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Make yourself!


Grave Guard
Nov 14, 2009


Magic Items.

Plank of DOOM!
This counts as a GW.

Double Daggers-with-awesomley-awesome-powers.
Counts as two hand weapons, and gives a 5+ ward Save.

A Book.
Once per turn, roll 2D6 to see what Genre book Evanm7 has pulled.

2... Science. Evanm7 starts babbling and cannot do anything for the whole turn.

3.... History. Evanm7 is bored by reading about N.A.K.0., or something, and throws the book. Your Enemy chooses one unit with a Champion. He may cast one spell from the Lore of Nurgle, due to the book being infected by all sorts of Vile diseases.

4.... Oops! Pass a Napkin? Evanm7 spills his drink all over the book. The roll has no effect this turn.

5.... Spanish Textbook. Evanm7 is engrossed in reading about the source of Por Favor. Evanm7 causes Fear.

6....A bad book Evanm7 is enraged at the sight of such fine pages and ink being wasted in this thing. Evanm7 Hates all enemy's except Wood Elves and 40K Orcs.

7....A Good Book Evanm7 is happy, and fights with renewed vigor as he thinks about how fortunate it was to draw The Legend Of Drizzt.
Evanm7 gains +1 Attack.

8....Science Fiction. Evanm7 is utterly disgusted by the book, and must take the path of Slaneesh to gain his Pleasure back. Evanm7 counts a level 2 wizard of Slannesh for three turns.

9....Fiction for Children. ThE UnOhOly MadnESS111. Evanm7 checks his Calender to make sure the time is right. Evanm7 may cast Gaze of Nagash for the rest of the game, with a minimum and Maximum of 2 power dice. He counts as generating two power dice each turn.

10....C0mpuTERS! Evanm7 hacks into the Warhammer Website and changes his rules to 4 wounds! Evanm7 gains +2 wounds.

11....Misca... draw! Evanm7 draws out a BugZappa! Roll on the Miscast table.

12...Warhammer Army Book! Evanm7 draws Holy Might.You may use the rules for any Lord or higher level character's rules as Evanm7's rules.
Special rules.

Getalonger! Evanm7 can join any unit, regardless of rules.

BookWorm!Evanm7 may nominate a character at the begining of the game. He may choose to Negate 1 Magic item or rune on that Character.

Aw, Just one more hour? Jasper is hungry for man-flesh! Evanm7 has the Fly rule, do to his unholy experiments.

Soldier... is that you?Evanm7 has a bad memory, and as such, is not effected by Frenzy, due to failing to hold a memory of a Grudge of a memory of a grud.... What was i saying?

Carpe Noctum! Evanm7 often visits the pocket dimesion called Carpe Noctum. He can call on any of his fellow Vampires there.
Evanm7 may summon one Vampire model to the field, once per game.
Thank you, thank you very much.Evanm7 is a magic user who uses any one Lore possible. A.K.A. Fire,Dark,High,Chaos,Ice,Gut,Vampire,Nagash, and anything else you can think of.
He counts as a level 2 wizard.

Nov 19, 2009
apologies for my post, here is ME:

That nooby VC player who actually won against an army that should have destroyed him completely

6 7 0 4 6 3 7 3 6

magic items

bottle of the bloody mead!
is it mead or is it blood?
at the start of any players turn, a single character within 6" can drink from the bottle to have strenth +2 until the end of turn

Sword of not much O-Pness
A sword, forged by the ghoul servants of the vampire. Not quite good, but it does the trick (giving it won't fall apart). "Oh my god, what is this green stuff, is that snot?"
attacks made by the sword count as poisonous attacks.

A relativly young vampire. Not very experienced on the battlefield. However, he is the primary general to ward of invasions by the demons, enjoying every single bit of it
Jul 8, 2010
Haha, this stuff is great. I guess here goes me then:

Ghostking, in the flesh


Wargear: Rulebooks, lucky yet vengeful blue artillery dice gun
Special Rules: "Hey guys! I started another army!", Rules Lawyer, Bad Guesser, Vice-President, Notebook, Causes Fear, Immune to Psychology

Rulebooks: Acts as a hand weapon (the BfSP book) and a shield (the hardcover).

Lucky yet Vengeful Blue Artillery Dice: He fires as a Dwarf Organ Gun. It will never fire less than 6 shots the whole game. (Man... my club hates my artillery dice rolls for my organ gun!) However, every fourth game, he blows up second turn instead, along with every other warmachine in the army that can misfire.

"Hey guys! I started another army!": This forces ghostking to field units from the following armies- Dwarfs, Warriors of Chaos, Daemons of Chaos, Orcs and Goblins (restricted to goblins only), Tomb Kings, or Vampire Counts. This is because of his regular starting of new armies. :tongue: However, he must insist that Dwarfs are his favorite the entire time.

Rules Lawyer: If someone in your local club tries to cheat, smack them upside the head and place Kairos Fateweaver on the board as punishment. This is because after someone in your club try to take advantage of the rules by "reading aloud" something that was not actually there, Ghostking gets very mad, and studies the Rulebook like a madman. Then he catches you in your little act, lets you cheat, and will beat you anyways. This is the story of the one time I used special characters in my DoC army (I try not to powergame, but you have forced my hand!).

Bad Guesser: I mean really, really bad. Cannon-on-a-hill-shoots-his-own-slayers bad. When guessing ranges, instead choose how many D6s you want to roll. This is your guess. (Hey... this might help me with my guess ranges!) Also, you must take a long time to finally decide how many. (also known as the "24 inches! No! 26! Ah! No! 25! Wait, let me start again!" rule)

Vice-President: Remember, he's not in charge of the club, only number two. This means if the going gets too tough, replace him with a Bretonnian Knight (the president) who must now fight his way out of the mess.

