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TVC - Chapter 43 - A Thief in the Night

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True Blood
Jan 15, 2008
Graveclaw staggered into the room where the council gathered,"Who caressss if Lizardmen here, or in cage?" he grunted as he sat heavily on the floor. "It not really matter".
Dec 28, 2008
Hati looked up noticing Saul standing in the corridor. She smiled at him and moved closer to Trinity, raising her skirt up over her leg as she straddled Trinity's leg and again licking Trinity's throat before delicately kissing it. She kept her eyes staring strait into his invitingly.
"Are you just going to watch, or are you going to join us?"


True Blood
Aug 31, 2009
Saul held his hand up in pause for a moment, waiting for Marc's footsteps to fade completely; he was already at odds with this situation and he probably wouldn't like what was coming next. He grinned at Hati, one eyebrow raised..

"That's a very.. tempting proposal.. and as it happens I've got a little bit of time to kill.. so to speak"

Oh yeah.. Life is good.
Oct 4, 2009
"Ich habe keine Kenntnis von den Verbleib der vom\' Waffen. Ich nehme Sie wohnen im Pflege des einen, inhaftiert ihn in den ersten Platz lassen Vekarin told Lesa, turning back to the Saurus.
"Own you face-soul them trap you? Maybe them own your Better-times remnants."

Huakroataxa paused, before continuing, peering down at the vampires.
"Negative. I'm afraid all of your kind look the same to me. Apart from that one, of course." He rumbled, pointing towards Graveclaw, a creature roughly his height, if slightly broader at the shoulders.

He could differentiate between male and female humans, and living and dead, but not much beyond that. Hundreds of years of hunting the dead, he had never really needed the ability to tell them apart. If it wasnt breathing, but still moving that was something that needed definate undoing. Otherwise, he mainly left humanity alone.

Suddenly, yet another dead thing burst in, from a quarter unknown to The hunter of the dead. It ranted for a while in the Warmbloods troublesome tongue, before finishing "Ich sollte vielleicht fragen, warum die Echsenmensch Wanderungen kostenlos mit drei von ihnen suchen auf?"

"Vielleicht ist die Antwort wäre, weil wir ihn kostenlos ." Vekarin told the newly-appeared Sweeney, "Es gab keinen Grund zu inhaftieren ein Kämpfer, können Beihilfen uns in unserem Krieg gegen nagash. Sie sagen, Sie wissen um die Umstände seiner Capture, wissen Sie auch der Ort der seine Waffen und Artefakte?"

Yet another vampire, even smaller, another female burst into the room, before gibbering. Huakroataxa stroked his mounts snout, trying to keep her calm. Apart from the large one, none of them looked it but all of these dead things were powerful enough to fight a cold one, and a momentary lapse of reason from her could end centuries of hard work.

Huakroataxa growled softly.
"Pardon the interruption, but might I at least stable my Cold-one?"
Dec 28, 2008
Warning: The below post contains scenes of a sexual nature

The trio of Hati, Saul and Trinity staggered into the bedroom, still covered in blood, that the new Vampiric Trinity had been born in, their bodies pressed together as lips and skin contacted. Trinity kept Saul's attention, their faces pressed agaisnt each other as hands pressed and coerced those most sensitive parts of the human anatomy. This was fine with Hati, she understood the connection between the two and understood her role in this, she was an accessory out to gain something from their love, not out to steal a mans heart.
She was more than happy to let Trinity have his face anyway as she kissed his newly revealed torso, Saul's shirt having been removed by Trinity moments before. They just managed to somehow find their way to the bed, Hati's delicate kisses traveling down Saul's midsection as she unfastened his belt, the kisses fading into licking as she reached the pelvis and down lower, Hati sliding her tongue over bare skin. Saul gasped as he massaged Trinity's breasts, Hati's mouth enveloping him. Saul was soon forced to sit on the bed, his knees weak.

Hati giggled, pausing from her work. "You know, I have always wondered if a Vampire's fangs got in the way in this particular act. Judging by your moaning I think I've found the answer."
The werewolf continued, sliding a hand under her skirt. Since no one would attend to her, she would do it herself for now.
She maintained perfect awareness of Saul's body motions, and abruptly stopped just before his imminent release, giving the muscles in her jaw a moment to relax.
"Oh no! We cant have that yet! I think he's ready for you Trinity."
The pair of Vampires had by now managed to remove their articles of clothing, Trinity moving over Saul and sliding herself over Saul. Hati quickly joined them in their nudity, paying Trinity the attention now. She passed one hand over her abdomen and down her pelvis, finger by light finger while the other hand reached up to cup her breast. She gently moved her fingers on Trinity's centers of pleasure, tensing her fingers and then relaxing them in a massage. The sounds the two vampires made increased in volume and emotion to as Hati ensured that the pair reached their climax together, kissing the female Vampire's neck.

