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Apr 13, 2008
Right, I haven't done the history yet but here's what I have so far:

Stormsong of the Troupe of Laughing Blades
Race: Eldar
Gender: Female
Height: About seven feet
Age: 663
Hair: Brown, tied back in a low ponytail
Wargear: Flip-belt, Dathedi suit, Harlequin's mask, two shuriken pistols, Glimmer Sword, Blind grenades

Like most Eldar Stormsong is extremely slender. Her powerful, well-trained muscles are only obvious to a well trained eye, but the innate grace with which she moves is clear to all. Stormsong's midnight blue suit is perfectly shaped to her body, with long 'coat tails' extending from her waist down. Around each limb is wrapped a fine, cloud grey ribbon. Her mask covers the entirety of her face, and can portray any expression Stormsong desires.

Personality: Somewhat distant from the rest of her troupe, Stormsong is quiet and contemplative, but at heart as playful and curious as when she were young. Though she likes to have time for her own thoughts when talking with others Stormsong enjoys frustrating them with vague, taunting responses. Whether human, eldar or otherwise, people are often exasperated by her constant motion and teasing nature, and then utterly bewildered when she becomes perfectly still and serious and divulges some important information.

Shuriken pistols: lightweight with no maintenance required, these pistols are still perfectly capable of shredding a well built human in a single volley, and each ammunition core can easily last a week of protracted combat

Dathedi suit: Used for thousands of years, the holographic technology in the suit can produce various effects, including camouflage and breaking up the wearer's image into thousands of multi-coloured dots

Mask: It can take any expression the wearer wishes. Additionally, when anyone looks at the mask it can psychically transmit an image of their worst fear to them.

Glimmer Sword: 4 and a half feet in length, the blade glows a silvery white when activated and sounds a soft chittering as it moves. The weapon exudes a psychic energy, which captivates weak minds. It disrupts the stability of manifested daemons and causes incredible shock to mortal psykers, which can result in anything from extreme pain to an instant death.

Flip-belt: An anti-gravity device, it allows the wearer to jump otherwise impossible distances

Blind grenades: When activated these grenades explode with a burst of intense light, temporarily blinding anyone looking in the grenade's direction.

Fast – Her already inhuman speed and reflexes are further emphasised by centuries of service to the Laughing God, along with astounding acrobatic abilities.
Close Combat – Centuries of practice have seen Stormsong excel in the use of her blade and pistols. The 'Dance of Death' performed by harlequins is at once an acrobatic performance full of flair and an art of war that moves at a blistering pace.
Wise to the Galaxy – Like all harlequins, Stormsong has great knowledge of Chaos and also knows much about the Necrons. She has fought daemons and other warp spawn more than any other opponent, and is especially skilled at disposing of them.

Frail – For all her speed and skill Stormsong is still an Eldar without armour, with neither the strength nor sheer toughness of anything like a marine.
Alone – She operates by herself, and can't deal with a large force all at once.

Forces: Red Moon, Lover's Passion and Spirit Laughter. Each acts independently.

Reason to get involved: Such powerful devices as that found on this planet bode ill for Eldar of any kind, especially in the hands of the Ancient or the Great Enemy. By decree of the Troupe Master, it's destruction must be ensured.

I'll edit this post with her history when I've finished it


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True Blood
Nov 26, 2008
Cool, a fellow Eldar! :)

She looks like a good character. Don't take this as confirmation though, I don't hold any position of power when it comes to things like these roleplays, heheh.


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Jan 15, 2008
Prince George
hmmm maybe not more Marines to many Marines and every Xeno,heritec, and girl with a blemish will be anialated

though tell you what pm me and we can talk about how best to fit you in


Vampire Lord
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Feb 13, 2008
The far north, near northrend
True that, it would most certainly result in exterminatus of the planet. ;)

But, I've PM you, although it may seem like a foolish PM but I pm it before I wrote this answer :P

Get of W'soran

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Apr 23, 2008
Behind the Throne
Welcome to the Adeptus Astartes Data Base
Accessing Basic Chapter List...
Ultramarines Personnel Files...
Loading Files...
Librarian Files Displayed...
Access Denied...
Access Denied...
Access Granted...
Displaying File...

