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Ordo Cruentus

Order amongst the Dead
Jul 27, 2013
Rosa El-Hashem

Full Name: Rosa El-Hashem
Associated Names: The Pale Djinn, The Mercenary of Blood, The Black Corsair, She of the Dead Blades, Dam’Rih
Age: 133
Bloodline: Blood Dragon
Sire: Lord Armel Durant
Generation: 5th
Place of Birth: Lashiek, Araby

Physical Description
Possessing a lithe, athletic physique, and average height, Rosa El-Hashem tends not to look as massive or intimidating as most Blood Dragons. Which is just the way she likes it. Beneath her often populous-blending clothing however, her body paints a tale. Hard, scarred muscle makes up her body, though she possesses an easy grace in every step. A long, graceful, many would say pretty, face is visible to the world. Her short, swept back, jet-black hair and dark eyes would not mark her as remarkable, except for the odd, almost predatory stare she seems to have permanently attached to her visage. Often clad in tightly form-fitting clothing, the better to move unhindered and dance between combat blows, Rosa El-Hashem presents a very professional air when she is among her fellow Vampires, and not trying to blend with the humans. The fairly recognizable language of Araby seems to be tattooed onto the flesh of her lower back, though few realize what it actually is due to its faded appearance and the fact that it is crisscrossed with scars, usually obscuring the sentence.

All of this gives of the instinctual warning that she is a very deadly individual. But it is her eyes...her cold black eyes that pull the attention...

This woman is very dangerous.

Rosa El-Hashem is first and foremost a survivor; as a consummate pragmatist, she will adopt whatever persona she thinks will best assist her in whatever current situation she finds herself in. She can be flirty, cold, ditsy, intimidating, boisterous, meek, etc at the drop of a hat. Her ability to read people nearly boarders on psychic insight, she is so intuitive. However, when the young woman is outside of the presence of others, or is perhaps alone with individuals she really trusts, they would find her to be a contemplative, and tentatively-empathetic person. However, decades of suffering the horrors of the Vampiric condition has doused her altruistic spirit, leaving a hardened Blood Dragon warrior in its place. If anything, Rosa secretly wishes she could identify with the meek and downtrodden humans, and if she has found one that could meet her in combat, has shown a keen mind, or even made her laugh, she usually lets them live. But her survivalist nature makes these instances far and few in-between. Behind her usually unreadable visage, a keen mind thirsting for knowledge is harbored. She often surprises people with her deductive reasoning, and logical thought processes. In another life, she could have been a respected scholar, or a historian. But alas, the Blood-born must make her way through life armed with practical knowledge, rather than academic.

Brief History
The tales of the Old World are many, but few begin with the birth of a half-breed. This one does. Rosa El-Hashem was born amongst the most unusual of circumstances. Clara Gagliardi, a noblewoman from Pavona, was sailing to Martek in order to look over some family holdings in their silk trade, when the dread pirate Bahadur El-Hashem attacked her ship. Capturing the merchant vessel, and plundering her wealth, Bahadur was struck by Clara’s beauty, and spared her both death and slavery. She too found this dashing swashbuckler intriguing, and endured her captivity with him a bit more quietly than most noble ladies might have. It was not long before this attraction blossomed into true romance. Forsaking her family, Clara threw in with Bahadur and the two were married at sea only a few months later. Many were their adventures, but this is the tale of their child. A little more than a year after their joining, Clara found that she was pregnant. Fearing for the life of his child, knowing the danger his lifestyle brought, Bahadur sent Clara back to her family after their child was born in Lashiek, Araby. Naming her Rosa, but keeping the surname of her father, Clara honored the decision, for she understood the reasoning.

The Gagliardi family was overjoyed to see one of their own returned after so long thought dead, but considered Clara returning with child to be a scandal and embarrassment. They sent her from Pavona to one of their holdings in Luccini to hide her and the child away. Rosa grew up in the Tilean port city, and had no family but her mother. Not wanting her child to grow up in the politicking, pampered lifestyle of the rest of her family, Clara used her minor family stipend to educate Rosa practically, and even went so far as to have her tutored in the art of swordcraft by the Diestro Guiomar Escarrà. For her part, Rosa grew up to be a serious minded girl, though she was always enthralled and inspired by the stories of her father that her mother told her. In fact, in an act of teenage rebellion, she stowed away on a ship and made for Lashiek.

