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Jan 24, 2008
RE: The background of your Count.

Name: Drako von Carstein
Age: Over 800 years
Sire: Mannfred von Carstein
Current Location: Fort Blood Maw; home of the late-Bloodfist Ogre tribe, on the Sylvanian border
Walach Harkon - his teacher, the only Vampire he will bow down to
Mianah von Carstein – a beautiful dark-skinned enchantress from the south. She saved Drako from the sun’s deadly rays. In return she recieved from him the Blood Kiss. The two enjoy a sparodic relationship. Since her induction into undeath her beauty and magical capabilities have greatly increased.
Derek Harkon - Blood Dragon Knight, sees Drako as a chosen son of Abhorash next to Walach in martial prowess
Baron Adrulza – A former Champion of Khorne, his body was resurrected when Drako von Carstein broke into his tomb. In death he serves as Drako’s personal Standard Bearer.
Vogan Reichtler – A former member of the Amethyst Order, he was forced to flee the Empire after being accused of heresy. He now follows Drako von Carstein.
Krugaar – A former Strigio Vampire, Krugaar made the mistake of attacking Drako’s camp while he and Mianah while they were busy being intimate. Smashing his way into the lovers’ tent the Strigio was subsequently beaten short of death. Imprisoned and beaten repeatively, the vampire gradually went mad. He follows Drako around like a scared puppy.

As human and then as a vampire he was very handsome. After being left to die in the morning sun, much of his body remains blackened to this day. Thanks to the glamour placed on him by Niamah, he has retained his handsome features, giving him a very disturbing appearance. In battle he wears a suit of blood red armour, given to him by his mentor Walach Harkon.
Those who have met him, describe him as being very dark, intelligent and bitter. He uses his disturbing appearance to his advantage. In battle he fights with a perfect blend of savagery and skill.

Drako is very dark and bitter. His warriors’ discipline gives focus, whether he is in battle, hunting and politicking. His mind is constantly in motion, focussing on how he can further his power, eagerly accepting allies, including the surviving Ogres of Blood Maw, and loose ties with the Druchii and Chaos Dwarf slavers, and with the Knights of Blood Keep.

In life he was a skilled warrior and a very ambitious youth. Seeking favour from the count of Stirland, he travelled to the Sylvanian court, hoping to persuade the new count, Vlad von Carstein to support Stirland’s bid for the throne. He was not seen in his home province until the beginning of the Vampire Count’s first invasion as a member of the undead Sylvanian nobility. After Vlad was struck down by the Ottilla’s general, Droko became involved in the power struggle. Seeing him as a threat, Mannfred von Carstein challenged and beat the younger Vampire in a duel and left him to die in the sun. He was saved by an escaped slavegirl named Niamah. Having knowledge of magic, the young woman was able to create a glamour to protect Drako from the sun and somewhat restore his appearance. In return he gave her the Blood Kiss and swore to one day take his revenge on Mannfred.

Learning that Vlad was dead and the war over, Drako and Mianah travelled north from Altdorf to Blood Keep. Impressed with the Vampire’s skill and determination, Walach Harkon allowed him a place in the keep. After the Keep’s destruction, Drako and Mianah began gathering arcane texts and inform on Mannfred’s whereabouts. From a mysterious Seer, Drako learned that he was not sired by Vlad (as he’d been told, but by Mannfred, the very one responsible for his suffering. Since he “acquired” Fort Blood Maw from the Ogres, Drako has come out in the open in Sylvania, and has played a large part in the defeat of the Chaos forces in Sylvania. He hopes that he can gain enough support to overthrow Mannfred. Aiding him are some of his comrades from the Blood Keep.
Jun 2, 2008
RE: The background of your Count.

Name: Unknown
Titles: The Dark Mentor, The Dark Tutor etc.
Age: 2500+ Older than the empire
Sire: Many vampires and humans have come to him to learn the way of the vampire the most famous being the (need name for blood dragon who is good at fighting and can do magic (but not good at it.))
Current Location: A dark tower surrounded by mist. Empire has not had the guts, for the fear of the supernatural, to take it over as they believe it is empty and seems to be unguarded.

Once a handsome young vampire, he now is stooped and is blind. He only wears a simple black cloth over his eyes. He wears dark red, light armour and a plain, black cloak and shoulder length hair.

Born before the Empire was born, when it grew, the Dark Mentor watched and offered help to vampires to train. Whoever he was trained by, was good, although weak and, compared to other vampires very feeble he is a master of the Rapier and even better at magic. He relies on an organ, charged on dead souls to maximise his potential magic powers. Although he only knows the lore of vampires, he knows every spell and knows how to tell how the winds of magic will change; therefore he has a lot of power at his disposal. Many famous vampires including many of the Von Carstein bloodline, Blood dragons and other bloodlines have been trained by him. Many of his pupils seem to believe he reads minds as, often, when they believe that they can kill him, they find a sword to there neck and a choice. He also seems to know whether to forgive them of not, when they will try to kill him again. Although he has not openly attacked the Empire yet, soon he will and no man will stand in his way.

Trevy the Great

Vampire Progenitor
True Blood
Mar 2, 2008
A place somewhere.
RE: The background of your Count.

The Dark Mentor said:
Sire: Many vampires and humans have come to him to learn the way of the vampire the most famous being the (need name for blood dragon who is good at fighting and can do magic (but not good at it.))

Might want to PM Katrina Moulan. Her fluff fits that description (unless you are looking for someone who is not an actual, you know, person).

Xavier Darkmoon

Apr 14, 2008
RE: The background of your Count.

Name: Dmitri
Title: Knight captain of the Legio Draconis
Origin: Praag
Age: Unknown.
Sire: In life he answered only to Tsar Alexandr I
Current Location: Northern Wastes
- Lieutenant Armand: His second in command, usually leads the Knights Draconis into battle
- Little Mina: Dmitri's daughter, a stunning beauty, a true “Femme Fatale”. Has a particular liking for Zombies
- Xavier the blind: The Old Blood dragon that brought back Dmitri and his family from the brink of death.
- Ragnar the Wolf: Ragnar felt at ease out in the wilds, usually scouting the lands for hostile movements, or hunting with his hunting dogs.

Appearance: Is rarely seen at all, mostlyin his shining silver armour when riding out.

Mentality: Protects northern Kislev like he did in life. Only riding further out to hunt down rumours about the Necrach who killed his family.

Background: In the Northern reaches of Kislev bordering the Northern Wastes once stood Draconisburg the Bastion of the Knights Draconis. The knights protected the North of Kislev from the chaos invasions, and monstrosities that inhabited the Northern Wastes and the Dreaded Troll Lands. The Knights were a awesome sight to behold. Clad in armour of pure Silver and riding Great Lizards that were found only in the Northern wastes. You could only join these knights by catching and taming one of these Great Lizards and thus showing your strength and cunning.
The Legio was led by Knight captain Dmitri, a chivalrous knight originally from Praag.
Nearly five centuries ago a terrible blizzard blew over the lands of Kislev. Contact was lost with many villages and castles. All people knew this was no normal storm but the ice mages of Kislev couldn’t find a source for it nor could the bring the magic at work to an end. The Storm raged on for nearly a month, after which it vanished as quickly as it had emerged.
Tsar Alexandr send out riders to the villages and castles they had lost contact with during the storm. Most had survived the storm. But the area near Draconisburg was deserted, villages had been destroyed or abandoned of the people no trace remained. Of Draconisburg the riders found no trace, it seemed to have vanished with the storm.
Several years later Tsar Alexandr got word of a great chaos army travelling south towards Kislev so the Tsar summoned his army’s to meet this new foe. The Tsar planned to intercept the enemy near the village of Leblya. When they arrived at Leblya word got to the Tsar that the chaos army was in already in full retreat. He send Lancers after them to monitor the retreat and make sure they were driven back to the Chaos wastes.
Rumours from the local villagers told of Knights in silver armour scattering the evil warriors. And as soon as the enemy was driven off they vanished into thin air.
Since then many rumours have been spread about these strange knights, and only a few know the truth, The Knights Draconis still ride to protect Kislev
(this is a short version, currently working on the bigger one, but missing inspiration at the moment)

Statistics: Vampire Lord with
Red Fury, Infinate Hatred, Summon creatures of the Night
Balefire spike, Walach’s Bloody Hauberk, Book of Arkhan
Riding the remains of his dragon Z’raxis


Vampire Count
True Blood
Jun 28, 2008
In the Deep Darkness of My Mind
RE: The background of your Count.

