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  1. Emicrania

    Report from world's first 9th Age tournament

    Great job! And congrats on being in the VC army book committee, I tried to be in the BG department but my English is not "fluent" enough. Go figure ^.-
  2. Emicrania

    ETC vote on new system for 2016 (Eng)

    OS Same here,but I think "some rules" won over "no rules"
  3. Emicrania

    ETC vote on new system for 2016 (Eng)

    Those are the small joy in life :D
  4. Emicrania

    9th Age Beta, discussion thread

    I'm gonna give it a try tomorrow,small warband1,5k does anybody have some tip? Other than nerfed wraith doesn't feel like have been a big difference
  5. Emicrania

    Warhammer to Kings of War

    maybe is a bit OT,but anybody tried Warthrone? It seems more dynamic than KoW,I ll give it a try thursday
  6. Emicrania

    Healing the community

    Virtues can be faked,flaws are real. Never intended to the perfect. Never will. Besides, what is my enjoyment is not up to you to judge;especially when we are on a miniature wargaming forum,a bit odd talking about immaturity? You can play "tomatina" with your miniature for all I care. I think...
  7. Emicrania

    Healing the community

    The guys from swed comp are fixing a 9th ed with various top players around the world. I do not think there is nothing to heal. Maybe to be unite ,but the cut has been made from GW. They need to bleed,imo, deeply. So maybe they will learn. Or maybe they won't,and finally we will use our...
  8. Emicrania

    Kings of War Tactics

    Am I missing something here? Where are the artifacts? Is the army composition still as the rule say? 1 horde allows 1 hero,1 monster and 1 war machines?
  9. Emicrania

    Anyone else very interested in Kings of War all of a sudden?

    I would wait August when the 2.0 comes out,but so far it feels like the kind of game I would play with ALL my minis. Is fast and easy to set up a 200mini game and don't take up a day to finish it. I haven't tried using some math,but it feels like the game could be flatened easily, so...
  10. Emicrania

    Old Jervis Johnson Article and Age of Sigmar design philosophy

    I really dont understand why everywhere in this forum there is a war of opinion where one side is trying to convince the other. If one feel and think and that the new system sucks ,I don't understand why you are trying to put em on the spot and clarify all the angles on how awesome gw is and how...
  11. Emicrania

    Overreactions to Age of Sigmar

    You see Najo,this is why people should not have power, they don't know the line between personal problems and greater good. This post is about a video of a dude burning his own miniatures, you are ( as surprisingly might sound) out of my thought. So I think is better you remove that warning and...
  12. Emicrania

    Overreactions to Age of Sigmar

    I honestly found the video boring as Ao$ itself...
  13. Emicrania

    Anyone else very interested in Kings of War all of a sudden?

    GW Ip makes me laugh,like they haven't been stealing everything they ever produced from somewhere else...
  14. Emicrania

    Anyone else very interested in Kings of War all of a sudden?

    Played Ao$ and KoW yesterday. Ao$ is fucking B.O.R.I.N.G. on top of all the problems. KoW is good,I really feel the lack of monster and light cavalry for the undead,but I really like the healing,souleach process and the balance is incredible. I played reckless and arrogant and I almost lost...