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The Undead Legion of Countess Ludmila von Karnstein


Cheerful Cranium
Ouh, nice group there. And again I ask myself "why haven't I started Mortheim yet?". Really like all the gang, and your paintjob is as smooth as always.
@Mad 'At Must've missed your wraiths & Knights last time (pics occasionally don't load quickly on the phone), but they're really impressive. I really like the skeletal characters you've put together.

Nice Mordheim warband too.

Mad 'At

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@Theerteen & @Farmer7574 Thanks for the comments guys :)

@Adam_Barrow I did play that game I mentioned, sadly I forgot to bring the camera. I asked an other of the players to take some photos though and now I finally got my hands on those. So here you go:







Come the weekend I will be able to give you some updates on various projects. Won't be able to take an photos until then.

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@Sessioni: Funny you should say that! We tried Random Happenings for the first time in the campaign in that game, and rolled up "Writing on the wall". I meant that we were to randomize a warband and then a model from that warband. That model found some writing on a wall and had to roll on a chart to try and decipher it. The model we got was the dwarf thane in the front of that column, and the result on the chart was that he was unable to understand it and was struck with a curse that gave him -1 to M, I, WS and BS. We all agreed that the text he found was a sign on the outside of the building that said "Bar", but he was too drunk to read it and almost fainted trying xD

Mad 'At

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@Farmer7574 Thanks!

New update for ya, and it's a big one. This was all painted up for a tournament I went to last weekend, and I just barely made it in time.

First is a shot of my 6 Bat Swarms right before priming:

And then we'll move right on to the painted pics of those:


Fast to build, fast to paint. But I'm happy with the result. Got six more awaiting to be built and they will hopefully not have to wait too long.

Next is the Barrow Knights, all 12 of them:



And then we have the mounted characters. Of the vampires I only painted up the Lamia and one of the Von Karnsteins. The rest will be done later.

The Fell Wraith


Not super happy with this guy above. The green wash gave me some trouble so the ethereal bits didn't quite came out right.

The Lamia






Quite pleased with her. The colours came out nice and I'm happy with her face (though it seems to be out of focus in all the pictures...). Not super happy with the pattern I chose to freehand, but considering the time limit I'm okay with the result.

The Von Karnstein




Very pleased with this one, except for the fact that I didn't have time to make him a banner. He was used as my BSB at the tournament but didn't have snything more impressive than his little staff. The head of it is magnetised so I can go back and make him a banner later if I want to.

Next some pics showing the characters inside the Barrow Knight unit:



And finally some close ups of banners. As you can see above I have two for the knights so far, one Lamia and on Von Karnstein.



This one was a real rush job. The side in the first image uses the same pattern as the clothing on the Lamia Vampire. It's simple and I guess it works, but I would have wanted something more impressive. The other side has a simple yellow snake. This I have decided will be a reoccurring theme in my Lamia banners, so can't be too displeased with it.

Von Karnstein


This one I am really happy with. The first side you see has the moon that will be reoccurring in all my Von Karnstein banners. A simple bat flying in front of it worked really well imo. The other side was a lot more work, sporting a NMM sword (the only time I do NMM is on banners and stuff, where the aim is to make it look like someone in the world tried to mimic metal) and a scroll with an obvious text. Not much else to say, but I'm really happy with it.

And this bring us to the second set of two banners that I painted, for my Skeletons. Some of you may recall the original banner I had for them, with a rose in front of a moon. That was was clipped off in preparation for the tournament before this one, where I magnetised a Nosferatu banner to the pole instead. Now I've made a brand new Lamia banner and salvaged the flame from the old banner to make a new Von Karnstein banner.


Here we see the yellow snake again. Very happy with this one. The banner top if from an old Dark Elf kit but I imagine it as a perverted Naptesh symbol (the home of the Undying Dynasties). The icon on the banner is based on an old medicinal symbol (something I plan to do with more Lamia banners) and sports edge decorations with greek inspiration. This combines what I imagine the origins of the Lamia vampires to be.

Von Karnstein


Again a moon and something in silhouette, this time a tree. Also a scroll with some text. Zagvozd is what I interpret as the "homeland" of the Von Karnstein vampires, or possibly vampires in general. Needed something to write and didn't want to go with "Von Karnstein" again so that had to do.

That is all for now folks, feel free to leave a comment :)


Cheerful Cranium
Yeah, those banners are a blast! I love freehand banners, and yours speak for their own. Really really good lookin, I like the last one with the dead tree the most, but the others are awesome too!
@Mad 'At Really cool minis all round, I especially like your mounted character conversions (old Mannfred looks great on a BK mount). Great banners too, even the simpler designs - simple but effective!


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Lots of goodies you have for us :)

Bats are cool, good choice of models for them. I'm only a little surprised that you have 6 and are making another 6 - does 9th Heim really made them that useful?

And the rest of them, all around your well-known great job :) Those blue knights are really cold and dark looking, that fits them. Great work on that old Mannfred too, he actually looks menacing and not like the one painted by GW, that looked like a cheap actor ;) I like that golden insignia on his staff especially. The Lahmian is also pretty scary ;) that freehand on her sleeves make her look vaguely asiatic somehow o.o

And the banners are awesome work too, of course. I like how much thought you put into each of them ;)

Mad 'At

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Thanks for the comments guys :)

@Theerteen: I am quite pleased with the tree myself. What you see is actually my second attempt. After having painted the moon I did a tree with far too many branches. Didn't like it and so repainted the moon and added a new tree. Came out much better.