Full Name: Ademus Verdai
Race: Human (Altered-Marine)
Age: <Data Removed>
Chapter: Ultramarines
Class: Librarian
Rank: Epistolary

Rank on the Imperial Assignment:
Positive Psionic Level
Rating: Advanced Gamma <Requires Updated Rating>
---Inquisitors Note: Has shown signs of possible Psionic power continuing to increase above already dangerous levels. Mental stability to be watched.---

Physical Description:
Height: 6`9
Build: Medium
Appearance: The man looks to be in his early thirties. He has a pale skin tone with hawk like features, shaved head and yellow eyes. He’s slimmer than many marines, even other Librarians, and bares relatively few scars.
Personality: As like most marines Ademus is dedicated onto death to the Imperium, this can be contributed to the psychological training he has undergone. Noted than when outside his own chapter he tends to keep to himself and avoid social interactions of any kind unless under direct orders. He also shows signs of ambition outside his rank and has interest in artefacts of all design.
---Inquisitors Note: Has displayed signs of mental instability. Also showed signs of too much ambition and he idolises Tigurius to greatly...To be watched.---

Brief Summary:
Early Records of Ademus have been lost, however more recent records are enough.
He has fought several times agains the Tyranids and has much experience in repeling such attacks.
He battled against a powerful sorcerer of Tzeentch and was victorious saving his entire battle force.
He has also accompanied his Chief Librarian on many duties, both battle and of a more scholary nature.

Power Armour- A protective suit of battle armour, maintained at the highest quality.
Psychic Hood-The hood's cables tap into implants in the brain and act as an extension of the wearer's consciousness, alerting him to the use of other psychic abilities.
Force Staff-Used to harness Ademus’s psychic power in close combat.
Bolt Pistol- A useful sidearm which can be used in both close and ranged combat.
Frag and Krak grenades-Standardised equipment.

Accessing Combat Assessment...
Please wait...
Strengths and Weaknesses listed...

Powerful Psychic- His current strength is at a level beyond almost all but the greatest Imperium psychics.
Growing Power- With his power currently increasing it is possible that he might reach Beta or higher Psionic levels if he survives for a further long period of time.
Talented Psychic- Can easily pick up psychic skills and abilities.
Space Marine- Having been biologically manipulated and trained from a young age he is a naturally superior soldier to most humans.
Trained Combatant- Proficient in the use of pistols and more than proficient in the use of the force sword he carries.
Loyal- With great loyalty to the emperor Ademus finds it easier to conquer his fear to face the Imperiums enemies.
Ambitious- He personally sees himself as the next Chief Librarian of his chapter and as such plans to see such an aim as a personal goal. Such ambition gives him the will to see himself through difficult situations.
Great amount of battle experience- Having survived many battles over many years gives much training and experience to the marine.
Scholar at Heart- Ademus craves knowledge and even artefacts and he constantly attempts to expand his personal psychic learning and power.

Physically less Superior- His pure physical strength and endurance is not as superior as other marines who have lived as long as he due to the nature of a Librarians duty.
Powerful Psychic- Being powerful has its own draw backs, especially when psychic, and being of a high level means that Ademus sometimes draws the eyes of unwanted forces. This is usually daemons.
Secretly afraid- One fear that truly sticks in this man’s heart is the fear of the failing of the Imperium and especially the death of the emperor.
Mental Instability- On rare occasions Ademus has shown signs of slightly illogical behaviour, however nothing severe has ever been noticed.
Antisocial- Ademus does not get along well with other humans outside his chapter due to having suffered discrimination due to his talents and as such must make a great effort to work alongside such men.
Weak against all anti-psychic tactics and weaponry.

Five Space Marine Terminators- A Squad of battle hardened marines to guard the Librarian.
The “Divine Divider”- Mars Class Battle Cruiser of the imperial fleet. Offically the only marines on board are Ademus and his guards the rest of members of the imperial navy and imperial guard.

