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Show us your Wight King (mounted or unmounted)

Mad 'At

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True Blood
Looks good @Senzo, the patina especially, and I quite like the banner too. Never liked sculpted motives much but painting it one colour like that makes it look really ghostly.
That is a really cool mini @Theerteen I love the banner. Which model is it?

Here's an old conversion project I did in my teen years:

The red duke's mount, the blood dragon vampire's lance and body, archaon's shield & an old metal grave guard's head topped with the mounted wight standard bearer's wings.


Cheerful Cranium
Thanks ;) which one do you mean? The mounted wk is a completely free designed mini, from parts of a bret knight, black coach, chaos warriors, and of course skellies ;) the other one is a converted usual chaos warrior with an orc banner and skellie parts.

Yours is cool, has a very oldschool style!
@Theerteen The guy on foot rocking the banner, very cool conversion.

He probably looks old school due to the green base and all the red :lol: GW loved their red. It's a cool colour choice but a bit too widely used, I think. My latest VC creations are black and dark blue.