With sudden gasps and small sounds the pair of Vampires reached their fulfillment, gasping for air. The werewolf moved Trinity off Saul and onto the bed, not ungentle but with a slight amount of force to motivate the woman, still dazed with pleasure~weakness. Tired of indirectness, Hati's mouth pressed between Trinities leg, sampling the taste of them both. The female Vampire moaned in a high pitch voice, her legs wrapping around the Hati's head. The werewolf enjoyed this domination of the Vampire's pleasure center and the taste and smell of their byproducts. Saul was a man, and therefore would take time to recover before Hati could have her turn with him, so she would concentrate on Trinity for now.
The werewolf suddenly let out a deep gasp as both her hand where suddenly and pulled back while something rudely intruded itself inside her. Turning, she saw Saul behind her, his hand gripping her arms. She was about to congratulate him on his quick recovery when another pair of hands pressed her head back between Trinity's legs. Now that Hati had started, Trinity clearly intended on keeping her working.
About. Damn. Time. thought Hati with each of Saul's thrusts.


Hati oppened her eyes, and stared into the coal fires of hell.
A massive armoured gauntlet smashed into her face, sending her tumbling across the stone floor. She was naked, her body bruised and bloodied, her back a labyrinth of pain from the brutal lacerations.
"What have I told you about looking at my face bitch!?" roared a voice that sounded like a Daemon chewing on nails.
"No uncle! No! I'm sorry, plea-" she was brutally cut off as the whip slashed across her back again, her voice seizing up.

Bisclavret de Gévaudan, the creator of the race of Werewolves and her uncle by blood, loomed over her, raising the silver-bladed whip again and letting it lacerate her back again and again, the wounds soaking her body in blood. Hati clenched her jaw, trying not to scream. It was always worse when she screamed, when Bisclavret gained that satisfaction.
She let a whimper escape her. A black iron-shod boot kicked upwards into her chest, easily clearing her off the floor.
Bisclavret laughed and kicked her again, rolling her on her back as she coughed and spat blood.
"Oh come now my pet, dont lie to Uncle, I know you enjoy this. You do enjoy your play time with Uncle, dont you?"
He placed his boot on her throat, letting her gasp for air.
"Whats that? Oh come now, you must speak up, or should I let Müller give you a taste in manners?"

Müller, that bastard, Bisclavrets attack dog. Hati hated that blood-crazy animal, and pitied it in equal measure.
She knew that Müller endured even worse punishments than she had to endure on the occasions he disobeyed their master. She could hear his howls and screams of pain long into the night...
But Bisclavret had learned how to twist, and how to corrupt, but not to shatter completely. Müller became more of a blood-mad monstrosity by the day.

Better he had ended up like Völundr. The man had a gentle disposition, something Bisclavret attacked with the cruelty only the truely evil could imagine. He forced Völundr to commit unspeakable acts, and then taunted them before him, lauding his cruelty and driving the poor smith mad, until he was a despaired berserker in battle, seeking an escape into death that would never be granted.

Bisclavret finally removed his foot, letting Hati grasp for air.
"Yes, uncle is generous to you my pet, most generous..."
Hati screamed in agony as the silver barbed end of the whip handle was forced into her womanhood.
"See how I favor you? Thank Uncle!"
He forced her head down and the whip deeper.
"Th-thank you Uncccccle!" she screamed as the barbies where moved backwards.
"Yes, yes, yes, yes...such soft skin you have my pet...such soft skin..."
Bisclavret reached down and pulled her bodily from the floor, bringing her breasts up to his face level. His mouth oppened revealing yellow fangs as he slowly lowered them into Hati.


Hati screamed as she awakened from her nightmare of events hundreds of years past, clutching the sheets of Saul and Trinity's bed. Her body was covered in a cold sweat, her heart pounding.
She brought her shaking hands up to her face and sobbed, barely able to keep herself under control. Saul and Trinity remained asleep, exhausted by their excursions.
The werewolf ran a hand across her breast, just to be sure the fangs she had so clearly seen perceiving it where just imaginary...
But they where not just imaginary...
It had all been real...her nightmare a memory of the abuses her 'uncle' bestowed on her.

