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Disciple of Nagash

Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
navigation title text is a little blurry and all the highlighted red text is pixilated.
Hmm, I don't get this, anyone else? Can you screenshot me which red text?

The only "trouble" I have is noticing the threads with new responses (bold title text). But it happens on the Vampire Counts theme as well, although less, so maybe I need glasses.
Yep, me too. I'm currently trying to mess around on how to get a blood drop showing for new posts. It's difficult. Anyone with CSS knowledge please shout up!

Great Work DoN! I don't have much to comment since I will probably continue using the light default one.
Sunny, can I used you as my test candidate for the light version? I'm trying to balance it off still having some theme but being much easier on the eyes!
ohhh, i like it!
Thanks very much!

Based on the majority of the feedback I'm going to make the new theme our default one. I think I'll let the old one still be there as a "Retro" one 😁

Raven Torrid

Staff member
Sep 3, 2011
The Post thread, Watch and More links are still white for the left and middle column in this section for some reason. If it's possible to separate it like that, I would maybe keep those three icons/links white for all the sections to keep a more unified look of the main layout.


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