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May 2, 2009

Full Name: Lucia von Carstein
Associated Names: Isabella’s handmaiden
Age: Around 720
Bloodline: von Carstein
Sire: Isabella von Carstein
Generation: 3rd Generation
Place of Birth: Sylvannia

Physical Description
Lucia is short (5ft 2), with a slim, toned body. She has long blonde hair, which she ties back most of the time. She wears a leather jerkin and riding trousers with calf length leather boots. When the occasion demands it, Lucia wears exquisite all gowns.

Lucia is a kind, caring woman, but when her anger is roused, she is capable of incredible violence. She is utterly devoted to her family in darkness, and is willing to do almost anything for them. The only creature in the world that she loves more than her family is Peter. He saved her from the priests of Sigmar, and helped her to control her unusual gifts, as well as the thirst itself.

Brief History
Lucia grew up with Isabella. Their fathers were close friends, and the girls shared a tutor. When she was fifteen, Lucia became Isabella’s handmaiden. The pair spent almost all of their time together, and were very close.

When Vlad sired Isabella, she knew that she could not live for eternity without Lucia. She was one of the first people Isabella sired. However, soon after she was sired, Lucia was captured by a group of with hunters and taken to their base in Swartzhafen on the border with Stirland. Here the Priests of Sigmar conducted experiments on captured Vampires, starving them of blood and exposing them to Warp Stone.

Most of the Vampires went insane, and became Vargulfs. Some simply expired. However Lucia seemed unchanged. That was until the day Peter von Krahe attacked the fortress of Swartzhafen. His magical assault on the keep triggered a change in the young vampiress. Power swirled around her cell, and suddenly, with a flash, a beam of raw Dhar blasted through the fortress, ripping a hole in the wall of the castle. This gave the Blood Dragon the opening he needed.

After the battle, Peter came across the frail body of Lucia. Power crackled around her unconscious form. The Blood Knight placed a null stone around the woman’s neck. Damek von Carstein gifted the null stone to Peter before the battle. The stone cancelled out the magic.

Lucia returned to Vlad’s Court alongside Peter. The Count granted the pair permission to marry, but before the ceremony could take place Peter was called away to lead a contingent in Meyerling’s army.

As the various vampire wars progressed, the pair saw little of each other over the long decades, except during the time when Peter was able to return to Swartzhafen. As is the case with many couples, the time was never right for the pair to be wed.

During the time of Mannfred, the Count dispatched many of the von Carsteins to spy on the Empire. Lucia, despite Peter’s protests, was sent to Altdorf, where she was captured by the Priests of Sigmar. Over the centuries, the Blood Dragon attempted to rescue her, but was thwarted in his efforts.

Basic Stats
A new section that MUST be filled in. I have decide to go for a numbered system similar from 1-10, 1 being the very worst, 10 being the very best. Only in very rare instances can it go over 10, and a very good explanation would have to be provided why. Please note these are BASIC stats. If you have a magic item that increases them, that should be put in a bracket afterwards.


Speed: 5

Agility: 5

Weapon Skill: Lucia was a skilled fencer, training daily with Isabella. 5

Ballistic Skill: Lucia, like her sire, enjoyed hunting with muskets and crossbows. 6 (7)

Raw Strength: 4

Technique Strength: Centuries training has made Lucia skilled with a blade. 5

Toughness: 4

Tactical Knowledge: 2

Magic –

Magical Lores Known: Lucia does not know any Lores as such. When she is not wearing her null stone, if she becomes distressed or angry, she lets loose random, uncontrollable bursts of magic. Perhaps the closest Lore this represents is the Sorcery of the Dark Elves, although not as refined as this.
Raw Magical Power: The experiments of the priest unlock vast amounts of raw energy, linking Lucia directly to the winds of magic. 9 (0)

Magical Skill: Lucia is unable to control her magical curse. This is why she wears her null stone at all times. 0

Technology –
Skillset: Black powder. Lucia is skilled at quickly reloading pistols and muskets.
Skill Level: 6

This slightly curved blade, imported from Cathay, is of exquisite craftsmanship.
Although extremely well made, this is just a mundane sword.

Engineer’s Pistols
Taken from a Dwarf Engineer at the Battle of Nachthafen, Peter gift these beautiful pistols to Lucia as an engagement present. She is still waiting for the wedding.
These weapons add 1 to Lucia’s ballistic skill.

Null stone
Gifted to Lucia by Peter, who in turn recieved it from Damek von Carstein, this power magic item nullifies the magic flowing through Lucia.
This REDUCES Lucia's Raw Magic Power to 0. It also makes her resistant to weak spells (equivalent to Magic Resistance (1) on the table top).

Other Abilities
Skillset: Hair Styling. Lucia was a handmaiden to Isabella. Before formal occasions, she would style her mistresses hair in the fashions of the time. This is a skill that a lady never forgets.
Skill Level: 8

Skilled with ranged weapons
Loves Peter
Loyal to the von Carsteins

Conflict of loyalties between the Carsteins and Peter
Magical Curse

Additional Notes
Lucia, understandably, hates the Priests of Sigmar for what they have done to her.
May 2, 2009
Captain Brower

Full Name: Johan Brower
Associated Names: Captain of the Strom Chaser, the Corsair of Lustria, the Blood Pirate
Age: 550
Bloodline: von Carstein (assuming Harkon was sired by Vlad/ Vashanesh in Lahmia)
Sire: Luthor Harkon
Generation: 3rd (assuming Harkon is 2nd)
Place of Birth: Marienburg

Physical Description
Tall, and quite well built. Has long dark hair that hangs in dreadlocks, and a well kept moustache and goatee beard. Looks to be in his late thirties. Wears a long, dark frock coat, knee high boots, britches and a white shirt (basically looks like Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean).

A pirate through and through, he looks after number one. Always looking for the chance to make a bit of money on the side. He is however, loyal to hose who earn his trust. Lives in awe of Harkon, who he views as the greatest pirate of all time.

Some say that Johan’s time spent shipwrecked on the Vampire Coast fried his brains, leaving him with little regard for his own safety. He will often take stupid risks, for no apparent reason (for example attacking a Black Ark because he had a strange feeling that its captain “was looking at him funny” from several leagues away). So far he has been lucky, but for how much longer?

Brief History
A moderately successful pirate, Johan got too bold when he attacked a Dark Elf long ship off the Vampire Coast. His ship, near the scuppers, was wrecked upon the shore. He lay for days in the heat, before he encountered the Arch Grand Commodore himself. Usually Harkon simply slays those he finds and adds them to his pirate crews, but something in the young pirate caught the Vampire’s eye. He gifted Johan with the Blood Kiss.

Since then, Johan has been raiding and pillaging under the flag of Harkon. He serves as his eyes and ears along the pirate port of Sartosa, and the merchant cities of the Old World.

Basic Stats


Speed: 5

Agility: 7. He is used to scampering and scurrying up rigging and ropes.

Weapon Skill: 6. Is skilled at fencing.

Ballistic Skill: 7. When bored at sea, he practices with his pistols all day long (often on his incompetent zombie crew).

Raw Strength: 5

Technique Strength: 6

Toughness: 5

Tactical Knowledge: 8 at sea. 3 on land.


Magical Lores Known: Lore of the Vampires
Raw Magical Power: 3

Magical Skill: 3


Sailor: 8 Has been sailing for centuries.

The Cutlass
This simple, yet well forged blade was gifted to Johan upon his siring. Clearly of foreign design, it cuts through flesh and armour with ease
The weapon cuts through most non-magical armour with ease.

Festooned wit Pistols
Johan carries many pistols of various shapes and sizes upon his person.
Johan has enough pistols that he rarely has to reload in the midst of a battle.

Other Abilities

Storm Caller
Perhaps due to his lineage, Johan can command the storms and the winds at will.
Allows Johan to summon storms, mists etc.

Naval Genius- Johan is a skilled naval tactician

Smooth Talker- He is able to talk himself out of most difficult situations

A touch of destiny- Some how, despite taking risk, Johan always comes out of dangerous situations on top.

Drunkard- often, Johan will sit up for days, drinking his favourite tipple rum and blood. After this he will either pass out of fly into a rage.

Reckless- He takes risks.

Additional Notes

His ship, the Storm Chaser, is a twenty gun, double masted vessel. Although she does not have much fire power, she is incredibly fast, on one occasion out pacing a High Elf Dragon Prince intent on sinking her. However, his zombie crew is slow and often incompetent. This as led to Johan linking his essence with the ship. In battle, she seems to move and turn with his thoughts and wishes.

Count Darvaleth

I <3 marmite
True Blood
Apr 26, 2010
Sir Drake the Blooded

Full Name: Drake Mortesh the Sorcerer

Associated Names: The Crimson Shadow, The Dragon Mage, Drake the Ruthless.

Age: 458

Bloodline: Necrach

Sire: Argaloth Mortesh

Generation: 4th

Place of Birth: Unknown, but in Bretonnia

Physical Appearance
Drake Bloodfang is of a strong build. He has broad shoulders, and a well-toned body from years of war. His eyes are a dark brown, and his hair is crimson. His skin is pale, and he makes no effort to hide it. He wears scarlet armour (in a style similar to the GW Konrad miniature but without the bats/ the bit behind his head that goes up) and a black cloak like a cape. The armour is lined with pale gold.

Drake Bloodfang has no desire to help anyone but himself. If he co-operates, it is only to further his own powers. He will achieve victory through any means necessary, and is ruthless in all areas of (un)life. He never allows petty emotions to stand in his way.

Brief History
Drake was a knight of Bretonnia, one of the lower nobles. He grew up, however, in a more harsh noble-life; his father was slain early in his life, influencing him. When he was older, he steadily rose through the ranks, and became known as "Drake ther Ruthless" for his attitude towards the defence of the realm; he put land before lives. Eventually, his disregard for casualties was noted, and he was sent to hunt down a roaming beast, alone, to atone for his poor conduct. Little did he know what "beast" he must face.
He fought Argaloth Iceblade in a secluded woodland, and the competition was close. Eventually, Drake wounded the Vampire badly, before the Vampire used powers of Necromancy to resotre himself and sire Drake. Drake was asleep for days, and awoke in a cave. Argaloth had gone, and he was a vampire.
Over the years he has roamed the lands, aquiring Necromantic knowledge and honing his skills. He has picked up magical artefacts, and has become known for his signature blade; Mortus Draconis.

He has recently discovered that he is not von Carstein, but Necrach. He has fought Zacharias the Everliving and retrieved the Book of Nagash!

Basic Stats

Speed: 5 (8 - Wolf Stone when used (on rare occasions for short periods of time))
Agility: 5
Weapon Skill: 6 (7 - Mortus Draconis)
Ballistic SKill: 1
Raw Strength: 5
Technique Strength: 5 (6 - Mortus Draconis)
Toughness: 5 (6 - Dragon Armour)
Tactical Knowledge: 3 (Although given enough troops he eventually overcomes his enemies!)


Magical Lore: Necromancy/ Lore of Vampires
Magical Raw Power: 7 - increased as he has fully become Necrach
Magical Skill: 7 - as above



Mortus Draconis
A magical blade he "won" from a master swordsman in the Empire which was then further enhanced by a powerful Elf Mage, before Drake himself augmented it with his powers.
It enhances Drake Bloodfang's skills, and gives him +1 to his Weapon Skill and Technique Strength.

Dragon Armour
A fabled set of armour which Drake stole from a knight of Bretonnia. It was then enhanced by his Necrotic powers.
The armour increases Drake's resilience, and gives him +1 Tougness. It can also sustain his life even when he should normally pass on; if he dealt a mortal wound, as long as he is wearing the armour, he goes into a comatose state from which he can be revived only through Necromancy, by another Vampire.

The Book of Nagash
This fabled artefact was won from Zacharias the Everliving, who he fought with his sire. He has yet to master the Book, but he is the only one who can survive using it against Nagash as no other Necrach will side against Nagash.
It is mostly unused; he currently bears it so Nagash cannot, but will soon use it himself.

Other Abilities:

Wolf Stone
A pendant he wears around his neck, it allows Drake to take the visage of a wolf when empowered with magic. It also allows him to travel by day.
Lets Drake turn into a wolf when given a lot of magical energy. Not used often. Gives +3 to Speed when used.

Strengths: Strong warrior, capable of fighting powerful enemies. Also a competent magic-user.

Weaknesses: Prone to battle-lust, where he becomes unreasonable and will not withdraw, and has no ballistic ability (other than magic) and incapable of working with a team. Also is drained heavily when raising ead for long periods of time.

Additional Notes
Untrustworthy, egomaniac. Don't put faith in his continued support if you value his service.

I hope that's ok. (Just as a side note, I'm not new to RP, in case my measly post number was starting to scare you!)

EDIT: Recent sub-plot taken into account and character edited.
Jun 5, 2008
Tybald de Lusigny

Full Name: Tybald de Lusigny
Associated Names: Karl Ritter, Joachim DeVriess
Age: "Why should I keep track of such a useless thing when one looks as good as me for all ethernity?"
Bloodline: Blood dragon
Sire: Erwin Ruthgen, Duke of Heideck, The butcher of the "Kirchenstein" monestary
Generation: Unknown, presumed 4th or 5th
Place of Birth: Near Chinon, county of Chenin in Bretonnia
Resides currently: Between the Duchies of Mousillon, Sauvignon and
the county of Chenin.

-Joachim DeVriess: An Imperial necromancer, assinged to work with him by his master.
-Lord Erghardt and Seën: Summoned forth by DeVriess and his greatest single accomplishement.
Lord Erghardt is an ancient Wight king that rides his Abyssal terror named Seën.
-Hermann von Boden: A wizard of the Empire turned necromancer, servant assinged to Hildebrandt.
-Lilian the thrice cursed: A mighty Banshee that resides around Swartzhafen. Von Boden is one of
the few who can persuade here to act on his behalf.
-Hildebrandt: A vampire with an uncontrollable lust for slaughter, another servant of the great master
just like Tybald, but one that roams the Empire.
-Erich Reisser: Another vampire who leads contigents upon the masters' request.

Physical Description
A polished shining breastplate and a wide, arrogant and contempting smile of a sly fox must
be the first impression this man makes. Usually covered in shining armor, or the finest of silks
in mint condition are what reflect from him. Red hair past his shoulders seems to fall naturally
in place. A sharp, yet handsome face with a hawklike nose and two amused red eyes that still
bear a greenish tint from his mortal life before.
Tybald stands 1.85 meter and has a slim build.

Brief History:
Tybald is born at Chinon, a city in the county of Chenin at the Imperial year 2329.
A man however with Tybalds attitued is quick to make enemies, but strangely he stood up to
the challenge untill one dark night that he met an usurper of life. His overconfidence being his
undoing, only to see him reborn in unlife. Despite his difficult character, it took his sire little
effort to put the brat in his place and make him a tool of use to their both master.
When his sire perished, it was Tybald that promised the greatest qualties needed to be appointed
a position directly beneath his lord. Alas, not as close as Tybald suggests or would like.

Basic Stats:

-Speed: 8, Tybald can move incredably fast, even with his armor.
-Agility: 6, Tybald has always liked to show of his swiftness of actions, wether by dance, swordplay
or psysical skills.
-Weapon skill: 6, a more then talented swordman.
-Ballistic skill: 2, Tybald never had much use for ranged weapons, but seemingly he was born with some
feeling for it, one he never followed to pursue.
-Raw strengt: 4, Strong for a warior, capable for a vampire, not overly impressive for a Blooddragon.
-Technique strengt: 4, A capable fighter that knows a few tricks, but barely to handle himself.
-Toughness: 3, Few centuries has left him still considered "softskinned" among his kin. Yet, even in
his mortal life, Tybald was quick to deal, but managed little to recieve.
-Tactical knowledge: 5, Tybald is a fast learner here. He learned quite some during his years,
but never as much as when he campaigned with his master. Lessons he heeded well.

Magic lores known: Necromancy
Raw magical powers: 1
Magical skill: 1
-Tybald has never shown real interest nor skill with magic, eventho he knows a few minor cantrips.

Technology: Expert on fine wines(8), Horses(8)

Enchanted equipment:
-Bannercloth of Moussilon: Provokes an unatural hatred amongst Bretonnian knights.
The banner thirsts for the unnatural winds of magic to substain itself and adds to absorbs
as much as it can nearby. Spells etc..(It reduces the chance of spells being cast at him with
a -2 chance)
-Sword of Cuinolle: Beautifull knightly sword.(Nothing special)
-Jeanne: His large black merry, a crossbreed of a Bretonian charger and an Arabian stallion.
Jeanne had died however long ago, it is thanks to the help of DeVriess that she lives once more.

Other abilities:

-Obediant servant: Despite his attitude and contempt for others, he fears his master to the
chilling bone and will set aside his personal issues as not to displease him.
-Masterfull rider: Tybald has been brought up as a knights' son, and thus was expected to learn to
ride the day he could walk.
-Knightly warrior: Tybald is highly adept with a sword and the lance. Other weapons, especially
those unused by the chilvalry in Bretonnia, he barely, if even masters.

