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Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
Behind the Throne
Name: Karl von Carstein (He at times uses the name Karl Von Teuf), In life Damek Khitrovo.
Official Title(s): Baron of Teufhof, Emissary of the von Carstein house.
Unofficial Title(s):Baron of the Dead, Emissary of the Dead, The Defeated Count, Vashanesh Reborn, Little Vlad.
Origin: Kislev.
Age: 862 in the year 2523 (Born 1671, Sired 1709)
Sire: Vlad Von Carstein
Current Location: Teufhof-Castle Teufhof to be exact.

Close Associates:
Mannfred von Carstein- His current count, lately he has done little to do with his older brother.
Emilie von Carstein- The daughter of the original Baron of Tuefhof, she married and then was sired by Karl and the two now have a strange immortal love.
Ademus von Carstein- Karl's son in death, he is realitively young compared to his 'father' only being sired in 2112, he is a very powerful Necromancer for a von Carstein.
"Master" Marc- A Blood Dragon who swore to serve Karl for the rest of his life, he is a powerful fighter and an honourable vampire however under pressure his mind weakens and he is highly susceptile to blood lust and often loses control of himself completely.
Berik Helft- Ademus's get, the vampire is still in the thrall stages and has little real power.
Vladimar Von Kress-Master Necromancer of Teufhof’s
Captain Van Helf-Head of mortal forces in Castle Teufhof’s, a mortal himself it is rumoured he was once a templar of Sigmar. Whatever the case he has shown himself to have the skill to butcher vampires.
Tarzik- An ancient Wright King that serves as Karl’s bodyguard, he is exceedingly capable in close combat and has slain many in his masters name.
Simon von Carstein-Met the vampire a few times during his unlife and belives him to be an excellent example of their kind.
Micrea von Carstein-Worked closely with the vampire due to Military command, found him to be a perfect example of Noblity in Military Leadership...much like himself.
Various other von Carsteins-As perhaps the most organised of all bloodlines he is well known amongst his other family members.

Approximately 5”9/5”10 foot, he was a lean figure with long black hair which he usually lets fall down over his shoulders but when pulled back in a pony tail it shows his high hairline, and is not a handsome man but carries strong aristocratic features he also physically appears to be around the age thirty seven.
He is usually seen wearing an extravagant nobleman garb with a long flowing cloak finished of with a silver clasp made in the image of a wolf's head; he will also at times carry a cane with him.
During war he will don a suit of amour and a cloak that made in the image of his sire’s, appears to be made from the souls of the dead.
At his waist is a powerful enchanted blade called the Vampires Fang.
All of this serves to exude an aura of command, however much of this is not physical and is in fact a vampiric Talent of his.

Mentality: Karl has no apparent goal's he seems to have a deep hatred against the empire, especially the Sigmarite Church. Yet he has not tried to conquer the mortal kingdom, instead he has attacked it on occassions and then raising the slain army of his enemies, retreated back to his Castle in Sylvania.

As a ruler he is generally popular amongst the fortified minor city of Teufhof’s, it is a well ran settlement both in terms of economic prosperity and lawfully.
The Baron sees all human life as unimportant except if they are his property, however he is no fool and will only feed on those who have broke major laws amongst his subjects, otherwise he looks further afield for mortals, this is a lesson he learnt in the histories of Lahmia.
The people of Teufhof’s are, in his opinion, his property and being a selfish man any attack on them becomes a personal insult and as such Karl protects the city well.
Due to this, and his deceiving nature, they see him as a great man and are fiercly loyal, for a time they had thought him a mere mortal but when he revealed himself during Vlad's reign they where forced to except it and now they believe themselves blessed to be led by such a immortal.

Believing that he lacks any true human emotion he neither loves nor hates anyone to any true degree this includes his wife, and although what they share is not he same as mortal love they are fiercly protective of each other however many whisper they are in love despite Karl's claims.
Currently he technically serves Mannfred without any wishes to overthrow him due to a deep fear that such an attack would only lead to another defeat and thus his death but he contributes little to the Count's wishes and for the most part works on his own.
He does frequently wish that Vlad was still alive and could launch his invasion again for in such a place Karl is sure he would earn a high place in the undead empire.
He admits to dreaming of a Vampiric Kingdom, consisting of the living being ruled by the dead, in such a Kingdom the von Carstein house would clearly be the royality.

One thing he does hold dear is the, granting of the family von Carstein to him by Vlad, he dislikes the growing tendency for common vampires using the name which is shown in denying Ademus the right to grant it to his get, and has slain a few "common" vampires out of anger for this "Disrespect".
There are rumors that he wishes to ressurect Vlad, but if this is true he is certainly keeping it hidden from Mannfred.

Background: Originally a Noble and as a Commander in Kislev's armies, when he was thirty seven he welcomed a Noble Man going by the name of Vlad von Carstein into his home. Over the period of two weeks the count and the man seemingly became close, then one night Vlad announced he had a gift for his new friend and within moments granted the blood kiss to the, not entirely willing, mortal.

Coming out of nowhere in the year 1800 during the early reign of Vlad he arrived in a Black Coach at the gates of Castle Teufhof claiming to be a distant realitive of the count, the current Baron one Seltar von Teuf welcomed him cautiously. The von Carstein spent little time in introducing himself to the Baron's only child a girl of 19 years by the name of Emilie and lured her into a false sense of confidence in which she confided that her father often abused her and was a cruel and weak man and after a few days it became obvious that she loathed the man. In that moment the von Carstein boldly stated that he would kill her father and take the girl as his bride...is she wished it.
She did.
That night at a dinner Karl killed Seltar in someway and from that point on became the new Baron and after the poor treatment of previous rulers the city welcomed him with open arms.
When the wasting sickness struck Sylvania Emilie, like so many mortals, contracted the disease, and despite himself Karl felt himself caring about her fate, he called as many doctors as he could and used threats and manipulation to get the best from the farthest reaches of the empire but still nothing could be done. However soon after he found out Vlad had sired Isabella and in a journey that took a mere two nights he rode to Drakenhof and spoke with the count and when he returned he imediately sired Isabella.

Having a natural skill with Necromancy he served as a Lieutenant in Vlad's forces, commanding Lesser vampire and mindless undead alike. He was a skilled General due to his previous life and did well however when his sire was killed he was struck by a feeling of utter hoplessness and then faking his own death he fled.
During Konrad's reign he did not return having no wish to rule over his 'disgusting' brethern and instead spent time in mortal society masquerading as a wondering noble, however at one stage a get of Posner found him and begged him to return to Sylvania at which point he shouted at the Lesser Vampire that he had no wish to interact with their kind anymore and threatened to kill him if he did not leave.
After Mannfred's elevation to Count Karl decided to challenge the count and made his way back to Sylvania, he found his wife and she was both furious and happy to see him alive. Rasing an army of living and dead alike he fought Mannfred for the title of Count but lacking his elder brothers skill in Necromancy was defeated, however surprisingly he was offered the chance to serve and he took it quickly.
He served as a high noble in Mannfred's forces, marching alongside him to battle the empire.

When Mannfred was killed Karl quickly returned and slaughtered many other vampires, he laid claim to the Vlad's legacy, claiming as a remaining son of the original count he had the strongest claim. Many vampires pledged themselves to Karl...for a time...but when Mannfred returned he promtly lost all support and angrily he returned to his Castle where he remains to this day.

Vampire's Fang-A perfect replica of Vlad’s own sword, gifted to him by his sire.
Armour of Teufhof-Grants a greater protection to the Baron.
Cloak of Souls-The cloak itself absorbs the souls of the slain and grants the vampire increased regenerative powers.
Signet Ring- A ring bearing the emblem of the von Carstein house.

Talented Necromancer- A master of Necromancy he can easily raise an army to serve him..
Vampiric-Has the speed and strength of a vampire.
Swordsman- He is a capable warrior and well-trained in the use of a sword.
Supreme General-Has mastered tactics in life and unlife to lead his horde of the undead against enemies.
Aura of Dark Majesty-An extremely authoritative figure, no free-willed creature can look upon him without feeling their arrogance melt away to some degree.

Vampire- He holds the weaknesses of his vampiric nature, he can not enter a place a mortal calls home unless invited, can’t stand symbols of religions and hates sunlight although can easily walk in it when he must.
Arrogant-His arrogance could easily be the death of him.
Failure-Having failed to achieve the title of Count from Mannfred on two occasions he has feelings of Loathing towards himself and his brother.
Necromancer-Can't use any lore apart from Necromancy.
Not a Master-He has neither mastered Magic nor Physical combat to the extremes of many vampires
Brooding-His often seems to be in a dark or depressed mood much like his sire.
Short Temper-Like his sire he loses control of his temper very easily and only those he trusts can calm him.
Beloved-He cares for Emilie to such a degree that such any harm befall her he will lose rational control.

