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BA - 8th Edition Review: Strigoi

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Sweeney Todd

Master Vampire
True Blood
Mar 9, 2008
I agree that it makes sense for Zombies to be Core rather than Special. I'm OK with moving them there as long as they do not count towards the minimum Core requirement. This list is supposed to be about Ghouls after all.

I think it's time for playtesting too.
Nov 17, 2010
I see your point, Sweeney, but at the same time it seems to me that causing the zombies to not count towards core is really not significantly different than having them as a special choice, and no one's going to pick them either way. The recommendation in the first place was meant to introduce some variety in the core choices for the Strigoi, because at this point ONLY the ghouls count towards core, which IMO is quite boring, as it guarantees that at least 25% of your army is just going to be vanilla ghouls, even if you maybe want some zombies or bat swarms or whatever also. I think that the army is plenty themed without practically making 1/4 of every list up in advance for you.

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
I think Zombies should count towards core, as Montesque says, there should be some other core choice as well.

I'll add that in, and we will wait until after playtesting to vote.
Apr 2, 2009
Hello there !
I'm glad that I finally found some time to post a reply. (becoming a parent for the first time consumes quite a lot of time ;) )

To be honest, pure fluf wise, the zombies should stay special. Originally Ghouls were human cannibals driven mad by the meat of the dead.
Since we are talking about a complete army based on Ghouls, there will not be much meat left on these corpses. Thats also the reason that zombies weren't even an option in the Strigoi appendix army of our previous Vampire Counts book.

I see that in the entry of the Varghkin power, the limitation for not having other vampire powers has been removed, is that the intention?
This has as a concequence that in a 3000 point battle, you can have a second vampire lord, with the Varghkin power and infinite hatred, which is ethereal (due to the Spectral Form general vampire power).

Last Friday, I had my first playtest with this new version of the Strigoi army. It was great fun, really, you all did a very nice job in creating the new rule set for this bloodline !

My army (2250 points):
Lords (405 p)
Vampire lord : level 3, Spectral Form, Blood Rage, Scarred Hide, Quicksilver, Infinite Hatred and Iron Sinews. (in Wraiths)

Heroes (505 p)
Vampire: Varghkin
Vampire: Bat form, Infinite Hatred, Iron Sinews (in skirmish unit)
Vamire: Vampiric Aura, Summon Ghouls and Blood Rage (in small Ghoul unit)

Core (694 p)
2x 15 skirmish Ghouls + Ghast (SG1 and SG2)
30 Ghouls + Ghast (BG)
19 Ghouls + Ghast (SG)

Special (345 p)
25 Court of the Ghoul King + Ghast (CotGK)

Rare (300 p)
6 Wraiths (Wr)

His army : Dwarves (this is only a rough overview of his army)
An unkillable lord on shield bearers
Rune smith

horde of warriors with GW (more then 50)
large block of hammerers
large block of iron breakers

bolt trower with rune of burning and rune of +1 S
bolt trower with rune of burning and two runes of +1 S
grudge trower with rune of +1 S and rune of accuracy
grudge trower with two runes of +1 S and rune of accuracy

The two sites of the battlefield were separated by a river (raging torrent) and nothing, except a small building on my site of the river, blocked line of sight.

My opponent deployed his complete army in the right corner (from my view point). The horde of warriors were flanked by the block of 'hammerers' on the left sight, which also contained his general. On the left flank of the warrior horde, he deployed this 'iron breakers'
containing the rune smith and the BSB. Behind this 'line of iron' his warmachines were placed. (since dwarves are smaller than ghouls, he could see my units)

My deployment was something like this :

SG1 CotGK SG2 Building
BG SG Wr Varghkin

In this way, all my units were subject to Frenzy due to the Blood Rage vampire power.

Turn 1 and 2 (vampire and dwarves)
He did not move at all and I tried to cross the battlefield as fast as possible. I took some major shouting damage on BG and CotGK, but could limit the casualties by constantly raising the fallen Ghouls during the magic phase. My Varghkin stayed behind the building, waiting for the
right moment to storm in.