-Arrogance: An ability that was already atributed to the man even before his rebirth in the unlife,
and has only been strengtened by it.
-Drunk: In life the taste of good wine could seduce Tybald for nights on end, now when permitted
or when his guard is down, fresh blood of Bretonnian nobility may do the trick.

Additional notes:
-Roleplaywise, expect an arrogant bastard who cares little for others, rules or their standing.
Tybald is a man who considers himself a gift of God to the world, and hence acts as such.
Likeminded men of good standing are people he flocks to, to mock the rest of the world together.
Mar 16, 2009
Tried to post this earlier but my PC was playing up so it's a little shorter than originally intended.

Title of Character

Full Name: Viktor Kovach
Associated Names: Viktor the Duelist, Marquis of Kislev
Age: 27
Bloodline: Blood Dragon
Sire: A 3rd Gen Blood Knight
Generation: 4th
Place of Birth: City of Kislev

Physical Description
5ft 10in, slim built but well toned physique. Short, wet-look dark brown hair and mesmerising warm blue eyes. A few minor imperfections which highlight his better assets. Dressed in well crafted gleaming white armour (sort of like Zeus in Clash of the Titans) which is designed to fit Viktor hence providing mobility.

Warm, compassionate character who's confident appearance and actions serve to inspire others easily. Taught to follow noble virtues by his parents and hence proves to be an exemplar of chivalry. His vampiric nature has ironically furthered this as he aims to be a paragon of honour and justice to counter his darker side. Feels need to avoid women as he insists on not harming a single innocent and knows that vampirism has magnified his better features, ironically his charisma and charm are now flaws in his eyes so he seems distant and introverted when near human women (when he needs to blend in) but he still desires love even though he thinks it is now an impossibility.

Brief History
Born to a minor noble family in Kislev, the high attrition rate amongst the Boyars meant that by the age of 18 he was commander of his own Pulk and given lands to protect and tax. His training from a young age mean he became respected by the men under his command for his skill and valour when leading from the front. His honour was such that rather than have his workers pay more so that he paid less (as other nobles liked to do), he chose the opposite and paid all taxes out of money earned from the spoils of war. His magnanimous personality and helpful nature made his town into one of the most peaceful and efficient places in all Kislev.
His undoing was short after his father's death, Viktor found revenge for this affront by the Norsemen only to return home and find his lands destroyed and his people massacred, the men who respected him, the women who loved him and the children who venerated him all slain by some abomination. Viktor and his last few men searched the area but none returned to Viktor's side. A Blood Dragon attacked him and after hours of duelling the Knight won and as Viktor fell unconscious from all his wounds, the last human sight and sound he bore were the Knight taking his helmet off and gently saying "You fought well noble warrior, I will bestow a reward for your skill."

Basic Stats


Speed: Armour designed to fit him, combined with a slim build and fighting on foot all the time means Viktor is faster than most - 5

Agility: Most armour is designed to provide the maximum protection affordable, but Viktor's father Andre knew that a true duelist needs armour that allows room to move, this armour, combined with endless practice with his blades provide Viktor with incredible reflexes and agility - 6

Weapon Skill: With the twin blades Tornado and Typhoon, Viktor is becoming a master of this style and technique, his constant practice makes him something of a master but his lack of training in other forms of combat make him somewhat useless otherwise - 6 (4 with other easy to handle weapons, 2 otherwise)

Ballistic Skill: More of a threat to an ally than an enemy at range (presumably as he hasn't touched a bow unless claiming it as a spoil of war - 1 (maybe even 0)

Raw Strength: Relies on speed rather than strength, hence not physically strong but still stronger than most men thanks to his vampiric state - 3

Technique Strength: With his chosen weapons he becomes stronger thanks to almost flawless technique, otherwise he is still weak - 5 (4 if not using chosen weapons)

Toughness: Some say that speed is a better defence than armour, in the same vein Viktor uses speed and skill to protect himself - 3

Tactical Knowledge: No use leading undead as he despises magic and doesn't understand the attrition tactics of undead, but when commanding his pulk he was quite tactically efficient - 1 (3 if leading humans)


Magical Lores Known: None
Raw Magical Power: None as he hates magic - 1 (0 more likely)

Magical Skill: Has occasionlly deflected magical missiles like one would deflect an arrow but not actually skilled in use of magic himself - 1

Can maintain his own weapons and armour but otherwise understands little of such things - 10 for own armour, otherwise 2

Tornado and Typhoon - A pair of matched blades designed for Viktor's use, when using these he becomes terrifyingly dangerous (as explained in stats section)
Andre's Revenge - Armour designed for Viktor to provide a measure of protection while remaining mobile and inspiring awe

Other Abilities
Inspiring Leader (men) - Through bold rhetoric, confident stature and reputation as a skilled champion, Viktor inspires men to greater courage than they previously knew possible - Men become 'Stubborn' under his command, they trust him despite being a vampire (unless they are staunchly anti-vampire of course)

Skilled with his choice of weapons and at duelling (hence his moniker).
Trusting and trustworthy allows him to easily become good friends with like-minded characters.
Warmth and compassion allow others to open up to him and can inspire strong friendships with those who enjoy his kind personality.
His inspiring nature is shown in his rhetoric to the men he leads, sometimes he uses this to engage with others and having had little contact with women he is eager to charm them with the poetic skills taught by his mother but only if they are vampiric as he refuses to risk harming a human woman or child.

Hates magic, so never uses it EVER.
His noble actions cause jealousy amongst some and contempt from other vampires.
Sometimes trusts too easily and more emotional than some (allows them to get to him sometimes), he hasn't completely lost his humanity so some actions would cause bitter hatred within him (such as killing an innocent).
His desperation to avoid damaging his code makes him sometimes rash and foolish and seem introverted at times.
His desire for love, or at least physical contact with women clashes with his need to stop the beast within making him hate those who feed on women and could make him mistake infatuation for love at times.

Additional Notes
Wants to duel both his sire and Mircea again to repay debts against them when he's strong enough (hates Mircea's use of magic in a duel), accepts need for magic from others so won't behave differently to others based on using magic. Wants to repay both Red Duke and Victarias (Duke saved him, hence he'll help Duke's allies and he owes Victarias a duel and never goes back on promises).
May 5, 2010
Hai guys, when I saw this TVC I thought I'd jump at the chance to get involved, I love writing of all kinds so this should be great fun :D

Iridan von Carstein ^.^

Full Name: Iridan Von Carstein
Associated Names: The Silver-Tongued, the Diplomat
Age: 431
Bloodline: von Carstein
Sire: Mannfred von Carstein
Generation: 3rd
Place of Birth: A village nestled in quiet woods east of Bretonnia

Physical Description
The first thing that strikes you about Iridan von Carstein is his eyes. Rich blue orbs with flecks and swirls of light grey that exude unnatural presence. Iridan’s facial features are slim without being gaunt, with soft kind edges creating an ease in those that look upon it. Standing tall for his birth race, Iridan has airy blonde hair that compliment the boyish nature of his face. He is in all the 18-year-old he was when he was brought to the un-life. Toned, not muscled, lean not strong, he does not strike opponents as a threat.

Iridan is a natural diplomat. He speaks with an air of unassuming confidence that calms most troubles by its mere sound. He is still a young vampire but speaks with wisdom and acted as an aide and devout disciple to Mannfred. Un-death did not destroy this man’s charm, or, seemingly, unsettle him in the slightest. Although he possesses quite some skill with blade and shows a natural( or unnatural) aptitude for magic, he often chooses not to fight, much preferring to manipulate his opponents where he might like them. He has an insatiable lust for knowledge, especially that of the arcane.

Brief History
When Mannfred left Sylvania in 2094, traveling south he traveled through the lands of Bretonnia. While making his silent way through a forest he encountered a youth, no more than 18 years old, sitting idly by. Intrigued Mannfred confronted the boy who coolly stared at the vampire. Mannfred was impressed with the lack of fear in the child and bade him to walk with him. Could it have been that the Vampire was lonely? No, much more the vampire had spotted some potential in Iridan and worked to bend him to his will. Iridan was sired to un-life, which he embraced whole-heartedly. He was desperate for information to better serve his master, and worked on his diplomacy to serve as a face for Mannfred when he wanted to remain unseen. A co-existent bond formed between sire and get, Mannfred found in Iridan a capable and effusive get, who learned quickly and strove to please him. Iridan on the other hand had found immortality, the greatest wealth of knowledge and information he could possibly have dreamed for, as well as the dark promise of magic.

Basic Stats

Speed: 6

Agility: 8 – all of Iridan’s movements are accompanied with a grace that beguiles his opponents.

Weapon Skill: 8- He’s spent countless hours perfecting the art of dueling to impress his sire Mannfred, and fancies himself as not only Mannfred’s aide but also one of his champions.

Ballistic Skill: 5

Raw Strength: 3, Iridan relies not on strength but dexterity in combat

Technique Strength: 5 ( 7 ), His prowess with his chosen weapons show here, as he can land powerful blows with timing and finesse.

Toughness: 4, his main weakness being he cannot take much damage, he is a court champion and duelist, not a commander of an army

Tactical Knowledge: 8, in order to prove his worth to Mannfred, Iridan has spent many hours pouring over battle accounts and listening to accounts. He is responsive and with a practically eidetic memory, soaks up knowledge of not only tactics for the battlefield, but also the courtrooms, languages, cultures and history.


Iridan was tutored by Mannfred who was secretly careful with his tutelage, as Iridan seemed to have not only a natural aptitude, but also an insatiable lust for more knowledge of the lores of magic.

Lore of Shadows- Perfectly complimenting his diplomatic and fighting styles Iridan is a adept of the lore of shadows,

Raw Magical Power- 4
Magical Skill- 7

The Balanced Blade
This blade was a present from Mannfred, and is rightly treasured by Iridan. Its blade is long and keen and is light in the pick-up, and devastating in the swing.
The blade suits Iridan’s fighting style giving him 2 extra technique strength.

Other Abilities

Years of Study
Iridan’s usefulness to many comes from his vast knowledge on all subjects.
Iridan’s knowledge aids his side by revealing any information about the opposing army that is unknown, magic items etc, as well as special abilities.

The Diplomat
Iridan is a master diplomat with a silver tongue, who has been able to manipulate himself out of (and others into) many difficult situations.
Iridan can sway other people to his point of view, making challenges seem rash and unnecessary, alliances crumble and his own defeat not that important.

Very skilled in a one on one combat.
Well versed in knowledge of all kinds
Diplomat that aids alliances of his side.
Useful shadow magic to conceal and further his amibitions

Relatively weak.
Lived his life(and un-life) as an aide, is not a leader.
Most of his skills are useless against a mindless foe or one that won’t listen to him.

Additional Notes
Iridan is a naturally confident and content power. He does not seek power other than in furthering himself in the knowledge of the arcane and everything else. He does not take insult easily and prefers to support others in battles, rather than picking them himself.
Feb 17, 2010
Hello, everyone! Ive been looking at the TVC ever since I joined Carpe Noctem a few months ago, but I've been kinda intimidated by how much has already happened...
Finally managed to man up and get a character ready, so I hope he's not too shabby!

Varia von Nebel

Full Name: Varia (von Nebel)
Associated Names: Fox of the Arban, the Trickster, the Gambler, the Mistmage
Age: Approximately 4000 years old
Bloodline: Lahmian
Sire: Queen Neferata
Generation: 2nd Generation
Place of Birth: Nomad camp in the deserts of Khemri

Physical Description
He’s always smiling, except when he’s laughing, and his eyes always holds a glimmer of excitement even when there apparently is nothing exciting going on. His face is youthful and boyishly beautiful, even stunning, though it is marred by a half-moon scar under one eye and a ragged scar around his throat saying he was hanged once. His eyes are blue-gray as a misty sky and his hair is such a dark shade of brown it appears black and is just too long to be called short.
His clothes are finely made and with embroidery, but always made so they can conceal his multiple tricks and weapons. A brown overcoat with black velvet lining hangs on his shoulders, the sleeves rarely used. Under this is a black suit with vertical stripes and silver embroideries, black slightly pointy dress-shoes and a white silk shirt with a black carvat at the neck, covering his scar. Often, he will wear a wide, red scarf, also to conceal the scar on his neck. On his head rests usually a black, wide-brimmed fedora with a red band. White silk gloves with a red eye on the back cover his hands.

Through the eons of captivation, Varia has acquired an interesting trait: insanity. Interestingly, this has not broken his mind, but meshed seamlessly with his persona. He’s light-hearted and joking, but far too intelligent for his own good and schemes as a force of habit when not intentionally. Even before gaining immortality, Varia believed life to be a playground you had to enjoy till it ended, and so he’ll smile and play with everything within sight. He has a great distaste for authority and will usurp those in charge on principle more than anything else.
There are VERY few things he’ll take seriously, Neferata being one, the Temple of the Lost Deserts being another.

Brief History
Varia was born the illegitimate son of the Chief of one of the deserts many nomadic tribes a little more than 4000 years ago. As such he was raised by his mother till the age of sixteen, when he was sent away to not interfere with the true heir. But by that time however, Varia had gained much popularity among the young of the tribe and many joined him in exile. Soon they were known as Varia’s Vermin, living off the caravans that traversed the deep deserts, either by guarding them or being the raiders. Or both.
Using his guile to its full extent, Varia clawed out a living for the gang in the harsh environment, but their trade was not a gentle one. Their numbers dwindled and moral plummeted. In an effort to pull them out of their cruel situation, Varia lead the ragged raiders after a rumour of an ancient temple in the lost parts of the desert, supposedly a temple to the Old Ones.
They did find the temple and entered with the intent to live happily on the treasure and loot they would find within. But the secrets of the ancient place proved too much for the young raiders and only Varia survived by making a bargain with the forces remaining in the temple. He was to be the guardian of the temple and woke up outside with the Infinity Matrix, the key to opening the temple, in his hand.
All his friends dead and his resources spent, the former bandit lord made his way to Lahmia, knowing he could thrive in the deep shadows the city’s rulers cast. And thrive he did. Setting up his new home in the Arban, the city’s darkest slums, the former raider earned a name for himself as a fearless, leering thief. Over the next few years, his legend grew and so did his deeds. As a test of his skills and for the pure hell of it, Varia snuck into the Grand Temple and stole the Sanguine Edge, the sacrificial dagger of W’soran himself, right in the middle of a ritual sacrifice!
Taunting those in power was the pastime Varia enjoyed the most and hearing the High-Priest howl in rage was quite delicious. But there was one treasure he had not had the opportunity to seize, one thorn he had yet to shove into their side: vampirism. They had it and guarded it; therefore he wanted it. He had found out the truth of the Lahmian Rulers while in the High-Priest’s Temple and knew how to gain their strength. But it had to come from the purest source, the hardest to achieve: Queen Neferata.
So he used his every means to infiltrate her Palace and courted her once he was inside, not an easy task by all means. But she was intrigued by his reputation, his audacity perhaps. Too bad she only turned beautiful girls to undeath; otherwise Varia wouldn’t have had to use subterfuge. After the Queen had fallen asleep, the thief used the Sanguine Edge to cut her skin and drank her blood, becoming one of the VERY few male Lahmian vampires.
The Queen Neferata did not suffer such a betrayal lightly, but though only that Varia had tried to kill her and so ordered him hanged. As the rope tightened around his neck that morning, Varia could only laugh. Realizing what he had done too late, Neferata bade her guards to pierce his heart, but with his newly acquired powers, he managed to escape.
It would take Neferata several years of hunting before she finally managed to corner Varia, and by that time her rage had grown cold and seething. Instead of just killing him, she sealed him away deep underground in a crypt just for him. Onto him were cast magical bonds so he would never escape and mystical wards so that he could not die from lack of food. With this, Neferata would turn his greatest accomplishment, into his doom. But as the doors slammed shut, Varia laughed.
Nearly 4000 years later, the seals had weakened and the rock itself cracked after an earthquake shook the land. Through the holes in the fading barriers, Varia extended his influence, attracting a tribe of ghouls and enticing them into doing his bidding. Their simple minds were easy pray to the vampire and he soon had them bringing him humans from the nearby settlements. There was no way into the crypt, but a crack split the whole thing vertically above Varia’s head, so when the ghouls cut a throat on the surface, a thin stream trickled down to his gaping mouth.
It took months of this before he finally regained his strength and at that time the local peasants were fed up with having their kin dragged away in the middle of the night. They tracked the ghouls back to the crypt and opened its sealed doors. Such a meal he had before he strode into a brand new world.

Basic Stats

Speed: 7
Agility: 8
Weapon Skill: 5
Ballistic Skill: 6
Raw Strength: 4
Technique Strength: 5
Toughness: 4
Tactical Knowledge: 7

Magical Lores Known: Lore of the Vampire, Lore of Shadows
Raw Magical Power: 4
Magical Skill: 4 (8)

Skillset: Stealth, thievery, lock picking, pick-pocketing and wetwork in general
Skill Level: 8

Skillset: Blackpowder weaponry
Skill Level: 4

Varia is quite fond of using hidden weapons and misdirection when fighting. He has several knives of different make hidden about his body, in addition to a pair of pistols, a spring-loaded switchblade at his wrist and his cane, which hides a long, narrow blade. When fighting in larger battles, Varia will use a noticeable weapon such as a trident, halberd or glaive to draw attention away from the true danger.