Vampire Lord
Level 3 Wizard
Aura of Dark Majesty
Walking Death
Vampiric Fang-Blood Drinker
Armour of Teufhof-Walach's Hauberk
((Alternatively use Vlad's Rules))

Views of the Bloodlines
von Carstein- Clearly the rulers of the undead world, the Kings amongst vampire kind.
Lahmians-Pretty, but fragile, things. Their manipulation of human society is to be applauded, they should be welcomed into the fold and togther the kingdom of the dead could become a reality. He has had extensive interaction with these women.
Blood Dragons-Warriors and Generals of considerably talents although they wield a misplaced sense of honour. In the Kingdom of the Dead of Karl's dreams they would serve as enforcers and law-keepers. He has his own Blood Dragon warrior.
Necrarchs-Madmen however their talents for magic is considerable, in his vision a few would serve the von Carstein family as mages and alchemists however many would have to be irradicated.
Strigoi-Beasts, animals no better than Vargulf, they do however make fine prey for hunting parties. They have no place in the future of the world and should be wiped out for convienience sake.

Note: Decided to adapt Karl seeing as how all my Vampires seem to be mages.

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
Behind the Throne
Name: Lord/Wizard Ademus von Carstein
Title: Patriarch of Sylvania, Astromancer of Teufhof
Origin: Sylvania.
Age: 436 in the year 2523 (Born 2097, Sired 2112)
Sire: Karl von Carstein
Current Location: Teufhof- Teufhof Observatory to be exact.

Close Associates:
Karl von Carstein- His father in death and his Baron thus Master
Emilie von Carstein- His mother in death.
"Master" Marc- A Blood Dragon who swore to serve Karl, Ademus gets on pretty well with the warrior.
Vladimar Von Kress-Master Necromancer of Teufhof’s
Captain Van Helf-Head of mortal forces in Castle Teufhof’s, a mortal himself it is rumored he was once a templar of Sigmar. Whatever the case he has shown himself to have the skill to butcher vampires.
Tarzik- An ancient Wight King that serves as Karl’s bodyguard, he is exceedingly capable in close combat and has slain many in his master’s name. He dislikes being left alone with Ademus.
Berik Helft- Ademus's get, the vampire is still in the thrall stages and has little real power and acts as an assistant to Ademus’s experiments for the most part.
Various other von Carsteins-As perhaps the most organized of all bloodlines he is well known amongst his other family members.

Approximately 5”10/5”11 foot tall, he is razor thin, appears to be twenty five and has messy shoulder length brown hair, unlike his father he exudes very little in the way of majestic authority. He is even paler than most of his kind and can take on a terrifying appearance when in battle due to his infusion of Necromantic power.
At times he will don a robe similar to that of the Celestial order, at these times he is far more impressive in appearance than he is usually.

To learn as much about magic, Astromancy and Necromancy in particular, as he possibly can, he will use any tactic required to gain more knowledge no matter how dishonorable or disgusting.
However he is a loner and rarely leaves his master’s barony as such he is in charge of running Teufhof in his master’s stead acting as a regent when he’s gone.
He’s also in charge of the Necromancer’s although he delegates most of this to Vladimar.

Originally found by Karl on a visit to Altdorf, he was formally a talented hedge wizard who was also a scholar of Astromancy, both magical and scientific aspects.
Since then most of Ademus’s free time is spent in Teufhof observatory also known as the tower of stars learning more about magic.
He fought in the first Vampire war and after Karl’s supposed death he returned to Teufhof to ensure that the barony would remain with Karl’s line, succeeding in this he was for a short time the Baron during Konrad’s rule, using his magical ability to please the new count, it was then that the Mad-Count granted him the title of “Patriarch” of Sylvannia. He also marched to war with Konrad but abandoned him at the beginning of his last battle for reasons unknown.
When Karl returned during Mannfred’s reign Ademus assisted him in his battle against Mannfred for the title of count, it is said that Ademus bested the elder vampire in a magical duel but was cut down by Mannfred’s superior swordsmanship. Surviving the encounter he served Mannfred alongside his sire, usually being in command of magical matters of the realm.
He spent many years on Altdorf as a vampire under the pretence of a talented young man in magic, despite his advanced years the Celestial order was willing to take him on and teach him the ways of the magical art, within a mere two years he was already a full magister of the order. There are rumours that the head of the order found out what he was but allowed him to stay in return for certain concessions.

Necromantic Claw- The more blood the sabre spills the more magic the wielder can summon to his command.
Armour of the scholar- A suit of Armour he only ever wears’s when necessary.
Robes of the Stars- A robe similar to that which the celestial order uses which has enchantments of both the Lore of Heavens and Necromancy.
Portable Telescope- A small scope which can be sat up to stare at the scars.
Dispel Scrolls- Standard dispelling scrolls.

Master Necromancer- He has learned much of Necromancy in death, becoming one of the most gifted von Carstein’s in this realm.
Master Astromancer-He has gained knowledge of the lore of heaven and the star’s during his life and death and now knows more than any mortal could hope and his knowledge goes beyond any of the von Carstein family.
Vampiric- Has the natural gifts of his kind.

Not a warrior-Prefers to avoid close combat although he was taught fencing by his sire.
Lacks charisma- Doesn’t have any true leadership skills, in fact his personality is unlikeable.
Loner-He has few allies.
Scholar at heart-He will do almost anything for knowledge, especially for magic and Astromancy.

Views of the Bloodlines
von Carsteins- Nobility of the Night
Lahmians- Beautiful but highly dangerous women
Blood Dragons- Great warriors
Necrarchs- Masters of the highest art
Strigoi- corrupted monsters.

Name: "Master" Marc
Title: Teufhof’s guardian.
Origin: Brettonia.
Age: Unknown
Sire: Walach.
Current Location: Teufhof-Castle Teufhof to be exact.

Close Associates:
Walach- His Lord and master
Karl von Carstein- His Baron thus Master
Emilie von Carstein- He views her as an equal not as a Lady to obey.
Ademus von Carstein- He gets on surprisingly well with the scholar.
Vladimar Von Kress-Master Necromancer of Teufhof
Captain Van Helf-Head of mortal forces in Castle Teufhof’s, a mortal himself it is rumored he was once a templar of Sigmar. Whatever the case he has shown himself to have the skill to butcher vampires. He really gets along well with the mortal.
Tarzik- An ancient Wight King that serves as Karl’s bodyguard, he is exceedingly capable in close combat and has slain many in his master’s name. Marc can often be found making the Wight Duel him.
Berik Helft- Ademus's get, the vampire is still in the thrall stages and has little real power and acts as an assistant to Ademus’s experiments for the most part. Ignored by Marc.

Approximately 6”5, appears to be about thirty and has brown hair, he often wears blood red armour, rarely dressing in casual clothes, he always has two blades with him, one granted to him by Walach the other by Karl.

Seemingly to serve Karl forever. Apart from this and a good fight he seems to have little ambition.

Whilst pleasant on a daily basis, but usually less than honorable, when under the pressure of true fighting he seems to lose control and can be highly dangerous to be around, as such Karl has swore to stand with him when his blood lust takes over to protect him and those around him.

Unknown apart from being born in Brettonia and a get of Walach, he dislikes talking about it, Ademus speculates loudly that he lacked the chivilary Blood Dragons may be looking for.

Walach’s Gift-A masterfully crafted blade able to cut through most armour, even enchanted.
Sword of Teufhof- A heirloom of the lords of Teufhof castle, it was granted as a gift from Karl and Emilie to Marc, it is believed to have some dark magic within.
Armour of Blood Keep- A standard suit of masterfully crafted blood red armour.

Master Swordsman- A very talented warrior with a sword.
Great Warrior- Has mastered the Art of Battle to a fine degree.
Vampiric- Has many vampire gifts.
Blood Fury- Easily falls into this, has a great deal of power when he does so.

Vampire- He holds the weaknesses of his vampiric nature, he can not enter a place a mortal calls home unless invited, can’t stand symbols of religions and hates sunlight although can easily walk in it when he must.
No time for books- The vampire has little interest in learning magic and as such has absolutely no ability in this area, Ademus believes he doesn’t even have the strength to command undead even if he learnt the spells.
Fragile Mind- Whilst normal on a day-to-day basis he quickly loses all rationality in the middle of battle and this can lead to stupid or frenzied actions.

Use Konrad’s Rules

Views of the Bloodlines
Simply Doesn’t Care


True Blood
Aug 31, 2009
Name: Saul Delegardt
Title: None
Origin: A small village some 9 miles north-east of Gisoreux
Age: Exact age unknown. Believed to be between 323 & 327 old
Sire: Unknown
Current Location: Brionne

Associates: Unknown. All family are long dead. No Known Gets.

Enemies: Jardena Elmansa (Lahmian Vampiress)

Appearance: 6 ft 2 ins in height. Well built but with narrow shoulders. He has been described as having patrician features and bearing a resemblance to some Brettonian nobility. His dark hair is shoulder length and appears unkempt, a look which is enhanced by his rough stubble.