Notebook: He must squeal with delight and scribble furiously into his notebook whenever something cool happens. Those battle reports don't write themselves!

Causes Fear: His champion status in the club tourneys allows him to cause fear to casual gamers. Any regular tourney goer/power gamer is immune to this effect.

Immune to Psychology: He's seen the badly painted Tyranids kill his Daemon Prince a few too many times to be fazed by anything anymore.

Count Darvaleth

I <3 marmite
True Blood
Apr 26, 2010
Here goes:

Count Darvaleth the Pessimist


Equipment: Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour, and Shield

Special Rules: Undead, You all suck! , Oh gawd I'm doomed... , That's it I'm packing away.

You all suck!
Darvaleth despairs so loudly about the poor ability of his troops that they start to loose confidence and get upset.
At the start of each player turn, take a Leadership test. If failed, the closest friendly unit permanently looses D3 from either Strength, Tougness, or Weapon Skill, to a minimum of one. (Determine which is lost randomly.)

Oh gawd I'm doomed...
When things start to go wrong for Darvaleth, he immediately goes into a strop, and gives up all hope of victory.
If a friendly unit within 24" of Darvaleth is reduced to below 25% strength, Darvaleth must take a Leadership test. If failed, Darvaleth must roll on the following table:

D6 - Effect
1 - This is just frickin unfair!!! - Darvaleth immediately makes his full number of attacks against any unit he is in, with no armour saves allowed. If he is not in a unit, re-roll on the table.

2/3 - They're just stupidely powerful!!! - Darvaleth now Fears every unit in the enemy army, and must test for Fear as normal, regardless of the Undead rule.

4/5 - This just defeats the point of playing at all... - Darvaleth immediately loses 2 from every characteristic, to a minimum of 1.

6 - Raaaaaarrggh!!! - Darvaleth is immediately removed as a casualty, as he kills himself in utter frustration.

That's it I'm packing away
There is only so much Darvaleth can take before he will give in and leave the battlefield.
If Darvaleth's army is ever reduced to below 65% starting Victory Points value, he will immediately leave the battlefield, and relinquish his power over his undead minions. The entire army is removed from play with no saves of any kind, and your opponent automatically gains a Crushing Victory result.

Points Cost: (I thought of making it negative as he's so awful) 120pts


What do you think? xD
Jul 10, 2010
RE: make rules to represent yourself (or what you think you should be)

Andreas the Witch Hunter Hunter

4 7  5  5 5 3 5 5 9
Magic: - Andreas is a Level 2 Wizard and knows spells from the Lore of Beasts.


Multitude of Daggers - Dual Hand Weapons. In addition, due to the sheer number of daggers that Andreas possesses on his personage, he gets +1 to hit.

Moose Hide - Heavy Armour. In addition, the heavy antlers protruding from his armor give Andreas a parry save, as though he were equipped with a Hand Weapon and Shield.

Dogs of the Hunt - Andreas is always accompanied by his two hunting dogs Padrick and Bobi. They have the following statlines:
9 4  0  4 4 1 4 2 5
Note that although their Movement exceeds Andreas', they may never leave his side, unless Andreas is slain. If that happens, then both dogs become subject to the Frenzy rule.

Special Rules
Pack Hunter - Andreas may never join any unit, except for a unit of Dire Wolves. This unit suffers the same effects as Padrick and Bobi should Andreas be slain.

Points: 250


Dark Lord of Eternal Sorrow
True Blood
Jul 26, 2010
This is my attempt to create both myself and my brother as powerful vampire counts. I will post my brother's character separately.

Once a disciple of the great Count Mannfred von Carstein, Tristan fled the lands of Sylvania upon hearing of his master’s death. Determined to become the greatest Necromancer the world had ever seen, he built up his power and raised countless undead armies, even going so far as to turn his own brother to the ranks of the vampires.

Blinded by his own lust for power, he launched merciless attacks against the Skaven clans, attempting to avenge the death of the great Nagash and increase the dominion of his rule. In his last gasp of fury, he unleashed his entire undead horde against the forces of the Skaven Council of Thirteen.

He wielded a numerical advantage and far more magical prowess than his rat-bred foes, but in the heat of battle, his brother Graeme was stabbed in the back by an assassin. Overcome with grief, Tristan lost his concentration, and his grip on his undead armies slipped away. Beaten and broken, he retreated deep into his lands, where he prepared to perform one of the most powerful Necromantic feats of all time.

Disappearing into his castle alone for six long months, he toiled endlessly in attempt after attempt to revive his fallen brother. When he emerged at the end of his ordeal, Graeme stood at his side, forever changed, but once again ready to bring the Kernicks back to the seat of power.

Count Tristan (Lord)

500 Points

6 7 5 5 6 4 8 4 10


Tristan is equipped with Full Plate Armor, a shield, the Spike of Darkest Desires, and the Kernick Amulet. He carries D6 Warpstone tokens (Those Darned Rats)


He rides a barded nightmare. This gives him a combined 1+ armor save.


Tristan is a level 4 wizard and knows all of the spells from the lore of vampires and all the spells from a single lore in the Warhammer rulebook (except Lore of Light or Lore of the Heavens). He also knows the spell “Skitterleap.” (Those Darned Rats).

Vampiric Powers:

Tristan has Lord of the Dead, Summon Ghouls, and Summon Creatures of the Night, as well as Ghoulkin and Supernatural Horror. This means that he can raise Skeletons, Ghouls, Dire Wolves, Fell Bats, and Bat Swarms beyond their starting size and gains +1 when casting Invocation of Nehek on these units. Ghouls also may make a free march move after deployment if Tristan is in your army. He also causes Terror.