The Sanguine Edge
This slightly curved, serrated dagger was originally the sacrificial dagger of the High-Priest W’soran himself. It was used in the most horrific rituals, sacrificing mortals to empower his cruel spells. As a grand joke and a test of his skills, Varia stole it from under the High-Priest’s nose in the middle of one of these rituals. He’ll tell you he did it to watch the old husk squirm.
Wounds caused by this blade will never heal naturally. Blood spilt by the Sanguine Edge is converted into magical energy, raising the Raw Magical Power of the vampire user by 1 if a single mortal was sacrificed, by 2 if two more are killed and by 3 if a total of six are killed. It is designed to be used on the living, and therefore has no effect on vampires except that they cannot feel its cut.

The Infinity Matrix
A part of the bargain Varia was forced to make within the Temple in the Lost Desert was this elongated octahedron. At first glance it appears to be made of delicately carved stone, but closer inspection shows that it is made of tiny pieces of some unknown metal held together somehow. Even closer scrutiny reveals that these pieces are made up of even tinier segments and those again even tinier.
It is the key by which you may enter the Temple in the Lost Desert, and it is bound to Varia. If he were to throw it in the ocean, he would find it lying in his pocket before nightfall again. It also seems to be a magical singularity of sorts; the Winds bend with it, around it or into it at random.

Other Abilities

Charismatic Bohemian
A stunning face, a light-hearted demeanour and a joyful spirit makes Varia hard to dislike, especially for those of the opposite sex. This is, after all, the man who managed to seduce the Grand Seductress!
Varia knows how to utilize his appearance, wilfully manipulating others’ minds and emotions for his own ends. With a glance, a smile and a gentle nudge with his vampiric aura, he can influence the lesser minds and redirect even those stronger.

The Trickster, indeed
He has always been one of trick and traps and cunning misdirection. He will go one way, only until he reveals his intention to go the other, only to suddenly switch to a third. All to hide that he was actually aiming for the first way all along. Because he knows this, he’s also skilled at reading the actions of others.
Varia will trick, misdirect and toy with others simply out of habit and he will most likely succeed. He will lay traps and traps within traps, playing his enemies and allies alike, mostly because it is amusing to him. In combat, he confers a -1 to either the Weapon Skill or the Technique Strength (whichever is highest) of the one he is fighting.

The Mistmage, indeed
Though he knows the Lore of the Vampire, Varia is by far more skilled with the Lore of Shadows. His illusions are near impossible to discern from reality, even to those who know what to look for. But the name stems not only from his proves of that lore. His vampiric gifts let him shape his body to the task at hand.
When using the Lore of Shadows, Varia’s Magical skill is increased to 8. He also has the ability to shapeshift into either a desert-fox or a sparrow-hawk. In combat, he confers a -1 to the Ballistic Skill of whoever is shooting at him.

Jack of all trades, intelligent, cunning, agile, charming, independent,

Insane, directionless, ignorant of current affairs, physically not the strongest, magically not the strongest, a poor necromancer, arbitrary,

Additional Notes
Anything extra we should know about your character
Sep 30, 2007
Thanmar Thrask

Full Name: Thanmar Theodosius Thrask
Associated Names: Lord of the Banshees
Age: 87
Bloodline: N/A
Sire: A now slain vampire, so currently none.
Generation: N/A
Place of Birth: The city of Talabheim

Physical Description
An old man with dull eyes, wearing old gray robes which have been restitched a lot. On his snow white hair he wears a felt cap, adorned with stitched bones and skulls. On one shoulder he carries a pouch reeking of foul sorcery, and in usually his left hand he has a gnarled old staff, adorned with obscure markings and pulsing veins. He has a parched skin, with a remarkably good set of teeth. If he opens his robes, he can be seen wearing deep blue robes with bones sewn into the fabric, and his belt will be lined with vials, small jars and pouches. He also walks slightly hunched over.

Thrask has a strong sense of wrong and right, in his eyes that is. The pursuit for power he started long ago now taking him beyond the boundaries of his knowledge however, and he tends to somewhat shift how he looks on things. He is good at hiding his true thoughts and feelings to all but the most gifted, and keeps a plain face and tone for the most part. When he gets curious and interested by a subject this can consume him for days or weeks unless someone halts him, and he does not like things unfinished. He has a slight bias against women in power, which is the one thing he at times finds hard to hide.

Brief History

Son of a tavern keeper, his early years were like most children's, at the age of 14 however, Thrask became what we'd call depressed, and his father tried numerous things to ''cure'' him. The social shutdown however lead to him being withdrawn and more and more confined to his own thoughts. His father one day found his room empty, and feared the worst. Thrask however had not taken his own life, he merely left Talabheim, hoping to find... well what he exactly hoped to find no one knew, but somewhere during that time he started developing his affinity for the Winds. This was also the reason for his social shutdown, fearing his friends and family would abandon him if they knew. He also acquired a teacher of sorts, an old man who knew how to make dead things move, for a time at least.

This opened a new future for him, as, eventho he was disgusted by the idea, and the methods.. He could do this. Soon outgrowing his master in skill and power, ( which was not much.. ) he murdered the old man and set out to find more. His search led him through backwater roads, past rural witches, fanatic devotee's and quacksalvers. Things go vague here again, but apparently he learned about a vampire that lived near a village he visisted, and decided to take a probably last step. He would eighter become the vampire's apprentice, or die. Luckily for him, it turned out good, and he proceeded to learn and develop even more in what he now called his ''Art''. To all good things comes and end however, as one day the cave they had resided in for years became their deathtrap, as a horde of angry peasants poured in, setting everything ablaze. Thrask, dissecting a fresh corpse, played the fool while his master got torn to shreds, after removing some peasants from the face of the earth however.. The peasants, having pity with him for being ''mind controlled'' took him in and he fared well in his new community.

Under his new guise, he lived in the village of Heurin for sometime, at times taking one of the elderly or sick to practice upon. Years later, all contact with the village stopped of a sudden, scouts dispatched to check it out, found no one, although they could see clear signs of struggle. Thrask had moved on with his small force, and entered the hinterlands, settling in a hilly area. Here, he opened a wrapped package he had held hidden for years, as it were his ex-master's staff and a tome. With the knowledge he learned from the books, he proceeded to call other beings to his side, spirits, banshee's and wraiths. Speculation has it he became enticed with the banshee's however, their anguished cries inspiring him. Taking up residence in a small cottage, he's lived there for years, learning what he could from the tome, and practicing on travelers whenever he could.... Untill now...

Basic Stats


Speed: 3

Agility: 2

Weapon Skill: 1

Ballistic Skill: 1

Raw Strength: 1

Technique Strength: 1

Toughness: 3

Tactical Knowledge: 5


Magical Lores Known: Necromancy, Death, Shadow

Raw Magical Power: 6 [With Staff, 8]( Necromancy ), 5 ( Shadow, Death )

Magical Skill: 6 [With Staff, 8]( Necromancy ), 5 ( Shadow, Death )


Skillset: Alchemy

Skill Level: 6


Alloghoch's Grimoire
A tome bound in what looks like human skin, filled with the scribblings of his former master. It contains spells, rituals and alchemical formula's.

Alloghoch's Staff
This gnarled piece of wood pulses with necromantic power.

Other Abilities

Lord of Banshees
Having an uncanny knack at binding and controlling banshees to do his bidding, he whips them up to a burning hatred for all the living
Banshees under his command hate all foes.


An above average necromancer, and an even more powerfull one with his staff, he has an uncanny ability to bind all kinds of spirits to his will., especially banshees. He has a wide knowledge base and usually knows how to act appropriately in most situations.


His mortality is his biggest weakness. Other weaknesses are his inability to properly bind the more material dead, and his reliance on adequate spirits in the area if the need to defense arises.

Additional Notes
None at the moment
May 18, 2010
Thought I'd throw Katarin into the mix, see how she fares xD

Full Name: Katarin Blanche
Associated Names: The Azure Reaper
Age: 515
Bloodline: Lahmian
Sire: Lidelle Di Ferion
Generation: 4th
Place of Birth: Montfort, Brettonia

Physical Description
Katarin was turned at the age of fifteen, and as such, her appearance is youthful. She is a beautiful vampiress, although not overly so. Her eyes are a soft green and her hair is a rather nondescript brown, although she does sometimes dye it black. She always wears a kimono-like robe with a hood, the robe is blue, her favourite colour.

When dealing with strangers, her manner alters depending on her aims. If it is a passing meeting, then the person will be treated with polite suspicion and a slight coldness. If the person is a potential ally, or pawn, then she will be warm and friendly. As a general rule she is polite, and almost always analyses people for how she may use her interaction with them for personal gain. However, when the prospect of bloodshed is presented to her she becomes somewhat giggly and grins disconcertingly.

Brief History
See chapter 1 for details =D

Basic Stats

Speed: 7

Agility: 7

Weapon Skill: 6

Ballistic Skill: 4

Raw Strength: 4

Technique Strength: 6 [8]

Toughness: 4

Tactical Knowledge: 7


Magical Lores Known: Necromancy
Raw Magical Power: 4

Magical Skill: 4

Weapon Maintenance [only her own sword]: 8
Weapon Enchantment [can temporarily give weapons various basic enchantments]: 5

A strange single-edged sword Nipponese that Katarin had made for her whilst she was over there. She supervised it's forging, occasionally adding enchantments that made it lighter and sharper during the many times it was folded. The resulting blade weighs half of what it should, and can cut things without the blade actually touching them. Due to it's unnatural sharpness, it has an enchanted sheath which is practically unbreakable, but has no further powers.
Due to her intimacy with this sword, having supervised its creation, and practised with it in most of her free time for several centuries, her technique strength is much higher when she uses this than any other weapon, although she is highly competent with other swords and bows

Other Abilities

Katarin isn't the greatest fighter in the world by a long shot, but what she lacks in martial ability, she makes up for in sheer manipulative skill. If she anticipates a fight that she is sure she cannot win, she will manipulate the people and circumstances around her to avoid the fight and, if possible, remove the individual who would harm her from existance.
If someone is in contact with her on a semi-regular basis, she will attempt to manipulate them to her advantage. Often by setting up mutually beneficial situations to avoid confrontation, but if she feels that her safety is threatened she will do everything in her power to destroy someone.

Proficient at martial arts: She can hold her own against all but the best mortal warriors, and many immortal ones as well

Loaded: Due to the position she held in Cathay, her cunning, and in a few cases a carefully selected murder or five, Katarin has many caches of different currencies, as well as several places that generate income. In short, she is rich.

Manipulative bitch!: Those who know of her manipulative nature would naturally tend to distrust her.

Blood Frenzy: When she takes an injury, all of her careful manipulation and preparation goes out of the window, and she starts trying to turn everything around her into small cubes of dead meat.

Additional Notes
At this moment in time, her forces are fairly limited. She has a crew of zombie pirates, and their vampire captain on her payroll, as well as a small force of wights and skeletons led by her close friend and personal wight Jacques, her personal guard of dire wolves/cats/bear, a young necromancer and a group of young Lahmian blood knights. In a pinch, she could muster at most 150 personal troops, with a maximum of 300 with concerted effort. Not including convenient nearby dead enemies of course
May 27, 2010
Title of Character

Full Name: Drake Doom'Smith
Associated Names: Smithy,
Age: 700
Bloodline: Carstien
Sire: Vlad Von Carstien
Place of Birth: a dwarven caravan at the very edge of Sylvania

Physical Description
A Large brutish looking man, with short black hair, his face a battle field of scars and burns. to look upon Drakes face is said enough to make even a nurgling sick. below his disgusting physical features his eyes lurk a pale reddish pink, almost glazed over. his arms and chest also bear the scars of battle, and that of his trade.

Drake wears in surprisingly less extravagant clothes to that of many other vampires, favouring a simple grey vest black breaches and black steel plated boots. he also wears a thick set of blacksmithing gloves.

Drake despite his appearance is a warm hearted man, his face a battle field of scars but always bearing a grin, Drake is happiest when hammer in hand making a suit of armour or forging a new blade. he often wanders into the streets of men to converse and drink with the common folk. unknown to many of his peers.

Even Though he is a vampire, Drake has a love for a mortal life and wishes for a way to one day either die in battle, or discover a cure for this curse he was been landed with so that one day he may join his wife and son in the after life which he has been robbed of.

He has a slight resentment to many other vampires and their lust for power.

Brief History
Drake was once a black smith who studied under the dwarves to the north. after he finished his training in the art of Blacksmithing he set about going home to the land of Sylvania, to see his wife and son. upon his journey home the dwarven caravan he was with was set upon by dire wolves and zombies. a common occurrence in these blasted lands.

Drake fought along side the dwarves until it was him alone waving his hammer's crushing skull of the zombies and dire wolves alike. before he fell from exhaustion a man on the hill called out to the hordes, and the attack stopped and Drake collapsed and slipped into dream.

he awoke in stone chamber a pale man, hovering over him tending to his wounds. Drake then discovered what had happened how the vampire had been his attacker but also his saviour... the vampire was impressed by the talent in battle. and to learn of Drakes trade, and thought of use for a dwarven trained black smith.

Drake was sent to works in the forges of the Carstien family forging weapons and armour, for their vast armies. Drake secretly once went to that of his family's home and found that it had been destroyed and ravaged by an unknown horde his family dead their body's gone, he still to this day has know idea of what happened their but assumes them to have died.

Basic Stats



Agility: 5 (6)

Weapon Skill: 6
bare hands. 8

Ballistic Skill: 1

Raw Strength: 8

Technique Strength: 6

Toughness: 9

Tactical Knowledge: 2.

Skillset: weaponsmith, Armourer
Skill Level: 6 (8)

Dwarven Smiths Seal Hammer's
raises the skill sets by 2
the weapon's were given to Drake upon completing his training they are as much weapon's as it is a tool's. they are golden hammer's about a foot long and very heavy to hold.

light Armour
basic black smithing clothes strong enough to deflect most basic hits but questionable against stronger foes.
+1 to agility

he's great in combat against basic troops.
he can construct armour for his blood line. and maintain weapons.
Very tough
can spot weaknesses in foes armour
eyes and ears about the local town bars hears local empire gossip

not trusted by other vampires
no magic
basic armour
useless with range weapons
poor tactician

Additional Notes
he has a fondness of humans and will some times protect them from being used as sport.
Jun 3, 2010
Bio Template

Title of Character Malatith

Full Name: Malatith
Associated Names: Malatith
Age: 150
Bloodline: He has no idea
Sire: No Idea
Generation: about 4th he doesn't know who bit him so this is most likely.
Place of Birth: A small city called Namarist

Physical Description
Dark hair, flawless face, black flowing clothes with red trimming around the edges, dark red eyes with a tinge of green, Carries a number of weapons including a dead gnoblar he found in the mountains of Mourn.

Strangley nice for a Vampire, Constanley goes into the streets of the city he rules to talk with the unsuspecting people.
Has a lust for battle and often searchers for adventure ever with his great manners saying sorry after choping off some ones arm.

Brief History
Once a commen man with three children and a wife, Malatith was in the middle of the night at a dark bar in the centre of the city and dark man appeared and asked the young man to join him. he then took him out of the bar and down a dark alley way saying he knew were a great bar was, the man then turned on him cutting open his neck and drinking his blood :suck: The next day as the sun rose by some miricle the man had survived and become a vampire, even though he hadn't been given the blood kiss.
He then dicovered that same night twenty more people had been killed, including his wife and children.
He then vowed revenge and sent about trieing to get more power and rule the city so he could get revenge on the man who had killed his family, within fifty years he had become the baron of the city and commander of the small army.
He then sent half of the cities men to attack a nabouring city, of course with only about 100-150 men they were killed at Kelinoor plain, how ever the men fought bravely and took down twice their number.
Malaith escaped into the forest an waited until the men had left he then crept out of hiding burried all of the men in a mass grave hidden in the trees.
For years he hid in his town and became the leader again, then ten years after leading the men to their deaths he went back to the mass grave and rose the skeleton soilders out of the ground he then issued a order in his city that all able bodied men were requied to take arms, he then led his army of men and skeletons out of the city in search of battles to increase his army size, he even travveled into the moutains of mourn were he deafeted a gnoblar tribe and kept their Head honcho as a lucky charm.
He now roams the land with his ever growing army occationlly returning to his city to collect the young men for his army searching for vampire armies to join in the hope one day he might find his families killer and take his revenge.


Speed: 3 or 4

Agility: 3

Weapon Skill: 4

Ballistic Skill: 4

Raw Strength: 3
Technique Strength: 3
Toughness: 4

Tactical Knowledge: 2 because mostley he is under other vampires rule.

Magic – you can have different power level and skills for different lores

Magical Lores Known:
Raw Magical Power: 4

Magical Skill: 3

Skillset: Combat and magic, was once a good bartender
Skill Level: 5

Vauire's sword
This is a giant but elegant sword that he found while in nagaroth.
This sword raises his weapon skill to 5

MAlatiths bartender armour
This is the armour that Malatith wore while he was a bartender, druncks can get angry around closing time.

This raises Malatith's toughness so that his toughness is 5

Good in combat and magic
Happy guy so mortals like him
He can pusuade people eaisily to his point of view, this is how he got the humans and skeletons to work side by side.