Mentality: By nature he is a self-styled loner, he prefers to work in solitude but is quick to broker short-term alliances where they might be of benefit. He is quick to anger, like most of his kind, and this usually results in the focus of his rage being swiftly sent to the realm of Morr; when in good spirit however, he is often generous, merciful and has been describe as quick-witted and humorous (usually macabre humour) Having spent centuries wandering down south, most of the time without humanoid company, he has become an expert tracker and developed an affinity for manipulating wildlife; in particular wolves and snakes.

It is unknown which particular bloodline Saul is part of; he has exhibited a skill at arms that would be comparable only with those that call themselves the Blood Dragons but he has never been noted to show any kind of drive for perfection nor the arrogance that so often is associated with the Blood Dragons. Also his affinity for animals does not fit the Blood Dragon ethic so those that take an interest in such matters believe that he is more likely to have been sired by a Von Carstien of some description. Of course the only person who knows is Saul and he has been unwilling to discuss the subject.

Also there is very little reference to any necromantic skill on Sauls part; it is probable that like of his kind he has the innate ability to wield necromantic magiks but there has never been any reference to his level of capability or his desire to educate himself further. One can only speculate whether this lack of knowledge is by design or because his skills have never been witness by any mortal.

Background: Not much is known about his early life. It is believed that he was born to a blacksmith and his wife who lived in a small village some 9 miles north-east of Gisoreux close to the Grey Mountains; however, should an interested party be willing to part with an undisclosable fee of gold whilst frequenting many of the well established drinking parlours through-out Bretonnia, there are many rumours that say he is an illegitimate child of a past Baron of Gisoreux passed off to the blacksmith and his wife.

Details surrounding his life are scarce but it is believe that a short time after turning 17 he joined the standing army kept by the Baron of Gisoreux and quickly rose through the ranks. What little information that there is says that he was a very gifted swordsman, often eschewing the conventional sword and shield method of armament in favour of fighting with two swords he had forged himself. Whilst this tactic won him many plaudits amongst his peers it was severely frowned upon by his superiors, and in the winter after his 22 birthday he was given command of a small garrison stationed in the Grey Mountains; obviously his superiors had grown weary of his arrogance, and had seen fit to remove him by posting him to an obscure outpost responsible for guarding against Orc raids.

It is unclear as to how many months he was in charge of the garrison before his fall. It is said that one night, whilst hunting a group of maraudering orcs, he and the troops with him fell afoul of a vampire who himself had been tracking the orcs; nothing is know of the vampires name nor his lineage but it is known that he was left changed by his adversary and Saul alone, of the garrison, survived that fateful meeting.

After this, he fled from his home and his station; knowing that he would be hunted for desertion and killed for being what he had become, he fled swiftly south; taking with him only his beloved twin blades, his fathers knife and the clothes on his back. Driven by the thirst, he frequently fed upon those he found in small villages and hamlets along his journey, earning him the ere of a band of Questing Knights who pursued him all the way to the border with Tilea and would have pursued him further had a warhost of skaven emerged from skavenblight and forced the Knights to divert their attention.

Since fleeing his homeland he has lead a lonely unlife roaming Estalia, hiring out his deadly skill at arms to merchants in Tilea and on occasion travelling to the distance lands of Araby. It is believed that during this period, some nine decades after leaving Bretonnia, Saul formed an uneasy alliance with a vampire of lahmian descent he met in Araby whilst on a mission to assassinate a corrupt Merchant. It is unknown as to what the purpose of this alliance was but it is known that the Vampiress betrayed Saul after a disagreement over feeding habits. As a consequence Saul harbours a deep mistrust of Lahmian vampires and has spent many years trying to ascertain the whereabouts of the Vampiress who betrayed him. His self imposed exile has lasted three centuries and during that time he has never seen fit to try to return home. That is, until now.

Currently writing the first chapter in a novel detailing Sauls return to Bretonnia. The Prologue and Chapter 1 will be available to read shortly.


True Blood
Aug 31, 2009
Thanx. I enjoyed writing it. Ive amended the final paragraph slightly to better reflect the Character as he appears in my story.

Trevy the Great

Vampire Progenitor
True Blood
Mar 2, 2008
A place somewhere.
Disciple of Nagash said:
If you look in other books than the VC, it is clear that Mannfred died at Hellfen, and was resurrected later by a necromancer (though this was nearly stopped by Gotrek & Felix). He is the current Count of Sylvania (well if you don't count the TVC lol)

TVC is so canon!
Ok, this is my Vampire so far:
Name: Varison von Carstein
Title: The Raven King, King of Blades, Knight of the Bloody Star.
Origin: The Brettonian Fortress of Parravel, north of the City Of Aquitaine
Age: 270, he recieved the blood kiss at the age of 20
Sire: Unknown. What is known is that Varison slew his sire in open battle upon reaching the age of one and a half centuries.
Current Location: The Border Princes, where his castle is located.
Associates:The Court of Blades, of which he is the Lord. He also recently allied with the Chaos Lord Durgar Wolfheart, but it seems he has already been betrayed by his 'ally'.
Enemies: Durgar Wolfheart, for the above reason, also numerous other Vampires and necromancers, for various reasons.
Appearance: Varison is about six foot tall, and athletic in build. He has shoulder length black hair and pale skin. He is extremely handsome, except his eyes are merely black orbs, terrifying any who looks upon him.
Mentality:Varison is impatient, impulsive and highly aggressive. He has a macabre sense of humor which surfaces at completely random moments. He is also proud and honourable. In view of his impatience and impulsive actions, he has been described by some as 'childlike'. In view of his other traits, he has been described as a 'psycopathic blood-sucking, hyper-violent loony'. This isn't true, however, as Varison is perfectly sane. Well, basically, anyway.
Background: Varison was the son of a Brettonian noble. When he was young, he showed magical aptitude. However, the Fey Enchantress never took him away. so, at the age of 13, he was sent to the Imperial university to study Magic. However, Varison took to studying Necromancy and was expelled. On his way back to Parravel, his patrol, a orcish raiding party slew Varisons escort. Varison survived, although wounded. A mysterious being (a vampire) arrived at the site of the disaster a few hours later and discovered Varison. Impressed by the young mans will to survive, he bestowed the blood kiss upon him.
A year after Varison was made a vampire, he stumbled upon the tale of Abhorash. Inspired by the story of the great man, he set out to find monsters and men of great skill with arms to fight and later partake of their blood. Over the next few decades, Varison slew many and recorded their names on a great list. Highlights of this list include:
1 Dragon
37 Champions of Chaos
11 trolls
1 Orcish warband complete with Warboss
28 ogres
63 witchhunters
and a Peasant called Mannheim
Having honed his fighting skills to a degree that satisfied him (and Varison is not easily satisfied), Varison returned to his sire's castle.
Then, when Varison finally came back, he read of Zacharias, and now nothing would sway him from his dream of becoming a great necromancer, so he studied necromancy for many decades and eventually gained a high degree of profiency with the Dark Arts.
Then, for unknown reasons, he challenged his sire to a duel, slew him and finally, partook of his blood.
The next year, Varison raised a great army of skeletons and Dire wolves, recalled all the Vampires loyal to him and marched to the Border Pronces, where he built his Fortress and established the Court of Blades, where he has been ammasing undead minions for over a century.
Varison's stronghold was recently attacked by the Chaos Lord Durgar Wolfheart, with whom he had an agreement. Varison has consulted the records of the past few years and has found he had not broken the agreement, so now he marches north to find out the reason for Durgar's behaviour and punish him accordingly.


Jun 13, 2009
This sounds like a fun thing, so I thought I might as well give it a shot...

Name: Malechi Deathfang
Title: The Black Elf, Scourge of the North, Prince of Kar Hareth
Age: 515
Origin: A western Beach on the Coast of Naggaroth.

Appearance: In life Malechi was a Dark Elf, and still keeps man of the same features. He is tall (Standing over 6" 5') and sleek, without a blemish on his skin. His skin has faded to a Blue-Grey Colour. His hair is black and tied back behind his head into a Pony tail. The Irises of his eyes have turned to a crimson red. Malechi wears armour similar to that of the Black Guard, but shines with an eerie glow, that can only be seen once he is close to you, the armour cloaks him from his enemies while he is at a distance. Over the armour Malechi wears a Deep Red robe, dyed with the Blood of High Elf scum.

Equipment: Malechi brings into battle two things, a Sword and a Tome. The Blade burns with the souls of many fallen foes. It is only the size of a standard broadsword, and glows green. His tome is bound in Cold Hide Leather (stripped of the scales that is) and is covered in several Druchii runes. The Book contains many incantations and spells that Malechi learned over his years of Vampirism.

Powers: Malechi is actually an extremly competent and powerful mage. Though he only learned the art of magic during his time as a Vampire. Malechi is also a great Tactician and General, as well as a powerful fighter (which has only been heightened after becoming a Vampire).

