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Share your hobby area


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Pretty cool battlestations over here ;) I got around to actually photo my hobby area - it's cramped and it quickly becomes messy after some work, but it works, mostly xD


Hardly pro =P But it does... and is easily transferrable between my room and the kitchen, so I'm not cooped up in my room all the time.
Here is mine.
The lounge chairs are sitting in the middle of the room because my girlfriend moved her paino into the flat and we havn't gotten rid of them yet.
The mess is because we are uni students who spend too much time playing video games and painting warhammer to clean.

(and yes, that is a tv screen being used as a second monitor)
Here is mine:


I picked up the Citadel Project Box a year or two ago, and I have loved using it. Sets up and stores away quickly, and keeps everything organized.


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@Mnemloch and here I was, wondering how does that crazy amount of minis look like in your home ;) That narrow shelf with all the minis is a very interesting idea, chariots looks especially cool! The Morngul looks like it barely fits there, it will jump you someday ;)
Haha, I have boxes where I converted foam etc for storage (not pictured). The shelves are 3in baseboards, with a 1/2in metal u channel. Saw it on a DiY for kids books and thought it would be perfect.