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Togg's Waaagh!

Mad 'At

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True Blood
New update.

Last week, my main focus was on painting some Arrer Boyz and building terrain, so very little happened on the squigs. Got some stuff from the week before that and the last couple of days though. As usual, the top post is updated also.

First, the small Squig.


He is getting a rider...

... who will be holding on to this:


A fine mohawk!


More work done on the mohawk. Also glued the feet in place here.


And added some milliput to the joint.

Onto the big Squig:

He too is getting a rider, and a horn!


Close up of his fine calves and clawless foot. Two sessions of Milliput and one of greensstuff for each feet, over a core of twine a steel wire.


And here he is ready for a pedicure.


And after the pedicure.


His rider.



With the broken horn taking shape.


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Seconding @ObliviJohn 's comment - great idea! It looks a little like a tank commander looking around through the hatch - and such a squig-tank would also be an awesome idea to realize some day ;)

Mad 'At

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Glad to hear you guys like the horn. I wasn't sure about it myself, and I've done a few changes to it since the last update (made it longer mainly).

Now I have another update for ya. Something that has been brewing for a very long time. We'll get to how long a time I'm talking about in a moment. And don't get too excited, the reason this has been brewing for such a long time is mainly because it is quite boring.

So now....

... I present to you...

... my Arrer Boyz!




Hurray! Finally made it. Now for some close ups:



The guy on the right is a very unfortunate fellow. Not only has he lost an eye, which must make aiming a real chore, he also not just one but two peg legs. Thankfully he's got a snotling helper holding his crutch while he uses the bow. Wanna know the reason to why he has two peg legs? I needed his boots, or rather this guy needed his boots.

More close ups:


Next story. The guy in the middle left is the unit Boss. I converted him to fit the statline of that model. Now you might say - "But Mad 'At, the Arrer Boy has +1 BS and +1 S, and that guy doesn’t even have a bow. How could he shoot so well?". And that is true, only I didn't convert him to fit the characteristics of the Boss in the "current" book... I converted him for the characteristics of the 7th edition book. Let that sink in. I've been working on these gentlemen since before the "current" OnG. In the books before that the Arrer Boy Boss has +1 WS, +1 S and +1 A, just like other orc bosses. To represent that I gave him dual axes and a forward charging pose. Back then it was also much more likely to get a positive effect from animosity, charging 4" forward. And I swear, no unit rolled as many 6s as the Arrer Boyz. They surged forward, loosening arrows as they went, and beat the enemy to pulp in close combat.

Anyway, next to the boss we have the standard bearer. I had some trouble deciding what to paint on his banner but I settled for some jags around the edges. Think it turned out alright.

Out on the left we have a dude with a really nice red shirt. This is an example of my own wa of painting cold red. You can compare it with the warm red of the banner. I swear, red can wary a lot.

On the rightmost Orc I tried some new way of painting cloth, adding some lines to represent fabric texture. Works quite well, though it is hard to do on other than near white surfaces. I did something similar on the Necrach vampire I painted a while ago.

There we have it. These guys have then been in the backburner for around 4 years. Never quite had the motivation to paint them up, since they are quite boring to be frank. Though I do like painting brown cloth. The game didn't really give me a reason either, since they are quite crappy. I am hoping they will see some use in 9th Age though, the change to volley fire sure made them more interesting.

That is all for now folks. Should have a squig update relatively soon. Feel free to comment.
I love yer Arrer Boyz! Dey look ded 'ard, and not 'eld back. Like dey iz gunna' shoot a few arrers, and den' stab the enemy in da face wif da rest!
- Goffrukk.

Sorry, I think someone let an Orc on my computer. Seriously though, for being "boring" they look great. Almost makes me wants to grab my Orcs and start working again.
Except I forgot what I used for my greenskin base color. I think it was Thraka Green over Reaper's Sunlight...
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As always, great work! I didn't know this rigid old sculpt could look so well ;) I love how different they are, especially with these stories that they got during the years - such 'unit with history' is certainly a very nice thing. I will certainly look here when I'll get to paint mine.
Also, their skintone reminds me of my old orcs painted with Dark Angels Green ;) Oh, and as usual - especially great work on the rust :thumbsup:

Mad 'At

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Thanks guys :)

@ObliviJohn: Hardly Golden Daemon just yet, but thanks :)
And that Shadoblade of yours begs to differ about fingerpaints.

@Azakael: Do it :| We need more Waaagh! around here!

@Borgnine: Thank you, I tried to make them a bit more interesting, and they sure have collected some stories. Also, guess what I use as base paint for my Greenskins ;)

Got another update on the squigs ready, so here we go. Top post on page 9 is also updated again.


As I said, I wasn't entirely happy with the horn. So I sawed it in half and added some plastic card in between to make it a bit longer.



Here I have filled the gap with miliput and worked around the horn attachment with green stuff.


And here you can see the magnets in his skull. Allowing me to remove the horn.

Onto the smaller squig:

I've sculpted green stuff on the leg joint to cover it up. First step is to make it smooth and create a nice edge to the "elbow". I then added some small balls of green stuff to continue the texture of his claws. Paint will judge how well I've done it. Also worked on his mohawk, added the back part of it.


Here we can see the other leg joint. I think I managed the texture better here. You can also see that I've only done one side of the back part of the mohawk yet.

