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Jun 15, 2021
Currently? Last night I finished building my Blood Knights, lovely models but kind of fiddly for my tastes (then again, I got into GW modelling with Space Marines, so... :lol:)

Currently, I'm prepping my painting area to finish another 11 Skeletons. Then it's the zombies

I am currently 'de-AoS-ifying' the brand new GW zombies by getting rid of the weird roots and branches growing through them. There is likely some story why they have such roots and branches growing through them, but I want them to fit my 8th Ed campaign world better.
It's kind of explained in the Cursed City quest booklet and the battletome that magic from the Shyish Nadir makes the plants start to try and consume the corpses in the ground. So the roots and branches are because when they're resurrected the plants that are trying to eat them are pulled out with them.

That being said, the removal of the branches actually looks pretty good 👍
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May 26, 2013
Getting all the new vampires painted up. I rebased all of my old Vampire Counts to circles using a combination of convertor bases and just tearing some unusual sized ones off and redoing them. Repainting some of the old ones such as my old Bretonnian blood knights and the corpse cart which will be seeing a lot more use now. Bought and was playing some Cursed City but am actually more excited to field Radukar in Age of Sigmar. I created some points for his team broken out to that they are able to be fielded individually.

Gorslav 100 (worse than a Wight King)
Radkuar 140 (essentially the same as Vamp lord)
Torgillius 125 (weaker attack than Necromancer but 4+ ward so evens out)
Halgrim 100 (worse than a Wight King)
Kosargi 80 (worse than 2 vargheists, closer to 2 ogor gluttons)
Vargskyr 140 (the same as a Vargulf but with worse abilities)
Blood Born 110 (worse than 3 blood knights or 3 ogor gluttons)

This comes to a total of 795 which is more than the 755 they are but I figure with the flexibility of fielding them individually this is fair that they're overall more points.


20210529_115537 (1).jpg


Disciple of Nagash

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Feb 12, 2008
You guys need to get painting logs going! @Oppenheimer I'm sure you used to have one didn't you? Really like how you've separated them out so they can be used individually 😁

@Vintersorg - Your Katakros is coming along really well 👍 shaping up to a superb finished model


After *coughtwentypluscough* years of being in naught but black primer, my WHFB Zombies are getting an actual coat of paint. My Wargames Factory Zombies and Zombie Vixens are also getting painted as well, since I'd like to eventually play Osprey's Last Days.
Aside from that I had an eventual goal of getting my OG Warhammer Quest 95 set fully painted.


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True Blood
Nov 26, 2008
Cheers Raven Torrid, I'm glad you like it. My first plan was to have his apron bright green (same as the top of the red skull currently) but I decided against it, thinking I made the right call!


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True Blood
Nov 26, 2008
Cheers guys!

Kemmler is a great figure indeed, lots of details but it's all easy to pick out. Unfortunately his first outing wasn't too hot but you know what they say about newly painted minis... 🤡

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