Vyacheslav von Carstein
Vampire Lord

Name: Vyacheslav (family name unknown, as he was orphaned).
Current Title(s): Voivode of Sylvania, Last surviving member of Second Generation, and True Heir of Vladimir von Carstein.
Former Title(s) as a Vampire: Former Spymaster during von Carstein incursion into Mordheim, and Former Bearer of the Drakenhof Banner.
Former Title(s) as a Mortal: Seneschal of the Drakenhof Guard, of Sylvania.
Origin: The City of Drakenhof, Sylvania.
Current Location: Drakenhof Keep, Sylvania.
Sire: Isabella von Carstein, wife of Vladimir von Carstein.
Bloodline: von Carstein, Heirs to Vashenesh.
Age: Sired at the Age of Twenty Seven, now approximately Seven Hundred and Thirty Years Old

- Height: Approximately 5ft 11’’.
- Weight: A wiry, slim, muscular body weighing approximately 155Lbs.
- Hair: Dark Brown stylised as that of my Avatar.
- Face: Vyacheslav is a handsome man with a large prominent nose, high cheekbones and a pale, marble like pallor.
- Eyes: Crimson.
- Casual Clothing: When engaged in roles of Aristocratic nature Vyacheslav dons an eloquent black suit, over which he weirs an ankle length cloak, which is also black, but with a red inside.
- War-gear: (Armour)- In battle Vyacheslav von Carstein dons a suit of plate armour, highly similar to that worn by Vlad during the First Vampire War, it features sharp accentuated edges, which can in battle be used to slice against his foe's skin.
(Weapon)- Vyacheslav von Carstein always carries Timor Noctis into Battle. This massive two-handed sword has a Dragon-scale hilt, a huge black onyx for a pommel stone, and its name – meaning Night’s Dark Terror- emblazoned on its blade.

- Vyacheslav is a reserved, introvert who prefers to view life from a distance, only making his mark where he feels he will succeed, but if provoked he can become an aggressive individual, and is known to be overcome with spouts of uncontrollable rage, from which he can only be calmed by his wife Ingrid.

Summarised Background:
Vyacheslav was born twenty seven years before the coming of Vladimir von Carstein, and his claimant upon the throne of the Imperial Principality from the von Drak’s. Following the von Carstein’s instatement as ruler of Sylvania Vyacheslav rose quickly through the ranks of Sylvania’s Drakenhof Guard, until at the age of twenty nine in the year 1799 he held the title of Seneschal. Shortly after this during the years winter Vyacheslav was seduced by the dark beauty of Isabella von Carstein and became her first get. Fearing what repercussions this could be brought upon himself by Vladimir von Carstein, Vyacheslav was relieved when he found that von Carstein was pleased with Isabella’s actions of siring Vyacheslav. Following this began the siring of important members of Sylvania’s aristocracy and spread of Vampirism throughout the Principality.

Over the next two hundred years Vyacheslav von Carstein rose to become an important member within the von Carstein council chambers, discussing matters of both Intelligence and Military with the von Carstein. Vlad’s ambitions to instate himself as Emperor where beginning to bear fruit and following the destruction of Mordheim, Vyacheslav was sent as Spymaster of the von Carstein house to recover as much Warpstone has possible to aid the Count in his ambitions.

After his successes within Mordheim, Vyacheslav returned to Sylvania. Where, in the year 2009 married, the enchanting Ingrid von Carstein who had been sired three years previously, also by Isabella von Carstein.

In 2010 as the von Carsteins began their march upon the Empire, Vyacheslav von Carstein captained Vladimir’s personal bodyguard and bore aloft the infamous Drakenhof Banner of Sylvania, which had been tainted with the von Carstein’s dark magic to all creatures of towards it.
Following the fall of Vladimir von Carstein and the suicide of Isabella, Vyacheslav returned to Sylvania. Where in the following years saw the feud of the remaining second generation for the leadership of the house. Eventually, Konrad von Carstein, later to be known as the “Blood Count” emerged victorious of his blood brothers and claimed the mantle of Count of Sylvania. Shortly following this Vyacheslav departed Sylvania and ventured north into the Empire. Of his time here not much is known except that he and his wife in Unlife Ingrid sired a dozen of the most capable individuals they encountered. From this Vyacheslav formed a coven within the Stirland Capital of Wurtbad and was to remain there for the next hundred years.

In the last dying days of the twenty second century since the Coming of Sigmar, Vyacheslav returned to Drakenhof Keep, with his wife and a small group of his most loyal gets. What they found was a deserted citadel, all of the Second Generation had been destroyed par them, and it was time for Vyacheslav von Carstein to take up the crown which was rightfully his.

Strengths and Powers:
- Vyacheslav is a natural leader after his years within the Drakenhof Guard and through his experienced gained from the first Vampire Wars, where his word held weight comparable to that of Vladimir von Carstein.
- Vyacheslav is highly skilled in the art of combat particularly pertaining to the usage of great swords, and long blades, which in his current vampiric form Vyacheslav is able to wield with remarkable ease.
- On the subject of Necromancy Vyacheslav was tutored by none other than Vladimir von Carstein himself, who was the first individual to introduce Necromancy to Sylvania. From this teaching he became an accomplished Necromancer; however he is not at all comparable to the true masters of the art, Necrarchs.
- Vyacheslav can like a select few of the von Carstein line shapeshift into a wolf at will. This allows Vyacheslav to cover ground quickly when other forms of transportation are unavailable and also in this form Vyacheslav remains a consummate fighter.
- Vyacheslav has an exceptional knack to recover from wounds incredibly quickly even for a Vampire which is further more amplified by the presence of his sword which when made wet by the blood of his enemies, rejuvenates Vyacheslav to fight onwards.
- On the subject of resistance to the sun, its effects upon Vyacheslav are all but non-existent; however he is prone after many years spent underground to be susceptible to light sensitivity.
- Of all of Vyacheslav von Carsteins powers his most unique is the ability to blend in with his surroundings, such as a chameleon changes the shade of its skin. This trait is quiet uncommon within the von Carstein line, and led to increasing ease for Vyacheslav in his former role as Spymaster.

- Vyacheslav von Carstein is a proud individual, and this sadly leads to a small amount of recklessness which could bring about his untimely demise if it is not kept under control.
- Vyacheslav’s love for his wife Ingrid von Carstein could bring around vulnerability within him, as they have kept each other sane over the past five hundred years and Vyacheslav would do anything not to lose her.

- Ingrid von Carstein, Vyacheslav’s Wife.
- Andrea von Carstein, Vyacheslav’s Second Get, an individual with much prowess in combat.
- Vadim, a Necromancer of Vyacheslav.
- Klavdii, a Necromancer of Vyacheslav.
- Isabella von Carstein, Vyacheslav’s sire.
- Mannfred von Carstein, Current Count of Sylvania.