If he is taken along with Grand Duke Graeme in his army, he benefits from the “Blood Brothers” rules. If either Graeme or Tristan is slain, the surviving brother will lose these benefits and gain the “Unrestrained Fury” power. (Both are seen later).

Special Rules:

The Spike of Darkest Desires

Every model wounded by the Spike must take a leadership test off of its own base value (no modifiers of any kind, even from characters or the general!). If the test is failed, Tristan gains both a wound and a die to use in the next magic phase. This can be a dispell die in the opponent’s magic phase or a power die in the friendly one. This can increase his wounds past his base value up to a maximum value of 6. However, no more than two dice can be earned per phase, regardless of the number of wounds inflicted.

The Kernick Amulet

A family heirloom that passed between those of the Kernick bloodline for generations, it was not until Tristan discovered its true power that it became the centerpiece of his magical prowess.

The Kernick Amulet allows the user to re-roll one failed casting roll per magic phase or one failed dispel roll. This cannot be used on a spell of power level greater than 8+ (even an object as powerful as this cannot assist in the casting of the blackest of magics). Likewise, it cannot be used on a dispell attempt of more than 3 dice.

Those Darned Rats!

The Skaven have been the bane of Tristan for almost all of his reign. As such, he benefits from hatred versus Skaven, as do all units within 12” of him. Additionally, Tristan has scavenged equipment from his foes and knows intimately the ways of his enemy. He begins the game with D6 Warpstone tokens and knows the spell “Skitterleap.”


If Tristan and Graeme are fielded in the same army, they both gain +1 A, +1 T, and +1 S. If they are anywhere within 6” of each other, both benefit from a powerful 3+ ward save. Additionally, both may pass on their weapon skill to a friendly undead unit within 12” if they are not currently in close combat (treat them as though they both are wearing the Helm of Commandment).

If an enemy manages to slay either Tristan or Graeme, they gain the victory points for killing them both (note that the other can still be killed independently later in the game for its own VP). Also, if Graeme is slain while Tristan is the army general, your opponent does not get points for killing the general, only Tristan’s base VP.


If either brother is slain, the other immediately gains the Red Fury and Infinite Hatred powers, as well as being subject to frenzy for the rest of the game (that cannot disappear when a combat is lost).

In the event that one of the brothers was slain by the vile Skaven, then woe be the fools who get caught in the remaining brother’s way. In addition to the previous effects, the surviving brother gains a movement value of 9, as well as the “Howl of Rage” attack.

The Howl of Rage functions in the same way as a Banshee Howl, except that 2D6 + 6 is rolled instead of 2D6 + 2. Also, any unit wounded by the Howl must immediately take a panic test, adding half of the wounds it took (rounding up) to its roll.


Dark Lord of Eternal Sorrow
True Blood
Jul 26, 2010
Part 2 of my installment: my brother's character.

After his untimely death at the hands of a rat-like assassin, his brother Tristan was unable to let go of the only remaining member of his bloodline. Through powerful necromancy and twisted magic, Graeme was brought back to the world of the living.

Not truly a ghost, Graeme appeared completely rejuvenated in almost all respects, save when enemy blades would pass harmlessly through him.

Although he increased in melee power, Graeme was no longer capable of manipulating the Winds of Magic. He lost all wizarding ability, but his experience in the afterlife left him unusually resistant to spellcraft of any kind.

Duke Graeme

125 Points

8 6 4 6 3 2 6 4 6


Graeme wields a Great Weapon and the Cursed Armor of Mephisto.


Graeme is not a wizard, but does benefit from Magic Resistance (2).

Vampire Powers:

Graeme has the Spectral Form and Flying Horror abilities, meaning he is ethereal and gains the “Fly” rule.

Special Rules:

Cursed Armor of Mephisto:

The wearer may choose to join a unit of non-ethereal units. However, choosing to do results in a downgrade to a 5+ armor save. Otherwise, the Cursed Armor grants its wearer an unmodifiable 2+ armor save.

Return of the Forsaken:

Having already risen from death once, Graeme is tied very loosely both to the realm of the living and the realm of the dead. Therefore, if he is slain, roll a D6. On a roll of 4+, he returns to life with 2 wounds on his profile and is placed anywhere within 12” of the army general. On a roll of 3 or lower, he is doomed to rot eternally in the afterlife in punishment for tampering with forces beyond his control. If he returns to life this way, he must test again at the beginning of every subsequent friendly turn. On a roll of 4+, he remains alive. If not, he dies on the spot, never to return.


Dark Lord of Eternal Sorrow
True Blood
Jul 26, 2010
So obviously, the point is to get the most out of either of them by fielding them in the same army. This is why I hoped to make the combined points value 625 (exactly 25% of a 2500 point army). Otherwise, I would only be able to use one at a time, greatly diminishing their power.
Dec 8, 2010
i would be

M- 6
WS- 7
BS- 6
S- 5
T- 5
W- 3
I- 8
A- 5
LD- 9

Phone, book, Armour of the chocolate.

i may activate this device every shooting phase. every enemy untit within 24" suffers D6 S 5 attacks from the sonic beams of music.

i may open this every magic phase. no one can shoot at me while im reading the book as i am in deep concentration. this affect lasts untill next magic phase.

Armour of chocolate
this armpur is smotherd in chocolate. i have a 3+ save and any dice that wound on a 6 are discounted as they are sucked into the chocolate.

do you like me! xD

Marcus Von Drac

Vampire Thrall
Mar 31, 2009
Hehehehe. This looks fun...