Though barely sixteen winters old, and without wealth or contacts in the city, Rosa was not swallowed by that den of thieves and pirates. Her skill with the blade made sure of that. After weeks of searching, she eventually came across a man who had been Bahadur’s first mate. He claimed the man had died in battle years ago. Though she was crushed, her sorrow was somewhat assuaged when, out of sympathy to an old friend’s child, he offered to take her on as part of his crew. For the next decade, she sailed upon the high seas, and learned the ways of piracy, almost knowing her father by becoming like him. She never achieved the position of captain however, for while she knew enough of fighting to work with others, she was no grand strategist. At the end of this time, the old crew was ready to retire, but she was still young and full of vigor.

Putting into port in Sartosa, as she did not trust any other crew not to take advantage of a woman on the endless lonely ocean, Rosa took to the life of a Tilean mercenary. It was mostly the same as piracy she found, except it was on land, and the governments of the city-states actually liked them. Her adventures with the Free Companies lasted four years, and took her all over Tilea, Estalia, and the Empire. It was during a job fighting Chaos Marauders that she met a man named Borislav Volkov. He was a mercenary from Kislev, and former Winged Lancer. Admiring him personally, and his ability to lead men, she left her mercenary band and took up with him. It was from Volkov himself that she learned the art of horsemanship, for he thought her an incredible warrior, and thought that she would be a great asset to his mercenary rota. She took to being a light cavalier with all the gusto that she had learned her sea-craft, and enjoyed adventures in the north for three glorious years.

One dark winter, she received word from Luccini that her mother had passed away. She rode south in order to attend her funeral, and it was then that she had the most life-changing event that she would ever have. On a moonlit road through the dark land of Sylvania, Rosa came upon a mounted knight in blood red armor. The man introduced himself as Lord Armel Durant, and challenged her for the right of the road. Thinking him some drunk fop from Bretonnia, Rosa obliged him. But this was no arrogant man, this was a mighty Blood Dragon, hunting for fresh prey. Though it was obvious that he could have easily slain her, the big man toyed with her, testing her on every level; speed, strength, agility, technique, and bravery. She must have impressed him, for after he pierced her heart with his sword, he offered to give her the gift of immortality. Never one to give up, or give in to death, she accepted the Blood Kiss.

Though a great warrior, and only enhanced by her Vampiric blood, Rosa nonetheless made a terrible Blood Dragon. In less than five years, she had completely run through the iron patience of her sire, and he released her from his service. She was too dedicated to winning first by any means necessary, including using dirty tactics and ranged weapons, and honor very second. For a while, she wandered her old stomping grounds, taking to the seas again, before finally becoming fed up with the problems living on a ship posed for her kind. Going back to Sylvania, she began taking on mercenary jobs for the Vampire Counts, most notably the von Carsteins. Before long, she was taking on the role of assassin for any vampire authority with enough coin to pay her, or guile to pull her into their machinations. She would pass through human lands, assassinating specific targets, and fighting anyone who raised her blood. She had some Blood Dragon in her after all. That life changed ten years ago however, when the various Vampire factions united in a concentrated effort to finally rid the world of Nagash. She was often found in the thickest of fighting, enjoying the opportunity to operate in the open once again. She had her fill of blood and death, and more besides. However, as a lowly warrior in the conflict, she was not privy to the greatest spoils of war. Not that she minded, for the war was reward enough for her. And the subsequent invasion of the Empire thrilled her as well, though she took care to hide her features often, for if the war went south for them, she would not be able to move among humans anymore. And it seems that this was the right choice, as the Undead conquest has ground to a halt. Now Rosa wanders, looking for the next great adventure…

Basic Stats

Speed: 4 (8 while on Isra)
Agility: 5
Weapon Skill: 6
Ballistic Skill: 3 (4 with dueling pistols)
Raw Strength: 4
Technique Strength: 6 (7 with Dead Blades)
Toughness: 4
Tactical Knowledge: 2

Magical Lores Known: None
Raw Magical Power: 0
Magical Skill: 0

Skillset: Black Powder Weapons
Skill Level: 4

Weapons / Armour / Items
Ferro Morto - Link to picture
A Schiavona that was originally commissioned by Borgio the Besieger for the greatest duelist in his armies, Vespero. Borgio was known for lavishing not just wealth and prestige upon the mercenary, but gifts to increase his chances of survival, and serving the merchant-prince. Being friends with the Supreme Patriarch, this commission was given as a joint project between the Gold Order and the Amethyst Order. The result is a blade that is constructed of a strange, mighty metal that has never been seen before, backed with all the life ending power of the Lore of Death. Never before has a blade of such quality been crafted by hands of man, that was not also empowered by a god or enhanced by one of the long-lived races. However, the Borgio was poisoned just before the Schiavona was transported to his city. Once it did arrive, the true significance of the weapon wasn't realized, as it was a surprise that he would reveal not just to Vespero, but all of Miragliano. The sword was locked in a family vault, and forgotten about as just another tribute from his foreign friends. Rosa only came upon this weapon when she was engaging the Skaven in their latest attempt to take the city. The big rats were a fun way to test her combat prowess without fear of discovery. As she battled through the sewers and catacombs of the city, a blast from a Grey Seer tore open one of the walls of the vault, spilling its long forgotten secrets. After she had dispatched of the Skaven in the room, Rosa claimed the Schiavona as her own. It has been one of the greatest decisions of her career.

