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Recent content by Jon Skellan

  1. Jon Skellan

    Returned from the Tomb

    Apparently, once a Necromancer, always in the thrall of Vampires.
  2. Jon Skellan

    Your Favorite Mortarch?

    I'm much afraid of Vampire Counts getting TombKing'ed, eg Squatted. They seem to have not gotten much love in GHB2020, and Katakros might be a herald of more somber things to come for true believers.
  3. Jon Skellan

    Risen from beyond

    So much action. Hello. You're a Pirate Vampire?
  4. Jon Skellan

    The background of your Count

    It seems that this thread requires some resurrecting spell. With fresh blood and toil, we shall raise it! Name: Wilhelm August Sapiens, Freiherr von Weisseklippe von Blutstrom von Wolfsburg Title: The Crimson Rider, Wielder of the Bane of Dwarves, Butcher of Karak Peras, Carrier of the Golden...
  5. Jon Skellan

    I can't focus.

    Hello, I'm starting a thread here to focus a bit onto my main army. Her's a picture of some things I have, which displays my acute problem: there is always new stuff. So I work a bit on one of my Wight Kings, and then something with MUSHROOMS comes up and I have to paint them. Then I paint a...
  6. Jon Skellan

    Your Favorite Mortarch?

    Now four Mortarchs with Katastroph Katakros. Rejoice, brothers, for a mighty bone crotch protector has joined the codpieces of Death.
  7. Jon Skellan

    2000pt Lord's of Sacrement

    Any chance of a nice picture?
  8. Jon Skellan

    Alliance of Death Factions; How many are there?!

    And now they're out. They obviously expect about 2x more players than Ogors, and on par with the Skaven, fwiw.
  9. Jon Skellan

    High up in the astronomancer's lair in the looking glass I peeked...

    and I noticed this cool site is still alive. Or un-alive. Not truly dead, at the very least. Still kicking, though probably with some other people's dead legs. Anyway, I'm very much a Death player, slowly moving my square bases to a more modern round-base setup. I field Skeletons, of gold and...