Turn 3 (dwarves)
He did some positioning of his troops, to make them ready to accept the charges. Some more shooting reduced the CotGK unit to seven ghouls.

Turn 3 (vampires)
My flying vampire charged one of the grudge trowers. My Varghkin also left his hiding place. In my magic phase, the CotGK unit was increased to 15 ghouls. My flying vampire did not manage to kill the crew of the warmachine.

Turn 4 (dwarves)
Seeing the Varghkin, his warmachine found a new target to shoot at, but he luckely only took a few wounds. My flyin vamp finaly killed the last crew member and repositioned to charge the next warmachine.

Turn 4 (vampires)
During this turn, hell broke loose. The CotGK unit and SG2 charged the warrior horde, my wraith unit with my lord and the Varghkin vampire charged the iron breakers, and my flying vampire charged one of his bolt trowers. With the general in the frontline, the other units could not use his leadership and they failed their test for Frenzy. All of them failed their charge.
During the magic phase, I managed to raise the CotGK unit up to 21 again.
Combat: My lord accepted the challange of the iron breaker champion and ripped him to pieces. My Vargkin was quite hungry and took the rune smith out for dinner. His BSB however managed to kill two wraiths.
My flying vampire killed the crew of the bolt trower and overran in the second one. In the centre, the clash of the titans began. At the end of this round of combat, only 15 CotGK remained and SG2 was history. On the other hand, 12 warriors had an early meeting with their ancestors.

Turn 5 (dwarves)
His Lord's hammerer unit charged SG1 and slaughtered them.
My flying vampire killed the second bolt thrower and repositioned to charge the second grudge thrower. My lord killed his BSB and a few moments later, the iron breakers were overrun by my Varghkin and wraiths. In the center, my CotGK unit was reduced to 4 ghouls.

Turn 5 (vampires)
During the magic phase, concentrated summoning raised the CotGK unit back to 19 models.
My wraith and Varghkin positioned to charge the horde in the rear. My flying vampire charged the last grudge thrower and finished him.
BG and SG failed their test for frenzy and could not overcome the charge distance (again). In the centre the slaughterfest continued.

Turn 6 (dwarves)
His lord's hammerers unit charged BG and nearly destroyed it in one go (2 ghouls remaining).
The battle in the centre continued leaving 5 CotGK ghouls and 13 warriors.

Turn 6 (vampires)
The wraiths and the Varghkin unit charged the remains of the warrior horde in the rear. Being in the influence radius of the Lord, the left overs of the CotGK unit regained frenzy as well. In other words, the warriors didn't stand a chance. Failing their frenzy test again, the SG unit had to charge the hammerers. At the end of this combat, non of the ghouls 'survived'.

At the end of this battle, the dwarves lost all their warmachines, the warrior horde, the iron breakers with rune smith and BSB. I lost two units of ghouls and two units of scirmish ghouls. So, I've won, but most important, my friend and I really enjoyed this battle.

Later on, I will make a small review of this combat, the vampire powers I've used and the changes on the 'Court of the Ghoul King' unit.
Nov 17, 2010
Thanks for the Batrep Darkblossom :)

and in regards to the fluff for the zombies, you just made my point for me. After all, what better supplemental troops for their armies than mobile snacks? Mwahahaha!

I respect wanting to stay close to the 6th edition bloodline lists, as that's what I've been trying to stick with myself, in general, but since we've already declared all of the unit types who WERE core in that army list to be either a) special or b) not counting towards the core minimum, I felt something needed to be changed there. Now, if we wanted to leave zombies at special and make something ELSE count towards that core minimum, that seems entirely reasonable as well. Basically my main objective with the original recommendation is making it so that we don't have, essentially, a total lack of choice regarding 25% of the army.

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
Darkblossom, thank you for the feedback. I am opening a new thread for Strigoi feedback, so any further comments you can post there.

by the way, yes you was right that the Varhgkin power should not allow any other powers to be taken with it - thank you for point that out!.

I am not going to update the main list.

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