Other vampires get annoyed by him being happy all the time
Is scared of horses
Thinks the best of every one, except dark male vampires.

Additional Notes
HE is always sucspecting other vampires that might have killed his familey
May 12, 2010
Bio Template

Title of Character

Full Name: True name unknown, goes by Sanctus Malus (I like latin names, alright...)
Associated Names: Black Angel
Age: Not known, but guessed around 750-800
Bloodline: Von Carstein
Sire: Lord Black
Generation: 3rd Generation
Place of Birth: In the middle of a ruined church

Physical Description
Medium build, White Hair, Cold Gray Blue Eyes, very pale (obiously), Sharpish features, when he falls to the Red Thirst, his hair turns black and eyes turn red. He always wears suit like clothing, and wears armour with a glowing robe into battle. His most prominent feature are the Black Feather wings on his back, that make him look deceptivley like an angel.

To be blunt, he is sort of a jerk. He very rarley considers the feelings of others, prefering to use logic over emotion. This in turn makes him an unpredictable force on the battlefeild, erratically changing sides, or disobeying orders to fufil another objective. He is very quite and he mainly observes everyone. His belief is that the gods should perish and leave the mortal word to the mortals, and is currently trying to find a way to kill the gods. At times he is honorable, such as accepting challenges, and refusing to let anyone interfere. He prefers skill over power.

Brief History
He knows nothing of hs life before his Vampiric Birth, waking up in a ruined church with black wings, and a man dressed in a black suit in front of him. He asked Sanctus, what is your one desire. Sanctus replied automatically, not knowing why, to kill the gods. The man in front of him laughed and then simpily said, join me, and that power will be yours.

After that Sanctus served this man, known as Lord Black, to whatever ends he saw fit. Not much happened of the next hundred years, they constantly seeked out new allies, and leads in context to killing any gods. Both were unsuccesful.

Eventually, Lord Black and Sanctus found the country of Sylvania, and set up their base of opperations there. Since then, Sanctus has traveled the world, seeking a weapon to kill the gods.

Basic Stats

Speed: 10

Agility: 6

Weapon Skill: 7

Ballistic Skill: 5

Raw Strength: 4

Technique Strength: 5

Toughness: 4

Tactical Knowledge: 5

Magic – you can have different power level and skills for different lores

Magical Lores Known: 1, The Lore of Shadows.

Magical Skill: 5

Technology – You can have different skill levels for different skillsets
Skillset: Sigilsmithing
Skill Level: 5

Black Mask of Ruination[/b
When Sanctus falls to his need for blood, he looses his hard kept control, and looses any sense of self preservation. He wears this mask to stop the transformation, as well as protect him from harm.

Getono, The Black Blade
When Sanctus draws this sword, its blade turns pitch black, and grants Sanctus an increased control over the dark forces of magc.

Other Abilities
The Sun is Dark
Whenever Sanctus wishes to travel, the Sun enters an unatural elclipse. This may seem useless, but it alerts those who know of him to his presence.

Still a Vampire
If someone removes the Black mask, Sanctus returns to the blood thristing monster he is. This makes him a lot more reckless, but it still is him.

Intelligent, Can use sigils to preform magic, is a skilled fighter, has wings.

Prone to becoming a reckless person making him easy to hit, erratically changes sides smetimes for no reason (rarley),SQUISHY, relies on skill in combat.

Additional Notes
He is a shadow mage. His piloshophy, skill over power. If he does make a friend, he is more likely to stay on a side even if it is logical not to. He also can be creepy (even for a Vampire).
May 30, 2009
Full Name: Taim Nightwere
Associated Names: Arrow of the darkest light
Age: 378
Bloodline: Lahmian/Nightwere
Sire: Richard Nighthunt
Generation: 5th
Place of Birth: Gisoreux, Bretonnia.

Physical Description
Brown Hair, Grey tunic and with brown coat a slim figure and gleaming yellow eyes short sword at his side and the long heavenly bow at his back.

Witty charm and yet mostly self involved with contemplating his role i the grand scheme of things. his focus his matched with his good looks and fast speed. He is mentally sound and rarely allows his emotions to cloud his judgment and is thought as a warm person to talk to.

Brief History
Once a common man of Bretonnia, Taim was the son of a poor archer who was usually away at battle for their lord Le'mun Vastualn one day while traveling into town he spots Taim's mother tending to their hovel and falls for her beauty he decides he must have her and instructs her to come with him she refuses not wanting to leave her child unattended and instructs her to bring him as well. they reach the Manor of the lord and are let in Le'mun takes Tiams mother upstairs while Taim stays in the lobby of the house only to meet the Lords daughter of the same age Cristina Vastualn. Its is an awkward encounter but the children soon get along and hours later Tiams mother descends in silence scoops up Tiam and leaves.

The lord returns the next day and this continues for many weeks Tami and Cristina grow in friendship yet Taim's mother grows more silent and is now possessed by nightmares which confuses and scares young Taim. His father returns and is greeted by a hanging from Le'mun and he and his mother are given a place within the castle under complete secrecy. Years pass and taim and his mother become more and more separated. Until one night taim follows her to their lords chamber he looks in, and he reels from the scene of depravity he is forced to witness. He immediately slams shut the door and runs his world crashing and shattering around him. He brushes past Cristine and looks for only a moment before running out of the castle never to look back.

Yet more years pass and Young taim becomes a mercenary far off in Telia thoughts of his mother haunt him and many times he wonders returning yet dismisses the fact continuously. one day he is once again within the streets of Gisoreux few things have changed yet he decides now is the time to face his demons and save his mother. Tiam moves to the house of his lord courage rising him as he enters and finds Cristine more beautiful than he could remember and yet a hollow sadness within her eyes................

Will continue later........

Speed: 7
Agility: 7
Weapon Skill: 4
Ballistic Skill: 7
Raw Strength: 3
Technique Strength: 7
Toughness: 4
Tactical Knowledge: 3

Magical Lore's Known: 1/2Heavens 1/2 shadow
Raw Magical Power: 4
Magical Skill: 2

Skill set: Ranger a cunning mix of both stealth and archery skill
Skill Level: 7

Short sword
Small unassuming blade which is usually coated in a blood mixture which can cause varying effects
Eg. Hallucination, panic, terror, paralysis, sickening, rage. It mainly depends on the vampire.

Light armor
Thin yet sturdy to arrow fire, it allows excellent moment.

Heavenly bow
A bow of exotic wood and fused with the arcane power lightning striking any who dare cross the vampire or his house

Good at ranged and adept in combat

Weak in magic
Physically weaker than other vampires

Additional Notes
Hates Neferata and Bretonnia lords and knights.


Dark Lord of Eternal Sorrow
True Blood
Jul 26, 2010
Count Drystus von Richthoven

Full Name: Count Drystus von Richtoven
Associated Names: The Black Lord of Eternal Sorrow
Age: 650
Bloodline: von Carstein
Sire: Isabella von Carstein
Generation: 3rd
Place of Birth: Unknown (likely a small village in Sylvania)

Physical Description
The presence of Count Drystus can be overwhelming at first. He stands at just about 6” high, and he possesses a full mane of jet-black hair. The gaunt and lifeless appearance of his pale face and deeply recessed cheekbones is offset by a pair of cold, piercing green eyes. He was in his early 30’s when he was given the Blood Kiss, and he appears in peak physical condition. His body is toned, and yet not overly muscled. He bears the wrinkles and calluses on his hands that are characteristic to one who has spent years working the fields.

No one has seen his face graced by even the faintest smile in over a century. No joy is found in his countenance, and his normally stoic expression does poorly to conceal a great and terrible sorrow that forever haunts his consciousness.

As his moniker suggests, Count Drystus is not fond of laughter. He takes little solace in company and most always travels alone. Truly, he is cursed to a state of eternal sadness, forever scarred by the things he has seen in Unlife. However, in recent years his sorrow has given way, at least somewhat, to pure rage. He is somewhat disdainful of other vampires. Bloodlines and purity have ceased to matter to him, and he resents others of his kind who yet dote on about their heritage. Lastly, he is not completely devoid of morality. His sentiments of right and wrong are more akin to the Blood Dragons’ knightly valour.

Brief History
No one is quite sure when or where Count Drystus was brought into being. His accent is clearly native Sylvanian, and he was doubtless born in a small town in the aforementioned province. He lived a hard early life, most likely on a family-owned farm. At some point, he was forced to leave his home and make a way for himself. Eventually, he stumbled out of the rain and into the Drakenhof castle to seek employ in the Royal Guard. He pushed himself hard through training and trials until he landed himself a seat on the Countess’ personal bodyguard. Proving himself year after year, he eventually rose to become the overall commander of the Guard and the overseer of the defense of the castle. It was during this time that he was given the Blood Kiss.

One night, Isabella summoned Drystus into her chambers. He dutifully heeded his mistress’ will and walked into her bedroom, only to find her conspicuously absent. Before he knew what was afoot, she was upon him. Isabella plunged her blade into his back with Vampiric speed. He fell to the floor in shock, his human blood pouring from his wound. The Countess bade him drink the blood from her forearm to forever forsake death. Confused and fearful, Drystus drank deeply.

For years, Drystus served as the personal visor to Vlad and Isabella, and he commanded many of Vlad’s legions. It was during this time that he met the love of his life. As a gift for his services, Vlad once presented Drystus with a young servant girl, Amelia. She was his to do with what he pleased, and while he thirsted greatly for her blood, he found solace in her conversations and was taken by her modest, yet not inconsiderable beauty. The two grew closer over the years and eventually were joined in matrimony.

Following Vlad’s defeat and Isabella’s suicide, Drystus decided that it was no longer safe for him in Sylvania. He fled to lands farther South and took up a new name, von Richthoven. He used what wealth he had to construct a castle that in which he could live in safety with his beloved Amelia for the rest of her days.

But alas, it was not to be. The vile Skaven took umbrage to the presence of a Vampire so close to their tunnels, and so they set out to destroy him. After a series of back-and-forth battles, the Ratmen proved too numerous to defeat. They stormed the battlements of his castle and trapped him and his beloved in his keep. Their bodyguard would not hold them forever, and Drystus knew that he would need more help than these loyal humans could provide to survive. He grimaced and let the magic flow from his fingertips, resurrecting the fallen guardsmen and the Wights buried in the castle’s crypts. Amelia was horrified at her husband’s powers, and she fled through the barricaded door… before a Skaven blade ran her through. Horrified, Drystus and his Wights pushed through and retrieved her body. She still clung to the last vestiges of life, and Drystus bade her drink his blood so that she could join him forever in Undeath. With her last breath, she cursed him and refused.

Drystus’ dead heart was broken. His newly made Undead army broke the will of the cowardly Skaven and forced them back. After that, he forever fled his castle and returned to the lands of Sylvania, where he would live alone in a forsaken chateau for centuries to come. He honed his combat and magical skills daily, waiting for the day when he would emerge and bathe the world in his pent up fury and sorrow.

As it so happens, the time of his return is now…

Basic Stats

Speed: 6
Drystus can cover open ground far faster than any human. However, he has focused primarily on training to be agile and quick. Compared to other Vampire Lords, he is above average at best.

Agility: 6
The Black Lord has spent hundreds of years training his reflexes. He has reached a point far beyond even his formidable capabilities as a human.

Weapon Skill: 6
Centures of weapons training have served him well. He posseses a nigh unparalleled mastery of hand-to-hand combat.

Ballistic Skill: 2
Ranged weapons are alien to Count Drystus. He prefers the sword to the bow. That said, he is not completely incompetent with gunpowder weapons.

Raw Strength: 3
Drystus considers himself above brute strength. His primary focus lies on skill and finesse.

Technique Strength: 5
After Centuries of training, the Black Lord has reached the pinnacle of hand-to-hand success.

Toughness: 5
Survival is a skill that Drystus clearly possesses. He is difficult to kill and has proven it over the years.

Tactical Knowledge: 6
The Black Lord was Vlad’s most trusted visor for a reason, and he has a firm grasp on tactics and what it takes to achieve victory.


Magical Lores Known: The Lore of Vampires (all spells)

Raw Magical Skill: 5

Magical Skill: 5(1)
Ever since that fateful day, Drystus has disdained to use magic. As a vampire lord, his skills are far from rudimentary, but seeing his beloved flee in terror of his power has made him wary of using his magicical prowess.

Skillset: Military Command
Skill Level: 6


The Richthoven Hauberk
A set of armor given to the Black Lord by his father. He no longer remembers the man, but it has been magically enchanted over the years to deflect most blows directed against it.
The Richthoven Hauberk confers a small Ward of Protection on Count Drystus, in addition to providing the normal protection expected by Heavy Armor.

Amelia’s Wedding Ring
Before he fled his castle, he took the ring off of his beloved’s finger. He carries it with him always on a chain necklace. It serves as a way to remember her and to keep his violent emotions in check.
When Drystus has the ring in his possession, his magical skill is reduced to 1, and he will not cast a spell unless he specifically needs it to save his life.

Sorrow’s Edge
In one of his last magical acts, Count Drystus poured his emotions into the blade. It is said that any man even scratched by it is overcome with a wave of sadness that is enough to stop the heart of most humans and even plunge powerful Vampires immediately into tears.
This weapon has the Killing Blow special rule (or the RPG equivalent of it).

Other Abilities

Unholy Vengeance
The Skaven took the life of Drystus’ beloved Amelia. They will pay….the rats will all pay…….
The Black Lord hates the Skaven with a burning passion. His years spent alone in his chateau have done nothing but strengthen his hatred. This is not specifically an “ability,” but he will launch himself in fury at any Skaven opponent who dares cross his path, forgetting his morals and restraint in the process.

1) Extremely good combative skills
2) Difficult to kill
3) Morality, or at least the Vampyric equivalent of it.
4) Formidable military commander

1) Refuses to use magic in all but the most dire cases.
2) Disregards his own safety and flings himself freely into combat against the murderers of Amelia (the Ratmen).
3) He currently has no ties to the Vampire Council or allies of any sort.

Additional Notes
Count Drystus, the Black Lord of Eternal Sorrow, is ready and willing to join Vlad once again. However, nothing will stop him from avenging his dear Amelia.


Wight King
Sep 1, 2010

Full Name: Carina Collins
Associated Names: None, she hasn't made a name for herself yet.
Age: 327 (Appearance 21)
Bloodline: Lahmia
Sire: Andora the playful
Generation: 4th
Place of Birth: A small unknown village north of the middle mountains.

Physical Description:
Carina is a girl that looks around 21 years of age, height 5' 6", toned muscles and fit. A perfect body that befits any lahmian vampire. Long reddish hair. She has powerful intense purple eyes and a perfect white smile.
All this in stark contrast to a horrendeous cursed face, that would make a strigoi proud, a face that inspire fear and terror in lesser men.

Carina is a young vampire, and she know this. She knows she have a lot to learn and master. Having lived with her sire in secluded parts of the dark forest of the empire, she doesn't know much about court life and politics. She acts very polite and will go to great lengths not to anger anyone.
She hates chaos and expecially Slaanesh, which is behind the curse of her face and the death of her sire. And she wants revenge.
She hopes that she can learn and acquire power from the old and powerful vampires of the world. Carina believes a strong council with a strong military might is necessary for stability in the world, something to counter the everpresent threat of Chaos. She doesnt necessarily believe that vampires need to rule the world.
She is very willing to learn, that includes the skills of court life, combat and magic.