Background: Malechi died repelling a High Elf invasion from Ulthuan. Unfortunately, his Army could not stand up the the strength of the Asur. Malechi was grievously wounded during this fight, and attempted to flee from the battle to seek healing. While running along the Beach to his City of Kar Hareth, he collapsed. He swore revenge on the High Elves for doing this to him. He waited for the Animals to come and eat him, or for his wound to bleed out, or for the Asur to come and kill him. While he waited, a mist suddenly appeared and encircle Malechi, out of the mist came a raspy deep voice. The voiced asked him if he wanted to live, if he wanted revenge, if he wanted power. He answered yes, and the a figure stepped out of the mist. Malechi blacked out, and then awoke several days later in a forest, with his wounds healed. Beside him lay a scroll, revealing what had happened. Malechi first decided he wanted revenge on the High Elves. Returning to the site of the battle (and where the High Elves had made camp) Malechi began to rip through dozens of high Elves. He eventually came upon his lieutenant and soldiers who the Asur had taken as slaves. He dragged them out of the camp, back to the woods. Their he tired foolishly to do what had been done to him. Most of them died in the process, but a few did survive. Over the next several years, Malechi and his entourage of Elven vampires, learned the extent of their powers, both Physical and Magical. Malechi also became very bitter toward his own race over letting him die, and not aiding him in battle. He once again returned to the battle field. With the help of his Vampires, he raised his army back from the dead, and then, marched on Kar Hareth, city of which he was once prince. Now he sits on his throne once again. The city now lies silent, only the clinking of bones on the ground can be heard. Malechi often rides out of the city with his army of the dead, and host of vampires, waging war on other Druchii cities, and swelling his own ranks.

Mr Nightwere

May 30, 2009
No problem at all.

Just thought it was odd to be a combat orientated vampire, while being of the Von Carstien bloodline.
he's not exceedingly combat orientated, hes only slightly unbalanced in that respect. it says in his fluff he studied necromancy, just under the bit where he acquires his r0x0r skills at fighting.
i represent his magery skills by giving him lv 3 wizard, and then taking that up to 4 with Dark Acoloyte. its just he's a bit more proud of his comabt skills. after all, what would you rather say about your vampire? he spent years pouring over books in some forgotten tower in the hope of becoming a great necromancer, or he went out and slaughtered his enemies and the kin, and took their heads, hands and weapons as trophies?


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Dec 11, 2007
Somewere in Slyvania
Mr Nightwere said:
No problem at all.

Just thought it was odd to be a combat orientated vampire, while being of the Von Carstien bloodline.

How is it odd? the physical bloodline does not stop one from mastering an aspect of combat. Their is nothing stopping a Blood Dragon from becoming a mage save his own traditions and practices on swords. Their is nothing stopping Von Carstein from fighting in combat. Indeed, it would be expected of them to specize, many nobles in the Middle Ages did so and Konrad himself is an excellent example of a close-combat fighter.

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Feb 12, 2008
Agree with Gree, there is no harm in vampire of any bloodline trying to better themselves in areas they would normally be strong it. Take my Mistress Lesa for example, a Lahmian who is more powerful than any Necrarchs in the TVC.............

Vlad Dracul

Nov 2, 2009
Name: Vlad Dracul

Title: The Impaler

Origin: Was a leading member of the Sylvannian aristocracy, related to both the emerging Von Carsteins and the Von Draks. Turned to vampirism with Vlad.

Sire: Remains loyal to Vlad Von Carstein, and to a lesser extent Mannfred.

Current location: Draculschlosse, Eastern Sylvania, foothills of World Edge Moutains.

Kastellan Kruger Von Wrath - captain of a subservient order of vampire-knights and a close confident to Vlad.
Necromancer Ciaphus the Wicked - a slavish, deviant and cruel practicer of the arts of death, ever bitter to the people of Nuln who cast him from their midst a decade past.
Wight Lord Helgrim the Black - the long dead remains of Sylvanias greatest captain, Helgrim is Vlad's lieutenant and executes his will without fail.
Necromancer Joachim Von Stauffenberg - currently residing in the city of Altdorf, posed as a scholar in the cities prestigious university. Joachim is looking to uncover dark secrets for his master whilst serbverting attempts to pursue him.

Appearence: Vlad represents the archtypal vampire. A tall, lean nobleman with a stern, menacing countenance.

Mentality: Like many other vampires, Vlad holds the creatures below him with disdain and cares little for the lives of mere mortals. In life, Vlad was merciless in the collection of taxes and tithes from his subservient population. His title, the Impaler, was earned in this time, one of Vlad's favourite past times and modes of punishment. The dungeons and torture halls of Draculschlosse are haunted by the screams and appirations of his victims to this day. Whilst still bestowed with the supernatural benefits of vampirism, Vlad favours the art of necromancy, command and leadership to that of martial prowess. On the battlefield, Vlad utilises the full, psychological potential of the undead forces at his command, whilst utlising his immense control of the art of necromancy to summon legions of undead and all manner of foul, loathsome beasts.

Background: Vlad was once a senior-ranking member of the Sylvanian aristocracy. However, consumed with the corrupting nature of power, he threw in his lot with Vlad Von Carstein and embraced Vampirism. However, after his master was vanquished at Altdorf and harried back to Sylvannia, Vlad Dracul took it upon himself to withdraw into his mountainous retreat of Draculschlosse. Here he remained undisturbed for decades, the keep watched over by his undying legion of wight guardians. But he was not idle, and a web of spies and thralls kept him informed of the outside world, as well as returning cartloads of wyrdstone and arcane odities, whilst Vlad schemed, plotted and studied. Meanwhile, a tirless horde of zombified villagers and age old skeletons mined and tunneled beneath the castle, in search of wyrdstone and rare artifiacts, reputed to have been left there by powerful wizards and warlords in ages past. Most recently, when the vanguard of Vardek Crom's hordes breached the borders of Sylvania, Vlad emerged in force, harrasing and driving them mad with fear at the unholy forces that stalk the night and that are unafraid of their many gods.

Relations with:
Blood Dragons: Vlad looks down upon most Blood Dragons, whom he considers thuggish, short sighted and insular. However, they do prove to be useful short time allies, and dangerous long term foes, so are largely kept on side...
Necrarchs: Vlad admires the Necrarchs for their tireless pursuit of knowledge, yet considers them a lesser breed compared to the aristocratic tradition of vampirism,
Lahmia: Vlad has no relations to this bloodline and little intention of starting now.
Strigoi: Like most vampires, Vlad looks down upon the degenerate half-vampire Strigoi. But he has more sense than to pursue their kind too vigorously, and thus has escaped their predations thus far.
Other Von Carsteins: The true and most worthy bloodline, other Von Carsteins are to be welcomed into Draculschlosse as allies. That is, of course, if they don't get in the way...

Mr Nightwere

May 30, 2009
Name: Jason Nightwere
Title: daemon of the shadow, the Nighwere
Origin: unknown, early empire settlement
Age: 2527
Sire: Sara Valarious

Sired as a young prince of 28 Jason has piercing eyes that are a feral yellow color, usually clothed in the robes of eternity, has pale skin and long black hair that is usually messy. In adition to this, Jason also features long black wings formed from the cloak of eternity.


Robes of eternity
Blade of the blood

A quiet individual Jason keeps to himself but has a cracked mental state and can be lost in his thoughts. When he heard of a way to immortality, he rode out seeking the Queen of Mysteries. During his time imprisoned there his anger grew and grew. He mistrusts anyone too friendly or new, and saves his trust for these who truly deserve his respect.

As a young prince, Jason was taught at an early age that respect can only be earned, but can be faked, and that human life was of little concern in the long run. His father Nathanial Nighthunt was a brilliant hunter, and wise king and Jason inherited his father's skill and wisdom, yet resented his people. He would curse his father in times of war and would mock him for his decisions blaming him for the people's deaths. When word reached his kingdom that the man god had slain the death lord, Nagash, it sparked Jason's curiosity, so he studied where ever he could to discover more of the history of the undead. He learnt much and became an apt pupil of magic.

When his father was slain in combat for his people, Jason was appointed king however instead of embracing his people, he rode out to find the legendary Queen of the vampires. He started roaming in the high society finding one of the Queen's spies Sara Valarious; she pointed him towards the silver pinnacle, but warned of the queen's hatred and evil. He entered the cathedral and struck a bargain with the sacrifice of his people for his immortality. Thus in one faith full night the armies of the queen stole every one form there beds as they slept. The queen wasn't impressed, and threw him into her darkest dungeons.

He stayed within the silver pinnacle for many years, tortured and given less and less food. In the end it was Sara who attempted to free him, But soon the queen sent her thralls to capture Jason, he was brought before her although he could not see her for she was behind many silk curtains, she commanded that Sara give him the blood kiss, so he may spend an eternity of torture imprisoned within the silver pinnacle.

At last it was done his immortality assured, for over 250 years he was the dreaded queen's prisoner his eyes grew a feral yellow color and his hair grew long, scars of enchanted torture devices riddled his body. Until it was one day 270 years since he had arrived that an attack form below was felt Shaven flowed past and set free the toured soul of Jason Nighthunt as he was released possibly to be eaten no one can say for sure, perhaps pity or a feral resemblance. But all the same He his eyes grew light and he attacked with a appetite for the blood of his victims he slaughtered hundreds and hundreds of the creatures in a fit of blood and joy.