"It is the natural way of things. The strong prey on the weak, in the wilderness and in the stone cities of men and Emperors. Yet we are careful not to take too much from you, for that way would lay our own starvation. You do the same with you kine and your sheep - you even protect them from other predators, just as I do with the people of Sylvania. Am I not a caring and gentle shepherd to my flock?"
-Vyacheslav von Carstein, Vampire Lord of Templehof

Meier Lenk

Black Knight
Aug 29, 2008
name: Meier Lenk.
Sire: Unkown
Age: 921 years in death

Prior to his birth-in-death, Meier was a relatively unimportant Bandit Warlord, one of many that traveled and raided along either side of the Worlds edge mountains, and despite his best efforts, he never particularly managed more than that. Despite his relative insignificance, and the fact that he was very careful not to bite of more than he could chew, he had the misfortune of attracting the attention of an Imperial detachment stationed at one of the many Forts gaurding the passes from east to west. Ultimately this stroke of misfortune was, given time, to become the spark that set the flame of his destiny truly burning. Meier was ambushed in a small forest near the pass-fort, with barely 50 of his band with him; despite this, his keenly developed knack for getting out of trouble with a minimum of fuss might have saved him, but for the sudden and umbelievably fast onslaught of the garrison commander and his small gaurd. Meier's band was quickly surrounded and Meier, in the confusion, was born over, felt a sharp pain in his neck....and next he knew it was night and he was surroundded by the corpses of both his bandits and most of the garrison....(tbc, probably as a proper story)

*edit* i thought id add my vamp's outfit since others have :)

Vampire lord Meier Lenk: Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death [2x hand weapons-sword and demon claw thing-as hand weapon], Aura of Dark Majesty, Nightshroud, Carstein ring.

his basic idea is endurance-i aim to have him and a unit of skellies get acquainted with the killiest unit the other guy has, and keep it from frustrating my efforts elsewhere. as such ive kitted him out to be able to keep his unit going magically, without being overly necromantic. hes a pretty damn expensive speed bump, but i figure most would try and kill him off quickly sa they can, so im gonna knacker that up, whilst not knackering my army in the process.

Christophe von Carstein

Vampire Count
True Blood
Aug 30, 2008
Newcastle upon Tyne
name: Christophe von Carstein
sire: Mannfred von Carstein
age: 393 years in death

Christophe's life before siring into Vampirisim like many others has passed into myth and legend. but what is known is his life of undeath. sired in the Imperial Year 2130 by Count Mannfred von Carstein of Slyvania.
Christophe was from an ancient noble family from the north. He was trained in the art of necromancy by Mannfred which proved interesting to say the least due to the taint of chaos that flowed through his vains from generations past as his family was rumoured to have worshipped Khorne the Blood God.
After Mannfreds death at the Battle for Hel Fenn rather than fleeing back to Slyvania where he felt he would be hunted down he fled east to the land of Naggorath by capturing a ship and forming his Zombie crew that was to take him there. he sailed to Karond Kar as that is where Morathi and her sorceresses practice their foul spells. After much need of persuading the Dark Elves to aid him in mastering the winds of magic they helped him learn so that when the time was right Christophe would return to Slyvania and succed where so many others had failed. However there was one thing in the lands of Naggorath that Christophe believed he would never feel again and that was a love. To a Dark Elf Sorceress more beautiful than Neferata. Christophe had heard of how Vlad had fallen in Love with Isabella but he always believed it to be myth and that it was more likely lust then love but he never believed it until he felt it for himself. This Sorceress was powerful and had a lust for blood that only a vampire could match. So he sired her into Vampirism she would have died had it not been for there ties to the Winds of Magic and The Chaos Gods. Around 2520 During the great Storm of Chaos rumour grew of an vampire lord who claimed to be Von Carstein and claim himself Count of Slyvania. It was now that Christophe felt it was time to return to Slyvania and claim what he believed what was now rightfully his. So he and Leonora the Dark Elf Sorceress boarded a Corsair raiding fleet who dont take kindly to stowaways not to mention Vampire stowaways so Christophe and Leonora where forced to kill the fleet and make them there zombie crew. When they landed on the coast of Bretonnia they were most suprised by the Black Coach bearing the Von Carstein crest that awaited them to take them in safety to Slyvania. This worried Christophe as he realised that this new count must be very powerful to know they were coming. There arrival at Drakenhof certainly didnt go un-noticed as they had to fight there way through a zombie horde led by gets of this new count. They made the night seem like the middle of the day due to the light being created from there necromantic spells. After much of the night fighting Christophe and Leonora made there way into the Throne Room in Drakenhof Castle only for the fighting to stop when a bellowing voice commanded that his gets cease their attack upon Christophe and Leonora. Out of the Shadows stepped a tall figure. Christophe believed that some spell had been cast upon him as he was looking upon someone who he believed perished many centuries ago at Hel Fenn. Christophe bent his knee to the Count knowing that even with Leonora's help there was no certainty they could defeat him, he was staring at the count how emerged from the shadows. He was staring at Mannfred.

When used in a battle
Christophe von Carstein is a Vampire Lord.
His Vampiric Powers are Forbidden Lore, Dark Acolyte and Walking Death.
His Magic Items are Walachs Bloody Hauberk, Enchanted Shield and Staff of Damnation.
He Rides a Nightmare, Extra Necromancy Level
Summary: Lv4 Necromancer, knows all Lore of the Vampires Spells, +1 Combat Resolution, 1+ Armour Save, 5+ Ward Save, Bound Spell - Extra attack for Undead within 12"
House Rules he also knows 2 randomly determined spells from Lore of Death, Fire or Dark Magic.

Leonora as Vampire Lord
Vampiric Powers: Forbidden Lore, Dark Acolyte, Lord of the Dead, Summon Creatures of the Night
Magic Items: Rod of Flaming Death, Wristbands of Black Gold and Power Stone or Talisman of Protection & Sword of Battle
Extra Necromancy Level
Summary: Lv4 Necromancer, knows all Lore of the Vampires Spells, Summon some units beyond starting size, +1 to Invocation of Nehek, D6 Strength 4 Magic Missile, 3+ Ward Save vs All ranged attacks. +2 Casting Dice or Normal 6+ Ward Save in addition to 3+ and +1 Attack
House Rule: knows 3 randomly determined Spells from Lore of Dark Magic or 2 from Death, Fire, Shadow or Metal


Vampire Count
True Blood
Feb 22, 2008
Nippon Vampire Warlord:
Nagash sent a fleet of vampires to defeat the Khemri Kings who dared to stand and fight him. However, not all the ships made land. Through some ill fated storm, many ships sank or were set adrift to never be seen again. Only one such vessel had the gall to press onward intent on finding land. As this vampire’s fate would have it, he landed on the shores of Nippon. His ship broken beyond all repair he was forced to look to the locals to rebuild his ship. This vampire found not only a thriving populace but a superb trust in overlords. This tale is about his ascension to his own thrown and his return to a needy world.

Nakajima, his Nipponese name, reached Nippon and found the fighting abilities of the Nipponese to be an equal match to his own soldiers. As his own soldiers dwindled they were reinforced with undead samurai, ashigaru, lesser peasant zombies, and a small contingent of ill fated religious monks. Nakajima found in Nippon a culture more than ready to embrace his blood kiss. With a majority of the people being already subservient to a warrior class he didn’t have any problems converting the most capable samurai as underlings. His calculated rise to power only brought more powerful Daimyo under his control.

Within only a few centuries he was able to usurp power from the Sun King. Emperor Nakajima then began a reign of terror that brought the entire chain of islands under his control. His only major mistake was that he spent so much time pacifying his foe that he began to forget his ultimate goal of coming back to Nagash, as a powerful vampire. Nakajima soon forgot and began to enjoy his power over an entire nation; he now believes he is the true lord of all undead and seeks to suppress anyone who would say otherwise.

After a thousand years of power he only now yearns to return to challenge all who would think to defeat his forces including Nagash himself. Using his powerful necromantic skill and that of his Shoguns, he seeks to find more countries to bring under his control. Leaving a small force to defend his beloved Nippon he is sending his forces to the Old World once again to bring his reign to other parts of the world.

Failing to find Nagash through his network of spies, he now believes the world to be ripe for his trained undead to wipe the world of their impurities. His ultimate goal is to plunge all into darkness where there is only the undead and the soon to be undead. With separate Shoguns reaching different areas around the world he is ready to make an all encompassing attack to destroy all. With one of his favorite Shoguns to reach the Empire with the largest force he is poised to strike a fatal blow.

Shogun to the Empire: Minamoto Yorimoto, Hojo Clan.

Being the first to receive the blood kiss from Nakajima he is the most loyal and trustworthy of Nakajima’s clan Daimyos. He is decadent in his beliefs but helped to spread Bushido among his followers and his future Daimyo. His belief in utter compliance to Nakajima lead to several foiled attempts to assassinate Nakajima. All other vampires have learned to fear the wrath of Minamoto. Several key enemy leaders have found unfortunate deaths due to his abilities to lure his opponents in to a false sense of security. Yorimoto has no qualms about his troops especially his Ashigaru and Peasants. They all mean little to him because he just needs to raise more to the fight if needed. He is a great tactician but of little use in combat.