Brief History:
Carina grew up in a little empire village north of the middle mountains in the province of Ostland. At the age of 13 she became the maid of Andora, an excentric noble woman, living in a large fortified villa a few miles away from the village. There she grew into a young woman, and became the personal maid of Andora.
Then Carina started to notice the strange signs of Andoras excentricity, mostly being awake in the night. The young men that was brought into her bedrooms, but wasn't seen leaving. Carina not able to control her curiosity, hide in her mistress bedroom one night, waiting to see what happened. Andora led a young man down into a secret cellar. Carina followed in after a little while wanted to see what was happening, there she saw her mistress and the young man peforming sexual activites of the more painful and perverse kind. Carina hurried back to her own room, shocked and afraid. Not knowing what to do, she simply stayed and tried to act like nothing had happened. But her own sexuality had been awakened and kickstarted. She visited young men around the surrounding vilages, but it wasn't quite right. And she started to sneak down to the cellar after her mistress on several occasions, untill the day she simply joined in the fun, her mistress not surprised at all.
A few years went by and a new relationship grew among Andora and Carina, and finally Carina was rewarded with the bloodkiss at her 21st birthday.
It was a new life that started for Carina, the next couple of centuries she was tutored in the way of the vampire, learned the magic arts of the vampire, thou it didn't really appeal to Carina to raise skeletons. But with her newfound strength, speed and power she started to roam the dark forest alone. Hunting game with spear and seducing the better looking poachers and bandits she found in the forest. Killing them if they were harassing the local villages.
Carina and her sire moving around, when local people started to notice the lack of ageing, the missing men and other anomalies. Even had to fight and move because of those over zealous witch hunters form time to time.
But about 50 years ago this comfortable life abruptly changed. Unknown to Andora and Carina a powerful daemon led Slaaneshi pleasure cult moved into the same area. Unknown to the two women, many of there playthings had been tainted by this cult, to bring a curse unto Andora and her followers. There faces from one day to the other contorting into horrible masks of a nightmare. Same day a message was delivered from the cult, announcing they were responsible and they had worked on the behalf of a third party.
Andora flew into a a terrible rage, she sent Carina hunting, looking for any clues of the cults whereabouts. While she prepared her force of undeads. The Cult was tracke down, and a battle begun. But the Slaaneshi herald had allied herself with a warband of forest goblins and orcs, and the battle were going badly for the Undead. But surprisingly wood elves intervened, and the orcs and chaos worshippers was defeated. The Slaaneshi herald escaping.
The wood elves approached the vampires after the battle, relaying a message from there prophetess. That Andora and Carina are to hunt down the daemon, which will lead them to discover a cure for the curse and will prevent future calamity to the forest.
And they hunted far into the north, raising an army on the go. They fought several mortal and daemonic forces of chaos. But was finally led into a trap, a trap that only Carina escaped. Carina fled south, unsure what to do, now that she didn't have the guidance of her sire.
Her path finally leading back to the mansion where she had received her bloodkiss. It was abandoned and haunted. Carina discovered that the Elves of the forest had left her four gifts, a spear, a bow, a suit of finely crafted leather armour and a ornamental diadem. And a letter with another prophecy, stating that she in the future would be fundamental in bringing down a massive chaos invasion and slay the beastman creature known as Morghur. But no hint to when this prophecy would become a reality. But they also clearly indicated that Carina would not be allowed to stay in the forest.
Carina used the next few decades travelling the old world, seeking mages and witches in the hope to find a cure for her curse. But she found none, but she discovered the abilities of the presents of the elves. She also found that somehow she could use minor slaaneshi magic, something that troubles Carina, since she knows that chaos magic is awarded not learned. What does Slaaneshi want with Carina.
Carina discovered that even thou she repelled and inspired fear into men, they still on a primitive level lusted for her, the slaaneshi and lahmian powers working there magics.
And now she has decided to join the council of vampires, to get the power she need for revenge, and maybe discover the truth behind who had engineered the curse and maybe fullfil a prophecy.

Basic Stats


Speed: 6(7) - She has the speed of a Lahmia, enhanced by her preferance to run down her prey when hunting. Her armour giving a boost to speed too.

Agility: 5(6) - She survives on her speed and agility, trying to avoid getting hit. Her spear also help her defensively

Weapon Skill: 4(5) - She can handle herself, learned basic combat from Andora. Favours the spear. Her diadem increases this stat when she charges.

Ballistic Skill: 4 - Decent shot, prefered hunting with speed and spear. But have practised with the wood elf bow she has been given, knowing that some enemies are better killed from afar.

Raw Strength: 3 - Thou muscular for a girl and enhanced by her blood, she does not have the raw strength of a man. Improved to 5 when charging with a spear, her speed and use of spear giving increased hitting power

Technique Strength: 2 - Still has a lot to learn when it comes to combat, relying on speed and agility to survive.

Toughness: 3 - Know women can be though, but I am not that big, powerful and old yet.

Tactical Knowledge: 1 - Doesnt have much military experience, Andora leading the armies to the north. She really have lot to learn here.


Magical Lores Known: Vampire Lore/Necromancy
Raw Magical Power: 5
Magical Skill: 3

Magical Lores Known: Slaneesh
Raw Magical Power: 2
Magical Skill: 2

Skillset: Fletching
Skill Level: 3

Skillset: Skinning
Skill Level 4

Wood Elf Longbow
A masterly crafted wood elf longbow

Spear of Nightfall
This dark spear made of wood and magical sharpened steel, have the durability to parry and deflect blows from powerful swung swords and axes
This spear improves Carina's agility, helping her to stay alive in melee combat, and its sharpness improves her raw strength when charging.

Armour of the Morning mist
This masterly crafted leather armour with patterns of leaves and elven symbols, have made Carina outrun bloodhounds and make her disappear in forests.
+1 to Carina speed and improves her stealth ability expecially in forests, but illsuited for noble and courtly duties and it doesnt provide much protection.

Diadem of the Stag
A diadem that have been imbued with the power of the great stag of wood elf mythology
Gives Carina +1 WS on the charge

Other Abilities

Skillset: Torture
Skill level: 2 A part of the sexual games

Skillset: Stealth
Skill level: 4(5) Hunted for a long time, sneaking in on the prey and then exploding in a burst of speed.

Skillset: Fear
Skill level: 4 Her cursed face in a mask of nightmare and terror, Carina has learned to use this to good effect in battle. And experience that even vampires and hardened veterans can be unsettled by her face, this in conjuction with the charm she exudes too with her lahmian and slaaneshi powers.

Skillset: Seduction
Skill level: 3 She has not forgotten the art of seduction, and even thou her face scares people, her lahmian and slaaneshi powers still provoking lust and extacy.

Knows how to use her feminine charm and her face of horror. See the opportunities in her curse rather than the limitations.
Very stealthy and fast.
Knows she has a lot to learn, before she can attain a position of true power. Willing to learn.
Hates Chaos and will redouble her efforts when battling them.
Decent magic abilities, knows a bit of slaaneshi magic

Young and unexperienced in vampire culture.
Not the greatest fighter around, relatively easy to bring down.
Has a lot to learn.
Hates chaos, can cloud her judgement.
Have a strong wish to get rid of her curse.

Additional Notes
My first draft for a vampire, critique away.

/edit 21/9-10 Made some spelling corrections, change a few sentences to better allow slaaneshi magic.
/edit 23/9-10 Changed stats better to reflect the changes to the sequel.

Count Darvaleth

I <3 marmite
True Blood
Apr 26, 2010
Kraskor Banespike

Full Name: Kraskor Bo'reathkor Banespike
Associated Names: The Fiery One, Blood Lord, Keeper of Fear
Age: 1469
Bloodline: Blood Dragon - Banespike
Sire: Vekarin Banespike
Generation: 3rd Generation
Place of Birth: Wurtbad, on the border of Stirland

Physical Description
Kraskor has a strong physique; well-toned body, broad shoulders, and rippling muscles. His hair is white; and comes down to his shoulders. His eyes are a deep crimson; in stark contrast to his pale features. He stands quite tall. He wears black armour, gilded faintly with gold. A great, hooded dark-red cloak billows around him, concealing his armour and face when he wishes it to.

Like all Blood Dragons, Kraskor has a strong sense of honour. He sees himself as augmented by his ascension (for he sees it thus) into vampirehood, and uses his immortality to study the art of combat. He abhors magic in its every form, and thus has not pursued the natural magical ability of a vampire. He has surprising control over his temper, but when he finally cracks, it can become very difficult to calm him down.

Brief History
Kraskor was not born with this name; he was Tobias Wurtclane, son of a noble of Wurtbad. As Tobias grew up, he grew ever more disgusted with the paltry politicking and bickering amongst the noble classes. Eschewing the comfortable life of a rich noble, Tobias joined the Imperial army, at 18, when his parents had left to visit Nuln for some bussiness. His noble blood, however, would not be easily beaten; the recruiting officer recognised him, and, only after significant persuasion, eventually gave in, but made sure he would become an officer. While his parents' return was delayed by a small orc raiding force operating near Nuln, Tobias learnt the way of the sword. He was an adept pupil, and also learnt to command well. When he was finally granted his forces, ready to set out towards a Chaos incursion, his parents returned. They were irate, and had him removed from command. Tobias ran away.

Stumbling through the Empire, Tobias somehow found his way into Sylvania; deeper, somehow avoiding the horrors which lived there, into the mountains. Upset and angry, but completely exhausted, Tobias staggered into what looked like a castle, and fell to the floor. Looking up, he could just make out the form of a massive, armoured figure. Everything went black.

Kraskor awoke as a mighty vampire, sired, as he later learned, by Vekarin. He was drafted into the mighty Knights of the Rose; remaining with his master even after the Violet Citadel was destroyed by the dreadlords. Even when the main bulk of the Knights joined the Red Duke, Kraskor still stayed with his master. He served on, journeying wherever his master went, always attending to his every need.

Basic Stats

Speed: 4 - Although naturally swift like a vampire, his armour weighs him down.

Agility: 6 - Kraskor is very skilled in combat and can dodge and evade enemy attacks well.

Weapon Skill - 7 (8) [Red Blade] Kraskor is a Blood Dragon, and naturally adept with a blade

Ballistic Skill - 0 Kraskor abhors ranged attacks in every form.

Raw Strength - 5 Kraskor has natural vampiric strength.

Technique Strength - 7 (8) [Red Blade] Kraskor's skill with a blade allows him to strike mighty blows, even when little force is put behind the stroke.

Tougness - 5 (6) [Crown of Fear] Tough, like a vampire, but also protected by his full suit of armour.

Tactical Knowledge - 4 Before he became a vampire, Kraskor was still learning the art of war. However, he is an able pupil and can still command effectively, should the time arise.


Magical Lores Known: None

Raw Magical Power: 1 - However much he hates it, Kraskor cannot stop himself being an unnatural conduit for a form of magic, even if it is unused.

Magical Skill: 0


Skillset: Metalwork and Forging

SKill Level: 5 - Kraskor is fascinated by the art of smithery and forging, and tries to learn more whenever he can.


The Red Blade
Despite it's crimson meteoric steel blade and exquisite golden haft, this cutlass is entirely non-magical. It is a mundane weapon; however, any blade in the hands of a Blood Dragon can become mighty and terrible.

Although the blade itself gives no bonus to Kraskor, he has trained with it for over 300 years, and tailored it to his style; it has perfect balance, a razor-edge, and just the right amount of weight for Kraskor to strike powerful blows against his enemies. It grants Kraskor +1 to Weapon Sill and +1 Technique Strength.

Crown of Fear
Kraskor recovered this terrifying object from a dark tomb, beneath an ancient battlefield; inside, there simply stood a small plinth with the Crown; surrounded by agonised statues of the dead and dying, all reaching out towards the Crown with twisted faces and wracked limbs.
This Crown provides a magical aura to Kraskor; it increases his Toughness by one, but also, when required, makes Kraskor appear as the living manifestation of true fear; mortals who look upon him will be filled with dread, and the weak-hearted will flee in terror.

Kraskor's Armour
Non-magical, yet still strong; forged of black meteoric steel (his favourite forging metal), and tailored to Kraskor's style; he forged it himself. It is also lightly gilded with gold around some of the edges; a touch Kraskor gives to all of his works.
A simple suit of armour, making Kraskor more resilient.

Other Abilites

Red Rage
Should he need to, Kraskor can allow himself to be taken by a great and terrible rage; he will become nigh on impossible to best, yet he will be unreasonable and will be unable to determine friend from foe, or see when his aggressive actions border on foolishness, when retreat is the best option.
Krakor can become subject to a great rage, should he wish to, and will become much stronger. His Raw Strength increases by 2, but his Weapon Skill and Tactical Knowledge both decrease by 2.

- Expert Swordsman - Kraskor is a mighty warrior in battle.
- Self-control - Kraskor displays abnormal self-control for a Blood Dragon.
- Honour (both strength and weakness) - Kraskor has a strong sense of honour, and whilst this gives him conviction, it also puts him in difficult moral decisions, leaving him vulnerable.

- No Magic - Kraskor abhors magic and has no ability to manipulate it whatsoever.
- Honour (both strength and weakness) - Kraskor has a strong sense of honour, and whilst this gives him conviction, it also puts him in difficult moral decisions, leaving him vulnerable.
- Rage - Should Kraskor be pushed into losing his control, he will fall into a dark rage which can prove nigh on impossible to recover from.

Additional Notes
Kraskor serves Vekarin, his master, and thus stands with him on all occasions, no matter if they go against his personal morals; however, Kraskor will find that normally both his and his sire's morals are in alignment.

- If there are any problems or mistakes please tell me and I will edit them accordingly.
Feb 23, 2008
I'm posting this for the sequel, but may as well get out any bad parts in advance. I have a feeling he might be too good, but we'll see. I think you'd want to organise categories for the characters to get put into as the list is quite mind boggling, but I can't think of any right now.

I'll introduce this guy later on, first I want another character. What are the limitations on what we can play? because I'd like to play something that isn't such a heavy investment at first so I can grow into it again. Something with a clear purpose and motivation that you can just relax your brain with... like a somewhat more ''intelligent'' Beastman or other kind of vile pest.

By the way, I feel kinda uncomfortable about his stats. His raw strength seems too high but I don't want it to be even with his toughness because he's stronger than he's tough, but if I was to reduce the toughness I'd end up with a guy like this who's just a point tougher than Lesa... meh. Guess I'll keep him at that eight.

PS. Can't wait to have a go at it again with ol' Graveclaw ;)


Full Name: Salgarr Silwaris
Associated Names: To be revealed
Age: 1235 years
Bloodline: Strigoi
Sire: Unknown
Generation: 3rd
Place of Birth: Norsca

Physical Description
Salgarr has brown skin but his head, hands and feet are black. His figure slims down toward the midsection like that of an hourglass and stands at around 228 centimetres, with musculous legs and especially arms. He has been given the appearance of a humanoid dragon and has a pair of horns, but he generally cannot use them because they bend backward. His large feet have one toe on the back and three on the front with claws on them. His legs actually have three parts rather than the two that humans usually have. The first two parts, the thigh and shin, are bent so that they appear like the blades of a slightly opened scissor. The third part goes downward from the end of the shin, and that third part is where his feet are. His defining facial expression is a slanted, relaxed smile. He wears a simple red vest with black edges, fastened by a blue belt on his short, black pants. His hip, thighs and and arms are covered in white bandage-like wraps.

Salgarr is rather laidback, but don't let that fool you into thinking he is a fleeting sock on the wind. He is ambitious, shrewd, determined and possesses a sound, resourceful mind - it is however, easy to miss this until Salgarr decides to show that side of himself rather than the casual side out primarily to enjoy life with a meaningful and interesting existance. An optimist by nature, Salgarr has tempered it with insight and his humor is rather ironic, but he despises sarcasm unless the target deserves it. His demeanour is generally affable and he has good charm when he wants to. Salgarr despises the rigid, overly serious, unpleasant and humorless, almost never being in a serious mood himself. When he is, he turns more bitter and grim but turns away from the world so that he does not infect others with it, viewing it as a passing occurrance.

Slow to anger, Salgarr usually just contemplates the situation rather than give in to any such impulse, regarding a tempered mind as important. When an impulse does get the better of him however, Salgarr goes wild. Salgarr's main factor in determining success is motivation, his competence and interest fluctuates highly between something he feels for and doesn't - when he wants to get something done, he will. But if he doesn't, it'll take something to press him in order to complete the task decently. Salgarr is rather proud but as with all aspects of himself, he tries to temper it. Dislikes having the foremost position of leadership, prefering to use soft authority instead.

Brief History
Due to his heritage of an adventurer from the Southlands and a Norscan commoner, Salgarr was an utter anomaly in Norsca as his heritage was neither entirely foreign nor native. He travelled the far and wide corners of the world as soon as he was able to, staying the longest around Naggaroth. It was however in Sylvania that he was turned into a vampire. He wanted immortality and had resolved to become one and through what seemed like a miracle managed to catch a Strigoi, whom he promised the power it wanted back. The vampire held him by this word and so Salgarr devised a plot to grant the vampire what it wanted. But he had to get rid of the vampire too. Thus, he proposed that the Strigoi would ambush Salgarr's tribal chieftain and present his head to the tribe while Salgarr would proclaim him the new chieftain - an offer the Strigoi gladly took up. Little did the Strigoi know that the man he ambushed was not the chieftain but a mere captured slave. When the vampire had granted Salgarr the blood kiss after presenting the head to the tribe, the real chieftain and his men - who had been prepared and rewarded for their services - dropped it into a prepared pit of stakes and burned the remains.

After that, Salgarr struggled with his vampirism, being in the complete dark about what it meant. He then resolved that the only way he could become stronger was through conflict, to let his instinctive vampiristic urges guide him for now. To that end he employed himself as a mercenary for the Sorceress Convent of the Dark Elves, but became too successful too quickly and brought upon himself the attention of Morathi who saw his spreading renown as a dangerous influence and banished him. Still there were those who secretly disproved of this and kept their contact with the vampire, gaining him powerful allies amongst the Convent. But as he was officially banished, he could not seek employment there again. Thus started his career in the private fleets of the Dark Elf lords whom Morathi could not as easily force her hand with, but eventually he was banished from all of Naggaroth. This Salgarr couldn't tolerate and so he set out with his most loyal allies, opportunists and other undesirables & outcasts back to his Norscan home. There he spent a century constructing a new city for his followers and tribe and it was decided that the Norscan chieftains would continue to rule, the Dark Elves passing into society. This because there was little hostility between the two groups.

After that, Salgarr set out again, leaving the chieftains with a last command which was simply that the city must grow and prosper and that the chieftains must carve out a larger territory. When he returned to the blooming city, he had a new appearance and purpose...