Marcus the Lazy - 200pts

M 5/WS 2/BS 2/S 2/T 3/W 3/I 3/A 1/Ld 8

Newly acquired iPod

Special Rules:
Master of Procrastination

Newly acquired iPod
A recent addition to Marcus's collection of items with which to waste time, this iPod is filled with an eccentric mix of J-pop, Country music, songs from the 60's/70's, trashy 90's Europop and Queen. This crazed barrage of sound often leaves those hearing it in a state of utter confusion as they try to understand what they have just listened to.
Ranged weapon.
Range: D6+4” - roll every turn.
Effect: All units (friend or foe) within range must take a leadership test at -1 Ld. If they fail they are subject to stupidity for that turn.

Also, the iPod may be played in combat, If the player chooses to do this roll a D6 an consult the following chart:

1: Dancing in the Moonlight. Marcus is so entranced by what he is listening to he forgets to fight. He does not attack this turn and all attacks directed against him hit automatically.
2-3: 5,6,7,8! The music gets Marcus dancing around like a madman, making him extremely difficult to pin down. All attacks directed against Marcus this turn suffer -2 to hit.
4-5: Barbie Girl. Marcus automatically wins the combat by 3 points.
6: Eye of the Tiger. The music inspires Marcus to unbelievable levels, transforming him into a combat monster. Marcus gains +D6 Attacks, Strength, Initiative and Weapon Skill, as well as a 4+ Ward save for this turn.

At all times Marcus carries round with him a collection of snacks, ranging from crisps to pieces of cheese, or even the odd Pain au chocolat. No matter what the situation may be, Marcus will consume these at regular intervals to refuel himself.
If not engaged in combat, Marcus may consume 1 snack at the beginning the players turn. This automatically restores 1 wound lost earlier in the battle. His total wounds cannot exceed 3.

As a student Marcus has all the traits of one including, unfortunately, noticeable BO. Not to mention the fact he sweats profusely when confronted with any form of physical exercise, such as a battle.
All units (friend and foe) within 6” suffer -1 Ld. This is cumulative with the effects from Marcus’ Newly acquired iPod.

Master of Procrastination
Marcus is lazy. Unbelievably, epically lazy. Not to mention utterly apathetic to just about anything that may be going on in the world around him. In fact he would much rather spend his time at home on the computer than on the battlefield, but his lack of fighting skills mean he can’t really object to being recruited. Of course this lack of fighting skills makes him rather useless on the battlefield, but his apathy does make him virtually immune to fear.
Marcus may never march. Marcus is also unaffected by any spell or items that would allow him to move outside of the normal manner e.g. Vanhel’s Danse Macabre. Additionally, Marcus may never pursue after a combat.
Also, Marcus is Immune to Psychology.

Marcus has a truly monumental collection of books, ranging from Sci-fi and Fantasy to True Crime and Autobiographies, and everything in between. Not to mention he also has a massive collection of Army books and works pertaining to just about anything in the Warhammer world.
At the beginning of a battle, Marcus may choose to try and read his opponents army book. If the player chooses to try this roll a D6 after deployment but before the first turn begins and consult the following chart:

1-2: Hmmmmm, I forgot about this one... Not only does Marcus fail to find the correct army book, but he becomes engrossed in another book in his collection. Marcus may not do anything at all for the first turn.
3-4: Damn! Where on earth did I put it... Marcus fails to find the army book. No effect.
5-6: Aha! I knew it was around here somewhere. Marcus successfully finds the army book and reads it through before the battle begins, giving him an insight on how to hurt the enemy better. Marcus may re-roll all failed rolls to hit and wound against any model in the enemy army for the duration of the battle. Additionally Marcus may lend the book out to one friendly unit before the battle, allowing them to re-roll all failed rolls to hit and wound in the same manner. However, during the first turn only this unit will have to test for stupidity with a -1 to their Ld, as a result of listening to Marcus’ dreadful musical preferences.
Dec 8, 2010
no i was wrong before that is not me! this is me

M- 2
WS- 1
BS- 3
S- 2
T- 4
W- 3
I- 5
A- 6
LD- 9

Special rules

weaknagash wears the great brown warm blanket around him
This blanket keeps weaknagash warm so he is never scared weak nagash is fearless

weaknagash is famous for his infamous toast that is coverd in butter
all enemy units within 18" of weak nagash on a roll of 1-3 do nothing that turn as they are sudduced by the fanatastic smell of the toast

weaknagash is off couse insanely attaractive
all woman models with a line of sight to weak nagash cant do anything but move to weaknagash and the kill them selves as they die from the amazing charm and attarctiveness of weak nagash.

there we go thats better than the other one i didxD
Feb 6, 2011
Loefwine the Tortured
Loefwine was sired before the birth of the man-god Sigmar by a Vampire who has long passed out of the pages history. Upon reawakening into his grey unlife Loefwine was outraged to discover the fate that had befallen him: never would he see the sunrise, or hunt in the green pastures nor be able to gaze upon his wife and children again. Falling into a frenzy he tore his sire limb from limb and was left to learn the ways of unlife for himself. To this day he survives, stalking the edges of the Drakwald. Many a hunter has claimed to see a pale face leering through the branches, or heard a twig snap under invisible feet.



The Wedding Bands (Talisman): Following the death of his wife Loefwine dug up her body and stole the beaten band of copper from her finger; as she had kept hers long after his disappearance so had he. Now he wears both rings on a chain about his neck and they are a constant reminder of his great sorrow: Loefwine is subject to hatred of all enemies for every round of combat

Hunting Gear: The skilled hunter he was in life was magnified a hundredfold upon his birth into unlife; he has been able to fashion a multitude of hunting paraphernalia from just about anything.: Loefwine Counts as having an additional hand weapon, throwing daggers (multiple shots x3) and the armour piercing special rule.

Invisibility Cloak: Legends tell of a pale faced stranger appearing out of thin air, in actual fact Loefwine uses old Unberogen techniques at tracking and hiding and his cloak has been interwoven with leaves and vines to render him invisible in the woods: Loefwine has the scout special rule, in addition the cloak counts as light armour and he treats all terrain as open and if he is in a wood enemies are at a -2 to hit him.