That is all for now =)
@Mad 'At Those home made squigs are incredibly cool. The smaller one with the mohawk reminds me of a murloc from World of Warcraft. You know, those stupid gargling retarded swamp monsters:


Really cool, and inspiring me to do some sort of home made cave squig at some point. Keep up the great work.

Mad 'At

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I have an update for ya all!

Hobbying have been a lot slower than I would have liked the last couple of weeks, but I have managed some things. First I present you with some mounted reinforcement for my army, an Iron Orc Warboss mounted on a boar and 3 Neaderorc Riders, brinign my unit up to 11.



Next we have the Warboss painted. I gave him the paintjob last week as a break from wrestling with a Vampire Lord that I just can't figure out a paint scheme for.



Bonus point for the first who can identify what model it is and where the two parts I've converted him with are from.

And finally, something for @Crystal and her brother, an update on the Gnasha Wreaking Team (aka Mangler Squigs). Been very slow work on these, but it was a long while ago that I updated last time so quite a lot has happened. Not much left to do either, maybe I'll add some chains to them though. As usual the tutorial post is updated with these pics too.

The two squigs are attached! Using the twisted steel wire as the only thing suspending the smaller one in the air. It is a bit wobbly but it won't bend unless you use pliers.


From another angle.


And the back.



Close up on the knot details. The wire goes straight into the horn and the leg. Then I greenstuffed the link in the shackles and the plate. Took some greenstuff and rolled it out to dry for an hour or so. Folded it once and twisted into a rope. Cut of two small parts to attach to either side of the link. Flattened them to the steel rope. Took more greenstuff rope and twisted around the steel rope, tugged the end into the twisting. Added a small part sticking out at the end of the twisting. Most likely it will fall off but it is just to attach it with super glue after that and it will stay in place.

That is all for now folks. Have a good one =)


Vampire wood elf
Wow, great freehand on the orc shield. I bet he'd smash anything I put against him.
Awsome work on the squigs too, how do you get your GS so good? I must be doing something wrong with mine...
Looking forward to the day I can put my Sylvan Elves against these.


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Cool warboss! Nice set of browns on him. Like ObliviJohn said, the shield is especially awesome. I know most of him is Morglum Necksnapper, but I don't know from where did you got the head.
Squigs are simply :o as usual - that wire is crazy! Do they even stand without tripping themselves or would it be even possible to transport them?

Mad 'At

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True Blood
Thanks for the comments, and sorry for the late reply.

@ObliviJohn: Some of it is thanks to my silicon sculpting tools. Got them from panduro hobby, really useful for making smooth surfaces, especially when the surface is not flat, like when sculpting muscles.

@Borgnine: There are magnets hidden in the horn, so I can remove them from each other for easier transport. Correct on the warboss, you'll get a like from that.

Anyone else have a guess about where the head from? Or the shield for that matter, even I don't know where that one is from.

Mad 'At

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The grand reveal!

The head on the warboss is from the old savage orc champion! @Borgnine

I also have an update for ya all, finished sculpt of the mangler squig!












So, a flood of pictures. But wait, there is more!

I've also finished painting the thing also. That's right, these squigs that took 4 months to build, were painted in less than a week!









And finally, the new mangler together with his friends:

Finally I want to thank everyone who has helped me with this project. With special thanks to:
@Crystal for motivating me to finish it and discussing paint schemes.
@Adam_Barrow for figuring out how the autonomy of the smaller squig.
@Farmer7574 for the inspiration on paint scheme for the tongue and gum of the smaller squig.

Feel free to comment :)
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That model turned out so cool! It's really got a lot of motion in it, and the deconstruction for transport was a slick accomplishment. Great work top to bottom. And you honor me, sir. Glad to help.


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They came out awesome! Dynamic incarnate! The wire doesn't stop to amaze me, as well as the magnet. The yellow-green one looks a little bit too smooth to me, especially with such detailed horn, but it's still works very well. The combination of colors on him is top notch though, looks very convincing and real. The one with the mohawk is awesome as well of course ;)

Mad 'At

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Sorry about not responding here.

But thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated.

Now I got another update here, but nothing painted or modelled. It is another tournament report for my greenskins. You can read all about the games here.

I was also nominated to Best Painted Amry, and won it too. Here is the contestants:







I also won Best Conversion with my new Mangler Squig. That I was really happy about =)
Congrats @Mad 'At on your army nomination, had a good look at the armies and it looks like a pretty darn impressive tournament. It would be amazing just to be nominated let alone to win it, congratulations.
Blimey, those squig are absolutely out of this world! Bowl me over and call me one impressed skittle. I absolutely love them! :D

Did you apply any fixative to the chain on the jumping squig so that it doesn't move around?

Mad 'At

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@Orlaster: Thanks for the comment =)

The jumping squig is held in place by the rope that is made from tough steel wire. It wiggles around a lot when you move the pair across the board, but suffers no permanent deformation. The chain swings loose though. However, a few of the links are glued together into short segments to give the chain a more interesting shape.
Beautiful. In the 1990's I primarily played Orks and owned several thousand Orks and Gobbos. I foolishly sold them off in the late 90s when ebay was all the rage and I can never get them back without spending a fortune which is not part of my family budget. LOL.