Basic Stats
Speed: 10
Agility: 3
Weapon Skill: 5
Ballistic Skill: 3
Raw Strength: 5
Technique Strength: 5
Toughness: 5
Tactical Knowledge: 5

Magical Lores Known: Only minimal Necromantic ability, Lore of Light.
Raw Magical Power: 3
Magical Skill: 2

Skillset: Charm making
Skill Level: 6

A glaive that he wears fastened onto his back unless necessary to use it, Froth has a simple enchantment on it making its condition stellar at all times. It is capable of utterly vanquishing Daemons.
Simply serves as his weapon (a glaive is basically a short blade on the end of a pole).

Salgarr's Necklace
This necklace was made by Salgarr to protect against... something.
Chaos magic (ie. the four lores of the Chaos gods) affecting Salgarr is severely weakened and those in his close viccinity are somewhat protected from it as well.

Other Abilities
Fire Breathing
Salgarr can breathe fire from his mouth, which he usually does when he can catch an opponent off guard with it as it can be anticipated.

Even More Useful Wings
His wings are bulky and harder than bone, decent for blocking attacks with as they are quite maneuverable and they also have a big claw on their top middle.

He is a versatile combatant thanks to his weapon, fire breathing, raw magical power as well as well-rounded strength & skill.
His mind is sound and resourceful - he isn't just muscle, but neither is he a genius.
He is overall a tempered persona, not given to rash impulses, but having pleasant qualities as well. Others usually find him rather likeable and charming.
Salgarr is well connected amongst Dark Elves, has the de facto highest authority in his prosperous and large Norscan city-tribe, and then there is... another being.

Isn't the most professional of combatants. He can rather easily be defeated by more skilled vampire lords in a toe-to-toe fight.
Neither is he the strongest combatant and he can be overpowered by bigger enemies.
He is poor at defending against magic other than what his necklace defends against.
An odd tendency to laugh easily and lots. Can distract him in battle if something funny happens.
*Yet to be revealed...

Additional Notes
There is something strange and even more unnatural than vampirism about him...


Grave Guard
Aug 21, 2010
FULL NAME: Snowblood
ASSOCIATED NAMES: Yuki-onna, lady vengeance, silent whisper,
AGE: appearance of a 23yr old
BLOOD LINE: Blood dragon? (Unknown but more than likely due to the appearance of the sire
PHYSICAL DISCRIPTION: a lovely image of a giesha girl with white powder makeup with the gentle scent of jasmine, rosed lips and blushed cheeks, she is always seen wearing a dark almost black kimono, with a silken dragon motif down the left side. To the citizens of the west she appears like a courtesan carrying a mandolin that she strums with melodic entrancement, a part she plays well. A straw circular dark hat that is large enough to shield against sun and unwanted looks if she tilts it forward sits upon her tied up neat black hair. When she smiles you notice that her canines are missing (she can never be taken for a vampire, a vampire without fangs ridiculous).
a stoic wanderer with charm and guile, she can woo a magistrate or debase a pirate, she can fit in to most of society but stand on the outside with equal measure. She chooses her self to stay distant, which can be seen as arrogant by some. She is quick of wit and can talk her way out of most fights (she would prefer to run away, and kill you when your least expecting) but can parry and kill swifter than a blink of an eye if pushed.
It was a moonless stormy night when the herald arrived at Muyia castle in the south of Cathay.
'My master needs shelter for the night while travelling for an audience with the Dragon Emperor'
No one uses his highnesses name in vain, punishable by death, and to refuse someone shelter who is on their way for an audience your family could be put to death.
And so the gates where opened and in strolled a warrior of such power dressed in a suit of ornate armour coloured red, gold and black steel. Just by looking at him the warriors of the castle could see his skill and where in awe.
To the young Snowblood he was the most handsome man she had ever seen, she could tell he was 10 times better than the strongest swordsman in the castle. He glanced up at her window that overlooked the courtyard and with that she had to see him, speak to him and find out his name.
When the castle had gone quiet she used all her skill in the arts of stealth (after all her family was the Emperors assassins) and snuck to his room, as she slipped through the window she was grabbed,
"How nice to meet you, my name is ....."
She remembered nothing else but awoke 3 days or should I say nights later. She was bound to her bed and priests and monks where around chanting. She could feel something strange, a new sense or extra senses. All her senses had been enhanced, but still she did not guess. Her father entered the room.
"As is our custom when we are betrayed you will be given 8hrs to leave these lands after that you shall be hunted, only when you have recompensed shall we cease your hunting."
She was thrown out of the castle with nothing but her kimono, a dragon tail whip, blow pipe, kunai and katana. She knew from experience that she had to run, and run fast. For the assassins of castle Muyai where the best in all Cathay. And so she ran, with new found speed and stamina it was some time before the first assassin found her, she saw him before he saw her, swiftly she killed him, and then to her surprise the hunger that was not sated thru herbs and scrapes was suddenly satisfied by the blood of her assassin. Suddenly she realised what had happened, her aversion to the sun, her need to find sanctuary during the day, and the knot in her stomach when she tried to eat. This went on for some time, an assassin came and she killed, drank and moved on.
Now her fate was sealed, she must find the one that sired her and kill him in vengeance for what he had made her become. She remembered that he said he had an audience with the emperor, and so she headed for the dragon isles and the emperors castle.
While travelling through the dragon isles she came to a region known as the dragon forges. Here is where armour is made for the knights and the dragons they ride upon, it is also the breeding grounds of the dragons. One day when exhausted, hungry and tired she came across a nest with one small baby dragon in it. She used her new found powers to shadow herself from sight and got so close she could touch it, suddenly without thought she sank deep into its neck and drank and drank. She was satisfied but the dragon was still alive, in a snap it sank its teeth into the back of Snowblood and drank some of the blood back, this was witnessed by one of the dragon forgers. He quickly stepped in. But it is sacrilege to kill a dragon, but he new if this one matured it would murder all the other dragons in a vampiric rage that none could stop. He bound it and told Snowblood to follow.
Snowblood was affected in so much as she doesn't seem to thirst for blood as much as she used to.
The forger spent 2 weeks hammering and smelting untill eventually he slew the dragon cutting out its beating heart and setting it into the hilt of the sword. Chanting continuously for a further week the sword was complete. As soon as Snowblood held the sword the bond was complete, she could hear the voice of the dragon within, telling of things about to happen that gave her the appearance of pre cognition. But this came at a price, the sword would mock Snowblood for not seeking power and being gentle towards mere mortals. This can sometimes been seen when she seems to be arguing with herself.
Months turned to years as she travelled cathay, and still no sign or word of the one that had turned her. So fed up she decided to rip out her own fangs to starve to death and end this existence. Wandering hungry and tired she collapsed one of the mountain regions. When she awoke she was in a cave with an old sage looking over her, he instantly had known what she was and restored her on goat blood. In the coming years he sent her out to fetch items, and then one day produced a ring and told her to put it on. As she put it onto her finger a sharp pin prick was felt and she noticed a small needle on the ring barely visible to the naked eye. As she reached out to touch him, he pulled away and told her to stroke a goat he had in the cave. As she touched the goat she could feel the foul blood of the animal flowing through the ring into her. When she released her clasp, there was a mark like a marsh fly's bite.
Over the time she spent with the sage he would tell her the myths of the vampires of the west, these never really interested her until one day he told a story of the lord of the dragon bloods, her ears pricked up as he told of how he sated his thirst on a huge dragon, this echoing her own experience with the young newborn dragon.
With this she had regained some sense of reasoning as to the path in her life and set out towards the west in order to continue the hunt for her quarry.
She travelled for years to the west and the Empire, blending in with a tale of a daughter searching for her silk trader father to tell him the news of her mothers death. This helped her to secure accommodation from peasants to nobles who pitied her plight. she also worked to keep herself as an assassin for hire, and also to keen her skills, she never asked for much, only what the person afford, a room for a night from a woman scorned by her lover, or a trinket from a noble.
It is said that if you whisper her name 3 times on a moonless night she might just appear in the shadows where you can hire her, for a price.
The ring would aid in her being kept away from the witch hunters as she never killed anyone just drained a bit here and there while walking through the city, the victims have nothing but an insect like bite mark for a token. Her pale face makeup gave her just enough protection from the sun in order to walk briefly outside and elude any suspicion, something she found out accidentally.

SPEED:4 (6)
MAGIC LORE: shadow (although she only uses this for blending into said shadows)
SKILL SET: black powder weapons (4) (explosives and smoke bombs only. flint locks and guns are new fangled and go against the code of her clan)
SKILL SET: lock picking (6) (only the best magically or rune enchanted lock can keep her out)
JADE DRAGON KATANA: a semi sentient sword, in the hilt is what looks like a small beating dragon heart (which it is) if looked closely the dragon on the hilt seems to move, and the mouth breath. The sword speaks to snowblood giving her the appearance of foresight. (Speed +2/ agility +2)
YUKI-ONNA: after she pulled out her fangs snowblood wandered hungry and lost, until she met a cathayan sage, realising her plight he fashioned a ring that could drain the blood from those touched, leaving nothing but what appears to be an insect bite on the victim. She uses this while walking around cities avoiding detection by using it little and ofter. At full power she can drain all the blood from a victim leaving nothing but a frozen husk.
BLOW PIPE: as it says, although with an array of darts for all occasions, explosive tips for shattering skeletons, poisons of all types, and even garlic and silver tipped for vampires and werewolves.
KUNAI: throwing daggers
DRAGON TAIL WHIP: can be used as a weapon, or as a grappling hook to help her scale buildings.
JITSU: trained in a martial art unknown to the west she seems to step aside deftly and counter all blows (included in profile)
STEALTH: trained since an early age in espionage and sneak tactics she can sneak into the inner sanctern of an enemy and slay them leaving without a trace. (Included in profile)
As a loner she can happily enjoy her own company for weeks and months, patient in her hunt she will wait for exactly the right time to strike watching sometimes for weeks her prey to learn their movements and patterns.
she can converse with the poorest and the richest of citizens with equal measure, never feeling that anyone is beneath her and treating all with respect that they deserve.
Being alone for most of her time she finds it hard sometimes to bond, especially with other vampires which she despises.
Constantly hunted by her clan she is always wary and distrustful of anyone from Cathay.

(I hope that this is in the correct format, as I do not own a pc, and am using my blackberry to type have clicked the bold and italics button but it hasn't changed my type set. So apologies if not)
Jan 2, 2009
Hey! I'm back.

More pertinently right now, I'm back to TVC and have decided to start fresh with a character that will be able to interact with the others in a meaningful (and comprehensible) fashion.

Lacion Mordain Rakarth, Drachau-in-exile of Clar Karond, Ravager of Tiranoc and Witch-king's Ambassador to the Council

Full Name: Lacion (LAY-chee-on) Mordain Rakarth
Age: 131
Bloodline: n/a
Sire: n/a
Generation: n/a
Place of Birth: Palace of Clar Karond, Drachau's Tower

Physical Description: Lacion is a good half a head taller than most Druchii and carries an amount of additional weight due to his larger, broader-shouldered build and increased muscle mass. His darkly handsome, slightly gaunt and ominously malicious features betray his noble blood, as his lengthy hair tied back under his plate will suggest to anyone with a basic knowledge of Druchii societal norms. His dress sense is sound, while tending towards the subdued, expensive and macabre, though often goes unused due to a keenly developed sense of paranoia which results in him wearing his battle plate and weapons much of the time. He wears a cloak made of the dark purple scales of a Spellbiter Hydra and carries the heads of his most difficult kills on his belt. He occasionally finds it prudent to masquerade as one of his Asur cousins, which is achieved by an enchanted unset turquoise cabochon. In this guise his eyes change from their usual dark violet to a reassuring blue, and he appears to be wearing the royal blue and silver plate of a Dragon Prince of Caledor.

Personality: Lacion is insolent, arrogant and lascivious by nature, but the necessities of courtly life have forced him to work up a fairly good acting skill, a talent for reading people and a distinct awareness and understanding of intrigue past that of Nightmare's decks. As such, he has learned to be able to temporarily curb his tendencies for the duration of a conversation, a skill he generally uses to garner future favours, loyalty or information. He is also a sadist both in the colloquial and medical senses of the word, which is one long-running thread through his behaviour, one that in fact instigated the series of events that led to him being known among the Asur as the Ravager of Tiranoc. One specific trait that has saved Lacion’s life numerous times (apart from a healthy sense of paranoia) is his tendancy to ramble placatingly when faced with a congruence of two traits in a person, those being the ability to kill him with only expending a minimal amount of effort and the serious intent to do so. This comes up rarely but has saved his life in at least two encounters with Malekith.

Brief History: Lacion was born the second son of Lord Daemron Rakarth, the Drachau of Clar Karond. His childhood was uneventful until his hakseer-cruise, on which he led the crew of the raiding warship Nightmare on a wildly successful attack along the Bretonnian coastline. He returned covered in glory, but the sea had rooted itself in his blood. For a number of years he captained Nightmare and became known as one of the most brutal and effective corsair captains in recent memory. During his time at sea his elder brother died under mysterious circumstances, but unbeknownst to him at the time he had a younger half-brother, Callius Rakarth, who had his eye set on the throne. At sea Callius’ agents attempted to dispose of Lacion but they were not successful, and a month later he arrived in Karond Kar with a stolen Bretonnian brigantine, a hold full of fine wines and a number of Dwarven runic items of varying quality. After disposing of these goods (and, in the process, making himself a very rich druchii), his father (who, though Lacion did not know, favoured Callius for the succession) after the failure of numerous assassination attempts, decided to kill him personally. Lacion survived through the skin of his teeth, killing Lord Daemron in the process. He assumed command in Clar Karond for just long enough to win the loyalty of a number of important courtly figures in preparation for his brother’s arrival and throw a nice wedding for himself and his counterpart Charena Meyleranor, and deserted the city just before Callius arrived. The Witch-king’s Endless caught up with him soon after he fled, and expecting to be killed, he was surprised as Malekith assigned him on semipermanent liason to the body known as the Vampire Council. He has traveled across the Great Ocean and through much of the Empire before finding the Council’s current location. He harbours no illusions about his position; he knows the Witch-king simply wants him away from Naggaroth for the time being so he will stop shaking things up.

Basic Stats

Speed: Lacion is as fleet as any elf, but his predisposition to heavier armours reduces his effective speed over more than the shorter distances. However, this is alleviated by judicious use of his mount, Kinslaughter. Lacion’s Speed is 4, except when riding Kinslaughter, when it is 7.

Agility: As an elf Lacion is quick by nature. His plate-and-chain, while heavy, does not restrict movement to any noticeable degree so he is more maneuverable than he seems, which is further aided by a honed ability to read his opponent’s actions. Lacion’s Agility is 5.

Weapon Skill: Lacion’s raw ability with a pair of blades surpasses that of most living due to a deadly mix of natural dexterity, complete right/left hand independence and experience and skill gained and honed against some of the most murderous opponents it is possible to find. Lacion’s Weapon Skill is 7.

Ballistic Skill: One survival skill he has honed throughout his years is the use of needle-bladed throwing knives in both close combat and throwing. Lacion is Ballistic Skill 6 when using his knives, and 5 with a Repeater crossbow.

Raw Strength: Lacion is strong for an elf and hones his physique so as to not be vulnerable at any time. However, it is still simply mortal strength. Lacion’s Raw Strength is 4.

Technique Strength: Part of the torturer’s domain is knowing the precise points of anatomy that, with force applied properly, can disable or kill. This synergizes excellently with his natural bladesmanship. Even more dire, his specific choice of weapons makes his strikes even more lethal. Lacion’s Technique Strength is 6, however it is increased to 7 when striking with the Dragon Talon and 8 with Nocnitsa.

Toughness: Due to his elven nature he is not naturally resistant to damage, however the powerfully distilled vrahsha he uses dulls his sense of pain to nearly nonexistent levels. When coupled with the heavy armour he wears and the effects of the Dragon’s Talon which allows him to fight on with normally crippling injuries, Lacion is a good deal more resilient than one would think at first glance. Lacion’s Toughness is 3 normally, but when gripping the Dragon’s Talon it is increased to 5.

Tactical Knowledge: Lacion has a fairly good tactical sense when it comes to small battles, having coordinated many. His Tactical Knowledge is 6 in small battles of less than a hundred combatants per side, but in larger battles it is reduced to 4.


Magical Lores Known: n/a

Raw Magical Power: n/a

Magical Skill: n/a

Torture: Lacion is a skilled torturer even in a land chock-full of them. It comes with the sadism territory, but he also has the capability to cause crippling pain to nearly anything including non-humanoids as part of his beast training. His Torture skill is 7.
Equipment Care and Maintenance: Lacion knows the importance of well-kept equipment, and has taken care of his weapons and armour even in the most hostile of environments. Lacion’s Equipment Care and Maintenance score is 6.
Riding: Through a combination of learned understanding of creatures’ natural instincts and the application of extraordinary amounts of pain, Lacion has ridden most creatures not extraordinarily larger than horses, and has done reasonably well. Lacion’s riding skill is 6.
Sailing: While he did not realize his potential in his younger days, Lacion was born with the sea in his blood. From his hakseer on the coasts of Bretonnia to the massacres on the shores of Tiranoc, Lacion has shown himself to be a prodigious ship’s master. Lacion’s sailing skill is 8.