Minamoto Yoshinaka cousin to Yorimoto is Yorimoto’s younger. He is second in command only to Yorimoto. His lust for glory and the sting of combat makes him a true vampire. His willingness to engage much greater foes than he brings him greater accolades every campaign. His greatest strength might see him become a constant monster and might succumb to blood fury soon.

Noriyori is Yorimoto’s youngest brother who at the ripe age of 26 was given the blood kiss. His knack for flash and daring puts him amongst Yorimoto’s greatest cavalry commanders. Always willing to fling body, horse, or both into the foe makes him a daring adversary. His one major mistake is that he was made second in command before he made an ill fated attempt at taking another Daimyo’s clan. Fortunately the Hojo clan needed only a small reason to destroy their greatest foe and become uncontested honor clan to Nakajima. His mistake gave Yoshinaka the honored position of second in command.

Yoshitsune was brother to Yorimoto too. During the war of ascension by Nakajima to the throne, Yoshitsune tried to have Yorimoto killed. The foiled attempt made this legendary warrior Yorimoto’s Wight King. He now serves his brother even more loyally by leading his Hojo Kihei to Yari in combat (Black Knights) or his foot samurai (grave guard) into combat. His axe is legendary as it is the last weapon made by the master weapon smith: _______. Sometimes Yoshitsune is allowed to carry his brother’s battle standard for the glory of the clan and the Emperor.

Some more Ideas i have:
Hojo Kihei to Yari: Basic Cavalry(BK); Hojo Seiei Kihei to Yari: Elite Cavalry(KotBK)
This is about all I have completed.

I believe it to be a good start and am sure you can find a few places to work on. Let me know.


Vampire Lord
True Blood
Completely rewritten fluff, and written from the perspective of an Imperial Spy on the Brettonians and all their nobles. The Great wars of Araby that I refer to are Animosity 2 & 3. And does anybody know any good dragon names? If you notice any inconsistencies please notify me, as a changed some parts significantly during the writing process.

Army Fluff:

A Compiled biography and threat assessment of the Vampire Draithon Thornheart. By your honourable spy Augustes Collins, sent to Major general of our empires armies, Leonidas Voss. Do not disbelieve this, I swear before Sigmar I speak the complete truth.

Little is known of Draithon Thornhearts ‘life’. That which is known generally agrees that he was an exceptionally talented dark elven warrior, of what type is unknown. We do know that he was captured during a raid on our most glorious Empire, just 50 years before now . The raiding party was massacred and the survivors taken captive. The defense of the small town is believed to have been headed by the Lahmian Sisterhood, the reasons why were never discovered.

From records of the Sisterhoods destroyed keep on the Sea of Claws, it seems that Draithon and his fellow captives were transported to the aforementioned fortress and tested upon. The goal was to create elven vampires, using a modified elixir of life to the one held by Neferata, to further the Sisterhoods web of influence: into the elven civilisations. They were by no means the first group of captives, hundreds had died in there. But they were the last. The Lahmians succeeded in their goal, as you can see with Draithon today. But it was then that everything went wrong for the accursed vampires, a large Darkelven army had discovered the keep and laid it under siege, as the witchking wanted the vampires under his control They took the keep with ease,taking all the elven vampires, but they underestimated the power and determination of a small group of vampires. Especially after many of the vampires were tortured and beaten, to try and force them to swear a magical binding oath to the witchking. Draithon was among these. None helped the Raiders and all were tortured further. Desperation led to desperate measures. On the slave train to Naggarond , even in a magical cage, some of their strength remained. The vampires slowly destroyed the cage, as no steel and mortar can hold for long from a crazed vampire, which some eventually degenerated to. They slaughtered the cage guards and escaped off into the night.

Now free to pursue their own destiny, the group wandered off on their own paths, I have only discovered one other elven vampire in our empire. It is unknown where the others ran off to, some may even be in our cities, guesting as highelves, biding their time.

Thornheart currently reigns over a small Duchy on a mountain range,near the Sea of Claws given to him by King Leoncour for his efforts in both great Arabian wars, in the second as Lord-Strategist of The Araby Reclamation Pact. It is a small place, no more than two small towns and a castle town. It relies on trade up its wide river, as it is situated in mountains and agricultural land is sparse. The people are happy and the towns prosperous. The capital is castle Icekeel.

Thornhearts motives as of yet are unclear; it is certainly not empire building, as is clear from his pattern of expansion, a sudden burst and then no expansion at all for years. This makes him far more dangerous and unpredictable.

Physical Description: Like most darkelves, Thornheart has high and noble features, with raven black hair; that is split slightly by a white lock from some previous injury. Unusual among his kind, he has almost glowing green eyes. His skin is even paler than normal because of his vampirism. On one ear he wears a peculiar earring, a small Sapphire held in a net of silver with small dragon designs. It is undoubtedly of elven or dwarven origin, as its workmanship is simply far superior to our own. He is tall and thin. In battle he wears a full body suit of dull grey and black armour, with purple robes and cloak.

Personality Description: Thornheart has two different personalities. Against his enemies he utterly cold, cruel and calculating. He will not let emotions get to the fore, and devotes his energies to destroying the enemy utterly. He executes any survivors. If the enemy army instead chooses to surrender before the battle, he is kinder, and simply asserts his right to control the territory. (As well as plunder it). With his friends and allies he is still quite cold, and suppreses all emotion from showing, although he may still be motivated by it. He is not a cruel being, and will not punish any humans without cause. I still feel as though he regards us humans as a man would regard a sheep, or cow, with care, attention and interest, as well as slight amusement. Though he still recognizes that humans are far more capable to be rebellious, cruel and dangerous, and so doesn’t have the tolerance that a human would have for an animal. Yet he cares far more about their lives, often riding out and slaughtering bandit camps that pillage his territory.

Known Associates:
Elliana Thornheart- his lover, one of the remaining elven vampires.

Reyasaltien– a dragon that Draithon Thornheart befriended and saved from death in exchange for friendship and a great ally.

Thorgrim GrudgeBeard, Captain in the Dwarven Royal Navy- a loyal friend, they met eachother during the first great Arabian war, and have remained allies ever since.

Sir Beoveld: A Brettonian Knight, met under the same circumstances as Thorgrim.

Arion Blademoon: A woodelf highborn-Thornheart helped him save his settlement in an outlying forest; he has remained indebted and friendly ever since.

Captain Darkwater: Thornhearts Lieutenant, an darkelven raider captain that Draithon gave the Bloodkiss. He is utterly loyal to Thornheart and has saved his unlife once.

Threat Assessment: Thornheart is an extremely proficient warrior, and is a genius in resisting and employing sieges, as well as in normal battle tactics. He is less strong than most vampires, both in magic and physical strength, though this is made up for by his speed and mind. If encountered he is of extreme threat. But since his interests do not lie in expansion, the chance of this is minimal. If you become his enemy, be warned, he himself is a beautifully efficient assassin. His stealth and bladework skills are unmatchable in this trade. Overall he is a brilliant general and assassin but less adept than would be expected of a powerful vampire in the fields of magic and strength.

Quotes: “Honour is a shield that can only be used against another with the same shield” On the field of battle, to an enemy commander.

“I’ve died once, it wasn’t a pleasant experience, why don’t you try it? To an assassin, also sent in a message to the assassins contractor, both deceased.

Current Location: Castle Icekeel.

Your ever faithful servant. I uncovered all this through much bravery, thievery, spying, archaeology and bribes; I expect to be handsomely rewarded.

To Lord Thornheart

Message Found by the Icekeel Guard, spy summarily executed. We thought you might enjoy reading his report on you.