Badiya’sikin al-Iblis - Link to picture
At first glance, this Janbiya looks to be the same as any of those worn by the people of Araby. However, Rosa picked up this wicked, curved blade after the war against Nagash, deep in the heart of his Black Pyramid. While not a weapon of that great necromancer, this blade did indeed end countless lives. Wielded by his priests, this sacrificial dagger, constructed of pure abn-i-khat, ended thousands of lives in the pursuit of their evil magics. The Janbiya has drunk fathoms of blood for so long, that it now hungers for it at all times. And it is a greedy weapon. While not the most powerful weapon plundered from that horrible place, it is eternally seeking fresh bodies to thirst upon, and as such makes a perfectly suitable offhand weapon for its mistress. Not many among the living can stand against its draining, corrupting touch. She has bestowed upon it the name Badiya’sikin al-Iblis, and cherishes it as the companion to her other Dead Blade.

Ithilmar Mail Armor - Link to picture
This suit of fine Ithilmar chain was pulled off of the corpse of Vivandrel, a Sword Master of Hoeth, after Rosa defeated her in a titanic dual. The two warrior women met in the pursuit of a Cult of Pleasure that had been welling up in the city of Marienburg. Though initially hostile towards each other, the two put aside their differences to take care of the cult. While Vivandrel was charged by her order with the task, Rosa only wished to fight some of the famed Daemonettes, to test herself further. After a long and breakneck adventure, the two stood victorious over the cult. They had both agreed to kill each other after their task had been concluded however, and both were eager to test themselves against the other. It was the most intense battle of Rosa’s life and unlife. She managed to slay the High Elf only by the thinnest skin of her teeth, and it very easily could have gone the other way, but it was Rosa El-Hashem who stood victorious that day. The excellent armor was simply a spoil of war. She usually keeps it hidden beneath her black riding outfit however, as she does not like how it catches the light so much.

Todmeister Dueling Pistols - Link to picture
Standard flintlock pistols have a noticeable delay between pulling the trigger and actually firing the bullet. These purpose-built dueling pistols have various improvements to make them more reliable and accurate, such as longer, heavier barrels, a spur on the trigger guard, saw handles, platinum-lined touch-holes and hair triggers. All component parts were manufactured, hand-finished and then adjusted with great care and precision, which made these dueling pistols much more costly than standard handguns, as Rosa well knows. She actually bought them from Engineer Leon Todmeister himself, or so she claims. Regardless, they are a fine set of ranged weapons that she has great fondness for, despite the fact that most Blood Dragons disdain the use of ranged weapons.

Old Shashka - Link to picture
Rosa's old shashka from her days in the mercenary rota. She keeps the old thing on her horse, mostly for sentimental reasons. It serves as her backup weapon if Ferro Morto is ever lost or broken.

Isra - Link to picture
Isra is Rosa’s current horse, one of the smaller, more agile breeds from Araby. Though not as powerful as some of the Bretonnian Destriers that many of her fellow Blood Dragons favor, Rosa wouldn't trade her for a mountain of gold. The horse nimbly dances upon the battlefield, and can handle terrain that the bigger horses would have difficulty with. This is a light cavalry horse, not a thundering tank tipped by a lance. Isra is a loyal mount, and does her job well.

Other Abilities

Blade of the World – Rosa’s combat style is a strange amalgamation that many of her foes find difficult to stand against. Using a dagger of Nehekhara, a Tilean sword, in an Estalian dualist style, with the footwork of a Dervish of Araby, and all the strength of her Blood Dragon bloodline, Rosa is unique in her technique. Not only does this make her an incredible swordswoman in open warfare, but even in a more focused duel, it gives her an edge. Warriors from traditional combat schools have never encountered this unique mix before, and even long-lived fighters like Blood Dragons and Elves have difficulty with it, as there has never been a form like this before. This unpredictability serves her well. When engaging in mounted combat, she utilizes the riding techniques of Kislev, only adding to the mosaic of her combat style.

The Hidden Threat – Rivaling the Lahmians in her ability to blend into the population of the living, Rosa often travels openly, and interacts with humanity on a regular basis. This has kept her up to date on the world, which is why she can hunt so boldly, and carries out missions in the midst of humans without risking discovery. This has not only proved useful for survival, but more than a few Vampire Lord have commissioned her to undertake missions for them in the cities of the Empire, Kislev, Tilea, Araby, and others.