He then entered the chamber of the dreaded queen and bowed before her "I wish an audience" he said slowly blood soaked his scared flesh and rose to greet the queen my queen I have slain the Skaven horde, I wish freedom and service. The queen replied and you shall receive neither a smirk upon her cold face. Again he was locked with in the dungeon this time with a message on the ground underneath was a black robe. The message read

Jason for your service, I give you this the robe of eternity the queen my not see it for she is blind to the strengths of men but you have power with in you and you must carve out your own destiny use this robe to escape this dreaded place and never return it is more powerful than it seams, And so are you I'm truly sorry Jason.

Yours sincerely Sara valarious

He put on the cloak and slipped away into the darkness of the cold night, over 300 years he had been a prisoner, at long last he was free. He continued to wear the robe of eternity, travelling aboard to discover the forgotten lore of the world. In his time at the silver pinnacle the world around him had changed much, but there were still many secrets to be found and it was his will to find that fuled him over the coming centuries. he tangled with many others of his kind most notably was Lesa, a vampire of great and exotic beauty how also quested for knowledge and artefacts, but when he was in her presence his scars would burn and sting his flesh there was something more about this vampire, that he did not fully understand.

Eventually his thirst for knowledge brought him to the colleges of magic, staying there for many centuries. He started experimenting on his cloak and enhanced its powers, he sowed the souls of the dammed into its thread until the cloak would scream in anger and pain, when ever Jason would command he also made it as black as night and unable to see him in darkness, adding Warpstone to the vile design he feared what effect this would have on him. It had become a massively useful device in his travels and was more apart of him each day. His power over the centuries had indeed grown and was revered as a powerful alchemist, and wizard. And he continued to study the lore and magic's of the college.

It was his vampiric nature that He was eventually discovered, missing people and a wizard realizing that he had not aged at all since he had got there. So fighting his way clear of a heavily armored witch hunter group, he escaped. He had discovered a legendary blade where about's. Hidden deep with in an ancient tomb submersed after centuries of neglect, and Worshiped by a race of ghouls that had worshiped the blade as a gift from the gods (vampires), the origin of the blade was unknown for it was only a reference to the ghouls but Jason knew well enough the location indicated in the text.

After taking the blade from its ancient home, he knew there must find a way of examining it without fear of any unholy enchantments bestowed upon it. And so he traveled to the city of Luccini in Tilea, knowing that the priests of morr could remove any side effects form the vampiric blade that could purge it of the curse bringing it before the priests they removed a curse of blood drain from it that would have almost have killed him, and gave it back to Jason.

After leaving the temple of Morr the black guard attacked him, seeking to end the accursed vampire's unlife. He fought them off each blow giving him new found strength. But He was indeed surrounded, it was at this point that the luscious black wings formed from his robes, screaming with delight at the new founds powers the souls had been mutated by the Warp stone leaving Jason unscaled and unmutated. With wings at his back he drove the approaching black guard back, and disappeared into the night's sky. The black guards now search for the daemon of the night, they call Nightwere.

After escaping Luccini in the 1800's, he traveled to Sylvania where he met Vlad Von Carstein. Only a new ruler, Jason agreed to work for him as both a spy and assassin for he was reminded of his father as both a fair and wise leader. It is believed that he was behind many of the ruling noble's grievous accidents and unfortunate circumstances, over the coming years. And in 2000 he was instructed to gather the meteorite Warp stone from the Mordheim ruins.

He was indeed a loyal servant of Vlad, but his job was not with out its dangers even to a vampire, one such time was a chaos raid from the world Edge Mountains. while he was out collecting alchemical ingredients within a low lying cave demons stuck and with a lightning series of swings were slain by Jason.

He did however enjoy the company of the other vampires; Mannfred von Carstien was one such individual and taught Mannfred some of the magical secrets he had gathered over his travels. He was an apt pupil and Jason saw that he had great power with in him. Unlike Mannfred Jason held a great dislike for Konnard von Carstien, and viewed the brute as a foolish drone of Vlad not much good for more that a berserk.

When Vlad began his war against the world of men, Jason warned him of Mannfreds treatuary over the years he have grown fond of Mannfred but never got on his bad side and knew of his scheming, Vlad paid no heed to Jason and continued and after his defeat he went searching for the illusive thief but to no avail.

Rather than return to the accursed Sylvain, and serve Konard, he ventured into the world once more searching for lore, knowledge and treasure. He one day hopes to save his sire and repay the favor for his release; she may be the only one that Jason truly feels for in the world. He has heard of the vampire council however and there accomplishments and agrees that the spoils would be great if an alliance was formed.

Powerful at magic over physical strength it is his equipment that allows him the most benefit in combat the robes of eternity are now as much apart of him as his scars allowing him abilities of flight and stealth he is a powerful alchemist and can enchant powerful items of war he has a strong will and when others try to control him it manifests as a burning of his enchanted scars sustained in the silver pinnacle.

Lacking in combat skill his mental state is cracked and makes it hard for him to trust others will always be sceptical and never open up fully to others and may hide information for his own personal gain unless he complexly respects the other person with they must earn to earn his trust.

Hope you like it, feed back helps BTW


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Feb 23, 2010
Right Behind you...
Name: Harland
Origion: unknown
Favoured weapon: A big, Black Axe
Apearance: Over 6 feet tall, clad in blood-red armour, wears the 'Buffalo' helm (similiar to a Viking helm, but bigger horns).
Sires: Al the Bad-mooded, PH von FB
Current Location: Deceassed (i.e terminated/6 feet under/unundead)
History: See EPIC
Companions: Shredder (a Varghulf, Konrad von Carstein)
Likes: Domination
Dislikes: Lizardmen
Arch Nemesis: Itzcoatl

Get of W'soran

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Apr 23, 2008
Behind the Throne
This is the Star of a New Series of Stories I am writing.
Done in TVC Format as I liked it.

Daimyo Akimitsu no Chishio-Ryu

Full Name: Akimitsu no Kamitoro (In Life), Akimitsu no Chishio-Ryu (Literally Akimitsu of the Blood Dragon)
Associated Names in Life: Daimyo of the Kamitoro and Sword-Master of Nippon and Instructor to the Imperial Family
Associated Names in Death: The Demon of Shinotsuke (Nipponese), The Wandering Dead (Western), The Honourable Demon (A Nickname earned during his time in the Blood Keep), The Demon Blade (Self-Titled)
Age: Around 1,200
Bloodline: Blood Dragon
Sire: Unknown
Generation: 3rd
Place of Birth: Shinotsuke province of Nippon.

Akimitsu stands at 5”7 and is well built, his features are that of an average Nipponese man except for his unusually pale skin and blood red eyes. The vampire walks with the grace of a natural swordsman and rarely smiles seemingly very stern.
When not in battle he will wear a plain black Kimono but in battle he will wear his O-Yoroi armour , the traditional armour of the Warrior Caste of his people.
He is never seen without his Daisho; his katana and wakizashi.

Stiff and polite to the point where many from the more Western Cultures find him annoying and difficult to speak to he is a seemingly quiet polite man. However due to his upbringing he is easily insulted although he has adapted over his long life to try and ignore the poor manners of the “Barbarians” from other nations.
Although he no longer follows the code of honour he did in life he still carries a twisted version of it which ensures that he is bound to certain actions such as duels of honour and he finds it difficult to be openly dishonest.
Unlike many of his line he has no innate dislike of magic, he simply disdains it's use in single combat. On the battlefield he finds it a useful tool.
The one time he becomes truly open and joyful is when given a student to teach.