Captain Darkwater


Vampire Lord:
RedFury (blade skill)
Walking Death (a command Aura e.g Brilliant General)
Supernatural Horror (his reputation precedes him)
Walach’s Bloody Hauberk ( The Icekeel Cuirass)
Book of Arkhan ( again, Brilliant general)
Sword of Battle (The Moonlight Blade)
Dec 14, 2008
Name: Tristan Metezeau
Title: Baron of Astarac
Origin: Born in Touraine, Barony of Astarac, Bretonnia
Age: 706
Sire: Guy Lefevre - not his real name, he was originally from Lahmia and had ridden with Abhorash but after spending many centuries in the old world especially Bretonnia he had adopted a new name.
Current Location: Castle Touraine

Tristan was the son of William, Baron of Astarc. When Tristan was 17 Orcs came from the Massif Orcal Mountains and devastated Astarac. William was not liked by any of his neighbours so received little help, having to employee mercenaries from the Empire to the disgust of many of the Bretonnian nobility. The war against the Orcs lasted over a year and bankrupted the province; shortly after the Orcs had been defeated another disaster hit the province as plague swept across the region killing many of the survivors, William among them. Tristan now Baron of Astarac found his father had spent all the money the province had and he could not pay the tithes to his overlord the Duke of Bastonne. The Duke expelled Tristan from his land, renamed Astarc to Castelnau and gave it to his nephew, allowing Tristan to keep his title, as it was disgraced and nobody wanted it. Tristan with a small band of followers roamed across Bretonnia, at first he was going to become a questing knight but after a chance meeting with one of the mercenary captains who had fought for his father he headed to Tilea to become a mercenary.

He became a Captain in charge of the mounted men at arms within the large mercenary company of Ludovico Toldo after spending several years fighting across Tilea and The Empire. The mercenary company was one of the largest and most feared within Tilea and was hired to accompany a group of adventurers from Tilea and Estalia to Lustria to search for the treasure they had heard was to be found there. The expedition was both a success and a failure. Only a third of the men who left for Lustria returned, but those who did were extremely rich including Tristan who had also taken over Ludovico’s mercenary group after he had died. Tristan formed his own mercenary company from the survivors of the expedition and over the next few years became one of the most successful mercenary generals in Tilea.

In 1829 his company was hired for a raid against Araby by a noble family from the Empire to bring back certain relics they desired. The fortress they were to attack was deep within the desert of Araby, far from any large settlements and would take several weeks of walking through the desert to attack; during the march there the army led by Tristan was attacked by raiding bands on many occasions and other strange desert creatures. The fortress was small but the atmosphere around it was oppressive and the sky was unusually dark. Tristan ordered the troops to deploy in front of the fortress and begin a bombardment against it. After several hours of bombarded by small cannons the commander of the fortress led a charge out of the gates of the fortress, the enemy cavalry tore through the leading units of pikemen with savage ferocity, decimating them in only a few minutes. Some mercenary units fled rather than be torn apart but Tristan was able to keep the men loyal to him under control and ordered them to stand their ground, his and his men’s payment was the treasure kept within the fortress and he was determined to capture it. This was to be an almost fatal mistake as once finished with the pikemen the commander and his troops carried on to attack the remaining mercenary companies. As the enemy commander approached Tristan he took off his helmet and made Tristan feel true fear for the first time in his life. The fangs and the feral snarl revealed the commander to be a vampire, looking into the eyes of the vampire he felt the urge to flee, but he could not, his training and beliefs back from when he was in Bretonnia took over and he attacked using all of the skill and knowledge he had gained from his father’s weapons master and his time as a Mercenary. Despite this he knew after their blades had clashed only a few times he was going to eventually loose, the two fought for what seemed to Tristan hours, but was in fact only a few minutes before the vampire disarmed him. The vampire however did not kill him, but beckoned for him to pick up the sword again. Tristan did and attacked again, forcing the vampire back. As the vampire went backwards, it was so focused on Tristan it did not see the hole in the ground until it put its foot in it and tripped backwards. Tristan realised this may be his only chance to kill the vampire as it lay on its back, but he did not, remembering that the vampire gave him the chance to fight again, so he stepped back and let the vampire to his feet.

They fought again, but Tristan’s arms were by this time tired, whereas the vampire never tired. After only a minute the vampire disarmed Tristan again, and with a smile on its face it swung its sword at Tristan’s head.

Tristan closed his eyes as the sword swung for his head, remembering his childhood in Bretonnia, and all the men who he had considered friends who now lay dead surrounding him, killed by the minions of the vampire as he had fought against it. He felt a sharp pain as the sword hit his head and everything went black.

After he had opened his eyes it took a few minutes to realise where he was and that his vision seemed different and his sense of small and hearing improved. ‘Welcome back to the living, or should I say, the undead’ said the vampire sat in front of him in Bretonnian, and that was when Tristan realised he was no longer mortal.

Tristan’s creator was Guy Lefevre this was not his real name, he was originally from Lahmia and had ridden with Abhorash but after spending many centuries in the old world especially Bretonnia he had adopted a new name. Tristan accompanied Guy for over a century before, in the Chaos wastes they were attacked by a greater daemon which killed Guy. Tristan managed to escape and returned to the old world.

Over time he has travelled the entire old world, at first he was only interested in improving his martial skills which took him east to Cathay and Nippon but in the last 400 years he has taken to improving his necromantic abilities. This has brought him into conflict with a Necrach who desires a book that Tristan found whilst in Khemri. He fought as an ally of Vlad von Carstein during the vampire wars and now he resides within Bretonnia, determined to restore Astarac.
Jan 16, 2009
Name: Edward VanRandstein
Title: Count of Sylvania
Origin: Castle Falconhafen, Sylvania
Age: Nearly 1,000 Years Old
Sire: Henrik VanRandstein
Current Location: Castle Drakenhof, Sylvania
Associates: Countess Patricia VanRandstein (His wife and eternal love, Edward met her in the Cairn Circle while wandering through the wilderness. She has uncanny Magic abilities, and will do everything in her possible to keep her love safe.)
Mikhail VanRandstein (Befriended and sired by Edward, Mikhail is a close personal friend, and has been put in charge of Edward's cavalry)
Constantine VanRandstein (A disenfranchised Bretonnian noble, Constantine came to Edward for help in reclaiming Mousillon, instead he has been promised the position of king of Bretonnia, once Edward has conquered it.)
Gashnag (Known as the Black Prince, Gashnag has entered into an alliance with the VanRandstein family, in exchange for promis of land once the Vampiric Empire has been established.)
Moritas, Wight King (An ancient chaos champion, Edward and Patricia came upon his tomb and resurrected him. He leads the Black Knights of the count, a role he serves unquestioningly)
Vardek, Wight King (A chaos champion which recently led an army into Sylvania, Patricia resurrected him after Edward's army crushed his invasion.)

Appearance: Edward stands roughly 6'2", and has dark brown hair. His eyes are two black pits which seem to lead into the very depths of hell, however the glow a brilliant red when he is engaged in vicious melee. In battle he wears ornate yet practical red armor and carries a sword which drains the life essence of his victims and grants it to him.

Mentality: Edward sees the world through a warrior's eyes. When first he walks into a room, he scopes it for potential weapons, potential ambush points, and easily defensible spots. Ever since taking the throne of Sylvania, he has sought to weave alliances with other vampires, waiting until he has the full strength of the undead world. He offers to his fellow vampires an equal share of land once the conquest is complete, and has no intentions of betrayal.

Background: Edward was born between two vampires on Geheimnisnacht 1697 (The only night in a year where vampires may give birth.). From the time he was but a boy, Edward has always been possessed of a strong will and fiery temper. Many was the time he accidentally killed one of his father's knights when they said his form was sloppy.
At age 6, his sword training began. He trained for over one hundred years, eventually surpassing even his father's skill level. When word reached Castle Falconhafen in 1888 that Walach Harkon slain the knights of Blood Keep and raised them as vampires, Edward departed immediately to be trained by the best swordsmen in all of the Old World. For over 50 years Edward called Blood Keep his home, training tirelessly. When Blood Keep was overthrown in 1946, Edward was one of the Walach's followers who escaped.

He began the long walk home, carrying with him a sword of great evil magic, given to him by Walach himself. On his way back, he stopped by a mysterious set of ruins known only as the Cairn Circle. There he came across a coven of Lahmian Vampires, who attacked him on sight. Though he fought tirelessly and killed many of them in melee combat, he was eventually overpowered when the coven's leader, Patricia, hit him with a bolt of magic from the side. However, instead of killing Edward, the coven spared him, and over the following years taught him some of the ways of magic. Over the course of his training, he and Patricia began to fall in love, and in 1966, the two were married and departed for Falconhafen together.