Special rules:
He may not join any unit
If he is used as a scout and it is possible, he must scout in a wood
In addition he carries the Vampire and Undead Special rules.

Love making characters with colourful backgrounds, not sure on points though.
Apr 23, 2011
10 points + some chips and a curry sauce (this is how much real life armies hire me for)
4 4 2 4 3 1 2 3 7
Equipment: Bass guitar (counts as great weapon) Epic Beard (counts as full plate armour)

Special Rules:
Epic bass solo (done in the shooting phase)
Roll a d6.
On a 1-2 something goes horribly wrong, causing massive feedback and killing all of my troops...
On a 2-3 tis an alright solo, all enemies nearby take a Ld test, If they fail, they gain stupidity as they are dumbstruck.
On a 4-5 tis a facemelting solo, and every enemy nearby insta-dies as a result.
Sep 9, 2011
M:4, WS:4, BS:0, S:4, T:5, W:2, I:4, A:3, Ld:9

Wight sword, armor of the grave, dragon killer gem.

Vorox, before becoming undead, was the 6th son of a rich and influential merchant. Living in Northern Estalia near the frontier with Bretonnia. His family was quite wealthy. Although his father wanted him to be a courtier, he preferred to fight. He usually would cross the frontier to watch bretonnian knights. He pestered the local constable, to teach him how to fight. At last, his father relented, and sent him to train with a mercenary he used to hire for caravan protection. The man had been a captain in a mercenary army, and knew well how to fight, and how to temper the young hot head. But instead of becoming a guard, he enrolled in a mercenary band. And went to see the world.
10 years later the boy came back. He was 27 and a veteran. A strange feeling griped his heart. At first, his town, his rural world had seem so small. There were so many places to go. So much to explore, to experience. And now, he was assaulted by this longing, this need to go back to his origins and do simpler things. He remembered fondly his travels.

They went first to Tilea. A land of grapes, oranges and olives. The smell of the sea coloring everything. A land of women with fire coursing through their veins, and dark eyes a man can loose his soul into. A land of men of sort tempers, long memories, quick hands and quicker knifes.
There he fell in love for the first time. Had his first duel, and the second, third, fourth...

They were on campaign for 2 years. fighting for one prince or another. Sometimes on the same day!! After 6 horrible months chasing pirates, the general signed for work in the empire. Since he was penniless his only option was to reenlist.

The march was brutal. Blisters, sores, bad food and diseases were the only companions. When they finally crossed the mountain pass they came to The Empire. It was another land, a very different land. The climate was much colder, the land greener. Endless pine, beech and oak were the lords of this forests. The people here had big mustaches, big egos and word that was forged.
Forced to march for 2 days under soft rain, most of them got colds or worse. One we got there the count was not impressed with them. They formed. And then they were split into units, given rank and salary depending on their skills. He could read and write Stalish, Tilean, Briton and was learning imperial. This skills landed him a job helping the General and the Count. His job was to help the count's secretary: read and write all the reports for the units in the field, care for the messenger birds, write orders... It was boring, but the pay was ok. And he was learning a lot. The beastmen had fought and lost. They were now split into small warbands. They would hit anything they could take on, farms, coaches, travelers, etc.. and then go back into the forest. The guerrilla tactics had cost the count more than the direct battle he had already fought. The plan was simple. Cordon off entire sections of forest. Clean them, thoroughly. And little by little, clean up the forest. Clean sections would get a small watch tower with spotters and birds. The Count, had ordered his engineers to devise a better communication system.
There was no shortage of work. He worked for the General for 7 years. Rose twice in rank. After the beastmen, there was an ork uprising, then a caos invasion, to come back just in time to fight off the skaven. Then the elves attacked a dwarf settlement. The dwarfs demanded help with the elves, skaven and goblins attacking them. Vorox was fed up with war. He set off, on his way back home.

He came back to a simple life. He became a constable, planted apple trees, made cinder, married a plain but wonderful wife, had 3 children that were whirlwinds of chaos and mischief... A good life.

Until the undead came.
Rosio Dorsuo or Black mask as he was better known. A tilean mage that had fallen to the dark lure of necromancy. He had been expelled from Tilea. And had been fighting and raiding in Bretonia, until a coalition of nobles had driven him off.
He came like a dark curse. His dead wolves had been killing any messengers they could find. There was no warning. A small army of zombies poured into the village. The local militia formed ranks. They sent our wives, children and elderly to the mill. Kisses and tears. The exchange of good luck charms and promises. All the first act of the tragedy that was to occur.
Black mask's second in command attacked the village. He sacrificed the zombies as was his dark master command. While black mask had a more sinister purpose. Using desecrated symbols from all the priests he had killed, he cast a ritual. Green bale fire flames consumed everyone in the mill. Their terrible agony was made worse by black mask's foul magics. Death brought not rest or respite. As the flames peel away flesh and consumed bone, the souls lingered. Trapped by the ritual, they formed ranks. The innocent children, the wise elderly, the loving wives... Their souls bound under the necromancer's will.
The militia, ignorant of the tragedy at the mill, was exultant, they had killed black mask's officer. The deadly abomination had been to powerful to face honestly. They had collapsed the church on top of it. And thrown the remains into the river.
The ghosts advanced onto the village. There was no way the could have won. Black mask's laughter resounded, while the ghost children killed their parents and the ghostly elderly killed their sons.
That is how Vorox died. And since black mask made him responsible of the death of his lieutenant, he was raised as a wight.

