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Mad 'At's Marvelous Manifestations

Mad 'At

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True Blood
Alright, the Windmill is done... mostly (needs some static grass). Though those of you who read my latest battle report have already seen it ;)

It took longer than I would have wanted, but this 3D-printed, lego and balsa wood fuse turned out really great if you ask me. Onto the pictures:

First we have the WIPs, starting with the hub:

And the complete, but unpainted Windmill:


And the painted product:




And here we have it disassembled:

And finally, I made two .gif images of it. First show how it is assembled:

And when running:

It was really fun making this thing. Will probably continuing with adding mechanical and/or electronic stuff to terrain.

That's all for now :)
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Great work! Clean and proper, it could be an official terrain piece. The last picture is kinda funny, with all this colorful machinery hidden inside the windmill - it reminds me a bit how modern buildings sometimes try to look old, but they are very much modern on the inside ;)
Also, the gifs are not working for me, there are 404 errors instead of them. Is it only my problem?

Mad 'At

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True Blood
Time to show you all what I have been up to lately. In the VC plog I recently showed you some pics of a Mordheim Warband I'm working on. There has been some progress there and hopefully I can make an update on that later today or tomorrow. For now, in this plog, I'm gonna show ou another project related to Mordheim that I've been working on, the terrain.

To start of, here are parts of the city that I've been building, the parts that have gotten no longer than being built:



All of these building are built using Foamcore. Cut to shape and glue together using a hot glue gun. Wooden details have been made from balsa wood. I've also used a lot of details printed with a 3D-printer, with designs I've made myself. The sky is really the limit here, been using it to make mostly windows, doorways and edge decorations, but there are lots of other details that could be made. Sadly the 3D-printer I have been using its having some hiccups currently so I've had to take a break in the process of building these ruins.

That has left me with time to move on in the process however, towards painting. The next step is sealing the exposed foam of the foamcore with wooden glue. This makes it easier to paint and much more durable. After that I give the building some texture using this:

These two ruins are currently in that stage of the process:

Here you can possibly see the texture a bit:

After that, it is time for painting. So far I have painted 3 ruins, check them out below:



Here you can really see the effect of the texture. With just some simple drybrushes the walls of the ruins get a wonderful feel. The stone ones are painted just using a basecoat and 2 or 3 drybrushes, with an extra bright drybrush on the details to make them stand out. The timber framed house was also given texture on the walls, which was the drybrushed. the timber framing was painted brown and the roof a brown with a slight tone of red.

That is all for now, but hopefully more to come.

Mad 'At

Dumb enough to work
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True Blood
Thanks mate :)

Just hope I can keep the work so that we in our group eventually could have an all painted Mordheim board.

Mad 'At

Dumb enough to work
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More terrain finished. These are the latest additions:

Three ruins, a lake and two portals.

Close ups of the ruins:

This was the first one I built, very happy with the outcome.



What I imagine as a ruined hospital, haunted by the souls of those who perished while in care there.


And a watchtower. The ruins are no glued to the bases, as that would make them harder to use in Mordheim which is what they were built for. However, I figured we could use them as ruins in 9th Age too. When a unit enters it you simply move the ruin out of the way, the base show the extent of the ruin.

Then we have the two portals. These are AoS terrain that was bought by my gaming club because they were cool. Speedy paintjob given so that we can use them at the tournament next weekend. Will probably just function as impassable terrain, but the next time around I'm sure we'll having some more interesting rules for them. Anyone care to guess my inspiration for the colour of the magic stuff in them?


Next some WIP terrain. Another three lakes and some more ruins:

The lakes are made following this guide by our very own @RedSkullz: link. Will add another layer with blue tinted Envirotex, we'll see how it goes. Right now they look quite horrible though =/

And finally a ruin built and painted by my brother, almost finished:

C&C much appreciated =)
I like those AoS portals alot, they would fit to my group's Storm of Magic scenarios nicely. But I like your own creations more :) That sand effect is super cool. One thing about Mordheim is that you can make your warband ready for battle in relative short period of time, but the scenery in the game is almost in bigger part than the warbands. Do you play Mordheim on 4'x4' sized boards? I don't know why I haven't ever bothered trying out that game, it was very popular back in the 6th edition and it seems like it still is, which is great. Does it use the same set of rules when released, or has it some kind of patch with 8th edition system? Anyways, nice scenery. I'd love to see them all together set up for the game.

Mad 'At

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@Sessioni: Thanks :)
Yeah, Mordheim certainly has a pull with requiring fewer models, but it is true that the terrain puts up some barriers instead. In the past this was solved by having some really cool terrain included in the boxed set, but nowday those are quite hard to come by.
1v1 games are better played at 4x4' boards, but if you play multiplayer you'd want larger.
The official GW stuff is all from 6th edition. Since then there has been a lot of fan made additions and modification, but nothing from GW. I am actually working on my own version of it to go along with the 9th Age. We are using it in my own gaming group but I'd like to get some more testing done before any releases. It is mostly the same but some ideals imported from 9th Age, and a lot of rewrites to make the rules more clear.