Reason for Mission:
Direct Orders from Ultramarine Librarian Tigurius.
Priority: High-Immediate
Clearance: Secret

I'm quite new to 40K so it took me some time to do this ^_^
Many thanks to DoN and Ghoulking for the help!

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
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Apr 23, 2008
Behind the Throne
These are the imperial guards that will help with the citys defence:

Name: Darius Catlin
Race: human
age: 143 (Physically looks about 31)
Height: 5"9
Rank: Colonel
Regiment: Kelron Drop Troops.

Wears the standard officer uniform of his newly formed regiment the Kelron Drop Troops which is a dark navy colour.
He is a thin and not so tall man, he has no scars apart from one that runs down his right eye, this eye is a bright blue colour were the other is a dark green and yellow. His brown hair is pulled back in a ponytail. He is quite pale and doesn't seem much of a warrior.


Navy overcoat decorated with markings of his rank.
Carapace armor
Power Sword:-Kelron's Faith (A better than average blade, it looks like a sabre)
Bionic Eye

History: Having accomplished much in his life the relevant history doesn't begin until only a few months ago. Once a Colonel in the Kelrons 1st heavy armoured regiment he was ordered by higher command to take only one hundred troops and form them into a drop regiment for an important mission. Sadly given little time his troops are poorly prepared and without Tanks or Artillery are little use as they are meerely a group of guardsmen at the moment.
Name: Kant Kevler
Race: human
age: 60 (Looks about 27)
Height: 6'3"

Heavily built and at 6"3 he is an imposing figure, his face is heavily scared and his armour well cared for but worn with use. He has shoulder length dark blonde hair and wears his armour proudly.

Carapace armor
Power Axe

History: The Commisar has served under Darius since he was a cadet. Hes known to be a friendlier commissar than most altough he deals out punishment when he deems it neccessary. He is known to have achieved high grades in his training in all areas. He has also achieved many awards for his efforts. He is well known for prefering to fight closely to the enemy than far away despite his Darius's preference for killing from afar.

Two things have been heard from the Commissars lips lately, firstly that Darius must be cheating because he hasn't been able to beat the thin man in a sparring match yet with blades and secondly that it has been an annoying buisness having to leave the main regiment and that it will most likely fall apart without his masterly guidance.
However privately he is incredibly angry with his Imperial Guard Command for reforming his regiment, no matter how temporary.


True Blood
Jan 15, 2008
Prince George
Name: Aerandir Helyanwe
Craftworld: Iyanden
Current Path: Outcast
Age: 508
Hight: 7'0
Hair: Brown
Eyes: his right eye is green his left eye is yellow and blind.
Apperance: Tall and sharp featured like all eldar. Though he has a slightly heavier build.
The left side of his face has a series of horrible scars caused by Tyranid bio-plasma. His armor is dark green to better blend in with his sorroundings he also wears a green camo cloak.

Personality: Aerandir has a dark personality and has a very dark outlook on life seeing only the dark side of life due to his years of wandering the Web-way Aerandir has developed a grudging respect for humanity seeing them as the next to inherit the galaxy he is greatly amused by the Tau seeing their belief in the Greater Good to be Wishful thinking.
A Ranger Long Rifle
Shurikan pistol.
And a large knife:

Brief history: Aerandir was once a sculptor creating great works of art even by Eldar standards, he saw beauty in all things and he was to be joined to the love of his life a woman named Ireth Elensar. Then came the Arrival of Hive fleet Kraken and during the battle Ireth was devored by the Tyranids and Aerandir was burned by the Tyranids bio-weaponry. He awoke after the battle and was horrified at what had befallen his beloved in his angush he took up his weapons and fled his craftworld to into the web-way.

Reason for being on the planet: His wanderings brought him to join up with the Eldar swordwind as they left for Moirdivan and he was sent to spy on the Orks and humans.