Bat-of-all-Trades – Being a highly skilled warrior, masterful cavalier, artful pirate, and expert assassin, Rosa rarely finds herself in situations that put her at a disadvantage. She is highly adaptable, and very competent, making her very valuable to the armies of the Vampire Counts.

Outcast – When she was alive, and now that she tries to blend among the living, Rosa has had to deal with the bigotry of those disgusted by her mixed parentage and bold character. And among her own kind, she is seen as a disgrace amongst the Blood Dragons, with her willingness to use ranged weapons, stealth, and other “dishonorable” tactics in order to win. As such, she does not fit in with the majority of humans, and the majority of her Bloodline.

Blade-slave – While Rosa is stronger than any mortal, and could rely on her claws in a pinch, she really is a duelist at heart. Without a weapon in her hand, she could be easy prey for her kind, or enough dedicated humans. She never had any education in the art of unarmed combat, and is just as much of an uncoordinated brawler as most people are.

Magically Dead – While even the most mindless Strigoi can instinctively call upon the dark magics of Necromancy, Rosa cannot even draw upon the lightest breeze of magic. When she become one of the Night’s Dark Masters, she was found weak in power already, and her refusal to even try to learn any magical skill has atrophied her ability to the point where it does not exist. There is simply nothing for her to call upon.

Count Vashra

Lord of Shadows
True Blood
Sep 29, 2013

Full Name: Niklaus
Associated Names: Master of Shadows, the Living Shadow
Age: Mortal: 25, Vampire: 100
Bloodline: Lahmian
Sire: Charlotte
Generation: 4th
Place of Birth: Middenheim

Physical Description
He is a pale man, in contrast to the flowing black clothes his wears, and has pitch-black eyes that drain all light.
Niklaus is an intelligent person, able to easily swing arguments his way, and can seem cold and calculative at times. However, he is normally quite friendly, and usually has only one tone of voice-a calm, slow speech, even when angry, which is rare. He rounds off with a cynical humour.

Brief History
Niklaus was the first child born to wealthy parents, (the younger was a girl) so when he showed a talent for manipulating shadows, he was easily placed in the Shadow College of Magic, and quickly advanced through the ranks. He soon became second only in power to the very highest ranks of the College, and continues to perfect his skill, to the point where he has been named the Master of Shadows, or the Living Shadow, to those who know him.
While he was training as a shadowmancer, his younger sister went travelling through the empire, and making a living as an artist. One day, however, she returned home, looking pale, and with two bite marks on her neck. She explained away the paleness by citing illness, but refused to reveal the source of the marks. However, Niklaus became suspicious, firstly because he felt an unnatural attraction to her, beyond basic sibling love, and secondly because her condition never improved.
He was powerless to resist the attraction, because of their family relationship and his total unpreparedness, until she was impressed enough by his cunning and magic ability to get permission from Neferata and he was forcibly sired. His sister then explained about Neferata and Vampires. Niklaus was shocked out of his weakness and was horrified at what he had become, and how his sister was manipulating everyone and ruining their lives, with an apparent lack of conscience, and took an instant hatred towards them. However, a combination of a sire’s power over her newly sired gets and a residing hope that his ‘sister’ would not be evil, prevented him from refusing her. He pleaded with her to use her powers for good, and feed only on the lowlife of society, but she laughed and refused. Several decades later, he mustered his courage and killed her. He burnt the body. Now, he swears to use his powers to help rid the world of Vampires, and has set up an extensive network of spies and agents, with a headquarters in his hometown of Middenheim, to locate them and work against the Lahmian one. Upon hearing of the Vampire Council, he decided he could not fight them in a straight battle, but he could use them to fight Chaos, whom he also disliked, and then kill them while they were weak after victory.

Basic Stats

Speed: 5-Niklaus walks calmly and at a considerate pace

Agility: 6-Being a Lahmian, Niklaus is reasonably fast

Weapon Skill: 3-Niklaus prefers using magic to fight, but can put up a fight in a pinch

Ballistic Skill: 2-Magic is far better than using guns

Raw Strength: 5-Niklaus has average Vampire Strength

Technique Strength: 1-Niklaus was never a subtle fighter

Toughness: 5-Average Vampire toughness

Tactical Knowledge: 4
-Niklaus leaves battle planning to others, when a fight is necessary

Magic -
Magical Lores Known: 2 (Shadow and instinctive Necromancy)
Raw Magical Power: 7
Magical Skill: 6 (7 when using Darkshroud)
Raw Magical Power: 1
Magical Skill: 1