Not just me... she reminded herself. Bisclavret had left his mark on all of them. Müller, Völundr, all of them had suffered in some way.
And it had left its mark on them all. Hati's insatiable appetites for carnal pleasures, Müller's cruelty to his fellow man, Völundr's near suicidal bouts of depression.
They where all scarred, true they had each gone far since they had imprisoned the monster that had made them, but the scars remained. As Hati looked out through the bedroom's window at the two moons, she doubted the scars would ever completely fade.

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
Baron sighed
I'm bored he thought to himself and soon he'd have to return to Sylvania.
This was all Todd's fault! If he hadn't of been injured Simon would have let him go...of course blaming V'azrin would be more logical but blaming the dead...the truely dead, was boring.
Karl turned to look at Akarin
"The Count can shout at you later if he wishes for now go get ready, you'll be accompaning the Council to Nuln and you can't go like that, pack your armour into a chest and bring it up wear something that will allow you to blend in easier amongst mortals. A ball infact amongst the nobility of the city so it may be best if you do not wear your sword, sometimes such events to do allow for it." he commanded.
Akarin bowed and walked away, as he reached the door he looked back and winked at Peter with a faint smile before leaving.

Karl sighed and pointed at Peter
"You can stay until the Count dimisses you...after all you did destroy his home." he said seriously.
Then smiling faintly he leant back
Its not so bad...and Akarin needed to relax and have some fun...hes to hung up on duty. he thought to himself.
It was neither of the younger vampire's faults, people got bored and an immortals way of having fun often went further than that of the living.


Akarin smiled as he buttoned up his shirt, he hadn't had such a relaxing time in so long, apart from reading he had little fun these days.
He would have to remember to thank Peter later...perhaps he could buy him a nice sheild or something...whatever it is blood dragons like.
Lifting his bracer of the table he loaded a small silver shot into its barrel.
He had been using lead against Peter after all.
Finishing with the bracer he sat it into a wooden chest alongside his armour and other equipment.
Lifting the Swords of Day and Night he placed them into the chest also feeling a faint sadness that he couldn't wear the blades.
However he did have his silver dagger and three balanced throwing knives hidden around his person.
Smiling he looked down at himself, dressed in the finest imperial clothing although he wore all black instead of going for the more fashionable colourful variants.
Nodding pleased with his appearance he lifted the thin silk longcoat of the bed and put it on.
He glanced around the room, he had stayed in it a few times when visiting Simon...he almost thought of it as his own...odd that.

"Kalen?" the assassin shouted out.
After a few moments a middle aged mortal man walked in
"Yes sir?"
"Have this chest brought out to the Coach's...ask the other Servants which one I shall be traveling in, most likely my own." the vampire said with a wave of his hand.
The mortal bowed and strode out after a few minutes two young men shuffled in and bowing to the immortal lord they lifted the chest and left.
Akarin sighed already missing his armour and swords he began to walk back towards the main hall.
Perhaps he should ensure the other council members where ready to get going? That might lesser Simon's anger towards him?
Hmm but who might not be prepared?
Ah that new von Carstein family member...Saul was it?
Nodding he decided to look for a servant to ask where Saul was staying.


True Blood
Aug 31, 2009
Saul woke with a start.. momentary confusion until he remembered his nights activities.. cue grin. He glanced at Trinity, her beautiful form was still sleep softly next to him.. so beautiful; he frowned, he could have sworn that there were three people in this bed before. He looked to his left and sure enough Hati lay awake on the other side of the bed.. he half grinned at her, but stopped when he saw a tear roll down the side of her face.. ohhh dear god, emotion.. out of my depth much.

He caught the tear with his finger, and inspected the tear-drop for a moment.. it had been a few centuries since he'd seen his own; he'd almost forgotten what they looked like. His movements attracted Hati's notice, she looked at him with distant eyes.. Saul spoke quietly with only a trace of joking.

"Bad dream?"
Dec 28, 2008
Hati got up from the bed, gathered her clothes and left the room without another word, her bare feet making no sound on the cold stones of the castle.

Müller stared into the fire that burned into the night, wrapped in a blanket against the cold. Völundr was snoring loudly not far away. He move when Hati walked into the light of the fire, the wind was blowing towards him and he had scented her before she had come into view.
"Did you have a good time?" he ask, completely seriously.
She didn't answer. Hati reached into their wagon and drew a blanket before sitting down next to Müller.
"What? No quick jibes at my expense? No witty remarks on your latest conquest? Now I know something is wrong."
He said half jokingly. She didn't reply. They sat in silence, listening to the crickets make their sonnets of romance, firefly dancing around the fire.
"I'm...sorry..." said Hati suddenly.
"For what? Its in your nature. Your not guilty of anything."
There was an uncomfortable pause.
"But you know...this is the reason I push you away." said Müller suddenly.
Hati turned and looked at him.
"Do you think I like it?" he said suddenly and somewhat angrily. "Do you think I like having to smell the stench of your last partner on you, while at the same time your trying to get me into the same bed he has shared?
I wont share you. If you think I'm selfish for saying that, then so be it. I will not suffer going to bed with you and smelling another man on your flesh."

