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True Blood
Sorry, should have capitalised that one. Hunger Strike, a villain who can cause crippling hunger pangs. She defeated him by turning a vending machine into a drone attack vehicle, complete with food cannons and tilt alarm.


Wight King
So... I'm just going to put this here... and have people tell me what they think... A bit unsure on the stats, as I'm trying to both stay at about the same power level as the rest of the group, but still have a field of... expertise I guess would be the best word. Also, speed... speed was something I was unsure of... cause with his strength and toughness, doing the stereotypical strength leap to travel longer distances with more speed, but I have no idea what the speed for that would be. So I just put down a semi-fast sprinting speed instead, given his endurance to just keep running at full speed for quite a bit longer then other people, and slightly better then average at that because of the super soldier enhancements.

Personal Information

Superhero Name: Titan

Real Name: T-34

Age: Unclear, appearance suggests somewhere between 16-20

Place of Birth: Littlevillage, Kansas, USA

Physical Description: Standing at about 6’2”, T-34 has the build of a muscular male who is for the most part finished with puberty and was interested in a rather large amount of physical activity. He has blue eyes, and short black hair of a slightly messy cut.

He has taken to wearing a black t-shirt with a random red-logo on the front, some jean pants, and a pair of boots, all of which he ‘found’ laying around when he ended up seeing other people, in an attempt to blend in and find some form of companionship. Even after he realized the clothing was not the only thing preventing him from fitting in with the people around him, he had started to feel a sort of familiarity and comfort with the clothing, so he keeps wearing the outfit as he continues his search.

Biography: Little is known of T-34’s past anymore. Likely he was an orphan taken by the government group running project Titan, and then erased from all records to cover their tracks. Then with the experiments to create a super-soldier weapon led them to use all manner of mental manipulation to strip him of his old personality, so as to create a completely loyal and unquestioning weapon, and not have a repeat of their last successfully created super-soldier.

And so he was left with virtually no personal memories as to who he was, and likely would have remained barely better than a weapon in human shape, if not for the raid on the compound orchestrated by the only other survivor of this project. When his curiosity, one of the last remaining remnants of his human nature, was piqued by the unusual sounds of gunshots and explosions, he ended up wandering around outside, till he ended up out of the compound. From there he just continued to wander, exploring the world he was in, since most of it was now a new experience for him, trying to discover who or maybe even what he was now among other things.

He learned a few things while out in the world, most of them things he learned he didn't have. Like a name. He ended up deciding that his name was the label he remembered from upon the machine he woke up inside of, because what else could that be but his name. He also realized that the medical cloths that he woke up in also didn't mesh well with the rest of the world's fashion sense, and to remedy this he started wearing some cloths he 'found' laying around. Aside from these major breakthroughs for him, T-34 realized it would be slow going for him until he found some people to relate to, a family in short. That has become one of the main goals in his quest of self-founding, but has yet to meet even one person whom he considers to be related to him.

Physical Stats

Speed: 20 mph

Agility: 4

Weapon Skill: 4

Ballistic Skill: 1

Strength: 7

Toughness: 7


Natural super-human strength and toughness

While not the most impressive natural super-strength or toughness (minor enough that he didn't even realize he had super-human abilities), there was a natural tendency for super-human strength and stamina.

Super-Serum Physiology

This serum, much like his predecessors, permanently changed the physiology of T-34. It had a similar period of intense crippling pain, along with periods of the body actually being crippled due to it being slowly reformed and regenerated with enhanced cells (made it a lot easier to manipulate a mind already broken by the body’s pain).

The serum enhances most of the same things they enhanced for the rest of the test subjects, and worked together with the body’s natural abilities to create a stronger and tougher variant of the original super soldier template.

· Enhanced Strength

· Enhanced Stamina (Enables him to just sprint long distances instead of the normal jog/run)

· Enhanced Reflexes

· Enhanced Senses

· Enhanced Intelligence (Improved thinking speed and information retention)

· Healing Factor (T-34’s body heals at an astonishingly faster rate than most of the populous. This also helps to grant him the enhanced stamina for long term tasks. It gives him a much stronger immune system, thus rendering him immune to most poisons and illnesses, and the aging process has either slowed or stopped. Slowed being more likely based on past experiments and opinions, but further data would be required to truly gain accurate data, he just hasn’t lived long enough yet as a super being.)

Other Skills

… Good at video games? He doesn't really have many skills at the moment, he never finished his super-weapon training.

Additional Notes

The Weapon’s Indoctrination

During the treatment that turned T-34 into the super-powered being he now is, most of his personality was erased to make for a more compliant tool for use. Thankfully (or unthankfully depending on the person and situation in question), they weren't able to complete the project’s mental manipulation section, and T-34 is slowly regaining something that at least resembles a personality.
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Wight King
Well, I'm glad the concept is being accepted as a cool idea. And now to wait and see what spiney has to say... and then wait a bit more for the rest of the group to find me... Cause he is totally hiding from you guys.


Wight King
Just realized that I posted the bio without the third paragraph of the bio... Which I guess wasn't the most important part of the bio, just was nice to help clarify some things...

Also, I have no idea what your talking about Get, my feet are totally not sticking ou-... Oh shit... Uhh... Close your eyes and count to ten guys... I need to find a better hiding spot.
Spiney says it looks OK, just remember that toughness 7 is in the 'very big guns' territory. Assuming that's what you're going for, it's approved. He'll be in... perhaps very soon. Muahahahahaha.

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days, I had to spend the weekend stabbing people with a spear and my phone ran out of charge very early on.


Wight King
Alright, and yeah, I guess that was kinda the intention, as long as everyone else is ok with that. I feel it is counter by his lack of skill for now, or more accurately, his strength and other improved natural abilities are what make up for the fact that he is a close combat specialized hero with absolutely no training in close combat. Like sure it might take anti-tank sort of weaponry (that is where he's at on the scailing right? maybe a little weaker? I sadly went for between two labeled numbers...) if you go that route, but you could also have someone like Blademaster use his skills in close combat to subdue him (though at the risk of being punch -really- hard... but hey, he'd probably get back up... if he even gets punched in the first place...). I mean jujitsu is basically a form of combat built around using your opponents strength against them isn't it?
Hey, it's cool if that's what you were going for. It'll make you tricky to bring down, but it's not like every faction doesn't have at least some heavy hitters.

The Archivist

Archivist of the word The
True Blood
Vulcan has the best plan ever. Solid, planned to the last detail, so beautifully choreographed you'd think it had been written for ballerinas. Go look at it.


Wight King
Its not a problem, real life always takes precedence over stuff on here. Hope you did well on your exams.

Also... remind me to never ask for a disguise... :tongue: