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Sharkbelly's Projects

It's mostly just hero-driven battles using the AoS rules.

Speaking of which, it looks like GW are re-releasing rules for older models, cleaned up and without some of the early AoS silliness:


Here you’ll find complete rules for warriors, heroes and monsters from the world-that-was, alongside a brief summary of their background and play style.

These should be great for more Warhammer Quest stuff!
We played the next game in the campaign today. The heroes were tasked with taking out a watch tower guarded by the undead.

Here they are getting ready to attack.


A strigoi ghoul king emerges atop the tower.


He descendeds to attack his mortal enemy, the warrior priest. Meanwhile the slayers are locked in combat with zombies.


After dispatching the zombies, the slayers find the necromancer.


After a hard-fought battle, the day is won.

I'm working on finishing up my Silver Tower models and hope to finish playing through it. It might not happen by the end of the school year, though.

This summer I plan to pick up the Blasted Hallowheart boards and some Azyrite ruins and finally get my Age of Sigmar terrain painted.
We played the next game in the campaign today. The heroes tracked the vampire to his lair. The undead creature was protected by his army of skeletons and a wight king as well as a horde of rats.


The Paladin and Dwarf Lord broke off to take on the wight and some skellies, while one of the Slayers dove into the rat swarms.


The vampire attacked the other heroes. It was a bloody fight, but they defeated him. However, he turned to mist a drifted back into the castle.


With the vampire gone, the Slayers could double-team the rats.


In the end, the heroes know the only way to defeat the Vampire for good would be to go into the castle and find his tomb.



Staff member
Looks like an engaging game, nice report! I find the idea of mighty slayers hacking down dirty rats pretty amusing ;) Nice board too, makes it quite immersive!
Thank you! We played the last game recently:

The heroes entered the dungeon. They descended to the throne room and battled ghouls there.


Reinforcements from the storage room and torture chamber joined the fight.


The elf decided to split off on his own.


The heroes reached the vampire's crypt.


The gargoyles animated and defended the vampire.


Finally the heroes defeated the gargoyles and staked the vampire.



Staff member
Looks great indeed! How do you play it, does everyone control one hero? Or maybe one plays the heroes and the other one the villains?
The dungeon tiles are homemade using a styrofoam kind of like foamcore. Score the lines and then roll a ball of tin foil over the top for texture. Paint, dry brish, voila!

Each player controls one hero. I'd love to scale it up some time to a small warband, like hero and retianers or something similar.