Skillset: Weapon maintenance
Skill Level: 2(7 with shadow-based equipment). Niklaus can maintain his weapons relatively easily, but having never studied weapon maintenance cannot maintain weapons he finds or is given especially magic ones not related to shadow

Weapons / Armour / Items
A basic short sword used when Niklaus does not have a sufficient reservoir of darkness and shadow to call on, or cannot maintain physical shadows long enough to kill all enemies
Just a short sword
A chestplate that absorbs light towards itself, making Niklaus even harder to see in darkness. It also focuses his shadow magic ability in a limited way.
Light armour, grants +1 magic skill when using shadow magic and increases his stealth in darkness

Other Abilities
If the character has additional abilities that are not covered by the above sections then list them here using the following format:

Master of Shadows
Due to his mastery over shadow magic, Niklaus can perform very complicated magic.
Niklaus can move shadows, and make them physical for short periods of time. He can use shadowy arms to move objects or strangle opponents, or smother them in a shroud of darkness. He can also cover himself in a cloud of shadows, making hitting him extremely hard. When attempting to strangle, he uses +2 Strength for determining success, and when creating shrouds of darkness, either to smother his opponents, or enshroud himself, he has +2 Weapon Skill for either attacking or defending, declared by the player. However, he can only manipulate shadows like this when they are around (i.e. in darkness).

-Can use a bewildering away of strong shadow magic to cover/smother/enshroud things
-Very intelligent and clever
-Is unaffected by the condition of others
-Being intelligent and calculating, Niklaus always considers all options before going through with anything. He never makes rash decisions

-Can only use his advanced shadow magic in darkness
-May seem aloof for his attitude towards other people, which in return may mean that they do not like him
-If he cannot use his advanced shadow magic, not that good a fighter
-Cannot really maintain advanced weapons, especially magic ones
-Only has an instinctive knowledge of Necromancy, so cannot use it to a great extent. He struggles to raise more than a few Skeletons/Zombies at a time


Staff member
True Blood
Aug 4, 2010
Radulf Fürstenhausen/Cassio Ubaldi

Full Name: Cassio Ubaldi, formerly Radulf Fürstenhausen
Associated Names: The Pale Gentleman, Dagger of Tilea, Tomás Cardero, Piotr Lukyanov, Emerich Freuh, Gavino Di Scipio, Cassio Ubaldi
Age: 471
Bloodline: Lahmian
Sire: Esmaralda Trautenau
Generation: 5th
Place of Birth: Fürstenhausen Town House, Erlichenplatz, Altdorf

Physical Description

Radulf, or Cassio as he prefers to be known, is tall at six foot two inches and is every inch the nobleman. His extremely handsome face, with pale, high-cheekbones - which somehow project an aura of friendliness and trustworthiness which he has developed over the centuries - is framed by straight, shoulder-length black hair styled fashionably, and contrast obviously with the shining emerald-green eyes which stare out genially from his face. He appears every inch the courtier and could have come straight from Altdorf’s Imperial Palace - but he is not averse to a life outdoors.
His body is lean but he has whipcord muscles and when he was mortal, he was stronger than many would have credited him for - given his vampiric nature, he is now stronger than any mortal could possibly think of him. ?
The clothes Radulf wears are obviously expensive; an undertunic and breeches of black to match the low, leather boots he favours. Around his waist is a thick leather girdle from which his sword-belt and the holsters of his pistols hang, and he wears a cape of amethyst which matches the doublet he wears proudly - it is fitted close to his body, cinched tight just below the elbows and then flares out, allowing him easy access to the sheathed daggers on his forearms. He also has moleskin gloves and handkerchiefs, affectations from his long time in the courts of the Empire and other, foreign countries. Around his neck is a golden chain, a gift from Esmaralda, to subtly remind him that he was her get and owes her his loyalty, and he has a number of golden rings on his hands; all of his jewellery is mundane.


When he was mortal, Radulf was always superior and arrogant, but when Esmaralda turned him, she tempered his personality so he would grate less on others. Now, he is courtly and pleasant when he is with his peers or superiors, and nearly always with his inferiors, too. He has found that ingratiating himself with others makes his life much more easier. He is the consummate gentleman.
However, he can also be cold and cruel when angered, as befits a lord of the night. In truth, he cares little for humans - beyond the fact they sate his ever-present hunger - and his mind will sometimes turn to causing them pain and death without cause.