Meier Lenk

Black Knight
Aug 29, 2008
erm. heya. sorry i aint been around, but things got busy and complicated rather quickly my end, so unfortunatly im not really gonna be around at all in the forseeable future. do as you wish with my character (so long as he dies epically lol) and i hope to get involved with cn again soon, as y'all are pretty cool people. i know this aint the proper place to put this but this post is kinda doubling as an apology for ditching the roleplay, which was pretty enjoyable :)

meier link signing off unfortunatly.
Dec 22, 2008

Name: Mercutio Severine
Rank: Inquisitor Lord
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 5"
HomeWorld:********* Imperial Hive World

Though born and raised in high society, Mercutio spent much of his time learning about the lower classes of sociey on his world...gangs, assassinations, illegal drug imports, etc. From this Mercutio became an Arbitrator for his sector, seeking out and exploiting hundreds of crimes. Eventually he began discovering cults, and worshippers of the "dark gods". He became intrigued and dug deeper...Soon an Inquisitor became aware of Mercutios investigations and took Mercutio in as an Acolyte. From there of course Mercutior worked his way up, he was an outstanding seeker and destroyer of chaos taint, once he reached the rank of Lord he began a Conclave ( grouping of Inquisitors ), known now as he Council. Consisting of several Inquisitor Lords and many lower Inquisitors, the Council has nearly unlimited resources. Now discovering a "disturbance" on this planet, Inquistor Lord Mercutio of the Ordo Malleus will bring forth the full strength of his men and the Council of Inquisiton to combat any who stand in his way of reclaiming the planet in the name of the Emperor.

Physcial Description:
Almost never seen out of his armor, Inquisitor Lord Mercutio strikes fear into many oppenents, as well as his own troops. He wears to battle his full suit of magnificently crafted, dark grey, artificer armour. Over this armour he wears a finely woven cloak of black with an attached hood, dark red on the inside. Upon his chest lies an "I" of pure gold.

Upon his waist are dual, well crafted, las pistols, hallucinogen grenades, his favorite, a commincations device, and a combat knife. At his side a trusted servitor carries the Inquisitor's broad power sword. This sword glows of the color magenta and crackles viciously with purple lightning.
This sword is carried by all Inquisitor Lordsin his conclave.

Tactics/Organisation of Mercutio and Weakness(es):
Mercutio does not sneak around like many Inquisitors and is not afraid to wage open war....He often has at his disposal regiments of the guard and many Inquisitorial Stormtroopers, as well as some of the most brilliant minds of the Imperium.
Not the most skilled fighter, Mercutio does not rely on brute combat skill...he relys on the combined tactics and intelligence of himself and his command staff. Therefore Mercutio will not be commonly seen in the thick of battle, but on maybe a large cliff overlooking the battle with his command staff. While the battle is an amazing sight, so is his command staff during the battle...Stormtrooper officers and commander working over a holo-table discussing tactics, vox-casters frantically shouting orders to the troops below, snipers giving suppressing fire, psykers focusing their minds getting ready to unleash a powerful ability,familiars and servitors rushing back and forth with responses and orders, every once in a while Mercutio will have at his side a personal acolyte, soon to become an Inquisitor of his/her own...Mercutio will often join his troops on the field during the last moments of victory, as well as killing or executing the commander or champion of the enemy force. Though Mercutio has some obvious weaknesses as you can see. He is not the strongest in hand to hand combat AND if his command unit and he were to fall or be seperated, the army on the field would fall into complete disorder.


OOC: Hope this goes well....heh, would love some feedback, hope he gets approved let me know if I need to fix anything and....yeah...sorry for being late, been busy, i've been reading through all the recent chapters to get caught up and wouldn't mind coming in late ( Stupid warp-travel damaged my engines XD ) if it's okay.
Jan 25, 2009
I am pretty good at background with Tau and such so here is my character, although I did this character in a hurry.

Title: Shas'o Shado's AKA Commander ShadowSoldier. Real name: Aun'sa A'nu'van
Race: Tau
Age: 37
Eye Color: green
Hair: black
Height: 5 foot 11
Weight: 190 pounds

Physical Description: Sort of tall and muscular, with square shoulders. Aun'sa has never revealed his face in battle and it is commony helmeted. He is always in his armor and carrying his weapons with him. His armor is camoflaged do fit in with the jungle terrain of Moirdivan where a supposed secret weapon lies.

Equipment: XV8 Crisis Battlesuit with Burst Cannon, Plasma Rifle, and a command and control node, and a failsafe detonator.

