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VC vs TK: why did you go for the Vampires?

I wanted to play an undead army and Tomb Kings suck whereas VCs are decent. So it was an easy choice for a semi-competitive player like myself.

That said, I actually prefer the TK fluff.
I wanted to play undead and I heard Tomb Kings were awful and VC were decent. Pretty easy choice from there.

I actually prefer the TK fluff, although they should have freaking mummies.
A long time ago a group of friends decided to play Warhammer Fantasy. We all had to pick different armies and nobody wanted undead (yes, those times), so I started playing and collecting undeads (lately VC).
Steapa said:
Blood Knights.

The idea of the martial warrior. TK's are just skeleton's. The ambiance of the army does nothing for me.
TKs are the animated bodies of an entire lineage of Nehekharan royalty, all the way back to the founder of their dynasty. Every warrior they put on the battlefield was a man who once fought under that same King in life, and was lain to rest alongside his tomb so that he could serve as well in death.

It's Vampires who are just skeletons :tongue: Led by immortal badasses who crave the blood of humans...but still...
Why Vampires over TC, simply really, Vampire Lord on Blood Dragon, possibly the most amazing model ever.

Saw one painted in a GW while browsing for paints and that with a horde of skeletons in front got me hooked.
I used to play a lot of D&D and 40k, had an Eldar army around 3k points for a few years, then with the new rule book, got a little tired of 40k heading in a direction that I didn't appreciate/enjoy.
When researching for a few other games my club started playing WHFB and I picked up some friends Dwarves, I failed miserably. Then because 99% of my D&D campaigns revolve around the undead/some crazy Lich being a demi-god I instantly jumped on VC.
Few early games and I fell in love completely. Although I've failed quite badly (mainly small points games with just Core) I love the idea of Necromancers and Vampires commanding a legion that they create on a whim when they think, lets go on a rampage!
TK never really interested me, rotting corpses and dead legions of barbarian warriors from ancient times raised under a ragged banner fluttering in a non-existent breeze are so much cooler than Egyptian themed armies. Finally Necromancers are my favourite, insane Necrarch bloodline, beautiful!


Minister of Thriftiness
True Blood
Long story short, the Varghulf Model. I have always been a fan of vampires in general, but when I saw that model, I knew what I wanted to play. It also helped that when I first started, nobody else played VC where I lived and the games store was well stocked. Tomb Kings always have and probably always will look just plain silly to me. I don't like their fluff, their models, or even their rules.


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True Blood
I've been playing undead from 3rd edition, back when they were one army. I've kept up on the lore and been enjoying the differences of both armies since. Currently, I love the vampires more. Our 8th ed book is solid. TKs leaves some to be desired in the game mechanics right now. During 6th ed they were amazing.
It was really close for me. I had the TK batallion in my hand when I learned, "But Vampires have skeletons too." I've always loved vampires, and in the warhammer world, where they are not solely blood drinking aristocrats, but also powerful necromancers and intelligent generals, they are that much cooler. I still look longingly at the Tomb Kings, because I have a soft spot for that Egyptian theme and such, although my second army will definitely be Beastmen :)
I've always fancied Necromancy and other dark arts when it comes to fantasy. So when a friend of mine got me into WHFB it was an easy choice. Necromancers and zombies! Tomb kings might have cool liches but they do not have the shambling zombie hordes. Then when I got into the fluff of it all It turned out I did a good decition. Vampire counts are evil beyond imagination whilest tomb kings are more like old folks getting angry at people tresspassing on their yard.
I was looking at a few different armies among them Ogres, Lizardmen, Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts when I first started the game back in 6th edition. I started right before the last Wood Elf book came out (before the very newest one of course) and while I was leaning Vampire Counts or maybe Lizardmen. Honestly randomly showing up to a bits trading day and scoring a bunch of assembled Counts models I just needed to paint and getting about 6 or 7 blisters of ghouls that same day. Which become my first painted models set me on the Vampire Counts dark path for well getting close to a decade now.
First I wanted to go with the TK. The egyptian theme is interesting combined with the undead.
But the models were and still are really ugly. At least the core units.
And since I didn't want GW to have my whole money I searched for alternatives.
At that time Mantic just released their range of undead, GW the new VC armybook a year before and the TK were a little outdated. And something had to be done about that
sparkly-douche-hype. Making the vamps a little more grimdark again. ;-)
The VC have more variation in creatures, not only skeletons, mummy-leaders and constructs, so that was a plus as well.
I then satisfied my lust for gold, gems and mysterious far away lands by playing lizardmen as a secondary army.
I just love placing new models on the board. The look on your opponents face, the warm bubbly feeling you get inside... Plus who doesn't like the idea of an endless undead horde that slowly overwhelms its opponent.
I don't like the egyptian theme for the Tomb Kings as much as I like the Vampire Counts theme. Endless legions of undead zombies overwhelming their masters enemies combined with my love of the Blood Dragons, Striogi and Necrarch Bloodlines sealed the deal for me.
Much prefer the Gothicism of VC than the High Egypt theme of TK.

Aesthetics are better for VC as well. Our skellies have much better proportions. TK looks far too cartoonish as the heads and hands are much too big.

TK rightfully belong under the rule of Nagash!
I love vampire/horror movies and some of my favorites are the Evil Dead/ Army of Darkness and Underworld so that's what started me on them in 5th ed. Now I have a big army and don't plan on the "40k" allies trick for mine. Yes, archers would be great as well as some of the other TK units but, I will remain a purist.
I love vampire/horror movies and some of my favorites are the Evil Dead/ Army of Darkness and Underworld so that's what started me on them in 5th ed. Now I have a big army and don't plan on the "40k" allies trick for mine. Yes, archers would be great as well as some of the other TK units but, I will remain a purist.
I'm battling atm... I don't mind about the allies as it were... under the new armybook, they're not technically allies, it's the same allies. I'd take Bretonnian archers and skellify them to keep the theme of my army consistent.
As my Bretonnians are -almost- done, I wanted a new army to collect. I duel a lot with my friends, so each one of us wants to have something different. A friend of mine has TK so that is 1 reason I didn't choose them. The Egyptian style that I do not personally enjoy is the other.
Now, why Vampire Counts you may ask. There are a billion reasons why xD
1. awesome models!!
2. Blender heroes....I like hero-heavy armies. Like my Brets, vampire counts live and die by their heroes. And the best part? For a little more points, u get a killer vampire wizard far superior than even my toughest Bret Lords!
3. MAGIC! omg magic...At last Death and Vampire....The elusive Shadow lore...And I can finally have a true wizard throwing away 3-4 spells per round EASY. I like the magic phase a lot :tongue: And I really really like having 3+ wizards in every game...Especially if the wizard can also dominate the board while fighting.
4. I LOVE PAINTING SKELLIES. And not the flimsy dusty TK ones. I want the awesome dark Grave Guard \m/
5. I like looking at my armies in display and creating nice visual effects. Imagine my display cabinet, with Brettonians Vs Vampire Counts....Fluff-wise AND visual....
6. I was wandering near Mousillion, and one thing led to another...and now I'm a vampire xD


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I'm an egotist at heart. The idea of all those tomb king warriors having names and families blah blah blah is very unappealing to me. The Egyptian royalty ruling over their subjects just without flesh on their bones is boring.

The idea of an immortal vampire raising legions of anonymous dead to bind to his will and his will alone, no questions or status, just anonymous servitude. King or commoner, Barron or beggar, they're all equal in my horde of undead.