Brief History

2066 - Born Radulf Fürstenhausen
2081 - Father (Dieter Fürstenhausen) dies
2085 - Facing financial difficulties, Radulf invests in a number of highbrow bordellos
2087 - Financially stable, he bought out his partners, becoming sole owner of four bordellos frequented by nobles
2088 - Expanded his burgeoning ‘entertainment’ empire and in the same year, he met Esmaralda [insert surname] (also known as Lady Hofstetter) at Altdorf’s Imperial Theatre
2090 - Given Blood Kiss at age 24 by Esmaralda Trautenau (also known as Lady Hofstetter)
2093 - Esmaralda recalled to Silver Pinnacle to account for herself when Radulf had fully learnt to control himself
2095 - Esmaralda returns to Altdorf; Radulf’s establishments had become renowned for parties for only a select few, and they were rumoured to be enough to make a Slaneeshi cultist blush!
2096 - The two travel between Middenheim, Talabheim, Altdorf and Nuln, changing names to ensure people don’t suspect their immortal nature. Radulf favours being named Cassio Ubaldi, a wealthy merchant prince of the Tilean city-state of Miragliano
2121 - Konrad von Carstein is defeated; the Sisterhood rejoices subtly, and Radulf with them
2122 - The Sisterhood send Esmaralda and Radulf to Wolfenburg in Sylvania, to watch for von Carstein movement. Radulf’s business interests are cared for in his absence. Witch-Hunter Diefried Hertzmann is killed by Radulf
2123 - Dietricht Hertzmann, son of Diefried, tracks Radulf to Wolfenburg and puts a hawthorn stake through his heart. It’s removed five days later by Esmaralda. Radulf finds Dietricht and kills him
2125 - Due to Mannfred’s growing influence in Sylvania, Esmaralda and Radulf are forced to flee Wolfenburg
2146 - The two return to Wolfenburg and continue to supervise the province of Sylvania
2195 - The dwarves of Karak Zaragh, in the Grey Mountains, slay Lady Jessamine d’Elaune of Bretonnia, Esmaralda’s mother-in-darkness and Radulf’s grandmother-in-darkness
2196 - Esmaralda and Radulf travel to the Grey Mountains and, using dark magicks, kill King Gemain Olgursson - known as the Ironshield - of Karak Zaragh and bind his soul to his remains as a wight; a torment the dwarf would forever feel as punishment for killing Jessamine. The wight left with them, travelling back to Wolfenburg as a guard for when they were absent
2223 - Esmaralda and Radulf are relieved of their duties in Sylvania, travelling the Empire, Bretonnia and even further south into Estalia
2230 - Travelling back north, they came across the barrow of Indar Teutog, and they resurrected him and his steed as a wight. He now accompanies Radulf when he leaves for the wilds of the Old World
2232 - Radulf returns to Altdorf to retake command of his bordellos, becoming a valuable source of information. Under several guises throughout the years, the vampire continues to collect valuable information for the Sisterhood; Esmaralda returns to Silver Pinnacle once more at the Queen’s command
2306 - Information is discovered which points to a potential new weapon being developed in Nuln. The Engineer is scandalously known for his disinterest in women. Radulf is dispatched to investigate
2307 - Having discovered all he could from the Engineer, Reinhardt Usündrach, Radulf leaves Nuln and returns to Altdorf
2374 - Esmaralda returns to Altdorf, but she is different - distant, more aloof and superior than before. Radulf is pushed away
2384 - For a decade, the only contact Radulf had with vampires of his bloodline was the messages he sent to his superiors. He was sent to the city of Kislev to await further instructions. Whilst there, he visited the frozen remains of Tsarina Kattarin in the Palace
2385 - From Kislev, Radulf was sent to Praag, to ‘visit’ the Kalashininks, a family of Lahmian’s immensely powerful in the country
2458 - After nearly a century in Praag, Radulf returns once more to his home city, although he found that the running of cathouses and the gathering of information no longer held his attention. Kislev was a much rougher, more brutal place, and he had found a taste for adventure
2460 - After settling his affairs on Altdorf, and having sought permission from the leader of the Lahmian sect within the city, Radulf left and headed south again, towards Estalia and Tilea
2469 - Radulf had by this time made a name for himself as a gentleman bodyguard, after travelling throughout the principalities of Tilea
2489 - At this time, Radulf was guarding Castel Buenco, an Estalian who had grand plans for himself, and planned to enact them via the use of mercenaries bought and paid for in Luccini. Castel was unaware that Radulf was working against him throughout
2518 - Having acted as a bodyguard for nigh on forty years, Radulf was beginning to tire of that life, and made the short journey from Luccini to Sartosa, and ‘befriended’ Carmen Sanvese, one of the cities pirate captains, who had earned herself the moniker Princess of the Salty Sea
2523 - After five years in Sartosa, Radulf finally bit the bullet and gave Carmen the Blood Kiss, despite knowing the consequences. Before the year was out, Carmen had been killed - she had been unable to control herself, and ended up with a stake through her heart and thrown overboard. Radulf was devastated and left Sartosa; after killing the man who had killed Carmen
2524 - Despite his infractions, he had ever been loyal to Queen Neferata. He was welcomed back into the fold, after he was punished as befit his crimes. He became the guard of a minor Lahmian in Talabheim
2527 - Events of TVC
2527-2536 - Radulf worked against the Triumvirate’s imperial tendencies, working within the Empire’s aristocracy
2536 - Esmaralda is once more commanded to return to Silver Pinnacle, and Radulf was to return from Sartosa and join her, although being a man he was commanded to stay in the foothills and the towns located therein.
2537 - Events of TVC II