There was another long pause. The cricket's songs had stopped, leaving them with no sound but the crackling fire. A firefly landed on Müller's hand.
Hati moved slightly and leaned her head on Müller's shoulder, wrapping her blanket over her again.
"That's alright, if you have half the enthusiasm you show in a fight as you have in bed, I'll always be satisfied."

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
Akarin stood silently as he watched Hati leave Saul's room, he waited until he was sure she was gone before striding up to the vampire door.
He glanced in through the door that had been left ajar to see Saul sitting looking rather confused next to the sleeping for of Trinity.
Akarin strode in and coughed politely when he realised Saul had noticed him, the other vampire's head shot around to stare at Akarin, there was a moment of silence before Akarin grinned.
"Go you eh?" the assassin murmered.
He looked pointedly at Trinity before nodding faintly at the door
"And two of them? You are a hunter." he said snickering although he kept his voice though as to not awake Saul's get.

Hiking a thumb at the door he smirked
"Well you better get ready, we're all leaving soon...not sure if you heard but we're going to a little party in Nuln. Dress Fancy." Akarin said then he pointed at the wardrobe to the side
"Simon probably has some nice things in there you could borrow if you don't have your own or for the woman."
Turning he began to stride out
"Now hurry up or I'll slit your throat, I'll wait out here." he said.
As he left he purposefully slammed the door shut loudly to wake Trinity up.


True Blood
Aug 31, 2009
A somewhat confused Saul shook his head.. this place is too weird, I need to move back to the country. At least Akarin didn't visibly object to his tryst with Hati.. could've been worse, god, if it was Karl or Marc I'd be in the shit.. he studied the window with a renewed interest, grateful that it hadn't been needed as an exit.

He turned back and chuckled at the amusing expression of confusion on Trinity's face as she woke suddenly following Akarin's door-slam..

"Get up, and get dressed Sleeping Beauty.. we're supposed to be going downstairs."

He moved off the bed to grab his trousers.. for the second time tonight; praying that Akarin had better manners than Jerek.. a repeat of earlier would be embarrassing. He grabbed his cuirass and buckled his swords at his hips; found his boots and strode towards the door..

"You've got five minutes to get dressed.." A smirk spread across his face.. "Then I'm coming in to get you."

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The Perverted One
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Feb 12, 2008
"My name.......?" the Duke said, for a moment lost for speech. It had been so long since someone had dared to even ask, that the question took him by surprise. He stared at Victarias, the word on the tip of his tongue, yet his promise made long ago held him back. As much as he wanted to tell her, she was still his brother's wife, still loyal to him........
"Now is not the time. Perhaps soon, but there are some thing's that have to wait until the time is right." He could already see the disappointment in Victarias's face, yet until he was sure about her feelings, until he was sure what was happening between them was not just in his imagination.

"My lord." A well dressed human appeared from the keep, eyes bowed in deference, "I have a message from the Count for you both. He departs shortly to Nuln, to seek his stolen artefact. He has requested your support in this matter as member's of the Council." The Duke paused for a second whilst he thought. Normally he would have abstained from visiting such places, but in this case considering the impact such an item had on the Council perhaps it would be best to join them. The fact that Victarias had already nodded her head in agreement had nothing to do with it...........

"Advise the Count he can count on my support."

At the news of Nuln from both Requarah and Todd, Lesa sighed heavily. Since the events that lead to her husband's death she had barely managed to rest, to gather her thoughts grieve properly. She was tired beyond measure and really wanted nothing more than to just tell the other members of the Council to leave her for a while. But she knew that was not possible. She was the only person that could keep the peace between the Carsteins and the rest of the Council, and she knew that if she left them to their devices, there was good chance someone would end up permanently dead.

"Vekarin, I will leave this creature in your capable hands. If he so much as sniffs at me the wrong way I will blast him back to Lustria. Lord Harkon, it was a pleasure meeting your acquaintance." Smiling at the other vampires she bid them goodbye as she took Requarah's arm.
"Come daughter of mine. You can tell me what you have been doing in these last few years on the way."
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