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Turning the World to darkness Hall Of Infamy


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The winner of the August/September challenge is once again, @Nagash Worshiper . The topic was "Duel / Confrontation"

"A chance meeting on the old road to Praag"

Background story:
The full moon lit the country road, illuminating the surrounding farms and a lone man clad in furs with a sturdy axe hefted at his side.

Vladic was on his way home from the local inn, a bit unsteady but nothing he wouldn't sleep of. Shoika, his wife, would smack him on the head if he ever complained about a headache in the morning.

Up ahead the main road turned into the old Praag road. The doomed city was still many miles away but even so people said the road was somehow cursed and generally used other paths instead. Last year someone had even found a dead Kossar by the side of the road.

He didn't care much about it. Death was part of everyday life in the north. "The blood of Kislev was civilizations shield" went an old saying and Vladic couldn't agree more.

Suddenly a knight on horseback appeared on the road as if conjured from the shadows. Vladic blinked as his drunken mind took in more details. Man and horse was in fact not man and horse at all. Not alive at least. Ghostly lights flashed from the riders empty eye sockets as it caught sight of him and spurred it's mount to charge.

Vladic was a Kossar. He'd fought nightmares more than once. He also knew his chances of surviving this night. Sobered by the moment he unhefted his axe and sent a last thought of love for Shoika and chuckled. The woman would find a way to haunt him in the afterlife, not the other way around.

From behind, as if appearing out of a story, a gospodar knight calmly rode up beside him.
"You better leave this one to me Kossar", the riders eyes never left the approaching dark knight, "run and wake your neighbouring comrades. With a bit of luck you'll gather enough men for us to handle this".

Vladic turned and ran to the nearest farm as if Ursun himself was chasing him.




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And the winner of the Christmas 2017 Special Challenge, @Alabaster427

"Kicking it off the Ghost of Christmas Past. You will be visited by two more ghosts, Ebenezer."

"The ghost of Christmas Present(s):"

"And the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come:"


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Damnit, I forgot about one of the competitions!

Winner of the November 2017 Turning the World to Darkness competition is @Borgnine with the 'Undead Stegadon'. The topic was 'Undead Monster'


And the one for the January 2018 Turning the World to Darkness competition, 'Zombies with Guns' from @Borgnine. The topic was 'Heavy Metal'