It was 3 years until a knight of the grial killed black mask. Vorox took what was left of the army and retreated into the woods. Those who wanted release where freed. But those like vorox, who wanted to take revenge on the necromancers and the bretonians, who had left them die joined up into an army.
Dec 19, 2011
Dacob, The Shadow Incarnate

once in the small barbarian tribe of Ni'shak a small baby was placedc in to the river for reasons unknown.
he was rescued by a paladin of cleansing fire and brought up within the monastary. Then the time came when the monastary was attacked by the 'lie of undeath' the monastary was destroyed and the young Dacob was sired by the now re-deceased Count Fradulante.:suck:. he was then taught the ways of the shadow by the old withering count who was poisined by the light. Dacob,when the light finally claimed his master, became the count crusadean as the vamprey priest had named him. Dacob then travelled the land finding lost relics of unholy power then lauched his dark crusade on the dark elf and dwarf inhabited mountins near where his kingdom lay.

4 6 3 4 4 4 5 3 10

Sword of bloody vengence, Armour of massacres past, sheild of cold blood

Dacob is a level 2 shadow wizard but knows the signature spell from the lore of life due to his paladinial training.

Sword of bloody vengance:
the sword of bloody vengance has and the gorey hate and jealousy that creates the murdurous vengance. make a leadership for any wounds that are saved due to armour or ward saves. if the enemy fails the wounds count due to all the screaming due to the overwhelming emotion. undead are immune to this rule.

Armour of massacres past:
confers a 2+ armour save
the armour shines with images of the gorey dmise of dacobs foes. all units aattacking dacob must pass a leader ship test or they count as having WS1 for this round of combat only. next round another leader ship test is taken

sheild of cold blood:
this sheid makes dacob cold as death. any unit attacking dacob without un attached weaponry immediatly takes a S2 wound. e.g a dragon with a claw.
Dec 18, 2011
here we go then:
foxy the "fearless"

m ws bs s t w i a ld
4 2 1 2 4 3 4 2 7

hand weapon,shield,dark clothing,hat,faulty music machines

special rules:
ginger!!!!:slapface:,skyrim addiction,banjaxed elbow,undead,terrified of hieghts

dark clothing: foxy always wears a collection of dark clothing and hates wearing tidy and/or white clothing. this armour conveys no armour save but gives foxy hatred for any charachter wearing any white clothing.also makes foxy invincible while in combat with white clad models

hat: foxys hat keeps his ears warm but has a habit of falling off in close combat. at the start of each combat roll a dice, on a 5+ it falls off and foxy suffers -1 initiative due to his cold ears.

faulty music machines: foxys musical devices always have low/no battery. he may activate his music in any shooting phase. you must roll a dice every time you activate the music devices, on a 4+ it actually works!!roll two dice and consult the following chart tosee what music starts to play:

2:justin bieber:grr foxy takes his excessive dislike for bieber out on the device and on nearby models. the music device is thrown at the nearest unit(friend or foe) doing d3 wounds at s7. foxy then does a s10 hit to every model in 6" with no saves whasover allowed.

3-4:george murphy: the traditional irish music incites a fierce national pride in foxy making him unbreakable and allowing him to reroll missed to hits in close combat. this music also makes foxy ruminate over culture lost and he loses the ability to cast spells until thwe next shooting phase

5:slipknot: aggressive themes fuel foxys hidden warrior spirit giving hin the hatred and frenzy special rules

6-8:disturbed:AH-WAHAHA-HOW foxy imitates david draimans laugh forcing every enemy to take a leadership test at -3 or flee as they are blasted with awesomeness. friendly units can immediatley make a full movement phase

9:rammstein: the awesome beats make the world slow down for foxy, he gets the always strikes first special rule but his incomprehension of german makes him take a stupidity test

10-11:serj tankian/system of a down: foxy gets very annoyed at polititians and leaders in general he gains the killing blow special rule in challenges, but against generals it kills on a 5+

12:dommin: foxy is overcome with melancholy and takes -2 to his leadership and rerolls succesful rolls to hit

all above effects lasts until the start of foxys next shooting phase

ginger!!!!!:slapface::foxys hair colour incites jealosy and hatred in all enemies, reperesented by all who have line of sight to foxy enemies having the hatred special rule

skyrim addiction:foxy has a compulsive need to play skyrim, if there are no dragons to slay on the battlefield you must roll a dice from turn three or after one hour, on a six foxy is removed from play to play skyrim,in turn four the roll is a 5+ and so on

banjaxed elbow:due to tendonitis in his shield elbow every time foxy succesfully parrys he must take a toughness test or lose the ability to parry

terrified of hieghts:if foxy goes anywhere near a drop of more than 3 inches he will flee unless he can pass a leadership test at -20(ie a double 1)

magic:foxy is a level two wizard who knows all of the spells from the lore of the vampires(hes a bookworm)

POINTS: about 15 i should think.....any thoughts?:redface:
Apr 16, 2011
High in the peaks of the Worlds Edge Mountains, overlooking the forest of spirits, North of the Palace of the Night Queen lies the desolation of Nuimras. The ancient bastion of Saluvarnir is all that remains of this once great kingdom of men, dating back to before the time of Sigmar. This mighty citadel sits upon a lofty, jagged perch high into the clouds, black stone as dead as night reflecting the starlight and the sickly green glow of Morrslieb. No sound can be discerned above the howl of the wind save an unnerving scratch of stone-on-stone, as the shadowy figure of a giant man emerges from a dank, stale sarcophagus.

Breathing deeply of the night air Gharrack the Fellhand could not help but sneer. More than three thousand years since he was turned in ancient Lhamia, and the habits of a life long since lost to his memory endure. "What year could this be? What world do I emerge into?" He mused as he slowly cracked his neck and back, long limbs and joints stiff after centuries of slumber. He walked out onto the parapets of his mighty keep, pale skin glistening in the light of the Chaos Moon. Concentrating, awakening torrents of dark energy long left dormant in sleep. With each beat of his necrotic heart bolts of purple energy sparked between his fingertips, and as he looked out upon the shattered remains of this ancient kingdom he allowed himself one final smirk.