Brief History
Akimitsu was born into the small Kamitoro clan which was on the decline having once been a great power in Nippon it had fallen to be little more than a vassal of far greater powers. At the age of 17 his father was killed in battle and the young warrior rose to the head of the clan taking on the warlord title of Daimyo.
Akimitsu was well educated as befitted the warrior caste, known as the Samurai, but more so he had focused a great deal of energies into his sword skill and at the age of twenty he was by far the greatest swordsman the clan had seen in generations. Unlike his predecessors he wasn't openly confrontational towards his enemies and instead kept his aggressiveness to the field of combat.
At the age of twenty-six he was noted by the Daimyo of his ruling Clan for having exception sword skills and as such the Lord held a tournament from which any Clan could enter in which Akimitsu soundly defeated all his opponents.
The Emperor noted this and quickly invited Akimitsu to join the Imperial Court as the Imperial Family's Sword Instructor to which Akimitsu humbly accepted. This saw to the rise of the Kamitoro Clan once again and gaining independence.
At the age of thirty-three he was still undefeated and exceedingly well skilled, learning more each day.
One night he encountered a Single Figure on the Walls of his Home Castle, the Stranger calmly challenged him to combat which Akimitsu accepted. The two fought but despite Akimitsu's great skill his opponent was greater still and he would have died there only for a peasant watchmen who ran up behind the pair and drove his spear straight through the stranger's back but the man merely turned and dispatched the conscript with ease revealing his nature as an immortal demon. Akimitsu began to grow tired yet his retainers and conscript soldiers arrived in an attempt to save him but all where killed by the demon however Akimitsu eventually prevailed but at the cost of his purity for the demon granted him “one last gift” turning him into a demon too before dying.
Akimitsu fled his clan and contemplated suicide but he realised that their was no hope of him regaining his lost honour and instead went back to his clan and killed his family and retainers whilst weeping blood as he believed that his impurity would corrupt his descendants and Nippon would suffer for it.
For close to a century he travelled his homeland easily killing any who opposed him and his infamy grew becoming known as “The Demon of Shinotsuke” but in time his nations Wizards, men of frightening power who where said to commune with dragons and hold power over life and death came searching for him.
Unwilling to face such foes he fled to Cathay determined to find a warrior he could not defeat and here he came across more Demons like himself yet different, they where called the “Jade Blooded” and had a strange green cast to their flesh, he defeated a few but let them live for had no true warriors that could challenge him.
Eventually in the early 1800's (by Imperial Calendar) he travelled to the west coming to the lands of the Empire and it was here he reached the Blood Keep and immediately challenged Walach Harkon, it is said the two fought for a day and a night unable to strike deadly enough to overcome the other, it was then said by Harkon that he was glad to have met a “brother” in death which confused Akimitsu making him call an end to the fight as he demanded an explanation to which Walach explained the Bloodlines of the Vampires. This revelation changed Akimitsu's perspective, for no longer was he a alone for whilst still a demon he still had a clan of sorts and immediately he began apologising to Walach for offending his honour but such comments where waved aside. Akimitsu became a sometime tutor to the younger vampires of the Blood Keep, training a few in his sword style whilst learning of western armour and combat it is said during this time Walach had his armour enchanted for him.
When the Blood Keep fell he killed many of the Imperial forces but Walach makes the Nipponese vampire flee despite his inbred instinct to fight till the death. It was then he said goodbye to his friend hoping to meet him again.
For the next thirty years Akimitsu stops looking for warriors and instead begins studying Western Culture, the way they make war and their technology becoming fascinated with engineering and the other “new sciences” of the Empire.
In the year 1975 he finds a land filled with demons called Sylvania, they call themselves von Carsteins and welcome him, he quickly challenges a vampire called Konrad but easily defeats him in combat before challenging his lord Count Vlad. Whilst a more skilled warrior than this Vlad the Count is simply too fast and strong for the Nipponese Swordsman however instead of killing the Blood Dragon he offers him a place within his army for an upcoming war the likes of which the world had never seen.
Akimitsu quickly agreed.
The Nipponese vampire became a retainer and bodyguard to a von Carstein Commander, however he refused to teach almost all the von Carsteins who asked him due to his innate dislike of their lavish lifestyles.
Akimitsu travels back to Nippon with a Necromancer at his service, the Necromancer uses his magic to raise Akimitsu's old Chief-Retainer Nobutaka, whom he had buried himself, as a Wight King and then slays a small outpost filled with twenty Samurai who are raised as Wights it is at this outpost where he finds Kenji a young but highly skilled swordsman and sired him making the man into a timeless demon. He then returns to Empire territory as quick as possible as he is still sworn to the von Carstein line.
In 2081, exactly thirty years after he left, he finds Konrad to be the strongest of Vlad's children and despite his dislike of the man he stays as this he decides to patrol Sylvania for many years killing intruders such as Orks and the Beastmen.
In 2095 he follows Konrad to war absolutely disgusted at the vampire's lack of of finesse in dealing with his opponents but they fight until 2121 where at the Battle of Grim Moor Konrad is killed and Akimitsu almost loses his life to a surprise attack from a Peasant who spears him through the back just missing his heart. Deeply wounded he falls prey to the Blood Lust of his kind and slaughters the Peasant before killing many other Empire Troops and even a few lesser Vampires before escaping.
For the next six years he travels to the Chaos Wastes and fights their alone killing many Champions of the Dark Gods, it is here where he faces a Bloodthirster and barely escapes with his life.
In 2127 he returns to Sylvania to find Mannfred having ascended to the Countship.
Akimitsu meets a Lahmian vampire for the first time and is enthralled by their beauty and grace.
In 2132 Akimitsu joins Mannfred's army and they cut a blood path through the empire but the army is defeated at Altdorf and then again a year later at Marienburg and Akimitsu begins to have doubts about his Master's abilities.
In 2145 Mannfred is slain and Akimitsu freed from his service of the Counts quickly quits the battlefield only barely escaping the great Empire Army.
For the next few hundred years he returns to his lifestyle of attempting to find challenges and in 2280 he finds a Knight of the Empire called Marius and sires him before training him in the Way of the Sword and forging him a Katana and the armour of the Samurai. Marius changes his name to Shinji meaning true second son.
Sending his Eldest Get out into the world alone he tells him to find a foe worthy of his respect and Kenji leaves bidding his sire and master a tearful farewell.
A few years later he claims a small abandoned Keep in the Grey Mountains and restores it to a glorious small military outpost, a few vampires join him here where they train with blunt weapons and any vampire who comes is offered a place amongst them to learn. He names it the Crimson Hold in memory of the Blood Keep.
In 2390 Shinji begs his master to allow him to go forth and search for an Enemy worthy of his respect, Akimitsu is reluctant feeling he is too young but bids the Imperial good luck in his journey.
In 2482 Akimitsu runs into Kenji and his get's face his stained with blood tears, the younger vampire tells his master than he witnessed Shinji's death at the hands of a group of Sigmarite warriors and Witchhunters.
In utter rage Akimitsu falls to the Blood Fury for years unable to truly return from it and slaughters entire Villages in the Empire and targets Churches swearing that no follower of Sigmar or Morr will ever be save from his blade.
In 2485 he manages to halt himself and retreats to the Chaos Wastes swearing to find death, he particularly focuses on fighting Champions of a the Dark God Khorne but none he meets are capable of killing the vampire and so he returns to the Empire and searches for old allies in an attempt to pull himself out of a deep depression he had collapsed into.
In 2507 he returns to Sylvania having heard rumours and there he assists the weakened realm of Sylvania in various duties.
In 2518 he learns that Mannfred was the one that slew Vlad and in a fit of rage he attempts to kill the Count only to be stopped by a combined assault from Mannfred, Tremere, Akarin and a dozen other lesser vampires.
Ever since he has wandered aimlessly returning to the pattern where he duels any warrior willing but no longer does he allow the strong to survive. Several times he comes close to suicide but Kenji stops him and is unwilling to ever again leave his sires side.
In 2520 he returns to the Crimson Hold to find a number of Blood Dragons still living there, they immediately hand the Keep back to him and claim to be a group called the Chishio-Ryu in homage to Akimitsu. Honoured he allows them to stay and reopens the Crimson hold in an attempt to give himself purpose once again.

Basic Stats
Speed: 5 (4) Armour is restrictive
Agility: 7 (5) Armour is restrictive
Weapon Skill: 9 (7 without a weapon from his homeland) Where 10 is his goal
Ballistic Skill: 5 He has training in basic archery like all the warrior caste.
Raw Strength: 5 Despite his long term training and strength his small stature limits his pure strength
Technique Strength: 9 Once again his goal being 10
Toughness: 5 (6) 5 like any human-form vampire
Tactical Knowledge: 7 Whilst a master tactician in his homeland he still finds western fighting confusing and prefers to fight under the command of someone else, yet he is capable

Magical Lores Known: Necromancy / Vampire
Raw Magical Power: 1 He has innately no skill with magic and can only summon enough strength to raise command an undead army
Magical Skill: 1 He has attempted several times at magic but an inborn inability to control the winds of magic severely limit him

Skillset: Armourer (He can both maintain and forge weaponry and amour with relative ease given the right equipment.)
Skill Level: 6 (in blacksmithing), 10 in maintenance.
Skillset: Scholar of “New Science” (His fascination with engineering and other branches of science did pay off.)
Skill Level: 5

Once a blade of dazzling silver it was corrupted by it's bearers curse and the blade dulled no longer shining, once unsheathed the Demon Blade thirsts for blood and can not be sheathed again until it has been sated. The Katana has a matching Wakizashi.
The blade is capable of cutting through any mundane armour and many enchanted ones also, it absorbs the life-force of those cut by it and feeds it to the bearer. Like many of his people Akimitsu sees his sword as apart of him and as such it is very dear to the vampire. The Wakizashi is a shorter blade with no magical properties just exceedingly well forged.

Crimson O-Yoroi
Once a standard suit of armour it was warped by Akimitsu's vampiric nature and turned Crimson from all the blood of his victims. Upon joining the Blood Keep Walach Harkon had it enchanted and named it the “Crimson O-Yoroi”. This mix of Western and Eastern names amused Akimitsu so he kept it so. The Helmet is forged in the image of a demon with only Akimitsu's eyes and mouth being see-able.
The Armour is well crafted able to stop all but enchanted weapons however it's own enchantment will cause the spirits of the slain captured within to harden the armour so that even magical weapons find it difficult to pierce.

