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The Eternal Court of the Carmine Rose


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8-9 years! Whoa! Iit gives me some hope that unpainted miniatures can dig themselves even from such a backlog, though ;) No hurry with the surprise, we are patient here - but I WILL remeber about it even 9 years later :D


Cheerful Cranium
Woh, those are some old models...ok, RT :D As expected, a strictly executed army theme, really nice. I like how your start develops to the cleaner and more detailed look. I'll try to come up with an overall theme, not sure which though...female death corps, so much for sure.
Thanks for that, it was one of my inspirations for the theme, after all.

Just popped back to say I'm meaning to take some massed army pics some time soon, but finding time to move everything, set it up etc isn't easy. If there are any particular pictures / groupings that people would like to see, it would be good to post them soon to avoid disappointment, though.
Not quite needing Necromancy to post in this thread yet...

Okay, I know I owe you all some army photos still! I promise this will happen, eventually!

As you know I'm mostly working on Space Marines at the moment. BUT I just received my Reaper Bones 3 Kickstarter shipment (days before Reaper Bones 4 KS ends) which includes some Undead models, so those are on my agenda. Chief among those is their new Graveyard set, so I'll try and unpack all of that (there is lots) so I can share pictures with you.
NEW miniatures!

Some of the Undead I got in my Reaper Bones 3 Kickstarter...


The wraith and Grave Golem (or is it a Grave Elemental?) are from the Graveyard set.

Yes, the big guy needs some roses, but these are already too much of a distraction from my Space Marines... maybe another day.


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Nice to see you back!

Sweet christmas, a grave golem! It doesn't fit my theme one bit, but I think I'll have to get it somehow, someday ;) Very good work on them, as always!
Thanks, it was nice to take a few hours off from yellow and turquoise to do these. The Grave Golem fits on a 50mm base which matches nothing in my army, really, so I don't know what it counts as, but it's a fun model.
Wow. my first addition since last September? That's very slack, even for an army I maybe finished!

Dug this guy out of my bits box - some sort of Bramble Demon or somesuch? He was a gift from our friend @ZeroTwentythree some time back. I added some twigs and roses and made it into something that can lurk with my dryad handmaidens...



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Yay, Shadespyre is back with some undead! This beast looks very cool, interesting concept and indeed fits your army very well :)
Glad you like it! (her maybe, as that's the theme of my army, really). Now I've all but finished the Space Marine project, and before I decide what to take on next, I will hunt around for the last few Undead models. I believe I still need to assemble the whole army for some photos, too...