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  1. Corien Sumatris

    Help with my army

    Hey buddy! Lets see what we can do for ya! So to start off with you have 2 vamps already, I wouldn't worry about getting count manfred. Use that money to get more troops. Also, I would start off with only 1 necro. So in 8th edition your best bet is larger units. So 20 ghouls and 10 GG...
  2. Corien Sumatris

    Equipment 4 Female Dragon Rider

    Oh it's all good! If both models have ASL then they stike at the same step/simultaniously. Same goes for ASF. Initiative does not matter once there is ASF/ASL in play
  3. Corien Sumatris

    Equipment 4 Female Dragon Rider

    How will you be going first still? You still have ASL because of the GW and Initiative won't matter because of ASL. If you take Quickblood then you'll be fine, although you'll still be losing out on the ASF+high Init rerolls.
  4. Corien Sumatris

    Equipment 4 Female Dragon Rider

    Hmm, I personally like ASF because then you get to reroll failed hits most of the time. I would suggest either an ogre blade or a lance. Night shroud isn't bad at all! ASL to the opponent is okay, but the real bonus comes from the whole reduce strength and what not so most times they'll need...
  5. Corien Sumatris

    Cancer Benefit in Rockford Illinois

    Hey ya'll, Just a bit of an inspirational story to brighten some peoples days! So yesterday (sunday January 19th), The Games Workshop in Rockford Illinois held it's last tournament ever in the store (it's shutting down at the end of this month). The tourney was random teams for 40k, and...
  6. Corien Sumatris

    Equipment 4 Female Dragon Rider

    I'm quite partial to the blade that comes with the zombie dragon kit itself. It's long but still thin and dainty.
  7. Corien Sumatris

    Countdown from 20,000

  8. Corien Sumatris

    What's going on in your life?

    I got Pnuemonia, so that sucks. but I also got a slaughterbrute, so thats sweet! Win some, ya lose some I guess.
  9. Corien Sumatris

    Freshly embraced

    Hey! Welcome to CN! TK's and VC play quite a bit different, so if you have any questions of which direction to go with them, or you want a list proof-read then please feel free to ask away!
  10. Corien Sumatris

    CN is moving to new forum software!

    Yay!! Can't wait to see it DoN!
  11. Corien Sumatris

    Sunny's Death Korps of Krieg

    I'll write you up a list when I get home, I don't have the Guard codex memorized like I do the vamp book lol.
  12. Corien Sumatris

    New White Dwarf Format + Warhammer Visions

    I agree! The whole weekly idea is bad. White Dwarfs were bad when they had a whole month to work on it! Now they only get a week? I think it's just going to go down hill, that and the team won't be able to focus on the 1 magazine, since now they'll be putting out 5-6 a month. Quality will drop...
  13. Corien Sumatris

    2k tourney list, help

    I'm in agreement with BBB. As said, I don't think that the BSB will really help this list. It's benefits just aren't needed. Now, this may just be me, but I would drop the 2nd level from the necro since he is pretty much just there for IoN and a scroll caddy. You're probobly going to be...
  14. Corien Sumatris

    No hold bars fighting

    Ohhh okay, that's fair then!! Fluff reasons are alway reason enough to play any model in the book for me!
  15. Corien Sumatris

    Fighting Nurgle

    2 issues with the BSB thing. 1. Only vamp heroes and wight kings can be a BSB 2. Your general cannot be a BSB (except lizardmen but that's cause they're dumb)