Akimitsu's Yari
A Nipponese Spear Akimitsu mostly uses this when on horseback.
A well forged Yari but it has no magical properties.

Akimitsu's Yumi
A Long Bow of his people, it is mundane but well made.
Like many of the Warrior Caste he was trained to use this weapon but never had any real love for it, still he carries it with him at times.

Other Abilities

Nipponese warriors are amongst the greatest in the world and dedicate themselves to a martial and spiritual lifestyle. As such he is a great warrior and is able to use meditative calming techniques to push back the Blood Lust known as the Red Fury in all but the most dire situations.
Akimitsu has great fighting skill with weapons and hand-to-hand, he is also well trained in literature and other customs. He is able to use his formidable willpower to resist the Blood Dragon Red Fury and to also lessen his Blood Thirst.

Master of the Blade
During his life Akimitsu was the greatest warrior in all of Nippon and even trained the Imperial family. This dedicated and skill has carried on into his unlife where he uses his own school of swordsmanship.
Akimitsu is a master of the Katana and has even mastered the much more difficult style of using his longsword and short sword. This dedicated has also allowed him to analyse foes to a much greater extent.

Nipponese Horseman.
Having been raised in the Strict Warrior Caste of his people Akimitsu is a master at mounted combat and can even fire his bow from horseback without any lessening of skill.
Akimitsu can fight with Spear and Bow on horseback as easily as he can on ground although his mounted swordsmanship isn't as good.

Extremely powerful Warrior he is perhaps one of the greatest vampiric swordsmen alive.
Dutiful he will follow his masters till the end and will no flee from combat unless commanded to or has no other choice.
Wields a sword of Fantastic Power.
Very well discipled.
Has a small group of Wights, twenty one altogether, whilst few in number they are elite warriors.
A skilled teacher of Martial Combat he is quite good at teaching others.

Absolutely no Magical Skill, he can raise an army but not much else.
No magical defence as he can neither cast spells nor does he own any items that can protect him.
Limited Range Capabilities due to average marksmanship and practically no spell skill.
Rigid code of honour which whilst twisted from the one he followed in life still restricts his actions in certain circumstances.
He has no standing army just his get and twenty one Wights although he could call upon various Blood Dragons from the Crimson Keep if required.
Fits of Depression are not rare to the warrior as he dislikes what he had become and although there are times when he is glad to have his long life and strong skill when he is left alone for too long he tends to fall into feelings of hopelessness.


Jun 10, 2009
Guy de Marquesse

Name: Guy de Marquesse
Title: The Beast of Mousillon
Origin: Mousillon
Age: 1594
Sire: Unknown
Current Location: Mousillon
Amelia de Marquesse - Guy's first childe. She was embraced for her likeness to Guy's mortal sister and was encouraged to enrich herself with study of the arts of necromancy. She is now an accomplished sorceress and some say she wields greater control of the winds of magic than even Guy himself.

Caepheras de Marquesse - Guy's second childe. In life Caepheras as a High Elf prince who led an army against Guy's legions. Impressed by Caepheras' skill at arms, Guy overpowered the elf and embraced him there and then on the battlefield. Caepheras has since become Guy's most loyal childe and has gained a reputation for bringing death to all who cross his path.

Lucian de Marquesse - Guy's third childe. While the rest of Guy's kin crowd around him and his court, competing for Guy's attention, Lucian often stands aloof. He forms the third member of the Black Council (made up of Amelia, Caepheras and himself) but he seems content to take a junior role, playing Amelia and Caepheras offagainst each other, all the while increasing his own power base.

Rénard de Marquesse - Guy's fifth childe. Rénard was embraced because of practicality. He was formerly a necromancer in Guy's court but as time began to steal his life, Guy embraced him so as to preserve his services. As Amelia's student (it was at her request that Guy embraced him), Rénard is a potent sorcerer in his own right.

Silas de Marquesse & Francois de Marquesse - Guy's sixth and seventh childer. Both entered errant knights to prove their manhood and their right to take the knightly vows. They were both swiftly overcome by Caepheras and embraced by Guy shortly after. After their embrace they were handed over to Caepheras for training. Francois now leads Guy's retinue of Blood Knights and Silas is often seen marching on foot with the main army.

Vincent de Marquesse - Guy's fourth childe. Originally a questing knight who rode into Mousillon, Vincent was overcome by Amelia's magics and brought in chains before Guy. He was embraced and put under Caepheras' tuterlage. However, Caepheras, busy scheming against Amelia and Lucian, grew neglectful of his student and carelessly threw Vincent into battle before he was ready. Vincent ultimately lost control of his sanity and, desparate to escape knowledge of what he had become, gave himself wholly to the vampire within himself, devolving into a Varghulf.

Giles de Chatillon - Giles was a Bretonnian lord who opposed Guy when he led his army against Quenelles. Though defeated, Giles remained defiant and refused Guy's offer of the embrace. Taking this as a gross insult, Guy flew into a wild rage, murdered Giles where he stood and raised his again as a Wight King, cursed to march to war still - only now without the freedom of vampirism and forced to carry Guy's battle standard.

Appearance / Personality.
In life Guy was a handsome man but undeath has done little to maintain his appearance. He stands at 5ft 10" and has a well-muscled frame. However, successive instances of succumbing to his darker vampiric nature have left him with several animalistic qualities. His ears have a batlike point at their top, his eyes have a wolflike demeanor and he is now incapable of retracting his fangs. In personality, Guy is a tragic clash of contrary emotions. Having been born in a golden age of Bretonnian chivalry, in his mortal life he trained as a knight and even took the Grail Quest - a quest he never saw completed. Even so, it was said that, while the Grail Quest had turned its back on Guy, Guy never ceased in his pursuit of the Grail and he is now convinced that drinking from the Grail will prove the key to his salvation. He is prepared to sink to any level of depravity in order to obtain the Grail and long ago he turned from the path of knighthood to embrace the darkest arts of necromancy to achieve his goal.

Guy never speaks of the one who embraced him into damnation but what he does tell is that it happened when he was in his thirties of the Grail Quest.

He had been born in Mousillon back in the days before Duke Maldred when it was still ruled by the noble and the just. He had been the pride of his family when he took his vows of knighthood and more so when he announced his intention to quest for the Grail. All of his family - and even his liege lord - had supported his decision. All except his little sister, a sorceress in the duke's court, she merely wept. They did not speak again until the night before he was to ride out from the city when she took Guy to one side, kissed his cheek and whispered to him, "Sometimes it is better to be just a man." With this she turned away in tears and left. But Guy was young in those days and his sister's words fell on ears deafened by tales of glory and virtue. It was not until some years later, as a vampire drained his life and forced his blood down Guy's throat, that he came to regret his Questing Vow.

Since that time Guy became a terror within Bretonnia and initially, haunted by his sister's words, he abandoned the Quest altogether, instead bringing untold death and misery to all those who crossed his path. As the years became decades and the decades became centuries he stepped further and further into the world of Necromancy, eventually all but abandoning the noble pursuit of combat altogether. It was not until he found himself in the path of another's Grail Quest that it truly struck Guy how far he had fallen and, as the questing knight spat a curse at him with his dying breath, Guy smiled for he had realised that his sister's words were not merely a warning - but a road back into the Lady's grace. There in the moonlight Guydrew the Lady's mark on his forehead with the knight's blood and committed the blackest of rites. He bound his soul to a ring and swore that while he was bound to this earth he would hunt down the Grail and re-take his place in the Lady's arms.

Current Status
Since his encounter with the questing knight, Guy returned to Mousillon where he currently holds a court of the damned in the depths of the city. From this lair he sends his vampire brood out into the wider world to hunt for word of the Grail. Every so often one of his kin returns with a rumour or a tale of his quarry and he sends his armies forth to make war against the living.

Vampire Lord
Master of the Black Arts
Forbidden Lore
Summon Ghouls
Phylactery (Carstein Ring)
Landuin's Curse (Accursed Armour)


May 12, 2010
Long ago and far away...
Meinhard Von Diedrich

The Grey Count

Vlad Von Carstein

Magdalena Von Diedrich-Wife, Vampire
Elias Krueger-Necromancer
Wolfgang Drecsher-Vampire

Meinhard is the son of a lesser Sylvanian noble. He grew up as many boys in his position might, learning the skills of nobility, fencing and poetry, hunting in the foothills of the mountains near his family estate, east and north of Drakenhof, stronghold of the Von Draks. Though he was just a boy when Vlad Von Carstein assumed control of Sylvania he was still fascinated with the illustrious stranger and his mysterious influence. By the time Meinhard reached his thirtieth year, Vlad and Isabella had begun to spread their vampiric gift amongst the Sylvanian nobles and Meinhard was no exception.

As a member of the mad Konrad’s Hamaya, Meinhard’s life became dedicated to the execution of the enemies of Vlad. He rode with the Vaampire Count into battle with the Empire of Sigmar and was present at the Siege of Altdorf which claimed the life of his sire as well as his beloved queen. Meinhard had looked to Vlad as a god and had worshiped Isabella. He was enraged by Konrad’s arrogance and insane rages as the heir to Vlad’s throne and frustrated by Mannfred’s inability to live up to his sire’s greatness as a tactician, however he was still not powerful enough to usurp either of the Sylvanian dictators.