In 2010, When Vlad Von Carstein went to war, Edward and Patricia VanRandstein raised a small army and marched alongside him. In 2051, when Vlad was finally defeated, Edward and Patricia returned home and began raising a new army. They also traveled abroad, searching for the burial mounds of ancient Wights to serve as commanders and personal guards. They eventually came across the mound of Moritas, ancient champion of Khorne, and resurrected him.
The two returned to Falconhafen in 2094, finding it under the rule of Konrad Von Carstein. Edward refused to march under Konrad, believing him to be a truly terrible leader. He and his wife continued to quietly build an army while Konrad was at war, waiting for the day that they would rule Sylvania.

By the time Konrad was defeated, Edward and Patricia had amassed a sizable force, and added more vampires to the bloodline. They also recovered the dust of Konrad, with the intention of resurrecting him as a minion.

When Mannfred rose to power, Edward knew the time was approaching for him to seize the throne of Sylvania, but he knew also that he had to wait until the last Von Carstein had fallen. He refused again to march behind Mannfred, because although he was a better leader than Konrad, Edward still believed him incapable of realizing the dream of Vlad.

In 2145, when Mannfred was defeated, Edward knew it was his time to strike. He and Patricia took his army and departed for castle Drakenhof, fully aware the Mannfred had not been destroyed. When they arrived, Patricia led the bulk of the army on a siege of the castle, while Edward and his personal guard of Wights marched into the keep.

Upon Arriving in the great hall, Edward found Mannfred on the throne sipping from a chalice of blood. He was a mere husk of the vampire he had once been, feebly beginning to regain his strength. Edward went forward to confront him, while his personal guard fought the Drakenhof Guard. At first it seemed Mannfred would surely kill Edward, as his understanding of magic was far more advanced than Edwards. However, Edward, more determined than ever, leaped forward at the count, engaging him in vicious melee combat. Mannfred was no match for Edward combat experience, and was soon defeated. Edward beheaded Mannfred, and had his body hanged over the gate of castle Drakenhof. So began Edward and Patricia's reign as Count and Countess of Sylvania.

In 2520, Edward was very nearly assassinated by Gunther Stahlberg, who had been sent to investigate rumors of activity in Drakenhof.

In 2523, a legion of chaos marched into Sylvania. Edward attempted to negotiate with the champion, Vardek Crom, however the foolish champion believe Edward's army to be weak, and attacked. The army of Sylvania utterly crushed Vardek's invading force, and a massive army was raised from the remains of the chaos legion. Vardek himself was raised as a Wight, and now serves Edward unquestioningly.

Now the Count and Countess seek new alliances with other Undead Lords. With a united army behind them, they will begin their march against the rest of the world, ushering in a new era.



Vampire Lord
True Blood
Well, actually, it was mannfred that killed Crom's army.

2. Mannfred disappeared at hell fenn, he didn't return to his throne.
3. A vampire stays in a black coach until it is fully healed, he wouldn't be on the throne.
4. Count of Sylvanaia?!?!?!?


Jan 17, 2009
Name: Edward VonCullen
Title: Count of Sylvania
Origin: Unknown
Age: Unknown (but he looks 17)
Current Location: Unknown
Associates: Bella VonCullen, all others unknown
Appearance: Edward is a very handsoem, and is really bishi. He isnt like other vampires, beacause he isnt burn up in sunlight he only sparkles (OMG soooo kawaii). Bella is very beautifull and also a vampire liek Edward. She also dosnt burn up in sunlight, but sparkles. When he gets angry his eyes turn blood red, signifying that he's going into his "Blood lust" mode (enemies watch out!)
Personality: Edward dosnt like fighting but will if he has to protect bella. He usually is verry calm unless he has to protect Bella. He's even been known to kill entire rooms filled with people just to save her (OMG so romantic :) ).

Thats all i have so far. wold anyone be willing to help me set up Edward's history?


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Dec 11, 2007
Somewere in Slyvania
Arion said:
Well, actually, it was mannfred that killed Crom's army.

2. Mannfred disappeared at hell fenn, he didn't return to his throne.
3. A vampire stays in a black coach until it is fully healed, he wouldn't be on the throne.
4. Count of Sylvanaia?!?!?!?

Seconded. In GW's offical fluff Mannfred is Count of Slyvania, end of story. He was killed at Hel Fenn only to be resurected later on by some sorceror. Currently he leds Syvania.

In additon vampires cannot reproduce, they are quite dead in that aspect. I bleieive they can have sex but they cannot reproduce other than the Blood Kiss.

Otherwise your fluff is fine.

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Feb 12, 2008
Edward VanRandstein - sorry but the back end of your fluff as Arion and Gree said can't stand.

If you look in other books than the VC, it is clear that Mannfred died at Hellfen, and was resurrected later by a necromancer (though this was nearly stopped by Gotrek & Felix). He is the current Count of Sylvania (well if you don't count the TVC lol)
Jan 16, 2009
Hmm, a minor issue.
Oh well, instead of killing Mannfred way back when, I'll simply kill him now. The guy was a chump, shouldn't be too hard. So I think you'll find my fluff CAN in fact stand. I'll just be killing Mannfred at a different time. To be fair, when I wrote of vamps reproducing, I was using legends from outside Warhammer, so that'll change to Edward being given the blood kiss on the day I said he was "born."
But, like I said before, Mannfred can die. My count may have to accelerate it, but Mannfred can most definitely die.
Thank you for pointing out the flaw in my fluff. All that is necessary is to change the timeline, and the title Count will still belong to VanRandstein.
Have a nice day!


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Dec 11, 2007
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You may kill off Mannfred in an alternate universe. Like the TVC. But I don't think another VC player who uses Mannfred will be very amused by your fluff. Nor will many other vampire players be very amused by you suddenly becoming Count of Slyvania.

Ask yourself, do you really need to be Count of Slyvania? Many members on here are not the Count and have perfectly fine backstories and such.

Writing about killing Mannfred and becoming Count of Slyvania is like a Dark Elf player writing about killing the Witch King and beocmig the new ruler of the dark elves. Or somebody killing Karl Franz and becoming the new Emperor.

It's simply not going to happen.

It's a good idea generally not to mess with GW special characters. you can mention them. That's fine. But I would warn against killing them off.
Jan 16, 2009
Meh, Perhaps you're right. Perhaps he should simply be plotting to kill Mannfred. He's still gonna call himself Count though, since he believes he is a better leader and has a bigger army.

So make a note of it, Edward is planning Mannfred's assassination, and continues to call himself True Count of Sylvania. If you don't like it, it's not my problem.


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Dec 11, 2007
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Edward VanRandstein said:
Meh, Perhaps you're right. Perhaps he should simply be plotting to kill Mannfred. He's still gonna call himself Count though, since he believes he is a better leader and has a bigger army.

So make a note of it, Edward is planning Mannfred's assassination, and continues to call himself True Count of Sylvania. If you don't like it, it's not my problem.

That's perfectly fine. I did not mean to come off condescneding however.
Jan 16, 2009
It's ok. I simply wasn't aware of any fluff that showed Mannfred still being alive. If you could point me in the direction of said fluff, It'd be much appreciated!


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Dec 11, 2007
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Edward VanRandstein said:
It's ok. I simply wasn't aware of any fluff that showed Mannfred still being alive. If you could point me in the direction of said fluff, It'd be much appreciated!

Storm of Chaos, Mannfred appeared at the end with his army. As well as the 6th and 7th edition vampire count books. William King also published a short story detailing Mannfred's ressurection.


Apr 9, 2009
RAWR RAWR VAMPIROSAUR. Here I go with mah charactah!