Dragon’s Talon
This ancient blade was forged on Vaul’s Anvil for Prince Imrik I of Caledor before the Sundering. The powerful enchantments laid on its silver blade cause the wielder to be able to fight regardless of crippling injuries and furthermore, it endeavours to drain the vital energy of its target, soon reducing it to an empty husk. Lacion looted this artifact from a Dragon Prince named Kayemril, who he waylaid over Tiranocii waters, shot down and promptly murdered.
Dragon’s Talon increases Lacion’s Toughness to 5 and his Technique Strength to 7 when striking with it.

This is the blood-soaked blade with which Lacion murdered his way along the Tiranocii coastline, leaving butchered villages, horribly tortured and mutilated victims and salted earth in his wake. Its jagged darksteel edge is worn heavily, but its cunning construction causes this to reveal more painful protrusions. Unwilling to cast it away when it grew obsolete due to more deadly weapons being at his disposal, Lacion commissioned a Chaos Dwarf master smith to enhance it with a Master Rune of Smiting for an exorbitant price. The power of the rune is such that even being weaker than if applied by a proper runelord, unarmoured opponents have been known to burst into a vapour of blood when struck.
Nocnitsa increases Lacion’s Technique Strength to 8 when striking with it.

Spellbiter Knives
These exquisitely balanced throwing knives are crafted from the teeth of a rare Spellbiter Hydra. Their needle points cut through spell-wards as easily as they part flesh.
When using these knives, Lacion’s Ballistic Skill is 6. They also are minimally affected by spell shields.

Bone Armour
This suit of plate and chain is assembled from the bones of every High Elf he murdered in the act that garnered him his reputation as the Ravager of Tiranoc. Finger and foot bones became the rings of mail, and the ribs and other large bones fused together into the plates that cover non-joint areas. It is strengthened by enchantments scrawled in the dried blood of his victims.

Turquoise of Deceit
Lacion carries an unset turquoise cabochon as the focus of a powerful illusion spell. Having commissioned its creation himself, it shows him as Kayemril, the Dragon Prince he killed over Tiranoc’s waters, down to eye colour and facial structure. As he originally had it created in order to fool High Elven mages, it not only contains the illusion spell but also a web of interlocking minor enchantments intended to cover the illusion, and the illusion itself sinks into the enchantments of his armour for additional stealth.
The illusion generated by this item will fool any mage with a Magical Skill of 6 or less, and will take some concentration to notice and then penetrate by any more skilled magic-user.

Cloak of Hides
This cloak of scales is made in the manner of a corsair’s Sea Dragon Cloak, but instead is made of the spell-resistant scales of a Spellbiter Hydra. Overlaid on this are the skinned and preserved hides of Lacion’s most prized kills.
Tough, resistant to magic and very difficult to cut through due to its thickness.

When Lacion brought an enslaved Moulder back to Clar Karond, he took the beastmasters to account for his gift. Kinslaughter was the result of the Moulder’s skill and the beastmasters’ abilities and resources. It is a large, albino cold one whose main distinguishing features are its trio of massive heads, causing it to be much more dangerous than any normal cold one. The distilled and purified vrahsha required to bond with this beast has to be drunk for full effect rather than skin contact, and it tastes terrible (and has been known to knock out unsuspecting druchii), though it is a small price to pay for a mount such as this.

Highly skilled fighter
Effective against mages
Mobile (with Kinslaughter)
Resourceful (very rich, and can call in favours from home)

Fragile (compared to Council proper)
No military support
No base of operations
No magical ability
http://www.zshare.net/download/804831082dbd0b3d/]08 Avatar.m4a - 9.49MB

The alluded-to incident with the Tiranocii village was basically this, with less magic, more torture and more stabbing. OH GOD WITH THE STABBING....

The equipment section seems a bit large compared to the rest of the Council members, so that's one thing I'm already dubious about.
Oct 11, 2010
Full Name: Destrov Alexander Darvin Sourren
Associated Names: Soulrender
Age: 46 years
Bloodline: Blood Dragon
Sire: Holland Sourren
Generation: 5th
Place of Birth: The catacombs of the Sourren estate

Physical Description
Destrov was a well built man, with the physique of a fit noble. His features, while handsome, also seem to constantly bear a certain sadness or regret in them. His eyes are a hollow gray-blue, his face cleanshaven. With a shock of long, pale-white hair, Destrov's equally pale features appear ghostly and shifting whenever the wind blows. He has a sharp chin and a square jaw, with pronounced cheek bones. He tends to wear a hood to protect himself from the glare of the moonlight, which is normally attached to a cloak that is more there to add presence rather then actually keep him warm.

Destrov is a dour creature, with a strength of will matching that of his unholy body. He carries himself with a confidence in himself that just barely borders on arrogance, but not quite. He is calculating and considering of concequences, but can be brash and impatient at times. His fuse is long, but once he runs out of temper, it is truly a sight to behold.

Brief History
Destrov was once a hopeful man, with aspirations and dreams as any other young noble would have. His entire future panned out before him, a beautiful bride and a great education already secured for him by his father, Destrov wanted for nothing. But war changed all that, as it changes everything. Thinking himself a great leader of men, Destrov donned his battle armor and marched out to war, longsword in hand and the self-believing propaganda of the cult of Sigmar on his lips. "For the Empire!" he'd shout, "In the name of Sigmar!" his men would reply. The battle was short lived. His army was routed and Destrov himself left to die on the battlefield, a long pike impaling his torso. Going to great pains, Destrov's father recovered the boy's body. The barely-living man was brought into the catacombs of his father's home and cared for by the most expensive physicians available. Yet nonetheless, the boy was dying. Desperate and sickened with grief at the thought of losing his only son and heir, Destrov's father hired the services of a self-proclaimed miracle worker by the name of Holland Sourren. The brooding figure approached Destrov, seeing a warrior's spirit within the broken body. upon promising his father that the boy would never die, Destrov's father agreed without hesitation. His son's life was the most important thing to him. It would then be the most fitting irony that Destrov would be transformed into a mockery of life, known as undeath. Holland Darvin was in truth a Vampire that had seen within Destrov the promise of a great protege. Destrov's first actions as one of the unliving was to unleash the fury he had pent up since his grievous wound. With the blood fury of a monster, Destrov slaughtered his way through his childhood home and killed his father in cold blood. Now, nearly 20 years later, Destrov is fully trained and is at last nearing his final test.

Basic Stats


Agility: 6

Weapon Skill: 8

Ballistic Skill: 6

Raw Strength: 7

Technique Strength: 8

Toughness: 6

Tactical Knowledge: 4


Magical Lores Known:
-Lore of Death
-Lore of Necromancy
Raw Magical Power: 4

Magical Skill: 3

Soulrender was once the magical blade of a champion of Chaos by the name Kargath Skullreaper. Upon his defeat at the hands of the Knights of the White Wolf, the champion's great sword was incarcerated in an icy cavern and protected by wards of the priests of Ulric's design. It was either by destiny's hand or pure luck that as Destrov and his master were traveling to get their first sight of the Dragons that Destrov would need to slay in order to earn the name of his blood line, an avalanche cleared the icy tomb and displayed the magnificent sword. Already having a variety of weapons at his disposal, Holland ordered Destrov to retrieve the blade and claim it as his own. Like a steed, it had to be broken in, as the weapon dug its will into the wielder's mind and burrowed itself into their soul. As Destrov had no soul any longer to speak of, it had taken considerable pains on his part to at last conquer the blade. Its blade is said to be enchanted with the ability to steal the souls of those it slays.
An extremely sharp two-handed sword, that cuts through armor with ease. It is, however, large and has a broad blade, making it unwieldy and sometimes difficult to swing. It depends on its strength of steel and that of its wielder to properly slay a foe. Due to the souls trapped within its blade, it increases the wielder's raw magical power by 2 and allows them access to the Lores of Necromancy and Death.

Plate Armor
Destrov was trained in the art of battle since a young age and ever since his transformation, has continued to do as such. He wears plate armor comfortably, used to its bulk and is rather formidable when fully armored, using it almost as a weapon in its own right. This particular suit of armor seems to heave with an aura of cold around it, chilling the living around him and stiffening their limbs.

His armor is a full suit with only chainmail covering the joints at the backs of his knees, his arm pits, his waist and his elbows, granting him greater mobility. These are also noticable weaknesses in the armor, as the chain mail is thin to allow for mobility. It is surrounded by a cold aura, often noticeable due to small icicles dangling off of the armor and Destrov's frosted breath.

Physically powerful, mentally resolute, loyal, gifted in the art of swordsmanship, confident.

Confident, naive, impatient, mild arrogance

Additional Notes
He tends to keep to himself and only sporadically speaks with his master.


The Colonel
True Blood
Feb 23, 2010
Crazy George

Full Name: Henry George Smith
Associated Names: Mad Jack
Age: Unkown
Bloodline: Necrarch
Sire: Zacharius
Generation: Someone Help me? Is it 4th or 5th after Zacharius?
Place of Birth: Unkown

Physical Description
Below average height, quite lean. Has the look of someone in their mid-thirties but has the feel of a wizened old man.

An absolute Nutter. Hard to follow at times, and prone to bouts of Short Term Memory Loss, Schizophrenia and paranoia. Has a secondary personality that emerges from time to time known as Mad Jack, who is as ruthless and sadistic as he is insane.

Brief History
Zacharius sired him as a young man to be his acolyte. However, he simply wandered off one day. In solitude, his depravity knew no bounds as he dabbled ever deeper into the black art, using himself as a guinea-pig as much as anything else for his experiments. Eventually these experiments culminating in rejuvenating – The shriveled vampire was no more, and in its place was an even more mental young man, still a vampire. However, he suffered severe memory loss, and has forgotten much of his previous life. The full effects of his mad experiments (other than his numerous mental problems) are still unknown.

Basic Stats (Numbers in brackets denote Mad Jack)


Speed: 7 – he has grown exceedingly good at, if nothing else, running away from things.

Agility: 5

Weapon Skill: 3 (7)

Ballistic Skill: 3 (6)

Raw Strength: 4 (8)

Technique Strength: 5 (8)

Toughness: 10 – One of the side effects of his rejuvenation is that he heals unbelievably quickly (As in he can grow back a finger in under a second).

Tactical Knowledge: 1 (6) – he’d have them all do the chicken dance until the enemy died of laughter.


Magical Lores Known: Vampire, Death
Raw Magical Power: 5 (9)

Magical Skill: 5 (8)

Mad experiments: Through his many experiments, he has become adept (when he can remember) at making many different potions of varying effect (Although they invariably do not have the desired effect, they always achieve their purpose one way or another).

An amulet that hangs around his neck. He created it with one of his last acts of sanity – Without it, there would be no way to keep back Mad Jack.
Although Mad Jack may still appear momentarily appear in the RP, If the amulet is taken then he will take full control.

Other Abilities

His potions can be quite useful.
He is all but invulnerable to physical attacks, as he simply heals too quickly.

If the amulet is taken, then Mad Jack escapes.
Other than when he is Mad Jack, he is no more than mediocre at fighting.

Additional Notes
He is on a quest to recover his past. Some say that Mad Jack is a shadow of his past.


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True Blood
Oct 26, 2010
Full Name: Alvrad Von Carstein
Associated Names: - (not known of)
Age: 497
Bloodline: Von Carstein
Sire: Mannfred Von Carstein
Generation: 3rd (i think..)
Place of Birth: Mordheim, during the disaster

Physical Description
Pale face, long black cloak that ends in wisps of black smoke. shoulder length black hair, fangs, bright white eyes. Wears all black spiked armour under cloak. No facial hair. Warpstone chunks embedded in parts of his flesh, one on his cheek. Around the flesh his flesh is pulsing green in time with his heart. Alvrad is accompanied by darkness all the time the room often darkening and lights going out when he enters

Alvrad is a very solitary person who spends his time roaming around cities collecting peasents for his army. He currently had no aim in life and is happy to wait for an opportunity to present itself. Not having spoken to anyone in decades, Alvrad does not know of the current " situation" but has too little emotion to start defending his mentor, he just used him as a tool for knowledge. He shuns fighting other people and prefers to raise vast armies of dead to fight for him while he blasts away with magic. However, if needs be he is good enough to kill large-ish amounts of basic soldiers. in a duel against a commander, however, he would not win. Alavrad, however, does recognise the need of physical perfection, and excercises when he can.
Alvrad is a quiet, pensive but cruel vampire whos only mission in unlike is to enjoy himself. Due to his power hungry character though, this means raising a vast army and slaughtering thousands of souls. Alvrad, is though intelligent and will form alliances where needed and break them also where needed. He has a dry sense of humour.

Alvrad is essentially rather strange as well having no-one to bring him up with etiquette, which he finds strange.

Brief History
Alvrad's mother died while giving bith to him as the meteor in mordhein had killed his mother while she was in labour however alvrad prevailed and bit his way out of his fleshy prison. While the child looked around him, warpstone hailed from the sky and cut him severely. Being too young to know what to do, alvrad let the stone stay in his flesh and it eventually bonded to him.
When Alvrad was wandering the plain, starving, Mannfred von Carstein noticed the childs, huge magical potential as he could draw upon the power from his warpstone and have a larger than usual magical control. Mannfred took him as his son and taught him in the ways of rebirth fondly, giving him the blood kiss then and there, to secure his hold on him.
After he learnt the basics, Alvrad fled Mannfred as he instinctively wanted to be alone and with no one else.
He has been since mastering the art of necromancy by living in the slums of cities and testing his ideas on the dead bodies there. When the town is eventually all dead, he will move onto his next town. Alfred has been to some major cities for experiments such as ulthuan, when he needed some high elf blood, and drakenhof, to steal a sacred text many years ago.

Basic Stats


Speed: 6
Alvrads armour does not impede him and he is used to trekking from city to city
Agility: 6
Years of refining his reaction speed and other such exercises have made alvrad rather nimble
Weapon Skill: 5
Alvrad practices with his dagger but does not go much further than that
Ballistic Skill: 2
Alvrad has never really seen the point of shooting and finds it rather silly
Raw Strength: 4
Alvrads regime has contributed a little to his strength
Technique Strength: 5
Again, only practicing with his dagger against mortals here,
Toughness: 3
Alvrad is quite tough but he flesh around his crystals is very tender
Tactical Knowledge: 6
Alvrad is used to controlling vast amounts of different undead brigs and knows how to use them well.

Magical Lores Known: Vampire Lore, Fire, Death, shadow
Raw Magical Power: 7 (needs to be discussed)
Magical Skill: 7 (needs to be discussed)


Dagger of Rebirth
This sword, was found in Mannfred's personal collection. White whisps curl around it and whispereing can be heard near it. It is so sharp that it can penetrate all but the heaviest armours with ease. When a victim dies to this sword, his soul is immediately replaced into the victims body to add to the vampires army or absorbed into the wielders body for extra magical power.
This sword basically ignores light armour and replenishes either zombie numbers or Alvrads magical potential. In war alvrad will use it to give himself a ghost retinue. Oh and it's spiky :tongue:

Cloak of shadows
This cloak gives off black smoke that wraps around the wearer. It is not clear where the cloak ends and where the smoke begins. It also, by a magical quirk, makes it hard to spot the wearer, the eye just slides over him and the wearer is ignored.
Basically this means i can sneak around. If i attack you then you will se me as the speed of my movement blows the "shadow" away. I can only re-disappear if you are not looking at me. Which kind of makes sense. If I can get into shadow I can dissapewr even If you are watching.

ALvrad's Warpsone armour
This armour, black/dark blood red on the outside, has special gold cradles on all the exposed bits of warpstone on Alcrads body, so that he can acsess their power easier.
Light armour.

Bronze spikes.
Similar to nagash's pair, alvrad uses these two bronze needles in rituals. He uses them well. Increases "magical rituals" by two.


Magical rituals

Skill 5 (7)

With his bronze needles, alvrad know how to lock people in place (in pain) and tap their life energies. He can use this for many a spell too powerful for him otherwise.


Good Mage
Alvrad has always loved magic and uses it whenever he can.

Sneaky shadow guy
Due to alvrads speed and "invisibility" alvrad can get around fast and can spy well.


Can't fight kittens
Yeh, he would never beat anyone in a fight, unless they were peasants.

Alvrad always serves his own ends and is very unused to company of any form apart from zombies. Prone to desertion and misunderstanding converstions
Jul 4, 2010
After much reading, and much enjoying it, I'm here making this flimsy attempt...

Full Name: Ennio Mordini
Associated Names: The Abomination of Tilea, The Watcher, The Hollow Man
Age: 1678 years. This is a speculation.
Bloodline: n/a
Sire: n/a
Generation: n/a
Place of Birth: The Tilean City-State of Verezzo.

Physical Description
Ennio Mordini is a skeletal warlord of old, a revived condottiero that somehow, unknown to any and all of the old-world scholars, came back from Morr's Realm through the sheer hatred he held over his back-stabbing contractor, Duke Fabriano of Organzo.

His bones misteriously mimic the living. Thin, as you would expect from a wight, he was once a tall, broad-shouldered tilean. He still wears his rotted, decayed garments that he once were when alive - a thick, golden breastplate - now rusty and murky, and the finest tilean fabrics, wearing purple and cyan as his personal colours, clad in corroded mails and ancient armour.