@Farmer7574: Really glad that you liked my Mannfred. I love that mini and was worried I wouldn't do him justice. A coming project is to give him a more impressive alternative mount.

@Borgnine: I assume that you confused 9th Heim for 9th Age. I can't use them at all in 9th Heim. In 9th Age they are really useful however. Since they are core I can definitly see myself including loads of them, in a small army I could even fill up the section with bats, which could be neat. Another cool thing is the Hour of the Wolf power that Von Karnstein (and independent) vampires can take. It lest them raise Bat Swarms, Great Bats and Direwolves above their starting size. Potentially I could end up with a single unit of 20 Bat Swarms using this (imagine the look of that!), but a more likely scenario is having two unit of 3 and raise them both up to 6.

Glad you too liked Mannfred :)

Mad 'At

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I am risen from the grave!

Hello guys! It's been awhile, sorry about that =/
Real life in combination with a lot of work on the v2.0 rules for the 9th Age has kept me really busy lately, and unfortunately that lead to my lack of absence around the forums.

While my situation hasn't really changed (real life is still a bit messy and v2.0 still requires a lot of attention), I hope to be able to spend at least time around here again. As a minimum I'd like to keep my plogs up to date.

So with that in mind. Here comes an update!

I've recently finished the largest and most complex miniature I've ever painted. Non other than this little fellow:








It is of course Nagash... sort of. I've converted him slightly to be used more appropriately as something else. I'm using him as a Nosferatu Count on a Colossal Zombie Dragon, and as such I turned him into a vampire.

Other than that I'm not really sure what to say about him. It was a massive undertaking to paint him and took a lot of hours. But in the end it was worth it cause I'm really happy with the results.

That is all for now. I'll try to dig up a WIP shot of the guy above, before painting, to show the conversion work.

C&C much appreciated :)


Cheerful Cranium
Good to see you back mate! And with a tiny mini he walks into the door... xD
While I still don't like the mini for itself, your take on Nagash looks very cool. Fitting colors which work together really well, and a cool conversion look of skintone and eyes. And you went the extra mile and wrote page numbers :rofl2: I love the idea how Nagah, godlike master of undeath and black magic, forgets on which page that friggin "how do I turn a skull into a nice cup of tea spell" was written xD :D


Staff member
It's so nice to see you back! Especially with such a mini ;) As always, you did a great job on him.
I like that new, vampiric take on him, his face is still quite 'bony' but he does look a vampire now, a hella big vampire ;) The book is awesomely done and the untypical color scheme is also something to commend. The gradient and the contrasts on that golden crown 'thingy' on his forehead is probably my favourite detail, dark yet shiny.
Now I am really looking forward to those WIP shots :)
@Mad 'At Not a small update, your Nagash is top notch! :)

Nice work on the robes - they work really well in red blended into the colour of those spirits. The vampiric conversion has turned out nicely too. I'm also a fan of how you've done the book pages, a neat little bit of detail there!
Welcome back friend! Glad to hear you've been working on 9th age! You all do some amazing work on that game!
I tried to think of something to say about your Nagampire... can't really find words enough to describe it's awesomeness. It's just amazing.

Mad 'At

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Thank you for the comments :)

@Theerteen: I would love to see and Content or Index page of one of his books. But for some reason whenever a book a modelled to be open it is in the very dead centre spread of the book. Makes me wonder if maybe all other pages are blank xD

@Borgnine: I'm quite pleased with the crown thingy myself. His hat is a bit special in that I've actually had a chance to practise it before, when I did the wardrobe upgrade for Mad 'At . Back then I did the gold a bit differently and didn't really like it, but that let me do it better here.

@Sharkbelly: He is great fun to play with too. I took him to the Swedish Championship tournament a few weeks back and ran him with Occultism. So I had a lot of really powerful blast spells that got even more potent if I sacrificed some wounds of nearby friendly units. That was very useful in a lot of games, but costing more than a quarter of the army you'd kind of expect that.

@Farmer7574: Very glad you took note of the robes and the blending to the spirits. It took more than a few coats to get it even remotely smooth, but I am really happy with it in the end.

@Nagash Worshiper: Glad to hear that the 9th Age work is appreciated. I too am quite amazed at the project and the work it has put out, and I'm very proud to be a part of it, even though I'm only a tiny cog in the machinery. I'm really looking forward to when v2.0 comes out for public playtesting too. I think it is going to be great.

Mad 'At

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Took the time to search for those promised WIP shots, and I did find some. Not very good ones sadly, but it is all I can offer:


Mad 'At

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@Borgnine: The idea for the base was very much inspired by your own conversion. It really was a brilliant way to have the spirits make more sense. So thank for for that :)

@Nagash Worshiper: Don't have any more pics of Nagash if that's what you are asking. I do have some pics of all the mounted characters I've finished though. Been a while but I don't think I've posted them all here before.

The Barrow King:


The Brotherhood of the Dragon Vampires:




The Nosferatu Vampire:




The Von Karnstein Vampires:



The Lamia Vampire:





Ancient Vampire Lord
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I love the use of colour, especially on the steeds. I'm not sure how to explain it, but it looks very pure the way in which you've painted the blue, if that makes sense.