Name: Dominik Valeriu
Title: Bloodtraitor
Origin: Lesser Noble House in Sylvania.
Age: Around 700ish, yet not a day over 28! Yess! It's all thanks to ProActive, the stars recommend it and so do I!
Current Location: Traveling abroad as always.
Sire: Presumably Vlad von Carstein, or one of his various 'offspring'. (what a manwhore he was.)
Rufus his undead, vampire canine companion.
Boris his nightmare.
His arch nemesis Kristo, the big bad werewolf.
Bloodtraitor Coven

Dominik stands around 6' he is faily cut, for without his armour he is pretty tanky being a beast of sold corded muscle. He has snow white hair that is fairly short and has been so since his birth. Also from his time as a human, his body is laced with intricate scarification that only ends at his jawline. His young face is handsome and utterly umblemished, strangest of all are his pale blue eyes. Also he has a warm welcoming smile once you get past his pearly whites and also has a rather melodic voice. He wears archaic crimson hued armour similar instyle to that of Vlad also Dominik has a ridiculously long cape and upon first encounters his face is always masked by his hood. Dominik also bears two swords, firstly a great sword that he never draws and keeps fastened to his back. His weapon of choice is a magical bastard sword that he wields with skill and finesse that only a vampire could.

Is rather eccentric and is well known for being impulsive. He's also fond of fleshy delights and doesn't disriminate between elf, human or vampire maidens. Both his Nightmare and his pet dog are rather unique for Undead beings, as they are both Vampire's having been turned by Dominik himself. He's a bit of a hypocrit as he spends his days hunting Vampires, Daemons and anything similar yet one of his closest companions is a vampiric dog. While not pure evil, he is not pure good either and shifts between doing good and doing wrong on a daily basis. He feeds regularly to keep his vampire glamour up.

Dominik was born into a lesser noble house in Sylvania. Not worth remembering their fate lay with the fate of the rest of the aristocracy of that cursed realm and when Vlad demanded that they either serve him in unlife as vampires or serve him in undeath as slaves, his family was quick to accept the Blood Kiss. Though whether it was granted by Vlad himself one of his offspring remains to be seen. Before he was turned however he was strong both physically and mentally as well as being naturally dextrous and upon his sixteenth birthday he asked simply for a sword and teacher. His skill at arms grew and upon accepting the Blood Kiss his natural ability was married with that of a Vampire, his powers to continuing to grow as he ages.

Despite unliving through Vlad, Konrad and Mannfred's campaigns he began to resent his kind. Not really knowing himself why he feels the call of this vocation he is dedicated to the slaying of all creatures that are unnatural whether they be daemonkin, undead or anything in between. Though he is blissfully ignorant that he should by rights slay himself. At one point Dominik even tried to learn the "art" of hunting in Altdorf, his heritage was soon discovered and he was forced to flee Imperial lands and head back to Sylvania. Despite not being accepted as a hunter he continues to hunt slaying those that he feels need slaying.

In his exploits Dominik has travelled much of the world though he is yet to pass through Athel Loren and Lustria, as he has a rather strange appreciation for the ancient forests for just as his companions have sentience so do these ancient lands. He has done battle with a variety opponent of varying power from vampires to daemons though he has not yet faced a Greater Daemon for he knows that even he is not strong enough for that fight. Before coming across the Silver Sword during his travels he wielded a bastard sword similar in size to that of his current armanent.

In 2320 however he was blessed with one of the most powerful artifacts in the fight against the unnatural, Fellslayer a greatsword crafted from warpstone that is said to be death to Daemons, the Undead and anything else that is not as it should be. However there is a reason Dominik has never wieled the blade as a weapon, for in doing so he would truly die as the weapon sort to destroy the unnatural. To compensate for this upon recieving the sword from a strange coven they also gifted him with a scabbard for the sword which kept him safe from his predations. While not being able to wield its true power Dominik is able to manipulate the aura of power which surrounds them weapon and use it as a defense against those that he hunts. The Bloodtraitors are the one who armed Dominik with weapon for they are a group of likeminded individuals. Each member of the coven is from a race that is inherently evil yet has chosen to defy the "natural" order of their race and so travels as a nomad whether they be sellsword or a hunter such as Dominik.

Between the current time and his time spent with the BLoodtraitor Coven, Dominik began to experiment with the way in which he utilised Necromancy. Where as most make mindless slaves out of the dead, using a combination of his own blood and necromancy Dominik was able to successfully pass vampirism to his monster of a horse Boris and dog that seems closer to a wolf, thus he created two companions that were able to stand against his foes as well as allowing them to keep their personality and free will.

Currently Dominik is travelling the lands both surrounding Sylvania as well as the lands of Sylvania herself, though he is every watchful for those vampires who feel that Dominik needs to pay for the transgressions he has committed against his species. Currently he is tracking an illusive beast or man depending upon creature itself. Kristos is his name and he is werewolf that has become the Yin to Dominiks Yang. Despite having met in battle on several cases and on each of these leaving the wolfman with a rather nasty scar the wolf has yet to be slain as he manages to craftily prevent himself from being totally destroyed.

His views of other Vampires change on a case to case basis. Though he does hunt Vampires he only selects those that are not maintaning a balance and so through killing them he seeks to restore a balance.

Blood Dragons:
Dominik has a lot of love and respect for the members of this bloodline. Generally speaking they are warriors of great honour and skill at arms and currently Dominik has yet to cross one as he knows that they have spent much more time and effort in training themselves to be the deadliest of warriors.

While he finds their methods intriguing, Dominik holds little love for the sisterhood as they are utterly self centred.

von Carstein:
He is one, and while he despises his bloodline for his failure he still feels a connection simply because of his blood.

Loathes them entirely and slays them at every chance he gets. Stupid crusty old corpses.

Has met few and slain even less, he feels a kinship because they share his view of the other vampire races.

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Jun 26, 2009
Nottingham, UK
Name: Gavril Von Herrmann
Title: Count of Heimgangburg
Origin: Ostermark
Age: 753
Sire: Neferata
Current Location: Castle Heimgangburg, Slyvania, (near Mordheim)
Associates: Elisabeta Von Dragos- his wife, a tall, white skinned Vampiress, with pale blue eyes and black hair. In life she and Gavril fell in love and rather than spend eternity without her he gave her the Blood Kiss so that they might be together forever.

Appearance: A tall man with long black hair and amber eyes He has fine, aristocratic cheekbones and stunning features. His skin is as pale as marble.

His full plated armour is made from Warpstone, pure black with a mysterious green glow. The same Warpstone armour covers his Nightmare steed also.

Mentality: Gavril seeks to truly become immortal, in that neither by blade, nor stake in the heart can kill him and his beloved, seeking to truly live forever. He enjoys his unlife dedicating decades to the study of such research, Necromancy, travel and his entirety to his love Elisabeta.

Neither the crazy or the stupid will enter the castle grounds in Heimgangburg, for all know of the eerie green light that eliminates the grounds, for the foundations on which the castle is built are warpstone, this keeps those that need to visit the count few in number. However the town itself is built most out of the remains of Mordheim, giving the town more of a reputation that it already had with the green castle. However Gavril is neither concerned, nor cares about the people of the town, he leaves the ruling up to the captain of the law, which works out well for both the count and the people, as the captain takes little in the way of taxes and provides the best service he can.

Gavril prefers to be left with his wife at his Castle, keeping to themselves. Elisabeta and he elegantly bewitch women, entrance men and entice children they hunt feasting 2 or 3 times a night. Gavril enjoys the thrill of battle, leading the charge with his Black Knights, slaughtering hundreds alone. He leaves Elisabeta in charge of his battle plans, so that he might seek out the greatest warriors to test their martial prowess.


Timeline of Gavril Von Herrmann

1772 Gavril Von Herrmann is born son of a Nobel in the Empire province of Ostermark.

1797 Gavril marches to war with a Dwarf host, long befriended by his family, to retake the Silver Pinnacle from the Vampire Queen Neferata, the army is utterly destroyed. The Vampire Queen captures the leader of the Dwarf throng and Gavril and pitches them in an Arena of Death for her entertainment. Though the dwarf thane is killed, Gavril slays 5 Vampire Warriors before Neferata interrupts the proceedings and makes Gavril a Vampire, to lead her armies to war.

1797 - 1842 Gavril spends most of his time leading Neferata’s armies to war, in this time he learns the art of Necromancy, showing a keen knowledge for the subject.
No man, dwarf, orc, servant of chaos or vampire can match his skill in combat, he slays thousands drinking their blood becoming stronger.