Crypt Horror
Nice portal, does it come with the gun? :D Lovely Mordheim stuff too, only criticism I could make is that maybe they look a bit too clean? Maybe they aren't yet finished (I'm guilty of not having read everything!), but more stain on walls and rubble on the ground/floor would make them more "alive" if that make sense.

Mad 'At

Dumb enough to work
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True Blood
No gun yet, but who knows, maybe I can work it into the scenario for the next tournament. Very good input about them being too clean, hadn't actually thought of that but it is certainly true. Had some thoughts about adding graffiti posters to walls, but dirt stains should look really cool too, especially on the brighter walls. Blood, mud and sot could probably also work. On the darker ones though... I don't know.. maybe bird poop could work? Rubble and such I won't include in the ruins, since it would complicate moving the models around, but I will make some separate piles latter that I can spread out around the table where needed.


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I noticed the contrast of orange and blue but I didn't connect it with that portals... damnit my brain sometimes :frown: And I'll join the comments about the dirt, your buildings could use some grime, especially the first one with the detailing on the corners. The dirty remainings of rainwater dripping from the edges of window ledge, some moss by the ground or on the upward facing parts of the buildings. Bird poop could also look quite convincing :thumbsup:
Very nicely done Mad! Maybe here's an idea to give even more life to your scenery.
You could always make some Skaven sigils to cover the walls or doors. Or markings from the Plague like in the novels.

Mad 'At

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True Blood
Forgot to reply it seems... must have been the tournament stealing all my attention. But that came and went last weekend, and now I thought I'd post some pics from it. But first I'll say thanks to @Realjuan, @mousekiler and @Hellion Nox for the comments and kind words. I will add dirt and markings is a good idea too.

Now, we had 60 players at the tournament and 31 tables. Before it all started, on Friday evening, I took pictures of the all, you'll find them bellow. This is not only to share with you guys but also good bookkeeping for my club so that we know how much terrain we have.
































A few of the tables were changed shortly before the tournament started I realise now that I look at the pictures, but you get the idea.

Also took some pictures during the event that I thought I could share:






Here we have the windmill in full swing @mousekiller ;)















The dwarf above is known as Arthur, he died by poisonous blowpipe darts just before reaching Camelot.

Here are the 6 armies that were nominated for Best Army in Show:






The Orc and Goblins army came in first place, the snowy Sylvan Elves (Wood Elves) in second and the Dwarven Holds army in the third picture came in third place.

These are the Model that were entered into Best Painted Models:
















This was won by the Dwarf Slayer mounted on a Squig (or rather Seeker mounted on Gnasher).

And one last thing, this happened xD

That is all for now folks, feel free to comment.
Nice, jealous of having a nice community to play with. Do you give your wood texture lines or something? If so how you do it? I am never satisfied with the texture I try to give my spearmen's spears.

Mad 'At

Dumb enough to work
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True Blood
@mousekiller: Classic indeed, there a bit annoyed about it. But actually glad that it was the first game and not the last. Could have been an awkward ride home if one had beaten the other to a bloody pulp on the battlefield.

@Realjuan: Yeah, the Swedish community has almost fully accepted 9th Age. Our tournament was even bigger this time than ever before, which is really quite amazing considering all that has happened and that the rule system used is still just in beta stage.

On the buildings above I've used nothing other than drybrushes on the wood, quite messy ones at even. The wood is however made from actual balsa wood, so it gets some nice texture from that. On my miniatures I usually paint wood texture using a fine brush, basically freehanding it.

Mad 'At

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Time for some real random stuff.

I some of you might be aware, I was recently on my yearly vacation to the frozen north of sweden. I just came back and have had a great time as usual. As some of you might also know I often bring a sculpting project with me as it is not that much to pack and it is a nice to do on the evening. Both of my mangler squigs were sculpted on such trips, as was the Varkolak. This year I couldn't think of a suitable project to bring with me. Instead I decided to paint a dragon for my cousin.

Last year I was up my cousin bought this beauty on a flea market:





It is not the best sculpt in the world, but I immediately thought it would be pretty cool to paint it. And one year later I had the chance. So I ask my cousin to come up with a basic colour scheme for and (he decided on green) and I brought paints and brushes and everything.

The first thing I decided to do was to remove the grass things. It was made of fibre optics and could even glow thanks to a LED light mounted in the socket. I thought it looked a bit silly and so pulled it out. Here is a picture of it removed:

And then I had a little less than 2 weeks to paint it, and quite little time each day. I decided to use drybrushes on the main areas to speed things up.

I have no WIP pictures, so we'll move directly on to the finished thing:





A close up on the weird crystal ball it had that I decided to paint as an egg:

And a close up on the face:

My cousin was very happy with the result.

That is all for now folks. Feel free to comment and/or criticise.