad)

Position: Dark Arts Moderator
Location: Far edge of Stockholm, Sweden


You'll see me mostly around the Dark Arts section of the forum, where I will be doing my best to keep everybody motivated and happy. I'd be glad to help you with any modelling or painting related issues, or just to bounce ideas with.


I've been painting and collecting warhammer for about eleven years I believe, the armies I've been through are Orc and Goblins, Bretonnia, Imperial Guards, Vampire Counts and Orks. Right now the VC army is receiving the most attention, getting ready for its first tournament (Gates of Westridge here I come!). Although, I must confess that the OnG lies closest to my heart. I never get enough of the utter madness that they can bring to the table, and the freedom I have when painting them. With that army I can also field my favorite character ever. Mad 'At himself, the Goblin Warboss I snatches my username from, he who wears the almighty Wizarding Hat and smites his foes from that back of his spider monster using unreal magical powers. I can also mention that I am a co-host of The Necronomican Quest, a warhammer tournament held near my neighborhood.

I the real world I am studying at the Royal Institute of Technology to become an engineer. In my spare time I like to juggle and play board games. I also listens to music a lot, favorite bands being Rammstein, Disturbed, Raubtier, Metallica and Mimikry.

Duke Danse Macabre

The Duke
True Blood
Sep 16, 2010
Sunderland, United Kingdom
Position: Dark Arts Moderator
Location: Sunderland, North East United Kingdom

You will tend to find me prowling around the Dark Arts section of our esteemed forums as Judge, Jury and Executioner meeting out beneficence to any whom ask of it.
In short I'm here as your Lawful Evil ally to supply modeling advice from converting all the way through to painting, helping with any issues people may tend to have, making sure everyone leaves with a suspicious smile on their faces and to make sure everyone plays by Don's world of law. (All hail the Great and Powerful Don)


Now enough about what I do, time to say who I am.
My name is The Duke.
The Nightwalker who glides through oceans of blood, beyond human, a monster whose power radiates with a darkness which casts a shadow on darkness itself...

If you can't tell yet I'm a big Anime and Hentai fan.
Been playing Warhammer and 40K since 1995, GW got me hooked on the plastic crack from an early age.
I'm also heavily in Magic the Gathering, Cosplay and PC gaming so yes ladies and Gentlemen. My Nerd Pedigree is assured. ;)

Personally though my main interests in modeling does come from converting, both 40k and fantasy so don't be shy about asking about either.
I'm well versed in all Warhammer Lore, Especially Vampires of Course and Warhammer RP's and VTM as well.

In a more offline setting however when not Cosplaying, RP'ing or what have you you will likely find me deep in a book or listening to music setting aside my Newrocks for another day to chill and try to ignore the growing pile of models in my to do Room... Yes, its now a Room. :rolleyes:
Music taste wise we are talking Cradle of Filth, Emilie Autumn, Voltaire, Sabaton, Korn, etc... You get the idea.

On a more serious note I'm 24, starting to miss my youth, tend to Swap every few years to a new Company but always highly computer based, apart for when I worked as a hospital inspector.
I have 3 years of civil engineering and architecture under my belt however due to financial restrains I have not as of yet been able to finish this but I also have a degree in photography which truth be told I find much more enjoyable.
I am however more of an expert on the forgotten art of films rather than digital so i may soon force myself to go for a refresher.

So in the not so short, that is me.
Please feel free to come to me with any issues or questions, even if you just want a private word one on one I will be more than happy to oblige.
Till then however, take care and I shall catch you all later and always remember... I'm Watching. :cautious:


Harbinger of Dandelions
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Jun 14, 2012
Minneapolis, MN area
Position: To War! Moderator
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Function: As Moderator for the To War! section of CN, I will use my experience and knowledge in tactics and list building to assist member's queries. I'm a big rules guy, so little will go unnoticed with regard to legality of lists or tactics ruleswise. While I understand not everyone is looking for the most competitive builds, I will help members achieve their goals be it for ultra competitive GT prep or themed lists. Rudeness is a big no no for me, and could make our members feel bad, so I will also be policing the tone and content of posts in my section to ensure a pleasant visit for all!

Personal: Hailing from the frozen Midwest North, I'm a Chef by trade. Pretty much have been my whole life. I consider myself a seasoned Warhammer General, owning 6 armies (VC, WoC, Empire, High Elves, Dark Elves, and Beastmen) I am proud to say I have 2 fully painted tournament ready armies ( HE and VC) and am closing in on finishing my Beastmen. I've had a great last year in GT's playing on top table at Adepticon day 2, Table 2, day 2 at a local GT(Northstar GT), and table 2 day 2 at Bugeater GT. Didnt win, but a great experience! I also play D&D, Warmahordes, and Dark Age. I'm an avid waterfowler and big time foodie. I recently got engaged, so plan to be married in the next year, we're working on the details. I also recently started a Youtube channel. I've been doing battle reports from a recent campaign, but have recently added VC content, It's a great way to contribute!

Nick Fenske AKA BigBadBat AKA BBB
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