Basic Stats

Speed: 5
Agility: 4
Weapon Skill: 4 (5)
Ballistic Skill: 4 (5)
Raw Strength: 4
Technique Strength: 5
Toughness: 4 (5)
Tactical Knowledge: 3

Magic -

Magical Lores Known: Lore of Death, Lore of Shadows, Lore of Necromancy
Raw Magical Power: 6 (7), 5, 4
Magical Skill: 6, 5, 4

Technology -

Skillset: Armour Maintenance
Skill Level: 5
Radulf has a sleeved mail shirt and a leather jerkin, and he knows how to care for it reasonably well

Skillset: Black Powder Weapon Maintenance
Skill Level: 5
Having long had his pair of twin pistols, he has learnt to care for them so they hardly ever misfire

Skillset: Weapon Maintenance
Skill Level: 5
Being brought up a noble, one of the lessons he was taught from an early age was to care for his weapons

Skillset: Poison Making - Ruby Sulphur Extract, Chimera Spittle, Dark Venom, Heartkill, Henbell, Green Scorpion Venom, Sagekill, Viper Kiss, rabid dog saliva
Skill Level: 7
A useful skill when to have when you guard someone day and night, as a method to make his job easier

Equipment -

Since 2093, Shadow has been Radulf’s single constant companion; a cat with silky, plush and dense fur, which is a blue-black colour with a silvery-sheen in the right light. The feline acts as his eyes when he is otherwise occupied, and a spy for the times when he cannot be seen. Despite being nearly four and a half centuries old, the cat is as lively as ever due to the magicks with which Radulf preserves him - an Endstone - pure Shyish compressed and folded in on itself to create a stone which pulses with amethyst light, created by Esmaralda before Radulf was capable enough to do it himself - set on a gem-studded leather collar.
Shadow is a cat bound to Radulf’s will, and can communicate with him in basic terms. He can act as his eyes and ears when necessary. He gives Radulf no adjustments to his stats

Shadowmare is Radulf’s riding horse, an Arabyan mare who stands at just over eighteen hands tall. She is dark grey or black, depending on the light she is seen in. The vampire has purchased a harness to match Shadow’s collar; gem studded and set with an Endstone, which keeps the beast alive long past its natural time.
Shadowmare is Radulf’s steed. She gives Radulf no adjustments to his stats

Sleeved Mail Shirt
Radulf has a sleeved mail shirt he wears when he is knowingly going into a fight; although he doesn’t use it much, he has it brought with him whenever he goes somewhere.
This is a piece of mundane armour; he doesn’t tend to wear it. Gives Radulf +1 Toughness when he does wear it

The Gentleman’s Daggers
Radulf’s favoured melee weapons are two stiletto-like steel daggers he wears sheathed on his forearms, inside the wide cuffs of his expensive tunic. He can draw them in an instant, and they are more than capable of both slipping between plates of armour or chainmail links to pierce arteries or slitting throats. They are plain and unadorned.
When using these daggers, Radulf gains +1 Weapon Skill

Twin Pistols
These pistols are made in the same design as the Long Rifle, and were made by Leon Todmeister concurrently with the other weapon, as were the stocks by Monsieur Longesse.
When using these pistols, Radulf gains +1 Ballistic Skill

The Cold Sword
The Cold Sword, or the Totenklinge - Dead Blade - is a relic which Radulf encountered in the hands of a wight when he was in Kislev. The blade itself seems to be incorporeal and shifting, as if made of the essence of Death itself. Discussion surrounding the blade says that to even be nicked by the blade is to feel the essence of your life is slowly draining away, a deadly cold leeching into your soul. The blade can be shaped into different forms - with Radulf preferring a rapier-like style - and the hilt is carved from bone and set with an Endstone in the pommel.
This weapon gives Radulf +1 Raw Magical Power when he is using it, due to the Endstone set in the pommel