It was during Mannfred’s invasion of the empire that Meinhard was united with Magdelena Ostermann, the daughter of the Kislevite Elector Count. She was captured, along with her escort, by Meinhard’s personal black knights, under the command of Wolfgang Drecsher, Meinhard’s one time servant turned vampire by his master in return for his years of faithful service. While Wolfgang and several other vampires fed upon Magdalena’s guards, Meinhard, who found himself drawn to the girl, perhaps for her resemblance to his beloved Isabella, set about a dark and sinister courtship which lasted for several months. He was shocked to find her, though at first fearful, soon intrigued by her captor. Over time, though it may not be called love, a mutual lust formed between the two and he, at long last, offered her the vampire’s kiss, forever entwining their destinies in shadow. Magdalena the vampire was cold and cunning, once more, not unlike Isabella of old, and with her aid, Meinhard began to plot his rise to the throne of Drakenhof.

Vladimir the bloody

Wight King
Aug 27, 2010
Altea, Alicante, Spain
Name: Vladimir Von Swartzhafen.
Title: The bloody, the Crimson lord.
Origin: Sawrtzhafen.
Age: 661.
Sire: Vlad von Carstein.
Current location: Castle Swartzhafen.
-Amarantha Von Swartzhafen. Vladimirs wife.
-Heinrich Von Swartzhafen. Vladimirs brother and personal standart bearer.
-Lukas and Horts. Necromancers.
-Conall, Wight-King of the Krangs.

Background: Vladimir grew up in the crused land of Sylvania, son of the Count and countess of Castle Swartzhafen. When Vlad Von Carstein started converting the nobles of Sylvania to the Aristocracy of the Night Vladimir was the age of 25. He was the heir to Castle Swartzhafen, but when his parents where gifted with undeath, he knew that he might never become the ruler of Swatzhafen. Furious with that thought he slaughtered his parents and took the title of Duke. He made it look like a Vampire hunter might had done it, but was discovered by his brother Heinrich. Still, it didn't come as a big suprise for Heinrich, as he knew the obsecion for power that consumed his big brother. Instead, Heinrich accepted to become the Marshall of Swartzhafen. Vladimir married the daughter of a smaller barony in Sylvania and converting them to slaves and soldiers. He converted her to the vampirisem and she changed her name to Amarantha (meaning "Ever beautiful flower"). When Vlad assaulted the empire, Vladimir joined him attacking the southern borders of the Empire. They finally meet again in Altdorf, where he took part in the great siege. When Vlad was killed, he fleed with the rest of the surviving vampires back to Sylvania. He later joined Konrad on his way to conguest, but got bored with the lack of tactics in the new count. Instead, he convinced some Blood Knights in Konrads army to join him, and he started invading Nuln. When Konrad died, he returned to Swartzhafen. He didn't join Mannfred, he has his own plans...

Character: Standing a 2ft over a normal human and with a strong muscular body, his long black hair falling down the sides of his face, showing 2 blood red eyes, a slim face and a crow-like nose. Armed with a bastard sword, crimson armour with a winged helmet and a dragon-scale cape he shows pure undead power. Has great ablility with the sword, but lacks a bit of magic. He's mentally stable (as stable as a vampire can be) but shows a blood raged fury just waiting for the next kill.

Army: Hes a military man and his army is formed by great blocks of skeletons, grave guard, black knights and blood knights. Large hordes of zombies from the sorrounding villages form a "shield" to protect the army and delay the enemy. Great swarms of bats coming from the mountains and the forests cover the sunlight and attack enemy units from above.

Other clans:
Strigois: Disgusting creatures, but usefull as bait.
Necrarchs: Walking corpses, can be used as magical support.
Lahmias: Noble vampire women, useless.
Blood Dragons: Usefull allies.

Count michael

The Undead Sparky
May 17, 2010
Name: Mikhail Aleksandr
Titles: Scourge of Kislev, The Fallen Lancer
Age: sired at the age of 19 in the year 1731 he is about 826 years old
Origins: unknown village in Kislev that was destroyed
Sire: Siegfried Von Feuchtwangen a blood dragon who was slain by a Grail Knight.
Current location: In his fortress FellKeep raising a massive hoard of the undead to seize control of Kislev.
Associates: Mikhail rarely allies himself with other vampires mostly Strigoi though these alliances only last until his goals are fulfilled and he has a large number of wight kings that serve him as well as a few necromancers.

Mentality: Mikhail is obsessed with the idea that it is his destiny to be the Tzar of Kislev and dreams of making Kislev the greatest kingdom in the world, he plans to seize control of Kislev, disposing the current Tzarina Katarin believing that Kislev will only be safe from the forces of chaos if it is led by himself.Mikhail is a silent killer who is reckless, sombre, brooding and even though he hated becoming a vampire he enjoys having the power to fulfill his every desire and believes he is like a god. He hates and despises all nobles who he hates due to their arrogance thinking they are better than him as well as the fact that a Kislevite noble refused to send help to Mikhail's village when there were reports of a herd of Beastmen in the area resulting in everyone apart from Mikhail being slain including the love of his life Morganna who was his betrothed. Mikhail enjoys killing any noble whether it be man, elf or even vampire particularly elves as he loves the taste of their blood.

Appearance: has the appearance of a handsome young man with dark brown hair that goes to his shoulders and brown eyes. He wears dark green armour with a black cloak, and wields a mighty long sword called Bloody Rose, in battle wears a Bretonnian helm.

Mikhail Aleksandr was born the son of a huntsman in a small unknown village North of Praag, at the age of 17 he joined the Winged Lancers fighting in the army of the Tzar until when he was 19 years old he found out that a large herd of beastmen was heading to his village from the Boyar who he served under, when the Boyar refused to send help to his village Mikhail killed the Boyar getting declared a traitor as well as an outlaw by the Tzar, Mikhail fled to his village in order to save his village and his love Morganna. Not long after he arrived Mikhail's village was attacked and destroyed by a herd of beastmen everyone was slain except Mikhail who mortally wounded was saved due to the untimely arrival of an army of wights led by the Blood dragon Siegfried Von Feuchtwangen who slaughtered the beastmen. Impressed by Mikhail's fighting skill and will to survive Siegfried bestowed the blood kiss upon Mikhail making him his vampire squire, for the next 5 years Mikhail served his undead master's quest for martial perfection slaying many mighty champions and warriors until in Bretonnia where Siegfried was slain by a Grail knight. Enraged at the slaying of his master Mikhail cut down the Grail knight and took the helm of the Grail knight as a trophy which he still wears to this day. Having avenged his masters demise Mikhail left Bretonnia and traveled the world in search of ways to enhance his Necromantic powers traveling to The Empire, Bretonia, lands of the border princes and Slyvania. In the year 2290 Mikhail returned to Kislev using his necromantic powers to raise a horde of the undead and built a massive Fortress east of Praag in the World edge mountains on the ruins of an abandoned dwarf hold calling it Fellkeep. During the great war of chaos led by Asavar Kul Fellkeep came under siege many time by both the forces of chaos and tribes of Orcs and Goblins each army being completely destroyed being raised from the dead joining Mikhail's undead force. For the next two hundred years Mikhail launched raids into the northern wastes hunting down mighty champions protecting Kislev towns and villages from the forces of chaos as Mikhail hates all followers of chaos as he desires to cleanse Kislev of the taint of chaos, protecting his people for all eternity as their Tzar. With the defeat of the forces of chaos led by Archoan at the siege of Middenheim Mikhail has begun his crusade to seize Kislev and is raising a massive force of the undead to cleanse Kislev of chaos and seize the rule of Kislev.

Vampire- has the strength and speed that a vampire has
Skilled swordsman- as he is a Blood dragon he is a deadly swordsman who has had centuries to master his sword skills.
Totemcaller: is a master at wielding Amber magic with an average skill at necromancy
Great general- is a master of tactics enjoying the challenge of destroying other armies.

Vampire- has the same weaknesses as other vampires though he is more vulnerable to sunlight
Reckless- takes a lot of risks, in every battle his code of honor demands that he challenges the enemy general in combat as such has nearly been destroyed in most battles by this.
Loner- as he prefers a life of solitude and has made himself an enemy of nearly every vampire he has meet, has barely any vampire allies as most vampires want to slay him.

Views on other Bloodlines
Strigoi: Only bloodline he trusts and respects sees them as outcasts from vampire society like himself.

Necrach: Insane yet powerful sorcerers who can make good allies though not all of them can be trusted.

Von Carstein: Hates and despises the aristocrat vampires for their arrogance how they believe they are superior to other vampires.

Lahmia: Self centered and arrogant women finds their ways cowardly does not trust any of them.

Vampire Lord
Level 3 wizard
Blood drinker
Talisman of preservation
Cadaverous cuirass
Red fury
Lord of the dead
Forbidden lore (lore of the beast)

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