"I suppose it is time to greet my devoted subjects..."

Gharrack the Fellhand is an immensely ancient vampire, one of the first of Neferata's coven, and First Prime of Abhorash. After the spoiling of Lhamia, Gharrack wandered the ancient world searching for glory in great deeds, exemplifying the code of honour and martial discipline laid out by his great mentor Abhorash. Far across the world he traveled, finding great beasts, champions of men, elves, orc and dwarf, besting the chosen of chaos, but always being deprived of a true challenge.

Far in the north, Gharrack was cutting a swathe of trollblood through the frigid wastes of High Pass to cure his ennui when the news of Abhorash's victory over the great wyrm reached his ears. The prospect of drinking from an ancient drake of mighty power inspired Gharrack, and he set off to follow in the footsteps of his mighty captain.

Finding a great Carmine dragon deep in Naggaroth, Gharrack battled with the beast, and with one mighty swing of his greatsword, severed the beast's head. Showered in a geyser of blood from the drake's final heartbeats, he too was cured of his unnatural thirst. So too was he filled with the magical essence of Shyish, which pulsed through the dragon's veins...

Gharrack the Fellhand - 650 pts (feedback?)
5 9 3 6 6 4 7 4 10

Gharrack is a level 3 wizard, and knows all spells from the Lore of Death

Weapons and Equipment

Sword of the Fellhand
Gharrack's sword is an elegant yet unremarkable weapon, but of unquestionable quality. How he uses it on the other hand...

The Sword of the Fellhand may be used in two different ways (choose one before the end of the magic phase which will precede combat). Effects last for one round of combat only

1) ManflayerGharrack has such disdain for weakness that he hacks madly to get through infantry to get to more suitable targets. Against rank-and-file, man-sized units, Gharrack hacks through multiple bodies at once. Every wound that Gharrack inflicts on a unit is multiplied by d3, however enemies will get a +1 to hit him in that round of combat as he butchers with reckless abandon.

2) Whispering ChillGharrack may choose to "consume" one power/dispel die, infusing his sword with the power of dark magic, sucking away its victim's very soul. The sword then behaves exactly as the frostblade, however is still counts as a great weapon for all intents and purposes.

Armour of the Abyss/b]
Gharrack tore this armour from the frigid, brittle bones of a long dead king. Those who gaze into its jet-black plates become transfixed by macabre visions, and if they linger too long, may find themselves lost in the void forever

Full Plate Armour. Models wishing to hit Gharrack in close combat must pass a leadership test at -1 to attack. If failed they are unable to strike. This only affects models in base contact with Gharrack. Also, if an identifiable model (ie. not rank-and-file troops) fails their leadership test again, they take a wound with no saves of any kind allowed. This continues until they pass the leadership test, combat ends, or either model dies.

Ring of the First Prime
An ancient heirloom from Lhamia, this ring was gifted to the First Prime of the city guard for centuries. As Lhamia's last First Prime, Gharrack carries the ring still, and has infused it with the powers of dark magic. This ring holds immense sentimental value for Gharrack, and as such he used it as a repository for captured souls

Once per game Gharrack may impose his will upon the tortured souls trapped within the ring. Suddenly the ethereal hands and faces of the dead erupt from the seal on the ring in a flash of purple energy. This attack replaces all of Gharrack's normal attaks, and acts in exactly the same way as a Terrorgheist's Deathshreak

Vampire Gifts
Dark Acolyte (included above)
Forbidden Lore (Death, included above)
Infinite Hatred (re-roll to hit)

Special Rules
Midnight Juggernaut

Activated Ability. Gharrack loses himself in bloody celebration as he maims, mutilates, and dismembers.

All Effects Cumulative
10 wounds - Onslaught - Gharrack is filled with an immense killing-induced euphoria and clarity. May re-roll to wound
20 wounds - Bloodlust - Gharrack's euphoria yields to an all-consuming bloodlust. Is now subject to frenzy
30 wounds - Massacre - Gharrack is truly a midnight juggernaut. Inflict d6 S5 Impact hits

Zombie Carmine Dragon
Morr'oul is the dragon that Gharrack bled dry on the shores of the Lakes of the Abyss. So infused was this drake with dark magic that even in mindless undeath it retains its natural instincts, and magical power still flows through its veins

6 6 0 6 5 5 5 5 6

Special Rules
Undead, Fly, Large Target, Terror, 5+ Scaly Skin,

Necrotising Breath - Breath weapon attack. Morr'oul expels a great cloud of purple magical essence, peeling flesh from the bone and turning armour to dust. Any model hit suffers a strength 3 hit, no armour saves may be taken against it. So gruesome is the death in store for Morr'oul's victims that any regiment taking one or more wounds must immediately take a panic test.
Sep 17, 2011
The Grim Medic
Points: ?

The Grim Medic does his best to save lives, but too often he is seen as the herald of doom. He likes to get where he's going, and get there fast. The Grim Medic is quick, but his equipment slows him down. He'd much rather spend the day in quarters drinking coffee, and don't you dare say the "Q word."

M7. WS3. BS3. S3. T3. W2. I7. A3. Ld8

Always strikes last (his equipment takes a while to set up), poisoned attacks (lots of goodies in the drug kit).

Special Rules:
CLEAR! Instead of making his normal attacks, the Grim Medic may inflict a single S6 auto hit on a model in base contact. If the hit wounds, it ignores armor and ward saves. If, however, it fails to wound, the model gains a wound. (This may increase Wounds above starting value.)