Crystal Vials
These vials contain a number of poisons which Radulf - and all vampires - are naturally immune to, given that their bodies no longer function as does a mortal’s. This includes Chimera Spittle, Dark Venom, Heartkill, Henbell, Green Scorpion Venom, Sagekill, Ruby Sulphur Extract, Viper Kiss and rabid dog saliva. Each of these is carried in a small, crystal vial on Radulf’s belt, large enough only to hold a small amount of each, but they are all deadly or useful in their own way, even in small doses.
These add nothing to Radulf’s stats, but when applied to his weapons can cause death with only a nick (although it can take varying amounts of time). Vampires are immune to these poisons

Other Abilities -

Quick Death
Radulf has become an expert in the art of killing quickly and cleanly; he would much prefer to stab someone in the back and limit the amount of blood spilt; he is of the opinion that blood spilt without being drunk is blood wasted.
Radulf can kill without spilling blood unnecessarily.

Immortal Courtier
Being of the Lahmian bloodline, Radulf has long played the part of a highborn, and whilst he has long thought of himself as something else, although it is truly neither warrior nor aristocrat, he can don the mask near instantaneously.
Radulf can blend into the nobility of nearly any civilisation without pause

- Pained/weakened only a little by direct sunlight
- Is a natural aristocrat
- Has a propensity for magic
- Very adept at making poisons
- Extremely well-travelled

- Extremely vulnerable to silver and running water
- Absolutely hates Witchbane and Daemonsroot
- Below average fighter for a Vampiric Lord
- Below average toughness for a Vampire Lord
- Male of the Lahmian bloodline - will always be on the fringes of their society

Additional Notes
- The Wight Indar Teutog accompanies him (see following NPC sheet)

Indar Teutog; NPC Wighti

Full Name: Indar Teutog
Associated Names: N/A
Age: 35 at death (-155), resurrected 2230
Bloodline: N/A
Sire: N/A
Generation: N/A
Place of Birth: Helichten

Physical Description

Indar is, naturally, little more than a skeleton who stands five foot eleven feet tall. His eyes have also long since rotted and they are lit by a deep, aethyric sapphire-blue fire, which burns brighter the angrier he is, or the more his bloodlust is straining.

He wears chainmail armour with a cuirass over the top, and is baroque, ancient, rusted and pitted with holes. It was as ornate as could be made thousands of years ago. He has a matching helm and shield. He is never seen in anything else; he is a warrior and nothing else.


Indar was always a cold, ruthless man who was willing to do whatever it took to get what he wanted - including killing his son to remain chief of the Turogens. Whilst he had been dead for over two thousand years, when Radulf bound his soul back to his physical remains, his personality remained unchanged.
Now, he is colder than ever, willing to kill for his master’s every whim if he so desires it. After all, he is a fighter and nothing else whatsoever holds his attention.

Brief History

-190 - Born in what would later become southern Reikland; into the Turogen tribe?-170 - Led a fight against the Uterogun tribe, nearly wiping them out. Earned the name Dreadblade
-169 - Became chief of the Turogen tribe, after the previous chief died
-163 - Fought off three consecutive challenges, killing them all. Included his own son
-160 - Was injured by an arrow in a fight against beastmen; fought until the last was dead, and then one of his own men who challenged him. Defended his title whilst he recovered over a three month period
-155 - Killed by resurgent members of the Turogen tribe who had allied with the Umberogen tribe. Buried in an immense barrow complex in the southern Reikland
2230 - Resurrected by Radulf when he found the barrow whilst travelling with Esmaralda. Since then he has followed Radulf around the Old World as he travelled; Esmaralda found the entire thing morbid and distasteful

Basic Stats

Speed: 3
Agility: 2
Weapon Skill: 4
Ballistic Skill: 1
Raw Strength: 3
Technique Strength: 4
Toughness: 3
Tactical Knowledge: 5

Magic -

Magical Lores Known: N/A
Raw Magical Power: N/A
Magical Skill: N/A

Technology -
Skillset: N/A
Skill Level: N/A


The Endstone Amulet
Indar has been presented with an Endstone, a stone made of solidified Shyish, by Radulf, which is set into an antique, baroque necklace of gold.
This amulet means that Radulf doesn’t have to direct the energy to keep Indar’s sould bound to his body

The Turogen Sword
This sword is ancient and baroque, as befits the sword of a tribe chieftain from before the time of Sigmar, and whilst it has a few specks of rust and a few dints, but it is still as sharp as ever, as is the mind that wields it.
This is a mundane longsword

- Undead - difficult to truly kill
Loyal to Radulf - even if he doesn’t want to be
Reasonable tactician - leader of men

- Undead - no free will
- From pre-Sigmar era - little knowledge of ‘modern’ Empire
Little interest in anything happening in the mortal realm
Not classically intelligent

Additional Notes
-Rides an undead, skeletal steed
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