His eye-sockets glow with a green, eerie light. As strange as this may sound, he proudly wears such ancient clothing, and tries not to show his bony corpse without reason or need. His fingers are enrolled within a funerary pall, his skull almost hidden under his long, feathered and golden-brimmed hat, his jaw concealed under a long, moldy scarf.

Ennio Mordini was, and still considers himself a tilean. Swarthy, arrogant and proud, Mordini still wanders the Old World bringing ruin to his foes under the promise of coin. He is still a mercenary, even in his current... state of being. Ennio styles himself as a Duke of a hollow town, and still wear his fine, ancient and crumbled gear in his vanity.

He may be hollow from such things as lungs, eyes and... appendices, but he is still very sensitive, his deep, otherworldy voice sending shiver under a mortal's spine - and the immortals as well.

Mordini does not consider himself a vampire, nor dislikes them. He look upon them as fools, ever warring among themselves for superiority and power. He enjoys entering the fray under another unliving lord, if the pay is hefty and the price is right. He loves gold, but then, one would ask 'What use does a Hollow-Man have for gold?'. That's one of the misteries that follow Ennio's reputation.

Gold is his lord, but he also misses the touches of a lady. Ever since his death, Mordini have not laid a woman that willingly submited to his desires, due to his... nature and looks. But to some wicked sorcery, it is rumoured that every woman he touches shiver. It is not easy to date a fine tilean noblewoman when you are dead... and looking like it.

Brief History

Ennio Mordini was once a handsome Condottiero under the payment roll of Duke Fabriano di Organzo. He was incredibly successful at his time, all his demands met due to his terribly good skill with the sword, fine tongue, and handsome looks, he was once the most beloved warlord of ancient Tilea, and every night a fair dame would warm his bed.

As he grow ever more popular, Duke Fabriano felt his position threatened by this ascending mercenary. Under a ruse, he contracted the party of Sardo Cagliari, another famed mercenary, to end both Mordini and his Legion.

Sardo succeeded in ending Mordini, but not for long. In 5 years, Mordini arose again. Coming down from the dale he was ambushed at the front of his Nightmare Legion, Mordini let his skeletal warriors crush the city of Organzo like a falling hammer, killing every mortal in his way, and bending their carcasses and souls to his will, taking upon every captured woman his carnal desires. With his ever-loyal Renzo Avanti, and the vindictive Sardo Cagliari, Ennio Mordini laid waste to the Duchy of Organzo, leaving empty fields and burning houses as he strode towards the Border Princes, and up, towards the Appucini Mountain range, never to be seen again.

Until now...

Basic Stats

Speed: 3 (4)
Agility: 3 (4)
Weapon Skill: 4 (6)
Ballistic Skill: 2
Raw Strength: 5
Technique Strength: 6
Toughness: 5
Tactical Knowledge: 6

Magical Lores Known: Necromancy / Vampire, Shadow, Death.
Raw Magical Power: 4
Magical Skill: 5

Skillset: Siege Engineering (Generic)
Skill Level: 4


The true blade Scabscrath. This weapon have been copied by many a would-be artisan or would-be seller, due to it's legendary abilities.
This wicked blade was the most treasured possession of Ennio Mordini, and still is once of his most treasured belongings. It raises his weapon skill to an six!

The Ring of Dior
A fine, small, and particularly insignificant-looking ring, it fills the corpse with unparelled speed-sprint. For a carcass, that is.
Raises Mordinis speed and agility by a small point.

The Amulet of Change
Some say this jewel is the very phylactery of this lich-like aberration.
With a blood sacrifice, not his since Mordini does not bleed, Ennio manifests upon his bones the illusion of a his material appearance as living. A simulacrum of his fair looks, his bones take back upon the far decayd flesh and blood, his heart once more pulses with a vigour never lost. This is how Mordini preys upon the women captured by the Nightmare Legion, and walks amongst the living incognito.

Other Abilities

The Nightmare Legion
This unusual band of wraiths men-at-arms are the subjects of Mordini's will in a special way. Every one of the 150 iron-clad warriors that fought and died with Ennio at the foul ambush that claimed his life now walk beside him, cursed by his hatred into undeath. These 150 are his household, his fellow men, and unlike the skeletons of the common necromantic art, this grave guard have kept their minds, reason and rationatily over the aeons, a band of mercenaries still 'living' through undeath. As such, they still act as living, and quite skilled swordsmen, and are way better warriors than most skeletons.

Still, every blow delivered by teh Nightmare Legion that claims a life also enslave it's poor victims under Mordini's iron fist. Those remain as mediocre they were in life. The Legion now numbers almost the innumerable.

Trully Terrible Visage!
The Lord of the Nighmare Legion is a terrible creature to behold, even under his concealing clothes and scarfs, the aura of the unnatural horror that exhalates from his very bones cripples even the living dead, his legend and reputation among the immortals one of cruelty and debauchery. Mortals can barely stand his gaze, and even the vampire lords that plague the Old World tremble at his presence, such is his rename in throwing aside his rivals.

Powerful undead warrior, more than capable necromancer, fuelled and cursed by the eartly delights he can't reach under his state. His form fills even the daemons and vampires with dread. (Every living and unliving being feel that he is just... wrong. Causes Terror to everybody within 100 paces of his figure, or in eye range - whoever is closer)

Overconfident, arrogant, flamboyant, colorful, Mordini things he can take on the World, since he struck a deal with some power unknown even to him. His urge into satisfying his carnal desires and indulging himself in sensualisms can distract him from his other goals.

Additional Notes
Unlike the attractive undeath that are the Vampires, this Lichlord terrifies every creature that comes by him. He's very presence is an offense to the cosmic powers.
He is a capable warrior, but prefers to scare the hell out of his foes. The true force with him under the battlefield is the Legion that, even in undeath, fights like the better elven warriors on the field due to think and plan.
Nov 13, 2010
Full name: Carmilla (real name from ancient lahmia was nefataese)
associated names: the unspoken Countess, the unspoken one, the mistress of the castle of the stars
Age: 4160
bloodline: lahmain
sire: Neferata
place of birth: ancient Lahmia

Physical description:
like most vampires she is incredibly beautiful .her alabaster skin contrasts strikingly with her very long blood, red hair which travels past her thighs; however she usually has it tied up in some bizarre fashion, with many golden trinkets going through it. She has cold piercing blue eyes and full crimson lips.
Her lithe figure is enhanced buy her extremely elegant, elaborate and slightly revealing dress sense. This always ends with ridiculously long sleeves and a 25ft train, which she wears even in battle.

Carmilla is a devious and cunning and is not above black mail or threatening to get what she wants. She presents her self in a very calm and cold manner. Like most vampires she is arrogant and will not take orders from anyone she sees as beneath her, which she believes most vampires are. She is also cruel and capricious and as likely to turn on you as she is to aid you and is not trusted amongst the undead. Despite this there are ways she can be forced into cooperation such as bribing her with something she wants. As an ally she has much forgotten lore and is willing to teach others if the price is right. Also she holds much knowledge which can be advantageous. Despite having died once Carmilla does not want to “relive” that experience and thus she will flee if a battle goes against her. Carmilla is over confident and will merely laugh at anyone who challenges her.

Brief history:
nefataese was granted the blood kiss by Neferata as are reward for her unwavering loyalty .she proved in unlife to have an aptitude for magic and she could easily bend the winds of magic to her will. However her thirst for knowledge of the magical lore knew know bounds, she would go to any lengths to acquire it. After the sacking of Lahmia instead of following her queen north, she realised that the art of necromancy as powerful as it was, it was only a small part in the vast and ever changing wind that was magic. She swore to herself; she would acquire the power she so desperately craved by any means necessary

She sailed to lustria to scavenge what ancient lore she could from the slann. After many unsuccessful attempts and raids she discovered an ancient and long forgotten temple lost millennia ago when daemons first poured into the lands of lustria. Inside she found a tome that revealed many secrets and forgotten lore. She studied it for many months, when she had a last uncovered its every secret she destroyed it so no one else could gain from it. As she was set to leave lustria she was attacked buy a small band of lizardmen led by a slann mage-priest, they battled for hours when at last she managed to slay the ancient being, and with its death she quickly fled lustria.

She travelled around the world collecting knowledge and powerful artefacts until she discovered she had learned all she could. When she returned to the old world she built a massive and majestic fortress , which she called the castle of the stars, just outside waldenhof in on the boarders of Sylvnia and changed her name to Carmilla .when vlad von carstien became ruler of Sylvnia, he was unnerved by carmilla's close proximity to his realm and knew all too well of the legendary power she wielded, he feared she might try and usurp his lands, however he had a plan to take over the empire and decided he would let Carmilla be unless she interfered with that plan.

Over the next few years developed a reputation for her extreme ferocity along with a bloodlust, which earned her the name "The unspoken Countess” due to her rule of terror on the Human subjects, to the point that they feared to speak her name. However she not only hunted humans for blood she slew her own kind as well she became a blight upon the world believing her self invincible .Her blood lust was as legendary as the power she possessed and it was Carmilla’s legendary bloodlust that led to her demise. Vlad had grown weary of her and the terror she had spread in his lands. Vlad however feared her and did not want to openly challenge her so while she slept, he crept into he castle and plunged an enchanted blade through her chest and left it there, embedded in her heart.

However, for a vampire of her power death is very seldom permanent and Carmilla endured through the sheer force of her indomitable will and the dark magic so preciously strove to find in her unlife. Over the next few years her spirit slowly began to take form once again. Though with her second death she had lost some of her power and soon discovered that the blade vlad used to slay her bound her to her castle. though she is restricted to her castle, her spies are everywhere and there is little that happens in the world that she doesn’t know of .over the years the enchantments on the blade have begun to weaken and her spirit may now travel outside the castle of the stars from time to time . She is in search of some way to breaking the blades curse and reuniting her body and spirit. For if she does she exact her revenge on vlad's descendants until they are no more.

Basic stats
speed: 10
agility: 3
weapon skill:-*
ballistic skill:-*
raw strength:-*
technique skill:-*
toughness: 8
tactical knowledge: 8
* she is a spirit and thus her affects on the material world is limited

magical lore known: necromancy,heavens,death,fire, shadow, metal and beasts
raw magical power:10
magical skill:10

Technology: none

Equipment: none

Additional Abilities:
carmilla's powers in life where on an epic proportion though it was severely weakened with her death, with in her castle her powers are at their zenith and she is near impossible to defeat but in the outside world her if she exhausts her self to much she be force back to the confines of her castle till she recuperates her power.

Carmilla has an affinity with celestial magic and lighting in particular and it is her usual form of attack, she is also capable of generating electric discharges from he hands, she can cause just a shock or it can be fatal depending on how much power she puts behind it.

Shield :
she learned this technique from the tome in lustria it is a lesser form of the shield of the old ones the slann use with it she is able to deflect all but the most powerful spells as well as physical blows .

Bat transformation:
Carmilla has the ability to transform herself into a swarm of bats which is her preferred method of transportation and also very effective if she needs to flee swiftly to safety.

Mistress of magic:
Carmilla has a vast wealth of knowledge due to her years of study and will teach others a small portion of what she knows , to those who have what it takes and more importantly who have something she wants.

Mind powers:
carmilla can move anything with the power of her mind. Another fearsome power is the abillity to generate illusions and read her oponents minds, to see which illusion works best though these powers weaken outside of her fortress.

-she is an extremely powerful magical user and nearly unrivalled.
-mundane weapons cannot harm her due to her spirit state.
-her great knowledge on many makes her a powerful ally.
-she is willing to teach magic to those who can afford it.

-she is bound to her castle.
-if she exhausts herself she may be temporally banished back to her castle.
-she cannot be trusted.
-her obsession with power sometimes blinds her to what’s going on around her.
-her allegiance can be bought buy anyone who has something she wants.
-very susceptible to magical weapons, very powerful ones may cause her to be instantly banished .
-she did not grant the blood kiss to anyone while she was alive and now has few allies.

Additional notes:
no vampire in there right mind would help Carmilla become whole again , her bloody reign is over thanks to vlad and no one would wish for there to be another one.
Dec 23, 2010
Ok this is what I have so far. I'm struggling a bit with my bloodline, Generation etc. I would like to be able to tie my character into an existing character somehow. I have written my characters history up to the point where he leaves Ulthuan and feel that maybe I could tie a reason into the bit to follow to tie me in with another character. So if there are any characters who want to take a disturbed Bladelord under their wing or can give me a hand. Also sorry if my stats are a little high more than happy to adjust them. Thanks

Full Name: Thyrius Anar
Associated Names: Fallen Blade
Age: 924
Place of Birth: Saphery, Ulthuan.

Physical Description

Thyrius is Tall for an Elf but has a typically elf lie slender frame. He has long dark hair normally tucked behind his pointed ears. Although slender his body is well toned due to his training.


Thyrius is a loyal warrior but also somewhat of a recluse. He prefers to linger in the background and observe the actions of those around him. He is slow to trust but fiercely devoted to anyone he grows to care about. His history has left him with mental scars which make him hostile to elvenkind.

Brief History

From a young age Thyrius served as a Swordmaster leaving the traditions of the Anar family behind, and through years of devotion he was eventually promoted to Bladelord. He led a small unit of Swordmasters that were assigned to the culling of the cults of pleasure that plagued Ulthuan. Through many battles he grew close to his unit and they were as family.

Dark elves disguised as High Elf cult worshippers ambushed Thyrius and his unit. Thyrius was hit with a poisoned bolt during the battle and awoke to find his unit slaughtered and blood on his own blade. He was deceived and when returning to the White Tower he was held under arrest. Due to his previous loyalties he was granted freedom of the white tower but was unable to leave whilst the investigation went ahead. Word came to him that he was to be found guilty and made a desperate attempt to escape. In the process of escaping several swordmasters fell to the more experienced blade of Thyrius as he caught them off guard. Eventually making his way out of Ulthuan he found himself wandering the Old World in search of those who had betrayed him and a way of punishing them for their crimes.

Basic Stats

Speed: 6

Agility: 6
Has a basic natural agility due to being an elf.

Weapon Skill: 7(8)
A life dedicated to combat made him highly trained in the use of his own blade.

Ballistic Skill: 1
(See Technique Strength)

Raw Strength: 3
His training was never strength focused but more finesse.

Technique Strength: 7
A life dedicated to combat also perfected his technique although any ability with missile weapons suffered significantly

Toughness: 3
After all is said and done he is still an elf even if he is a Vampire.

Tactical Knowledge: 5
He lead his own unit which was ultimately massacred although his ability to lead would suffer due to inexperience on an army scale.


Magical Lores Known: High Magic.
Having served the High Loremaster for many years in the Tower of Hoeth ………… gained an understanding of the winds of magic and the raw abiulities used by the High Elves. This ability increased with the abilities granted by becoming a Vampire.

Magical Skill: 3


Skillset: Blacksmithing
Dedicating his life to his martial prowess …………… learnt to effectively repair and maintain his own sword and armour.
Skill Level: 4


Sword of Hoeth
Whilst serving as a senior Bladelord this sword was specially commissioned by the High Loremaster of the White Tower to be made for …………………. in honour of his many years of dedicated service. This greatsword is perfectly balanced to ……………. liking and can be wielded by ……………… as elegantly as any smaller blade.
The sword has been specially made for ………….. and is wielded with great skill and precision. Due to the nature of the construction of such a blade it feels unbalanced in the hands of anyone else. WS+1 When using his own sword.

Shadow Armour
After the massacre of his unit ……………….. became distant and spent many days wandering and searching the White Tower for an item that would grant him the ability to avenge those dear to him that had fallen. He came across a curious set of armour which was neither real nor magical but lingered somewhere in between. The suit of Armour was as light as wearing robes but offered the protection of the finest of Heavy Armour of Elven craft.
This suit of Armour grants the protection of Heavy armour without the restrictions of such. It also allows the wearer to appear unarmoured in low light/shadows.

Other Abilities

An Age of Studying
……………… Has spent many years in the White Tower and has picked up a great deal of knowledge on the culture, rituals and ways of the people of the world.

Weapon Forging /Repair / Improvement
His dedication to his art has left him with reasonable weapon crafting and repair abilities and through basic knowledge of High Elf runes can create basic enchantments on weapons and armour.


Martial Prowess, Through years of training he has perfected the use of a greatsword and is formidable in combat.

Loyal, While it takes him a long time to trust he is loyal to his cause and his comrades. Sometimes too loyal.


Overprotective, After the destruction of his unit he vowed never to allow anything to happen to those he holds dear. This can sometimes result in the blind obsession with protecting those he loves at the expense of his mission or self.

Experience, After years of training he feels superior to many warriors who wield primitive blades not custom made to them and feels his knowledge of combat makes him superior to those around him.
Eternal Hatred, After being ambushed by his kin and eventually exiled form Ulthuan he goes out of his way to maim and injure his kin rather than allow them the mercy of death. This also results in mistrust between his kin who have not yet shown themselves as enemies.

Additional Notes

He is a loyal soldier but often blinded by his emotions no longer able to keep the restraint of a Swordmaster. Susceptible to manipulation particularly females who show him kindness or kinship he can find himself fighting for the wrong side or ultimately being betrayed.
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