Cheating Death: when a character within 14 inches loses its last wound, immediately move the Grim Medic into base contact.
Roll a D6:
1-4 Dead is dead. The model is removed as a casualty. (The Grim Medic's work here is done.)
5 Stabilized. The model has 1 Wound. (Sometimes this stuff works.)
6 It's alive! The model regains all Wounds to its initial value. (It's almost like he k.pas what he's doing.)

Disclaimer: While I am a paramedic, I love my job. This is just a bit of dark humor and in no way portrays how I view medics in real life.
Jun 28, 2014
Hmm, mine wouldn´t be all that awesome in the World of warhammer, I guess something like this:
M 4 (average)
WS 2 (barely any training with weapons)
BS 3 (depending on weapon, I´m a decent shot with rifles, handballs & a decent Dart player)
S 4, maybe even 5 (I bench about 150 kg, which I guess is about 320 lbs)
T 4 (been a goalie in handball as well as football, can take hits better than the average man)
W 1
I 4 (got a bit of reflexes due to the years being a goalie)
A 1
LD 7

Specialrules: well none, I don´t think my work (teacher) or my hobbies (gaming in various forms, working out has already been added to stats) would give me any kind of advantage on the field of battle.

Points: 8?
Dec 26, 2013
Adam Ad Adamstein

M 4 WS4 BS2 S4 T4 W2 I7 A2 LD7

Special Rules:

Charm: Target model in base contact takes a LD test with a -2 modifier. If failed that model can't make any attacks this turn. Use this ability only during your shooting phase. Models that are immune to psychology are unaffected by this.

Stamina: At the start of turn 3 Adam gets +1 Attack and +1 Wound. This represents Adam's superior stamina and persistence as other troops begin to tire from battle.
May 30, 2014
Firstcape the Alcoholic Engineer:

M - 3
WS - 6
BS - 1
S - 6
T - 2
W - 6
I - 1
A - 4
LD - 4

Firstcape has 1 mouse (counts as HW) and keyboard (counts as shield).
Firstcape wears no armour but has a 6+ ward save due to his drunken stumbling.

Special Rules:
Always Drunk: Once per turn roll 2D6 and consult chart below for rules: (after each turn the effects wear off, except for special rule "Smashingly smashed").
2: Hilariously tipsy: Control Firstcape as a usual, nothing happens.
3-5: Drunk: Firstcape has the special rule stupidity.
6-7: Getting there: Firstcape begins to sing and dance away without care or concern, all Empire troops within 18" gain +2 Ld. Firstcape has the special rule stupidity. Firstcape's ward save increases to 2+.
8-10: Philosophical meanings: Firstcape has gone deep into a heated debate about Engineering with anyone who will listen. All enemy and friendly units within 6" cannot move or initiate combat, such is their confusion at this so called "general".
11: Sobriety: Firstcape has drunk himself sober, he is depressed but nothing happens.
12: Smashingly smashed: Firstcape is so drunk he becomes a massive target for anything shooting at him, he flings himself at bullets/cannons/arrows with such reckless abandon that the Empire forces around him are heartened. Firstcapes can be seen by any shooting unit within 18", regardless of terrain. Firstcape has the special rule stupidity. Firstcape's ward save increases to 2+. All Empire troops within 18" are overcome by Firstcapes bravado and gain ASF, +2 S and +2 Ld.

The next Empire turn proceeding after a "Smashingly smashed" result remove Firstcape from the board. He's too drunk to carry on.

Pretty accurate of me!
Oct 16, 2011

M - 6 (I run everywhere these days, so I'm a fair bit faster than most)
WS - 2 (if my dancing's anything to go by)
BS - 3
S - 3
W - 2 (I refuse to admit injury)
I - 2 (My reactions are up there with my musical tastes for 'worst things about me')
A - 2 (I can be a bit of a maniac)
LD - 10

Spineyrequiem has two hand weapons and wears heavy armour


Immune to Psychology

Due to his love for heavy metal, Spineyrequiem is immune to the screams of banshees and any other sound-based attacks.

No depth perception: If Spineyrequiem somehow acquires a throwing weapon, he counts as BS 1 when using it.

How can you sing so high?: Spineyrequiem may make a scream attack with the same effect as a banshee.

Improvised weapons: If Spineyrequiem does not move in a turn, he may attempt to make some weaponry. Roll a D6

1: Whoops... Something messes up, and Spineyrequiem takes D3 S5 Flaming hits

2: So THAT's how you make nerve gas! Place the large blast template over Spineyrequiem. Anything touched by it (including Spineyrequiem) is immediately removed as a casualty unless they pass a ward save.

3: Napalm: Spineyrequiem gains a S3 Flaming Breath Weapon. When it is used, roll a D6. On a roll of a 1, Spineyrequiem takes D3 S3 Flaming hits as he inhales at the wrong moment.

4: Grenade!: Spineyrequiem gains a throwing weapon with the following profile

Range: 6"
S: 4
Small Blast Template

5: Zip Gun: Spineyrequiem gains a pistol

6: DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA!: Spineyrequiem gains a ranged weapon with the following profile

Range: 18"
S: 4
Multiple Shots (3D6), Armour Piercing, Move or Fire

Cute... If Spineyrequiem is in combat with any sort of monster (including monstrous infantry or monstrous cavalry) or swarm, he will automatically attempt to saddle break it. Compare his strength + D6 with the monster's + D6. If Spineyrequiem's total is higher, he successfully saddle-breaks it and counts as mounted on it for the rest of the battle (he is carried along by swarms). Any existing riders are thrown off. If the totals are equal, or the monster's is higher, Spineyrequiem is squished underfoot and removed as a casualty.

I have no idea how many points I'd be worth.