1843 Gavril slowly breaks the control Neferata’s control over him, ascending from her Thrall into Vampire of his own. Fearing her loss of control she orders him destroyed. Gavril is heart broken, his love for the Queen is destroyed in one night when he slays countless Vampire Assassins sent by her. Enraged he flees the Silver Pinnacle, swearing Vengeance on the Queen.

1856 Gavril returns to the Silver Pinnacle at the front of a host of Undead, although his host is destroyed Gavril fights his way to the throne room where he confronts the Vampire Queen, defeating her, before striking the final blow he leaves the city never to return.

1857 – 1946 Gavril wonders the Old World travelling to Nagashizzar, Khemri, Bretonnia and throughout the Empire learning what he can about Necromancy, the tale of the Vampires, Nagash and the World.

1947 Gavril meets Vlad Von Carstein, pledging his allegiance the Vampire Count.

2000 Gavril travels to Mordheim to aid in the collection of Warpstone for Vlad.

2010 Gavril marches to war with Vlad’s armies in the Vampire Wars.

2051 Vlad is slain in the siege of Altdorf, devastated Gavril escapes the city with the other Vampires.

2052 Gavril leaves Sylvania in search of Warpstone, over the next few decades he studies the effects it can have on the Undead.

2084 Through his studies Gavril unlocks the ability to resurrect himself after he has been cut down, to limit the effects of sunlight on his powers, to master the effect of holy icons have over him and how to take a stake to the heart and survive.

2101 Gavril returns to Sylvania to join Conrad Von Carstein’s army.

2121 Konrad is destroyed at the Battle of Grim Moor, Gavril again joins the other Vampires in retreat back to Sylvania, aiding those caught in the alliance’s traps along the way.

2122 Manfred Von Carstein takes rule over the Von Carsteins, Gavril is sent out across the Empire to forge alliances with other Vampires in Manfred’s name.

2132 Gavril joins Manfred’s armies in their surprise Winter War against the Empire. In the following years he fights alongside the Vampire Count’s armies.

2145 Manfred is slain at Hel Fenn, but not before Gavril teaches Manfred the ability to return from dead. Gavril is slain after fighting off hundreds of Reiksguard Knights during a critical moment in the battle.

2146 Gavril returns to Sylvania to forge his own kingdom, taking the ruined castle of Vanhaldenschosse, as his own.

2306 Gavril meets a young Noblewoman of Ostermark called Elisabeta Von Dragos, the pair quickly fall in love.

2321 Elisabeta is struck down with an illness that cannot be cured, on her deathbed she asks her love for the thing he has refused her for her entire life to become a Vampire. Gavril performs the Blood Kiss rather than spend eternity without his beloved.

2322 Gavril and Elisabeta travel the world, from Lustria to the Chaos Wastes, leaving castle Vanhaldenschosse to other vampires to inhabit.

2451 The pair meet a Dark Elf Nobel called Barfect, Barfect betrays them by trying to offer Elisabeta as a sacrifice to Khaine. Gavril rescues his wife and he battles Barfect leaving him with a deep wound to his chest that Gavril infects with Warpstone powder. Barfect’s wound sears his flesh and leaves him in the most painful agony known in the world, the healers manage to remove the Warpstone, but the wound will never heal. A bitter hatred is born between the Vampires and the Nobel, which will see them come to head again.

2483 Gavril and Elisabeta return to Sylvania, the pair raises a horde of Zombie slaves to build them a castle out of the ruins of Mordheim and the Warpstone that still rested there. They call the castle Heimgangburg, (Castle of Death).

2510 Zacharias takes shelter in Gavril’s castle, over the next few months Gavril and Zacharias exchange their knowledge of Necromancy, before Melkhior’s forces draw too close to the castle and Zacharias leaves.

2511 Elisabeta is inspired by Zacharias’ visit and dedicates herself to the study of Necromancy with the aid of her husband and copies of the 9 books of Nagash.

2518 In her continuing quest for Necromantic knowledge Gavril takes Elisabeta to Nagashizzar, for her to learn first hand from Nasgash’s works.

2522 After only a few years of study Elisabeta’s power over the dark winds of chaos is greater than her husbands. The pair return home after pledging elegance to Nagash to return to his side when he rose once again to conquer the world.

2523 During to War of Chaos the pair rose an army to defend Sylvania from the Chaos Lord Crom the Conquer while Manfred marched upon the Empire, however when Manfred returned to aid them he had not managed to bring the Empire low, instead chose to aid in defeating Crom’s horde rather than risk loosing Sylvania as his stronghold. Manfred’s army destroyed Crom’s force and he rose the entire Chaos horde from the dead to bolster his own force.

2525 Barfect invades the Old World, Gavril starts a war with the Dark Elf Prince, intent on finishing what he started many decades ago.

Current Location: Travelling the Old World in a constant war with Barfect.

Views on the bloodlines:

Von Carstein: He has a strong relationship with them working alongside all three of the leaders, he believes that Manfred will lead the Vampires to total domination.

Blood Dragons: Honourable Warriors, whom he would love nothing more than to meet and challenge to single combat.

Lahmians: Disgust, after his history with the Queen, he has satisfied his lust for vengeance, however the betrayal will not be lightly forgotten. Although he is a Lahmian, he has cast aside their name.

Strigoi: He pities them, a unlife crept in the shadows of the world, cast out from Vampiric Society, a much worst fate he cannot imagine.

Necarch: Wary, while they have much to teach they are far more selfish than other Vampires and therefore are not to be trusted.


Grave Guard
Aug 16, 2007
There's another problem with your fluff Edward VanRandstein.. Crom didn't become some wight.. he's my vampire!

Name: Vardek Crom
Title: The Eternal Conquerer
Origin: Some Kul tribe from the north
Age: Unknown
Sire: Mannfred von Carstein
Current Location: Sylvania
Associates: Unknown

Vardek Crom, as he is usually called, was a great tribal warlord, a master of duels and a competent general. He joined Archaon's army to the Empire, in search for worthy enemies. But when he arrived in Sylvania, as part of a flanking force to crush both the Empire and it's allies, he met an enemy he couldn't overcome. In the dark woods and haunted marshes, a huge army, made up from dead Imperial soldiers, villagers, dwarves, creatures of the night and many things so rotten that they were impossible to recognise, assaulted Crom's warband. Some of the wimpy marauders fled, but the heavily armoured soldiers of chaos held their ground. Countless undead men and beasts were slain that night, torn apart by the sharp swords and heavy lances of the northern warriors. But no matter how hard they fought, the things kept returning. Slowly, most of the army was cut down. Only the chosen warriors of chaos still stood, with Crom in the heat of the fight. He had fought many battles before, but this one was different. The enemies showed no sign of tiring, even their leaders, wights and vampires, didn't show any emotion. But he would smash them nonetheless. For he was The Conquerer. Then, at a great distance, behind many of the shambling creatures, he saw a man - or so it seemed - mounted on a horse with glowing eyes and manes that were ablaze. There was a deep shadow around the person, and darkness flowed from his staff. Crom realized this man must be the one in charge, and he commanded his warriors in the direction of the general. When getting closer, the opposition grew stronger. Instead of the rotting corpses, there were armoured skeletons, fighting with rusted blades and age-old axes. Many of Crom's men fell, but he couldn't care, as he was getting closer to his target. When at some 50 feet distance from the vampire - because that's what it was - Crom felt it's burning gaze fall upon him. And he stared back into the cold, ancient eyes. A strange fog surrounded Crom, and he started to lose power. Magic, he thought, the undead lord was trying to weaken him from a safe distance. The coward. With his last energy, he threw his axe. But the vampire easily avoided the slow projectile, tough he weakened his spell on the warlord when doing so. Crom quickly looked around, only to see the last remains of his army lying dead. But he was still alive. More importantly, the undead warriors had stopped attacking, and were silently and slowly backing off. He once again searched for the vampiric general. Atop of his fearsome steed, the count rode towards Crom. At several feet from him, he dismounted, and Crom was amazed by his speed. A worthy enemy, so he thought. But the vampire wasn't there to fight. He smiled, unveiling his sharp teeth. TO BE CONTINUED. Stopped thinking up stuff for now..

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