Squad: 28 Kroot Warriors, 10 Human Gue'vesa , and 2 demiurg

History: Aun'sa A'nu'van was always a promising soldier, leading troops in battle as a Shas'la and eventually becoming a Shas'ui in charge of a squad of fire warriors. However, he was ambitious and wanted more and eventually became a Shas'o in charge of an entire Kavaal of fire warriors and such. However, eventually his entire Kavaal was massacred, only a few survived to flee from the attacking orks. For a long time, Aun'sa remained behind enemy lines with only a handful of warriors that led raids on ork camps and caused dissaray until they were rescued a year later. Aun'sa recieved the special title Commadner ShadowSoldier for his sneaking tactics and his quite presence.

However, tragedy struck again once more. Commander ShadowSoldier was sent behind ork lines once more, only to be caught and captured by ork forces. Aun'sa escaped however, but his entire remaining squad was slaughtered. To this day, Commander ShadowSoldier has not forgiven himself and has been seen travelling around with alien auxillary troops to redeem himself and bring forth the Greater Good.

Pros: Intelligent and well versed in the ways of ambushing tactics. Very good at sneaking around and attacking the enemy at there weakest.
Cons: Not used to leading troops into heavy combat or direct engagements with the enemy. Few troops.


True Blood
Jan 15, 2008
Prince George
Welcome Chucky Von Waffles and Thane Godri Goblinslayer your charicters both look fine so your both welcome to start posting at any time


Apr 13, 2008
'Under the gaze of Khaine there is but fire and conflict, while the gaze of Cegorach hides this strife from mortal eyes'
Red Moon
Race: Eldar (Harlequin)
Age: 589
Gender: Female
Wargear: Flip-belt, Dathedi suit, Harlequin's mask, fusion pistol, power knives, plasma grenades

Tall for an Eldar, Red Moon's build is stronger and more imposing than that of her three companions. Her suit is a rich red, matching her name, while her mask covers only the right side of her face with the other side hidden beneath the holosuit.

Red Moon is much less prone to dance and song than her kin. Known amongst the Laughing Blades for being temperamental as nature, Red Moon's solutions to problems usually involve the drawing of blood, and she herself is much more willing to commit herself to battle. She is still capable of stealth, however, and practices it often to avoid speaking with humans whose language and manners she loathes.

Fusion pistol: A short ranged weapon but one capable of melting through almost any kind of armour, be it a steel plated battle tank or the tough hide of a Carnifex.

Power knives: Two short power weapons sheathed on her belt, lighter and better balanced than most other races could produce.

Plasma grenades: Used in a similar fashion to frag grenades, the blast from these grenades is much more potent and can threaten even a well-armoured armoured soldier such as a Stormtrooper or Fire Warrior.


Feb 14, 2009
May I join? Here's my character:
"I know secrets and have seen things that would cripple your human sanity"

Name: Sayru Del'Rath
Race: Eldar (pathfinder)
Age: 455
Hair: Unknown, it is always concealed by a hood
Height: 7ft 3
Gender: presumably male
Wargear: Cameleoline cloak, Long-Barrelled Ranger Rifle, Shuriken Pistol, Plasma Grenades, Psychoplastic Armour.

Physical description: people looking at him find it hard to focus, his cloak enabling him to blend perfectely with his surroundings. He is quite small for an eldar, although taller than most humans. Most of his face is concealed behind his hood, so that only his mouth is visible. We can only see his eyes when he is looking through the scope of his rifle.

Brief Personal Story: Sayru originates f'rom the Alaitoc Craft World, but like many other rangers, left it because of its strict following of the warrior's path, and sought the way of the Pathfinder. Thus, using passages from the Webway only known by few other eldar, he travels the galaxy, collecting information for his craftworld, and on rare occasions executing missions for it (assassinations etc...).

-excellent marksmen
-can blend perfectely with his surroundings
-extreme agility

-weak in Close Quarters
-if noticed, cannot sustain heavy/medium fire
-has no way of defeating swarms or enemy vehicules

Cheers, Warlock593

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